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Hostage Rescue:
How To Save Someone You Love Being Held Captive In Your Home

(Retail Value - $44)

Imagine if your home was invaded and you spouse or your child was taken prisoner – subjected to the sick, disgusting will of a violent kidnapper or rapist!

Is there anything you wouldn't do to come to their rescue and stop the sub-human pervert who grabbed them once and for all?

But it's going to take more than just sheer fury and willpower to seek vengeance and bring justice to her captors before they can do even more harm.

That's why I want to give you instant access to your own personal “Taken” response plan where you'll discover…

The difference between being "paranoid" and PREPARED in your home (and the one key factor that will allow you to live your life in confidence instead of fear)!

The #1 "fast action" prep you can do right now that will catch any home invader or hostage taker completely off guard - and wish they'd never ever targeted you and your family as "victims"!

The 2 tactical items you should have on your body - all the time - that can save your life in a real hostage crisis. (Hint: Neither of them is a gun!)

Forget what you see on t.v. cop dramas. We'll tell you the REAL purpose of "negotiating" with a man holding a family member hostage.

The absolute WORST mistake you could ever make when a hostage taker has a gun or knife to your loved one's throat. (Sadly, 90% of all people will make this mistake... and the consequences are more than you'd ever want to imagine.)

Ever see the funny house sign, "We Don't Dial 9-1-1"? Well there may be some truth to this and we'll tell you why on page 17.

And much more!

Vehicle Combatives:
How To Defend Yourself In And Around An Automobile

(Retail Value - $44)

One of the easiest places for a criminal to ambush you is when you're in and around your car.

Think about it – it's the one place in public where you probably feel the safest because it's familiar surroundings… you're locked inside… and you're mobile, right?

Actually, these are all the reasons why your vehicle may NOT be the safe refuge you think it is.

Carjackers… smash-and-grab theives… parking lot bullies… and even just the drunken a-hole who thinks you drove too close to him at the stoplight and needs to “teach you a lesson”…

…all pose a serious threat to you when you may least expect it.

In this exclusive audio & how-to manual, you'll discover how to tactically employ your firearm when in and around your vehicle so you can feel confident you're always prepared with strategiesl like…

Discover the biggest mistakes even experienced shooters make when trying to apply their skills in and around a vehicle

The critical key to engaging targets outside of your vehicle when you're sitting in the driver's seat -- without getting yourself killed! (Sounds like a no-brainer except that the way most trainers tell you to do it will make you bumble your weapon like a Keystone Cop.)

How to enter and exit your vehicle (from any angle) - when under fire - so you and your loved ones can quickly escape the scene unharmed!

How to properly use your vehicle for cover (this totally goes against how you'd normally react when hiding behind a car... but it will save your bacon if you're ever in a real gunfight and need your vehicle for cover!)

Master this simple "security sweep tactic" used by top bodyguards, special protection squads, and battleground military operatives that will improve your vehicle safety the moment you add it to your daily routine

Simple tactics to become a master of "surveillance detection" so you can anticipate threats long before they ever get within striking distance!

Understand the basics of managing encroaching threats -- and learn how even a simple encounter can go very wrong very fast

Life-saving tactics for fighting INSIDE a vehicle with another human being - even when unarmed!

And much more!

Shooting On The Move:
Hitting Your Target While You Run, Duck & Hide

(Retail Value - $44)

Real gunfights are not the static, stationary encounter you experience down at your local gun range.

When a gun is drawn and a bullet is fired, it's mass panic and not only will your attacker be moving quickly to get out of your line of fire…

… but YOU had damn well better be moving too!

most critical survival strategies for responding with your firearm – and you'll need to be shooting while you're moving, not just once you get to cover.

That's not an easy task if you don't know the specific step-by-step strategies for staying on target while you're high-tailing it to cover!

No worries… we have all the info you'll need to fix this common “gun gap” as we reveal…

The simple rules of using "motion" as a survival tool!

See for yourself why doing the opposite of how most people will react "on the run" will actually allow you to shoot faster -- and more accurately!

Practice these "lateral movement" drills and see how using your body's natural response gives you a critical, life-saving advantage in a real gun fight!

