I have a problem.

We here at MCS have always been big supporters of the police.

A lot of the people in our network are law enforcement officers and I have the utmost respect for them.

But I am very disturbed the trend in what's being called the “militarization of police,” and that's the problem I'm now grappling with.

Is The Government Preparing For A Collapse?
I Think The Signs Are Pretty Clear…

Program 1033 - Militarization Of America

Our law enforcement officers are supposed to work with the community, not behave like an occupying army making that community obey.

At the forefront of this trend is something called Program 1033, an outgrowth of the National Defense Authorization Act, which distributes surplus military equipment at no and low cost to law enforcement agencies.

The program has put mine-resistant armored vehicles, grenade launchers, troop carriers, and assault rifles in the hands of numerous law agencies throughout the country since the 1990's.

The war zone that is Ferguson, Missouri, is the result of this process.

While evidence has come out since the riots began that shows the young man who was shot might not have been as peaceful and innocent as the media portrayed him, that isn't really the point.

Big Heads… Heavy Hands… And Overwhelming Firepower Should Be A Wake-Up Call

What worries me the most about the recent events is the the police response to the press and to largely peaceful protests.

You've seen the news reports and heard the stories of the media personnel who were arrested for no reason, then released.

You've heard the allegations that the local police in Ferguson were too heavy-handed — so much so that state police were called in to impose order.

People are waking up to the slow militarization of our police departments, which has been going on for decades under our noses.

Military contractors and our own federal government are “issuing” Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles around the nation (one department was given one for only $2,800).

Last I checked, there weren't any land mines the police needed to worry about in Missouri or any other state in the Union.

Open Your Freakin' Eyes ‘Merica!

The federal government has been arming community “peacekeepers” with the latest military technology because they know that when there's a wide-scale collapse (like any of the 5 we discuss in our free survival guide), they're going to need these bad boys in order to deal with the crowds of desperate citizens whose lives were sucker-punched and will never be the same.

As I always say… if the government (and local police) are planning for a collapse, shouldn't you?

What Signs Are You Noticing In Your Local Area Of “Collapse Staging”?

Please Share Your Observations Of What We Should All Be Looking For…