Dear fellow patriot,

There's more to surviving a long-term crisis than just packing a bug out bag.

To fully prepare and protect yourself and those you love, you must know…

… the best way to plan your bug out route through panicked, chaotic sections of nearby cities…

how to hide your guns from looters (and government confiscation) to be able to protect yourself after a collapse…

… how to transform your home into a virtual fortress – capable of fending off criminals and provide your family with food and water for an extended “shelter in place” scenario…

… how to escape the area immediately if you need to get the hell out of Dodge…

… And A Whole Lot More!

That's why I want to extend your savings by offering you 10 complete programs that will fill in any gap you may have in your current survival plan whether you're able to survive at your home or whether you're forced to evacuate to a safer location.

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Why Am I Giving You $440 Worth Of Survival Blueprints So Dirt Cheap?

Because you've shown me that you're serious about protecting yourself and your family, I consider you a part of my own “survival community”.

Make no mistake… there's a growing momentum of men and women just like you and me who are waking up to the fact that these uncertain times are a powder keg just waiting for a match.

When the $%#@ hits the fan, I know that it's going to be people like us who will be the ones standing while others are out there… wandering around like zombies… fighting like a pack of wolves… scrounging for food… and begging for government handouts that may or may not be there.

But not you and me!

Armed with these 10 incredible reports, you'll have all the information you need now to take care of those who look to you for protection during a time of crisis.

Here's A Quick Look At What You Get When You Take Advantage Of This One-Time Offer Now...

Extreme Bug Out Tactics:
Advanced Survival Evacuation Secrets

(Retail Value - $44)

Just having a bug out bag doesn't really mean you'll be any more prepared than the Average Schmoe next door neighbor when the balloon goes up.

You need to know how to plan your evacuation to your secondary safety retreat… your “escape triggers” of when it's time to get out of Dodge… and the logistics of how to get to Point B before a world gone mad makes your evacuation a living Hell with traffic jams and panicked mobs.

In our exclusive “Extreme Bug Out Tactics” you'll discover…

Should you stay or should you go? Making the wrong choice could cost you your life or the life of someone you love. This "escape trigger" lesson from 9-11 on page 17 will set you straight on when to listen to government advice... or trust your gut!

The two major factors to look for in a bug-out destination! You don't know what threats you'll face or how long you'll need to "live" in your new safe-zone... so pay close attention to the tips on page 23.

What you can REALLY expect after a major collapse or crisis! Life can be vastly different once the rule of law takes a back seat to survival and domination. Page 30 gives a short and sweet look at reality... and some stern warnings about how to bug out in the midst of chaos.

Planning your bug-out route! It's a lot more complicated than just pulling up Google Maps and if you take the wrong route, you could end up gridlocked with the rest of the fleeing masses. We'll show you on pages 25 - 26 why you first need to identify which of the 2 disaster phases you're in and how it will affect your evac plans considerably!

How to handle "enemy" along your bug out route! As you'll see starting on page 28, not everyone caught up in a disaster is nice and friendly and not everyone in a uniform is there for your protection.

Communications during evacuation! Cell phone lines may be down in a disaster, but you can rely on this little gadget to stay in touch with family and your evac party.

And Much, Much More!

Bug Out Vehicles:
Life-Saving Secrets For A Fast Escape!

(Retail Value - $44)

Recent times have shown us that when an evacuation is ordered or a mass exodus happens during a disaster, the mass exit that ensues is like a herd of cows being led to the slaughter.

Highways get jammed… supplies disappear… cars run out of gas and block roads… tempers flare… and the threat of road rage among desperate evacuees makes bugging out even more dangerous.

Having an exit plan that focuses around the right kind of transportation will make sure you and your loved ones can leave the roads far behind and escape to safety while everyone else is fighting for their lives.

In this exclusive program, you'll discover…

How to prep out all types of transportation (2 wheels...4 wheels!) without looking like a doomsday battle tank from a Mad Max movie!

What you can learn from a space movie about driving a bug out vehicle among the desperate zombie citizens on their way to government "safe zones"!

