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Last week we held our live “Gun Training Tips Roundtable & Giveaway” event and it was a HUGE success!

We got over 800 great training tips in from our magazine subscribers, Facebook fans, and podcast listeners and I'm STILL yanking out some amazing fun, new tips as I pour over all the info!

In fact, this week only, you can get a free download of the entire gun-training tips call so you can grab the audio recording (over 90 minutes!) and listen to yourself to add some new drills and tactics to your training.

And as a little teaser, for this week's podcast episode, I thought I'd share with you just 5 cool gun-training tips I hand-selected from the ones submitted by our fans.

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Here's what you'll discover in this week's episode…

  • “Bad guys” don't attack when YOU have the advantage… and Shawn M. (Chicago, IL) has a great “quick tip” to help you prepare for any less-than-ideal conditions!
  • I've never seen a gangbanger wear a bulls-eye on his chest… which is why Frederick E's (Fort Fairfield, ME) live-fire range trick will really put you to the test to see how you can shoot against a real person!
  • Cory L. from Citrus Heights, CA reveals his amazing dry-fire setup for fast, realistic mag changes you're gonna want to put to use right away!
  • Want to simulate the anxiety of a real attack AND get “pro” firearms feedback at the same time?  Ronald G from Oak Hill, WV challenges you to try his ego-busting arrangement right in your own living room!
  • What does golf and gunfighting have in common?  I take Will H's (Davenport, FL) tip and connect the dots for you so you can finally be the “expert” your family is expecting you to be when they need you – and your gun – the most!

This is only a small sample of the amazing tactics you'll find in this week's podcast… as well as the free gun-training tips you can grab this week off our site!

Now It's Your Turn To Share Your Best Gun-Training Tips!

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