Most "experts" will say that it's impossible to be accurate while on the move. They're right... unless you use the easy secrets to in-motion target engagement you'll discover from someone who's pressure-tested the worst-case scenarios!

Point shooting vs. aimed fire when engaged in high-speed combat... and when to use both!

The critical difference between "tempo" and "cadence"... and why it may just be the "ah-ha" moment you've been waiting for that transforms you into a master gunfighter!

Engage targets quicker than ever... even while transitioning from cover to cover so your attacker never gets a clear shot!

And much, much more!

Handgun Disarms:
The Ultimate "Get The Gun" System When You're Staring Down A Barrel

(Retail Value - $44)

Criminals aren't as stupid as we'd like to think they are.

They know how to catch you off guard… they're timing is well-rehearsed… and they know that if they stick the barrel of a gun to your head (or the head of someone you're with), you'll do anything they tell you to.

In most circumstances, you're better off handing over a wallet and watching them run away.

But what if that's not enough for them?

Your goal then is to remove their weapon to avoid not only being shot – but also to avoid an accidental shooting of a loved one.

Unfortunately, many “martial arts” moves for disarming a firearm could get you killed!

That's why we want to share with you the “ultimate disarm” – a system that will change the way you look at stripping a firearm from an attacker once and for all.

Keep an open mind as we share with you…

Why facing a handgun to the head is NO different than ANY threat you'll face - armed or unarmed! (It sounds strange, but understanding this one principle will change how you look at gun disarms forever!)

Critical clues on how to read an armed gunman's mind to understand his plan for using his weapon... and deal with the threat accordingly!

Program your "mental action switch" to use violence as a powerful weapon against even the most brutal, hardened criminals!

How to "manage conflict" BEFORE it becomes a violent altercation - so you'll never have to face a gun pointed at you in the first place.

How to re-program your brain to ONLY think "offensively"... and never fear another man again - even if he's armed with a deadly weapon! (I'm dead serious! You'll quickly realize the power you have that's not based on strength, size, or even the weapon you're facing.)

How to give yourself a "violence inoculation" to increase your chances of surviving a real-life encounter even if your surrounded by panic and chaos! (Battlefield soldiers know this principle all too well... and now you will too!)

Master the simple, 3-step method to pulling off ANY disarm - in any scenario - with lighting-fast speed and get this... no memorizing of a single technique!

And so much more!

Concealed Combatives:
Close-Quarter Tactics To Get To Your Gun Fast!

(Retail Value - $44)

Criminals aren't as stupid as we'd like to think they are.

They know how to catch you off guard… they're timing is well-rehearsed… and they know that if they stick the barrel of a gun to your head (or the head of someone you're with), you'll do anything they tell you to.

They will probably be heavily armed and don't like to take chances.

That's why they'll try to ambush you before you even know what hit you.

When that happens, you'd better know how to “fight to your gun” like the undercover narcotics officer we grilled for all of his most jealously-guarded secrets for close combat.

In this exclusive, no-holds-barred interview, you'll discover…

The most devastating close quarters combat moves you need to master TODAY to be fully prepared to fight your way to your gun!

Why it doesn't matter how weak or old you are when it comes to unleashing all the power you need to defeat any attacker (even if he's twice your size)!

Multiple attackers! Gangs are packs of wolves looking for easy targets... but that won't describe you as you discover the keys you must know to successfully gaining space and drawing on more than one thug at a time!

You do NOT want to get thrown to the ground in an attack - that's why we'll show you how the ancient method of "rooting" can make you unmovable in a clinch.

Fighting from the ground - and getting to your weapon - if you do ever get blind-sided and knocked off your feet!

The right way to use your weapon as an impact tool when firing it is not an option in a close quarters attack.

And way way more!

Room Clearing:
Military Tactics For Engaging A Hidden Attacker In Your Home

(Retail Value - $44)

Any time there's an attacker in your home, your best bet is to simply call 911 and get to your safe room.

But there may be a time when that isn't an option, such as if you don't know if a home invader is in a child's room or if you're unable to contact emergency services (it happens).

When you need to take matters into your own hands (and gun), you'd better not be stumbling around like a fool with your weapon drawn – you'll walk right into an ambush!

