Discover the multiple attacker tactics that helped this former gang member survive the means streets of LA and earn the nickname “Animal”.

Wednesday, 12:05pm Thursday, October 15.
From: Jeff Anderson, President
The International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants


Dear fellow “Survivalist”,

I want to let you in on a little secret…

…nearly everything you've ever heard about facing multiple attackers on the street simply won’t work!

Even worse, it will probably end up getting you seriously injured or even killed!

I know that’s a bold claim, but just hear me out…

What I am about to tell you will annoy a lot of so called “experts” and ruffle some feathers of well know martial arts gurus but I'm frankly not here to make any friends. You need to know the TRUTH about what really works when you're up against multiple attackers or you're risking insult, injury…and maybe even your life.

Because here's the “street fight reality”
that few people ever really “get”…

If You’re Ever Attacked On The Street, Chances Are You WILL Be Facing Multiple Attackers!

Here's why...

The common street criminal isn't as stupid as you might think.

They know that they can stack the odds massively in their favor by attacking you in numbers.

They know that just through sheer intimidation, you'll probably be too scared to fight back.

That's not a knock against you. It's pretty much the way that 98% of everyone out there will react no matter how tough they may act.

But even if you're a skilled martial artist and can totally crush a bigger, stronger attacker, there's one missing element that most people don't ever take into consideration…

…the common street scumbag is a total COWARD!

What do I mean by that?

You must remember these aren’t “normal people” with values and morals like you and I.

Power and control are a drug for them…and many gangs (and even frat boys with too much testosterone!) will look for ways to prove their manhood and machismo.

When together as a group – at the local pub, at a sporting event, or even sitting on the hood of their car in a parking lot laughing it up – their sense of safety in numbers makes them more daring to pick a fight.

While any single one of these jackasses may not have the balls to contront you one-on-one, they're much more daring as a pack of wolves!

There is a lot of bravado and psychological tactics going on within the group of attackers. The psychological “high” these guys get from victimizing you (especially in front of others) only escalates the level of violence.

That means that when you're
lying on the ground begging for mercy…

Your Attackers Will Stomp On Your Curled Up Body And Turn Your Head Into A Human Soccer Ball!

I've seen it dozens of times in real street fights!

Once the adrenaline kicks in and you're not seen as a threat, you've just given them a “green light” to own your body.

Laughing and pushing each other on, you're an easy target for them to have their fun and make themselves feel “tough”.

And all it takes is one well placed kick to a vital spot on your body to paralyze you for life…or even kill you in an instant!

All this adds up to bad news for you… UNLESS you're skilled in multiple attacker self defense.

Do you consider yourself “prepared”?

Have you already realized that “bad things” really can happen to good people like you?

Perhaps you've taken a few self defense classes?

Bought a few “street fighting” DVD's?

Or maybe you've never taken a single lesson in your life?

Would it surprise you to know that no matter what level of fighting experience you have, the rules change when it comes to defending yourself against multiple attackers?

It's true!

What works in a one-on-one fight is NOT the same thing that it takes to outmaneuver a group of guys intent on turning you into hamburger! In fact…

When it comes to going toe-to-toe with
multiple attackers, it's best you realize this now…

If You're Betting On Fancy Martial Arts Moves Or The Self Defense Class At Your Local YMCA To Save Your Ass…

...You're In For A Nasty Surprise!

Most martial arts or self defense advice for multiple attackers simply doesn’t work.

It's based upon a lot of “theory” that crumbles to pieces once you try to use it in a real street fight.

You see, most martial arts teachers have never even been in a real fight!

They simply teach what their teacher taught them…and have never “pressure tested” in real life combat.

It’s all a bunch of theory that will quickly and painful become unstuck as soon as those first two gang members surround you

Do you really want to risk your life and safety on a bunch of theory?

Most martial arts is based on too many fixed rules and regulations. Others have lost any form of real self defense value as they focus on the sportive aspect.

