Tactical Airsoft Training

Discover the power of tactical airsoft training for force-on-force realism!

Popping off a few caps at your local gun range may seem like “training” and, well… it has its place.

But let's face it… paper targets don't shoot back and it's not a realistic environment for where you would be attacked in real life

Firearms instructor, Steven Mosley, reveals how the latest technology in airsoft guns can provide you with real gunfight training that will prepare you better than any range can for defending yourself and those you love from a real attack.

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Here's what you'll discover when you listen in:

  • Why airsoft is the secret for training for real life-or-death encounters, in use by law enforcement, military, and top firearms instructors!
  • How to choose the right airsoft gun for your tactical training!
  • Advanced airsoft strategies for making your training feel as much like “the real thing” as possible to prepare you for a life-or-death gunfight!
  • Home defense! Several training tips you can do right in your home to fine-tune your tactics when facing a violent home invasion!
  • Attacked in public!  Step-by-step training drill for the most common street attack you may face when you're out with your family!

These ain't your childhood pop-guns amigo! These are cutting edge training tools that will finally give you the realistic training you deserve… and the skills the scum of society will fear!

What other airsoft drills have you found helpful for realistic training?

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