A weird trick learned from New Orleans looters during Katrina about how to keep your vehicle running even in a "wasteland"!

Exactly what equipment you need to have on hand (some you'll never think of on your own!) to greatly increase the effectiveness of your survival ride.

How to use "phased redundancy" to plan your egress under any and all disaster conditions (this one eliminates one of the biggest mistakes even hardcore doomsday preppers are making!).

Why an older vehicle may be a much better option than a newer one in a terrorist attack or solar flare crisis!

The two categories of survival vehicles - and how to choose the right one for you and your family. (This one you really need to think hard about...NOW!)

A super simple way to camouflage any vehicle to avoid detection without looking like a giant GI Joe toy!

And Much, Much More!

Fit To Survive:
Modern Warrior Tactics To Master Body & Mind

(Retail Value - $44)

Vince Lombardi once said…

“Leaders aren't born… they're made!”

During hard times and crisis, your loved ones will need your leadership and protection more than ever in order to simply survive.

Can you honestly say that you're in the best shape both mentally and physically for the rugged conditions you may find yourself in when the world is coming down around you?

I'm sure you've heard the saying, “survival of the fittest” and our “Fit To Survive” manual was specially created to not only show you how to master your body in the shortest time possible, but also harden your mind like forged steel to cut through crisis like a hot knife through butter.

You'll discover tried-and-true tactics like…

The critical reason why your health and fitness level will protect you way better than an AR-15 in a survival scenario. We hit this hard starting right on page 1.

The dirt-cheap survival gym! Simple ways to challenge your body and mind without breaking the bank. (Most of these items you already have in your home right now.)

Why the military knows more about how to prepare the body for survival than giant muscle men like Arnold Schwarzenneger.

Most "experts" will say that it's impossible to be accurate while on the move. They're right... unless you use the easy secrets to in-motion target engagement you'll discover from someone who's pressure-tested the worst-case scenarios!

The "Bug Out Workout" - step-by-step routines for every fitness level!

A complete photo tutorial of every last exercise you'll ever need to get in "spec ops" shape for a crisis (even if you've never even done a single pushup before in your life).

How to truly master your mind and push the limits on what you ever thought you could accomplish! It all starts on page 89!

And Much, Much More!

Remote Escape & Evasion:
How To Break Out And Stay Invisible In The Wild

(Retail Value - $44)

This may shock you but sometimes being “prepared” for disaster can actually be a major threat to your safety!

You see, as an equipped, ready, motivated survivalist, you're likely to come in contact with the 99% of people who've done nothing to prepare for a crisis… and who will stop you in order to take your supplies from you for their own survival.

Your trackers or captors could come in any form from “local citizen” to “local law or government”.

You may be targeted and pursued and must therefore know how to escape, avoid and evade these “enemy combatants” while you evacuate to a safe location.

You'll need real military strategies like those contained in our Remote Escape & Evasion guide…

The most realistic "threats" you'll likely face in a collapse! (Hint: Sometimes they're disguised as "the good guys"!)

How to escape a hostile crowd!

Things can turn ugly at a moment's notice in the wake of a collapse. The strategies you'll find for every phase of "threat identification" on pages 18-20 will get you to safety fast!

How to stay "invisible" in remote areas as you bug out!

Your "prison escape plan"! What if you were illegally taken prisoner and held against your will? Pay close attention to the real-life strategies from pages 21-24 and know how to apply them to any sort of detainment scenario.

Counter-tracking! How to throw anyone pursuing you off your trail fast. (These are real SERE secrets straight from the military's finest evasion school!)

Look for this one scavenged item from page 34 when running free - it's considered "God's gift to the survivor for good reason!

SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) training drills

And Much, Much More!

Survival Caching:
Where & How To Hide Your Surival Gear

(Retail Value - $44)

Survivalists know the key to being prepared for any emergency is to gather the equipment to sustain yourself and your loved ones before, during and after a crisis.

That's why you acquire so much gear and so many supplies such as food, water and weapons, right?

But, what happens if a disaster destroys your home, or your secondary safety location before you're able to get there?

What sort of a backup plan do you have in place if looters take your things, or if the government confiscates your supplies?

