From: Jeffrey S. Anderson, CPP
Subject: Self Defense Video Training Using Real Street Fights Caught On Tape

Dear friend,

I probably don't even have to tell you that we live in an increasingly dangerous world. You watch the news. Hello

But here's the disturbing fact…the kinds of violence that were once only thought to happen on the streets of NY City or Los Angeles are now creeping into even the smallest of neighborhoods.

The fact is, violent crimes committed against innocent “upstanding citizens” like you and your loved ones are rapidly increasing and now occurring ONCE EVERY 20 SECONDS IN THE US ALONE!

And think about this — it's not just you who's in danger — but also your wife or your girlfriend… your children… your mother or father… even your closest friends!

No longer can you sit back in your quiet little town and assume that these kinds of brutal attacks “won't happen to you” or only take place in big cities. They can happen in ANY town in the world!

How do I know? Because I've SEEN it!

My name is Jeff Anderson.

I'm a Certified Protection Professional and President & Founder of the world's fastest growing “street based” self defense organization, The International Society of Close Quarter Combatants.

Both as a self defense expertdecorated combat veteran, and a security professional, I've stopped counting the number of situations I've seen where the “unexpected” happens and “good guys” and their families are made victims…simply because they weren't prepared!

And it doesn't even matter if you think you “know how to fight” or think you're big and tough enough to handle yourself if you ever come face-to-face with a real street fight, burglar, home invader, or just pissed off parking lot bully.

I've seen black belts get seriously hurt simply because they didn't know how to apply their “techniques” to the reality of what happens when they faced somone who didn't “play by the rules”.

Ok, so here's the BOTTOM LINE:

If you EVER hope to protect those you love against another human being, ESPECIALLY against someone who is BIGGER and STRONGER than you...'d better understand what happens in a REAL STREET FIGHT where there are NO RULES and no one to help you out!

Sounds simple, right? WRONG!

The truth is that most guys have NEVER even been in a “real street fight”!

And I'm NOT talking about the shoving match you had with a buddy back in high school.

I'm talking about an adrenaline-charged, life-and-death struggle where one (or more) guys have you down on the ground, stomping at your head while your wife or girlfriend is screaming for them to stop!

Chances are you've probably never had to deal with this kind of violence and if you're lucky, you'll never have to.

But what if it DOES happen?

What if YOU are the only thing standing between two ruthless thugs and your loved ones cringing in terror behind you?

Are you absolutely sure that you're current fighting skills would be enough to save you and your companion or children from being hurt (or worse)?!

Real Street Fights Are Brutal And Require REAL Self Defense Solutions!

No hokey “spinning dragon kicks”…no fancy fighting moves…just simple (yet downright “dirty”) fight strategies that will completely devastate ANY attacker and leave them begging for mercy at your feet!

That's why I created the Real Fights – Real Defense DVD collection…

The first DVD series of its kind that scientifically analyzes “real street fights caught on tape” to show you what workswhat doesn't…and how to apply real world self defense strategies to any dangerous scenario so you don't end up a victim!

And let me set the record straight right now…

Real Fights – Real Defense is NOT some re-hashed “Karate 101” poofy self defense training video!

We take REAL STREET FIGHTS caught on video tape where the victims found themselves face-to-face with an unexpected attack with no way out…and disect them to show you real self defense solutions!

These scenes aren't rehearsed and they're NOT like the “street fights” you see in the movies!

Trying to fight like Jackie Chan in some kung fu flick will only get you hurt or killed if you ever pull that stuff on the street!

So what self defense strategies WILL we cover in this jam-packed DVD collection?

Here's just a short glimpse of what you'll find in

Pre-Fight Strategies To Avoid A Fight From Happening... Or END IT QUICKLY If It Does!

What happens BEFORE a fight is even more important than how you fight! We'll show you how to avoid a fight from happening…or “set up” your attacker for a devastating surprise if there's no choice but to fight!

Why your friends or family could be the ones to literally FORCE you to have to fight? Watch as a parking lot encounter turns ugly simply because this guy's "buddies" made all the wrong decisions!

Training Tip: Watch this one single video clip with YOUR friends and loved ones so they can learn a hard lesson in what NOT to do!

Why trying to "ignore" a threatening situation is the absolute WORST thing you can do! The guy in this video thought that "not participating" in an argument would make it go away! He left in an ambulance...and you'll see first hand why!

How to know the precise moment when someone is about to attack you...and when you should launch a devastating "first strike" to end the fight quickly...and legally!

How to create an "invisible force field" around your body the protects you from ever being hit! Master this one simple tactic and you'll never be caught by surprise by a blind sucker punch!.