We asked this military operative exactly how he's used his expertise to perform actual room-clearing missions – in battle – where every doorway could be hiding a terrorist with a gun.

Same rules apply to you clearing your own home from an invader and you'll find all you need to prepare once you discover…

When to leave your home's safe room... and how to do it so you don't get shot!

The RIGHT WAY to clear your home in darkness when you hear a bump in the night and you have no choice but to investigate!

What to do if you arrive home to an invasion in process and your loved ones are held hostage (these are "must have" rescue skills to master NOW!)

The best weapons for clearing your home! (Time to go shopping!)

The best caliber "survival round" to have on you at all times for personal defense.

Some unconventional weapons you may not have considered... and which ones to avoid.

Exactly where to hold your weapon when you're clearing your house so you have maximum engagement options while avoiding giving away your position to an armed intruder!

"Amateur" SWAT Team tactics that even you and your spouse can make work to stop any threat in your home!

And much much more!

Low-Light Shooting:
Your "In-The-Dark" Guide To Stopping An Attacker

(Retail Value - $44)

An estimated 80% of all shootings take place at night or in low-light conditions.

Criminals want to take you by surprise and they don't want to be seen – and it's much easier to turn you into a victim under cover of darkness.

Whether it's in your home while you sleep or you're attacked in public at night, you need to know that being able to engage a target under low-light is critical to your protection plan.

So are YOU training for low-light scenarios 80% of the time you're practicing with your gun?

I didn't think so… but you'll have brand new tactics to add to your regimen after you access the cutting edge night-shooting tips like…

The biggest mistake gun owners make when choosing a tactical light. (Almost everyone falls for this common flub but it can actually make your light work against you and cause you to freeze when you need your skills the most!)

Why hardly anyone knows how to effectively use a "strobe" tactical light in a real face-off with an armed criminal. Common sense tells you to do one thing... but a savvy police officer knows this can only make things worse. Discover the 2-step solution you need to know on page 13.

Should you add a laser sighting system to your handgun? Here's what to consider before you spend your money!

Why your age and your vision MUST be considered when choosing "night sights" to enhance your gun's optics. We'll help you choose!

The very best features to look for in a tactical flashlight designed for "gun fighting"! There's a big difference between this and a "regular" tactical light and you don't want to choose the wrong companion for your firearm when your finger's on the trigger against a thug in the shadows!

Using a flashlight as weapon! This is one of the biggest concepts you need to understand when it comes to low-light attacks. It changes everuything when you consider the dynamics of human vision and how to use light as a powerful ally to confuse... frustrate... and ultimately STOP your attacker in the dark! Most don't... YOU will when you read this tip.

The most common mistake most gun owners make with a flashlight that could actually lead to you shooting a loved one instead. (It would destroy your life if you had to live with the fact that it was YOU who killed your spouse or child by mistake - so take this advice to heart!)

Low-light practice drills every gun owner must do! (You can even do them in your own home!)

And so much more!

Deep Concealment:
The Down & Dirty Guide To Hiding A Firearm For Self-Protection

(Retail Value - $44)

The true survivalist knows that in order to be fully prepared for a gunfight – one where you may be ambushed in public – you not only need to cleverly conceal your gun so it's “invisible”, but…

… you gotta get it into action FAST to survive!

We'll reveal all the insider tricks for little-known spots you can hide a gun on your body.

Secrets you can use right away like…

How to analyze the advantages (and life-threatening disadvantages) of every holster to choose the right one for your personal lifestyle.

The most critical element of your concealed carry may not be your holster. It may just be your ____ instead! See what it is and how to integrate it into your CCW system.

The biggest mistake so many "amateur" gun owners make when they get their CCW license... and why it can not only get you killed - but also land you in jail!

Why the "detective carry" may just be the worst concealed carry option ever (despite all the fancy ads in the gun mags)!

What you can learn from the late Steve McQueen about carrying a concealed firearm in public.

Fancy schmancy holster designs that look awesome... but could potentially kill you if you ever have to draw for your life in a real gun fight! (Better you hear it here now before you waste your money... or your life!)

Master the tips, tricks, and tactics for being a responsibly armed citizen dedicated to daily concealed carry!

And much more!

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