Tactical Tomahawk


In this exclusive combat guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about how to choose, use, and fight with the very latest in battlefield armament – the tactical tomahawk! The hawk is a formidable survival tool and weapon, but only in the hands of those who know how to wield it. After you follow along with our step-by-step tactics guide, you’ll truly be a “Hawk Master”!




  • Mastering The Tactical Tomahawk (pdf)
  • “Combat Tomahawk” Online Video Course

Bonus Videos – Over An Hour Of Close Quarter Hawk Tactics:

  1. Intro & Training Tips
  2. Meet The Hawk!
  3. Stance & Footwork
  4. Striking Secrets Video 
  5. Angles Of Attack
  6. Striking & Movement
  7. Catch & Pull Tactics
  8. Close Quarters Fighting
  9. Double Weapons
  10. Spin Moves & Multiple Attackers
  11. Throwing The Hawk


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