How To Easily Mop Up The Floor With LARGER ATTACKERS!

How would YOU react with 300 lbs of muscle all up in your face? Make one wrong move and you'll pay dearly!

A "First Strike" move that will COMPLETELY remove a larger attacker's size and strength advantage! Your attacker will never know what hit him as he writhes in pain on the floor!

The "little guy's advantage"? Yes, it's true! YOU actually posess an "unfair advantage" over larger attackers...IF you know how to use your weaknesses as strong weapons in your self defense arsenal!

The "Soft Technique" that packs as much devastating power as an iron sledge hammer! You'll watch a 175 lb guy topple a 325+ lb "giant" as easily as if he were swatting a fly! This simple technique is one of the "secrets" used by only a handful of professional street fighters...and will annihilate even the largest of scumbags!

How to stare into the eyes of a larger, stronger bully WITHOUT FEAR...and KNOW (without a doubt) that you could "own" him in a split second! The secret lies in a simple, easy-to-adapt "reduction" tactic that will erase any "intimidation factor" your aggressor was relying on to force you to back down!

Surviving The Ultimate "Worst Case Scenario"... Multiple Attackers!

Isn't it every guy's nightmare? To be facing off against 2, 3, even 4 OR MORE worthless gang-bangers ready to eat you for lunch! You'll see video footage of multiple attacker scenarios…and learn the following:

The one biggest mistake EVERY GUY makes when facing a "multi-fight" situation... and how to avoid making the same stupid move this one guy did in a video where he lay twitching and unconscious on the floor while everyone around him just watched him get beat!

The "secret" to not only surviving...but actually DEFEATING multiple attackers right where they stand! You'll see a video and get our full analysis of one guy who knew what he was doing...and managed to knock out 2 thugs in just seconds because he understood this powerful principle...that hardly ANYONE ever thinks about!

The one move you absolutely MUST make as soon as your first attacker is down! Your "manly instinct" will tell you to do the exact opposite, but I'm telling you right now... ignore this one tactic at your own peril!

How a savvy guy enjoying a beer at the bar soon found himself "defending the honor" of a girl he barely knew and used two simple (yet devastatingly powerful) moves to take out two loudmouths in less than 5 seconds! (One of these moves is rarely ever used, even by "experienced" fighters...but you won't be able to argue with its simplistic ability to completely remove any threat.

See, I told you this 3 DVD Set was jam-packed with real survival tactics that EVER guy should be armed with!

You wouldn't think it would be this EASY to go from "Average Joe Citizen" to "Modern Warrior" and be able to win a REAL Street Fight!

But armed with the powerful self defense secrets revealed in "Real Fights - Real Defense" IS!

Just take a look at some of the other amazing strategies you'll be learning…

Unarmed Vs. The Knife...Defending Yourself Against Edged Weapon Attacks!

It doesn't matter whether it's a 3-inch pocket knife or a 12 inch “combat knife”…they're equally deadly in the hands of even an inexperienced attacker!

The "knife fighter myth" and the secrets of street knife fighting! You think you know where the knife is coming from because you've already been "programmed"....but you're wrong! And just knowing this one principle of exactly how you'll be attacked will help you survive where others would be killed!

Why the "amateur" knife-wielding criminal is actually the MOST DANGEROUS kind of edged weapon "expert"! I know it goes against all theory and what you've been told...but you'll watch a horrific video of a guy who didn't know what he was doing...and didn't care!

How to tell when you're facing an attack from someone with a knife! These subtle warnings are like flashing neon signs that you're in danger...but you'll see 3 guys get stabbed in a matter of seconds because they weren't looking for them!

My challenge to YOU: Can you spot 3 or more "markers" we've included in this revealing video clip at a night club?

How To COMBAT FEAR...And Use It To Summon Super-Human Strength At Will!

Your mouth is dry…your heart is racing a million miles per hour…and you're trying HARD not to show your aggressor (or your friends or girlfriend!) that you're afraid of getting beat up!

"Adrenal Stress": What it is and how it can be your worst enemy...or your BEST FRIEND in a street attack! Your attacker will never know what hit him as he writhes in pain on the floor!

The absolute WORST thing you can do when you're standing toe-to-toe with a whole lotta ugly and you're scared to death! I'll give you a the EXACT OPPOSITE of what this video shows one guy doing and you won't end up a victim like him!

How to tap into the "natural warrior" part of your brain and unleash a part of you you've probably never even knew existed! (This is the REAL secret to defending yourself in the street!

Martial Arts Vs. "Street Fighting"...Which Is Better?!