Being a good sport martial artist has very little to do with “real” fighting, let alone fighting multiple attackers.

On the streets there are no rules…no referee…no time limit…no points or penalties. It literally is “last man standing”.

Don’t risk taking your “martial arts theory” against multiple attackers and test driving it on the street.

That's suicide!

That's like testing a bullet proof vest that doesn’t work. You're asking for serious injury… and it may be fatal.
Street fighting and learning how to survive multiple attackers is not a game or something to take lightly.

Those in the know realize it is probably the worst self defense scenario you could face…and it is NOT the time to test “theories”.

The Secret To Knowing How To Defeat Multiple Attackers Is To Listen To Someone Who's "Been There - Done That" And Survived… Multiple Times!

That's pretty hard to come by these days with all the “fake killer black ops ninjas” littering the self defense world.

That's why we looked for someone who's not only talked the talk…but actually “walked the walk”!

That “someone” is a former gang member from the streets of Los Angeles!

And with his help, we've compiled…

The Ultimate Secrets For
How To Defeat Multiple Attackers!

(Digital Manual & MP3 Audio Program)

For the first time ever, this former street thug is willing to let you in on his most powerful no-nonsense tactics for surviving even the most violent attacks by multiple predators.
What makes this street fighting guide so special?

Because what you're about to discover is based on real life experience!

This guy holds no biases and doesn’t mind “telling you how it is” even if its going to piss off a few martial arts gurus (which it will).

Screw all that old, out-dated martial arts B.S.!

All he knows is what he saw work and what worked for him in the dark shadows of LA.

Not in some dojo…

Not in some mixed martial arts ring…

And NOT in some sparring tournament where the “winner” scored the most points!

We're talking about tactical secrets that have been PROVEN to work on the mean, gang-infested streets, where “anything goes”.

And now you have the opportunity to discover everything that he knows about defeating multiple attackers.

Here's Just A Small Sample Of What You'll Discover In The "How To Defeat Multiple Attackers" Program...

The 3 biggest mistakes commonly taught with multiple attackers self defense. Get even ONE of these wrong and it’s game over!

Why the lip service given to “avoidance and de-escalation” by many multiple attacker courses is a fatal mistake and the truth about this key multiple attacker survival tactic (these tips could literally save your life).

The exact number of moves you really have to take out your attackers before they swarm you and you lose all chance of survival (it’s a lot less than the gurus tell you and what you think you can pull off).

Plus exactly what moves will have the most devastating effect in those first few seconds… to drop your opponents lightening fast and strike fear into the hearts of anyone else even thinking about jumping in! (What's weird is that these moves are often overlooked by traditional martial artists because they are frowned upon as “not fighting” moves).

Why you should never listen to a “guru” who has never faced multiple attackers and the one phrase he will say regarding these encounters that should make you ignore everything he has to say and walk away (if you hear “this promise” you know the person talking about taking on multiple attackers is straight up lying).

"Gang dynamics"...and why this is vitally important to defeating multiple attackers

How to manipulate the 2 key components of both open fighting and close quarters combat to ensure your very survival.

The definitive answer for “Which group member should I try and take out first?” This answer alone could save your life (it’s not always the one leading the pack either)

Why taking out the weakest member of a gang could be the last mistake you every make… discover the small signs you will need to pay attention to in order to know who you really should target.

Discover how most violent situations come with an instruction manual of “how to avoid violence” and if you are clued into to this you can basically walk away from any situation… no matter how bad it looks

The number one best defense against multiple attackers (hint: it doesn’t involve a weapon)

Find out when a multiple attacker situation switches phases from survival to damage control and what to do in each phase to ensure the best outcome.

Discover how to read the “terms of a contract” of a multiple attacker interaction… this is your ticket out of any bad situation. Get this right and you can likely walk away unharmed and unscathed… get it wrong and you will most definitely be getting stretchered to a hospital.

