Dear fellow patriot,

There's more to surviving a long-term crisis than just stocking away a few extra meals.

To fully prepare and protect yourself and those you love, you must know…

… what equipment to carry

… what weapons you need to defend yourself…

how to recruit and train a “survival network” with various (useful) skill sets

… and how to escape the area fast if you need to get the hell out of Dodge!

That's why I want to extend your savings by offering you 4 complete programs that will fill in any gap you may have in your current survival plan.

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Why Am I Giving You $108 Worth Of Survival Blueprints So Dirt Cheap?

Because you've shown me that you're serious about protecting yourself and your family, I consider you a part of my own “survival community”.

Make no mistake… there's a growing momentum of men and women just like you and me who are waking up to the fact that these uncertain times are a powder keg just waiting for a match.

When the $%#@ hits the fan, I know that it's going to be people like us who will be the ones standing while others are out there… wandering around like zombies… fighting like a pack of wolves… scrounging for food… and begging for government handouts that may or may not be there.

But not you and me!

Armed with these 4 incredible reports, you'll have all the information you need now to take care of those who look to you for protection during a time of crisis.

Here's A Quick Look At What You Get When You
Take Advantage Of This One-Time Offer Now…

Ultimate Survival Vehicles:
Life-Saving Secrets For Fast Escape

(Retail Value - $27)

Recent times have shown us that when an evacuation is ordered or a mass exodus happens during a disaster, the mass exit that ensues is like a herd of cows being led to the slaughter.

Highways get jammed… supplies disappear… cars run out of gas and block roads… tempers flare… and the threat of road rage among desperate evacuees makes bugging out even more dangerous.

Having an exit plan that focuses around the right kind of transportation will make sure you and your loved ones can leave the roads far behind and escape to safety while everyone else is fighting for their lives.

In this exclusive program, you'll discover…

How to prep out all types of transportation (2 wheels...4 wheels!) without looking like a doomsday battle tank from a Mad Max movie!

What you can learn from a space movie about driving a bug out vehicle among the desperate zombie citizens on their way to government "safe zones"!

A weird trick learned from New Orleans looters during Katrina about how to keep your vehicle running even in a "wasteland"!

Exactly what equipment you need to have on hand (some you'll never think of on your own!) to greatly increase the effectiveness of your survival ride.

How to use "phased redundancy" to plan your egress under any and all disaster conditions (this one eliminates one of the biggest mistakes even hardcore doomsday preppers are making!).

Why an older vehicle may be a much better option than a newer one in a terrorist attack or solar flare crisis!

The two categories of survival vehicles - and how to choose the right one for you and your family. (This one you really need to think hard about...NOW!)

A super simple way to camouflage any vehicle to avoid detection without looking like a giant GI Joe toy!

And much more!

Ultimate Survival Weapons:
What To Carry For Life-Or-Death Hunting And Defense

(Retail Value - $27)

It's no secret that true survivalists understand the importance of owning and training with weapons for a crisis..

When the crowds start forming and bellies start rumbling, even the most fine, upstanding citizens can become desperate.

Add to that the opportunistic environment for gangs, looters, anarchists, and violent criminals with nothing to lose and no one to hold them accountable, and you have a recipe for violence unlike anything imaginable.

But what weapons will best serve you in a “survive in place” or “bug out” scenario?

You'll get all your answers in this exclusive program as you discover…

Why "survival" and "self defense" are not the same thing! (And why the difference determines which weapon to buy.)

Why following the experts' advice on how to hide an assault rifle could actually get you killed during a survival scenario.

The survival shotgun: What makes it powerful...what makes it a liability... and how to know what to buy.

How to get the long-distance benefits of a a pistol!

The best caliber "survival round" to have on you at all times for both hunting and personal defense.

Why this one bullet will be the "new currency" of the future!

The biggest mistake most preppers make in training with their survival firearm (make no mistake...this could cost you your life if you were ever in a real life collapse scenario!)

How much (and what kind of) ammo is best to carry for survival purposes.

And much more!

Ultimate Survival Knife:
Choosing, Using And Caring For Your #1 Survival Tool

(Retail Value - $27)

It's hands-down your best friend in a survival situation!

A good survival knife will act as a muti-tool…weapon…and trusted friend in countless scenarios and no self-respecting survivalist would be caught dead without one.

But with so many Rambo knives on the market, which will serve you best when put to the test?

Some look great, and are expensive… but absolutely worthless in the field!

Discover all you need to know about how to choose and care for your #1 survival tool when you dig into this progam to find…

Is "bigger" better when it comes to your survival knife?'ll have to consider the roles we lay out for you that you may never have thought of.

The difference between survival "bushcraft" and survival "defense"... and how it will help you choose the right type of knife as your primary carry.

Straight...curved..."tanto"... serrated...which blade type is the most effective for all of your survival needs?

A simple trick used by prison inmates to sharpen metal "shivs" for killing that you can use in any urban environment you may find yourself in after a collapse.

The #1 thing you want to test in a folding survival knife. If it does this, then it will most likely fail on you when you need it the most!

How to sharpen your knife like a pro (and what to look for in choosing a sharpener)!

The most overlooked feature of a survival knife that hardly anyone pays any attention to... yet it dramatically increases the power of any blade instantly!

How to deal with a police officer if you're caught with a knife (legal or illegal)!.

And much more!

Ultimate Survival Community:
Choosing, Recruiting & Training Your Prepper Network

(Retail Value - $27)

Going solo isn't always the best choice in a collapse scenario.

Building a network of other survival-minded men and women will drastically increase your chances of survival. From defending your home and family to the addition of skill sets necessary to push on, who you select – and how you train as a group – could be the deciding factor in whether you make it out alive.

But who should you recruit…and how can you work together?

This exclusive program will walk you step-by-step through the process of finding people just like you who take preparedness seriously, and what to do when you have your “survival community” established. You'll discover real world strategies like these …

Who are the best people to recruit for a survival network focused on long-term living. (Hint - they're not necessarily your "friends"!)

How to approach survival community prospects about preparedness without seeming like some "nut job" conspiracy quack! (Leaving your tin foil at home helps, but there are certain ways to "talk" that will turn people off and other words that will quickly get them on your side!)

Should you stay or go as a group during a disaster or crisis? How to know for sure.

Teaching your family members (even your children) how to use weapons! Should you?

How to get your spouse "on board" with your thoughts on survival (and go along with your survival plan without kicking and screaming).

How to set up your survival community infrastructure so you're not all playing grab-ass when a disaster finally hits.

The best way to train as a group so you're all ready when it's "go time". (These are simple ways that can fit into even the busiest schedule!(

How to protect your children (or grandchildren) when surviving in place or even bugging out!

And much more!

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