Forget what you've seen in the movies…real street fights aren't pretty and there are no rules! If you currently take a martial art…ANY martial art, you're at a huge advantage…but ONLY if you know how to apply what you learned on “Friday night at the dojo” to a real street attack!

The one utterly STUPID blunder a lot of so called "martial artists" make that would easily get them killed against a real fighter! You'll watch one guy actually get away with this idiotic mistake...and why he should consider himself the luckiest man on the planet he did!

Why you don't need to be a "black belt" in order to learn how to defeat even the most VIOLENT attackers in a real street fight! Yes, practicing a fighting art will give you valuable experience in physical conflict. But master just 1 or 2 of the lessons we teach on these DVD's and you'll be able to beat 95% of the "thugs" walking the streets today...and we're only talking about a couple hours of work, NOT years and years of repetitive practice!

An amazing LIVE video clip that pits martial arts against a common "brawler"! You'll be shocked at who wins and how...and see the real truth about the application of any martial art in a real street fight encounter!

But This Is STILL Just The Start! Additional Real Street Fight Video Footage And Analysis, Includes...

“First Strike Options
Legal Considerations Of Self Defense
“Survival Mind Set”
Protecting Your Family
Exactly HOW And WHERE To Strike Your Attacker

And A Whole Lot MORE!

Loren Christensen
World-Renowned Self Defense Instructor & Author

“‘Real Fights – Real Defense' is more than just another ‘technique-driven' self defense video!

Jeff and Richie's unique analytical evaluation of numerous video clips of real fights
(WARNING: Some are quite brutal!) is a much different approach and is a MUST for any student, teacher, martial arts school, or ‘Average Joe or Jane' looking to protect themselves and those they love from a violent attack.

Get everyone together, watch the clips, listen to Jeff and Richie's discussion and then try the simple, proven techniques they offer as options for each scenario.

In short…GET THIS ONE!”

Donnie E.
Former Marine Hand-To-Hand Combat Instructor

“Jeff, as a martial artist and a former Marine hand-to-hand combat instructor, I have to tell you…

…your ‘Real Fights – Real Defense' DVD's were some of the best, if not THE BEST, instructional videos I've ever seen!

Keep up the great work!”

~ Donnie E

Think about it for just a minute…

If you've EVER secretly felt that twinge of “uncertainty” deep in the pit of your stomach that when someone who was bigger than you…stronger than you…and meaner than you…was staring you in the face and looking to make a meal out of you, then you know just how crippling that kind of fear can be to a man.

It affects EVERY PART OF OUR LIVES because society tells use we're “less of a man” if we get beat up.

Or even more importantly…our “role” as men is to be able to protect our family, our loved ones, wife, girlfriend, and yes…our CHILDREN…if they were ever being threatened by a vicious predator.

Do you know…without a single doubt…that YOU could completely and effortlessly turn the tables on a 250 lb “monster” who was spitting in your face, threatening to take away your “manhood”?

My goal is to transform you into “that man”!

The kind of man who can walk confidently into any bar…down any street…holding the hand of his “girl” and know that if “danger” were ever stupid enough to rear its ugly head your way, you'd know EXACTLY what to do to make quick work of it and leave with your life, your girl, and your dignity intact.

So you see…I'm NOT talking about “real street fight videos” for the purposes of “gratuitous violence” and fun!

I'm talking about how to…

USE these REAL STREET FIGHTS - analyze them...learning from them - and become a better friend... a better husband... a better father...


So now the only question is “how much will it cost you” to transform yourself into one all of your friends and family look up to as their “guardian angel”?

Well, normally, one single month of “martial arts classes” would run you about $95-$125 depending upon where you live…and you would still never be exposed to the kind of violence we're talking about…so you're still only learning “theory” until you see it work in a real street fight.

My original intent was to offer each of these 3 DVD's as individual products and sell them for $67 apiece! Frankly, you'll agree that even THIS is a steal once you see all the cool techniques we cover!

But there's so much great self defense and “street fight” information on ALL of the DVD's that I couldn't see offering an incomplete program…so I decided to bundle them all up and offer them as a complete 3 DVD package for a deep ONE-TIME DISCOUNT OFFER for just $67! That's a serious “Buy 1, Get 2 Free” Deal!

And because I know you've NEVER seen anything like this DVD set before, and because I know it will absolutely change the way you look at “real fighting” FOREVER, I'm going to back it up with my no-hassle, iron clad money-back guarantee:

So there you have it…the deal of the century for any man who is looking to take their “street fight” education to the next level.

Prepare yourself now!

Here's how to order…

Rush Me My Copy Of The "Real Fights-Real Defense" 3 DVD Set!

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