Report: Defeating Larger Attackers

H2H Combat: Does SIZE Matter?

Imagine you’re staring eyeball-to-chest with some 6’9”, 350lb, steroid-pumped thug – ready to cram a beer bottle down your throat just because you accidentally bumped into him.

Would you know exactly what to do…

Without caving in to fear…

Without having to get into your “fighter stance”…

And without having to think about how you’re going to block the 100mph freight train haymaker that’s coming toward your head?

Yeah, yeah, I know…you’ve been told by the “experts” that “size doesn’t matter” in a real street fight.

But I Know You’re Not That Stupid, Right?

Anyone who says that a much larger, stronger, and more experienced attacker doesn’t have the advantage when the fists start flying is an absolute idiot!

Case closed!

You already know this deep down in your gut–and I’m sure you can even feel your heart racing just imagining what it would be like to have some guy twice your size ready to rip you apart!

This is why 99.9% of the time when a muscle-bound mutant wraps his iron grip around your throat, taking your ability to even breathe, most guys shrivel up with fear and pray he’ll just “let go” and not embarrass you even more (or worse!)

So the no b.s. answer is “YES!”… size DOES matter, but here’s the good news – how you fight back matters even more

Martial Arts vs. “Street Fighting”

Look, every guy needs to know how to fight… period!

Whether it’s for your own defense or to fulfill your role as “protector” of those you love and who depend on you for their safety.

Unfortunately, most of what people know about fighting comes from their fathers, Hollywood, or worse – you may have taken “martial arts” lessons at a local dojo.

Why do I say this is “worse”?

Because most traditional martial arts systems focus on fancy “techniques” and if you ever try those moves in a real fight – against someone bigger, stronger, and more experienced than you…

… You’re Gonna Get KILLED In The Street!

Think about it – in a martial arts school…

… you’re learning in a relaxed environment (vs. the heart-racing chaos of a real attack)…

… you’re fighting in “controlled” conditions (in the street, anything can happen)

…  and using “techniques” against a willing partner (not a meth-crazed addict trying like hell to bash your head in for a few bucks).

You need to understand that the felons, gangbangers, and predators you’ll face in real life didn’t learn how to fight in some karate school… they learned it by bloodying their knuckles in real street combat!

That’s why YOU need to know exactly how to master the vicious fighting tactics that don’t rely on your size, strength, or current fighting ability, and yet give you the power to completely obliterate any man  – even a brutal thug TWICE you size – in just seconds.

How To Defeat LARGER Attackers…

No bullsh*t… size and strength DO matter when you’re fighting for your life in a brutal street fight.

Your only hope for survival is to target a bigger stronger attacker’s “hidden destruction points” and use them to your own advantage.

For example, most people who are attacked will swing as hard as they can at their attacker’s head, trying for a “knockout punch”.

But did you know that there’s actually __ points on the human body that are far more vulnerable… and when you strike any of these points – even there’s absolutely nothing your attacker can do to defend against your strikes?

Hit one of these areas – even with a light blow , and…

… your attacker will crumble at your feet like a bag of dirt!

Not only that, but there’s a way I discovered to literally DOUBLE the amount of power behind any strike… without you even having to “lift weights” or get stronger?

The hidden strategies that will allow you to defeat a larger attacker with ease are too numerous to go into here, but you’re in luck because I filmed a 2-hour brain-dump of the most hardcore, “no-B.S.” close quarter combat tactics that don’t rely on your size, strength, or current fighting ability to completely obliterate any man in mere seconds.

(Optional) In fact…these tactics work even BETTER when used against someone who is much larger and stronger than you (No, that’s NOT a joke…they work BETTER and I’ll show you why!)

And the best part is, you can get this 2-hour “close combat” DVD for free here (for a limited time).

Look, in a real fight, you don’t have the option of “losing”!

Not when your life – or the safety of your family fearfully hiding behind you – is on the line!

You need to know exactly what to do in the first few seconds of an attack…to end it quickly…and walk away with your life, your loved ones, and your pride intact.

Go ahead and claim your free close combat DVD here now while it’s still available and you’ll just how easy it is to unlock your full “warrior potential” and never fear any man… EVER!

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