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Your "No-Spin Knife-Throwing" Training At A Glance...

No-Spin Knife Throwing Intro

Intro To "Combat Throwing"

Yes, there IS a “combat use” for knife-throwing – but only ONE method works at any distance against a moving target! See why the “Thorn No-Spin Knife-Throwing System” is the ONLY practical system for real-world defense!

Best Knives For Knife Throwing

Choosing Your Throwing Knife

While the “Thorn No-Spin” system will show you how to throw ANY knife with extreme accuracy, some knives are better suited for mastering the method faster – and you'll see what to look for when choosing your first training knives!

Best Knife Throwing Targets

Choosing & Making Your Target

No need for any expensive knife-throwing targets! Ralph Thorn will show you how to make several different types of targets (even from scrap materials) and the benefits of each type of target for “reality-based self-defense” training.

The "No-Spin" Secret!

It's time to start throwing!  You'll get a step-by-step video tutorial of the “Thorn No-Spin Knife-Throwing System” and see exactly how easy it is to throw ANY knife… from ANY angle… and stick it EVERY time – even at long distances!

Meet The Pioneer Of "No-Spin Knife-Throwing"...

Ralph Thorn

Ralph Thorn took the knife community by storm with the creation of his cutting-edge “no spin” throwing system, tying practical combat-application to this once “forbidden” fighting tactic.

His motto? “Any knife, any angle, any position; no games, no gimmicks, no limits!”

Ralph has taught thousands how to turn common pocketknives, screwdrivers, spikes, scissors, and other readily-available items into effective throwing weapons.

His goal is to provide the serious edged-weapon enthusiast with a comprehensive approach to quickly master his unique “no spin” knife-throwing method to face any threat – from the battlefield to the street!

There Simply Is No Better "Reality-Based" Knife-Throwing System On The Planet!

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