For 900 years, the Samurai were the undefeatable warrior class.

One of the things that separated the Samurai from the other dorks out there sporting a sword was that they knew their weapon better than anything. 

They slept with it.  They ate with it.  And they practiced with it in every single situation: using their off hand… kneeling on the ground… sitting… lying down.

Now, think about how YOU practice with your weapon and…

Steal These 3 “Samurai Shooting Secrets” To Become A Master Gunfighter


Samurai Lesson 1: Train with your weapon in non-ideal conditions just as often as you do for ideal ones.

Ok look… if you're like 95% of the other mooks out there, whenever you decide to train with your weapon, it's most likely at the range… under ideal circumstances… shooting at static paper targets.

Am I right?

Have you ever practiced getting your weapon out from a sitting position, as you might have to do if someone starts shooting at you and the other customers at a local diner?

How about from a kneeling position, as you would be if you were changing the tire on your car and someone tried to carjack you?

Or flat on your back as if you'd just had your coconut split open by a baseball bat as you were loading up the car with groceries?

You see where I'm going here?

These aren't things you can really do at most ranges, but it's not impossible.  (More on that coming up.)

Samurai Lesson 2: Learn as many styles of combat as you possibly can.

The Samurai trained with their katanas, yes… but they also studied unarmed defense (aikido)… grappling and joint manipulation (jiujitsu)… and many other methods of combat.

If it might help them survive, they learned it.

Learning how to fight off an attacker so you can get to your weapon is just as important as learning to shoot straight.

Samurai Lesson 3:  Train as if it's the real thing

As far as I’m concerned, 90% of your training should be learning the real-world tactics that get you through the kinds of situations that are likely to happen.

No one is ever going to stand a polite 50 feet from you while you take aim at him.

When you’re attacked, it’s going to be close… it’s going to be brutal… and if you’re not prepared – it could easily be FATAL.

The good news is that training for a real gunfight DOESN'T need to involve an expensive tactical course out of town.

The fact is, you can get even better training at home.

It's really easy to set up your own “home tactical range” to train for realistic force-on-force attacks – even if you don’t have a training partner.

Put in the time to practice, and you’ll always be two steps ahead of your attacker.

Don't you think your safety and your family’s safety might be worth prioritizing the kind of training that you might actually use in a real life-or-death attack?

Yeah, I do too.

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