The Defeat Multiple Attackers Manual Is Your Inside Advantage To Master
The Most Challenging Survival Scenario!

Think about it…

If you can master defeating multiple attackers then imagine the confidence you will have… in any scenario… wherever you go.

You will always know that you can protect not only yourself but those people who are with you at all times.

Multiple attackers is usually the Achilles heel of most martial arts or combat sports. They simple don’t have the technique or knowledge base to teach it effectively. Most of the time they have absolutely no experience with multiple attacker situations.

But now you have the opportunity to turn this common weakness into a strength and become very capable and devastatingly effective at defeating multiple attackers with the strategies and insights you will learn in the Defeat Multiple Attackers Manual.

One sure fire way to change a gang's mind about letting you go...even after they let you walk away. This mistake is so common and has caused many an avoidable beating.

Why making the distinction between “fighting them” and “fighting through them” can mean the difference between living to tell the tale of survival or not.

You will uncover the insight into group dynamics and how to spot the deadliest attacker in the pack so you can avoid his attack and strike the group where it will hurt them most and quickly deflate their efforts (and don’t be fooled into thinking it’s always the guy doing all the talking)

If you are escaping and on the run, there are 2 important criteria you must strive for to ensure you reach a “safe place” that will ward off your would be attackers. Plus a smart safety tactic that will let you find safety no matter how many attackers are after you.

How the old war strategy of “tactical movement” employed by Napoleons’ army in the 18th Century has relevance in your multiple attacker scenario and how knowing when to employ this tactic can save your life.

Why improving the timing of your movement could be all you need to prevent a nasty scenario (this is dead simple but often overlooked because of our “default programming for conflict”).

How to generate “self replicating power” with movement so you can generate tremendous power and off balance your opponent… this is vastly different and much more effective than those 1-step muscle moves where you try to overpower your opponent.

The one principle you can learn from sexthat could save you in your next fight.

The most ineffective strike zone that results in just pushing your opponent around… this makes your strikes as ineffective as tapping a beach ball. End result? Your striking efforts are worthless.

Discover how to apply the “twist and shatter” principle so your opponent has to absorb the maximum impact of your strikes… ever seen a T-bone car crash? Imagine doing that to your attackers.

How to avoid the dreaded “monkey dance” that often happens with multiple attackers (this has got to do with preventing your head and body becoming a soccer ball for them).

The proper technique to protect yourself if you do find yourself on the ground and the number one mistake that many experts will tell you to do (this mistake will open you up like a sitting duck and land you in a world of hurt)

Plus the proper way to get off the ground safely (hint: it’s definitely not getting to your hands and knees)

A devastatingly effective training exercise called “dancing the bag” which is great if you are practicing solo and will develop the proper skills and reflexes needed to survive in the real world.

Now I know the only question you should have left is…how much is this going to cost, right?

Well, our eprograms typically run up to about $67, but this package is special.

Why? Because I strongly believe that this information is critically important for your survival planning. So I want to hook you up…

If you order right now, I'm willing to let this entire program at a deeply discounted price of just $27.00 – complete!

That's about 50% off the normal price for this type of program!

That's WAY less than what we have customers paying for lesser programs right now and it's not even close to what you'd get charged at your local self defense school that typically never even mentions the threat of multiple attackers!

As far as I'm concerned, this is the most unbeatable deal I could possibly offer you!

Or is it…

The Defeat Multiple Attackers DVD!

Yes! A Real DVD Shipped To Your Door!

$39.75 Value – Yours FREE!

We realize that to truly take your survival skills to the next level – the level required to battle multiple opponents at the same time – you need to know the brutal techniques that will unleash Holy Hell on your attackers!

We want to ship you this cutting edge DVD…


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Think about it…

I mean, over an hour of cutting edge “multiple attackers” information… a handy reference guide…

But I'll even go one step further because…

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Stay safe,

Jeff Anderson

The International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants (ISCQC)