Whether you’re targeted by gang members who realize that swarming you in numbers makes you an easy victim, or somebody’s buddies jump you in order to help out their friend during an altercation with what would otherwise be the average drunken fool, you have to be able to fight back effectively. This is because you’re now fighting multiple attackers, and the disparity of force that is one person against many puts that one person in mortal danger.  You should be in fear for your life, because against multiple attackers, you could easily be overwhelmed and stomped to death.  You are in a fight for your life when it’s you against many. There is simply no way around that.

Fighting Back Against Multiple Attackers

One way to fight back against multiple attackers is to make THEM fear YOU.  If you can instill in them the idea that they might have picked the wrong target, you have gone a long way toward preserving your life. This is because most criminals are creatures of opportunity. They want to get what they seek from their victims the easy way. If they didn’t want things to be easy, they wouldn’t be criminals, after all.

To make multiple attackers fear you, you have to understand their tactics.  When a group of guys faces off against you, there is usually an alpha male or front man who will take the lead in confronting you.  He may be the person to initiate physical contact, or he may be distracting you with talk while his friends work their way around you to take you out.

The Mindset of Instilling Fear in Multiple Attackers

Keep your head.  Psychological tactics are everything when facing multiple attackers. Use language.  You’ve got to say to them, “Back off and stay exactly where you are. Come at me and I’ll tear your nose from your [expletive] face.”  You’ve got to mean it. You aren’t begging and you aren’t bluffing.  You’re telling them exactly what’s going to happen if they don’t back off.

The Person You Must Become Against Multiple Attackers

You can’t be squeamish. You’ve got to say hateful, horrible, profane things.  That isn’t who you are, but it’s who you’ve got to be for the few seconds that this attack is going to last.  If you target the alpha male in a group of multiple attackers and essentially say, “See? I’ve put you first,” you will start to take the wind from their sales.  If you start viciously dropping one or two of the group, whomever is closest, whomever you can deal with most brutally, then the others will start tpo dissipate as they realize they haven’t chosen an easy target.

If you’re facing three guys and you drop one, now you’re only facing two, and the odds have must dramatically increased in your favor.  If you divide your multiple attackers, if you drop two out of three of them, you can potentially defeat the last one psychologically.  It’s all a mind game combined with the physical… and that’s how you make multiple attackers fear you.