This is why “survival caching” – the process of hiding and storing survival supplies at a long-term, secure location can literally save your life and in our information-packed guide, you'll discover…

The most critical items to bury in your back yard (and why)! Pages 7-10

Secret hiding spots for your guns to keep them out of the grubby hands of looters, thieves, and even martial law confiscation squads! Pages 11-13

Exactly where to bury "cache containers" in plain view - without anyone ever knowing they're there and what they contain.

Check out the sneaky ways on pages 22-24 to avoid being seen when caching your supplies!

Critical ammo tips most people overlook when stocking up and storing for a collapse.

How to structure your cache so that even your family can find your supplies if you were hurt (or dead) so they can carry on.

What types of weapons work best for long-term storage.

The weird "packaging" you should wrap your rifles in before storing them away. This method on page 21 is super cheap and works even better than expensive "storage sleeves".

A simple way to "mark" your buried cache location so you can even find your stored supplies in pitch black night! We'll describe what it is and how to use it on page 17.

And Much, Much More!

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Prepping Your Home To Survive Any Disaster, Crisis Or Attack

(Retail Value - $44)

Chances are, in any sort of a collapse, the safest place you and your family will be is in your own home or a secondary survival retreat where you know your environment and can hunker down to meet any dangers.

But the home you're in right now will need to be specially adjusted to truly be ready for the various threats most people aren't aware of… and the time is now to prepare while you still can.

We'll show you step-by-step how to prepare your home for a “shelter in place” survival scenario to withstand dangers all the way from Mother Nature to anarchist gangs and looters caught up in the post-disaster chaos, such as these secrets awaiting you……

How to do a real life "threat assessment" of your community! Most people never even think of their common surroundings in this way, but you'll see why it's critical you do this NOW on pages 9-10.

The most overlooked "invisible threat" you must prepare your home for! Hardly anyone even considers this potential killer, but check out page 11 and start taking precautionary measures now.

The 6 core "survival pillars" you'll find on pages 16-18 will lay a strong foundation for gearing up for long-term survival at home or at a secondary retreat

Weapons for defending your home or retreat! This is super crafty and no one else will even think of this critical step in establishing early warning signs in your community of conflict on the horizon. This is must-read material you'll find starting on page 24!

How to create a "food system" for resupply no matter how long a crisis may last. Pages 19-21

The common household appliance that could save your life! You may already have one of these in your home... but do you know how to use it in a shelter-in-place scenario? Check out pages 25-28 for more details!

And Much, Much More!

Water Crisis Survival:
How To Create An Endless Supply Of Water In Any Environment

(Retail Value - $44)

You and your family can only live about 3 days without water, so let me ask you…

What would you do if the water in your home just instantly stopped coming out of your faucet?

What if your local water was suddenly contaminated by a disaster or chemical attack?

Will you stand around and wait for government water bottles like everyone else?

Not if you're smart… and not if you're armed with strategies like those found in our powerful “water crisis survival” manual, such as…

The formula for how to calculate your family's water needs in a shelter-in-place scenario.

Bottled water B.S! There's a big problem with storing bottled water that few people ever take into account (and it's giving them a false sense of security that could mean trouble in a real disaster!)

Designing your family's "water supply system". Lay your first foundational assessment using the strategies on pages 15-17 to get off to the right start.

The #1 best way to supply backup (or primary) water in your home that costs you absolutely nothing! I personally use this method and you can do it with very simple equipment on any scale you choose. I reveal this strategy starting on page 19.

How to purify nearly any water for drinking (even urine!)

A reader tip on page 24 for storing "on the go" water purification chemicals (Very clever!)

A free purification technique invented for rural areas of Africa! I cover this technique starting on page 27 and you can do this in any environment no matter how tight resources are!

My personal step-by-step water survival "system" that guarantees you'll never run out of water in a disaster or collapse. I take you by the hand and walk you through the entire plan starting on page 30.

And Much, Much More!

Survival Food Shortcuts:
How To Plan, Prep & Store Your Crisis Food Supply

(Retail Value - $44)

The average American family will run out of food in as little as only 3 days in the absence of electricity, water or a means to prepare meals.

All that food in your refrigerator? Spoiled!
Grocery store shelves? Picked clean in minutes!
Canned food in your pantry? May be all you have!

In a longer-term disaster or collapse, those who don't prepare themselves by stocking away the right kind of “survival food” could cause undue suffering.

Imagine watching your family crippled with hunger pains and starvation simply because you didn't stock enough food… or most likely… stored the wrong food that failed to provide you with long-term sustenance?

We'll take care of all the planning you need with these powerful “shortcuts” for creating your own survival food plan, like…

Why packaged food you get from the grocery is the WORST survival food you can choose! This is critically important for long term survival and you'll read why starting on page 8

MRE's... canned foods... dehydrated? We'll lay out the best food to store away for a crisis tarting on page 10.

How to get muscle-feeding protein even in a "collapsed" society! You'll need lean muscle to keep up with the rigors of daily living and disaster recovery, but meat may be scarce or non-existent. We've got you covered on page 15 and this is the first item to store away for a crisis.

Survival "super foods" for health and energy! Pages 18 - 19.

How to use seasonings to not only flavor your food... but boost your health! Certain ones can even help heal illness if you use the ones we talk about staring on page 20!

The best way to pack your food for ultra long-term storage! It's super simple with the shortcut on page 23!

And Much, Much More!

Building Your Survival Network:
Choosing, Recruiting & Training Your Survivalist Community

(Retail Value - $44)

Going solo isn't always the best choice in a collapse scenario.

Building a network of survival-minded citizens will drastically increase your chances of survival.

From defending your home and family to the addition of skill sets necessary to push on, who you select – and how you train as a group – could be the deciding factor in whether you make it out alive.

But who should you recruit…and how can you work together?

This exclusive program will walk you step-by-step through the process of finding people just like you who take preparedness seriously, and what to do when you have your “survival community” established. You'll discover real world strategies like these…

Who are the best people to recruit for a survival network focused on long-term living. (Hint - they're not necessarily your "friends"!)

How to approach survival community prospects about preparedness without seeming like some "nut job" conspiracy quack! (Leaving your tin foil at home helps, but there are certain ways to "talk" that will turn people off and other words that will quickly get them on your side!)

Should you stay or go as a group during a disaster or crisis? How to know for sure.

Teaching your family members (even your children) how to use weapons! Should you?

How to get your spouse "on board" with your thoughts on survival (and go along with your survival plan without kicking and screaming).

How to set up your survival community infrastructure so you're not all playing grab-ass when a disaster finally hits.

The best way to train as a group so you're all ready when it's "go time". (These are simple ways that can fit into even the busiest schedule!)

How to protect your children (or grandchildren) when surviving in place or even bugging out!

And Much, Much More!

Planning Your Survival Retreat:
Insider Secrets To Setting Up Your Secondary Safe Zone

(Retail Value - $44)

When a natural disaster or civil unrest forces you and your family to evacuate your home, the last place you want to go is to “Camp FEMA” where you'll stand in line with hundreds (or thousands!) of other victims waiting for your blanket and cup of soup.

Having a secondary “retreat” to evacuate to puts survival in your own hands where you're safest.

But what is a “survival retreat” and what do you need to know in order to plan for a new safe-zone?

It's really quite simple if you know how and are armed with the knowledge in our survival guide that holds secrets such as…

Choosing your ultimate survival retreat location! A simple (yet eye-opening) 4-step review process on pages 12-16 to determine the best area to live or bug out to in a crisis.

The #1 biggest underground shelter mistake that can mean doomsday for your safety retreat!

Advantages and disadvantages of a "bunker" type shelter. There's been a lot of media attention on these on page 14.

The real reason why a secondary safety retreat is THE best place to be in a collapse! It's a hard reality to face, but the reason on page 26 will serve as a wake-up call.

How big of a shelter do you need? Well walk you through how to analyse what you need starting on page 28.

Insider secrets to buying a survival shelter. They're out there... and here's now to not get fooled into buying something you don't want or need.

And Much, Much More!

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