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The Only Throwing Knife Designed For REAL COMBAT!

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Your friends will stare in slacked-jawed amazement and BEG YOU for your “secret” as they watch you stick 1..2..3..4.. knives deep into a tree from 30 feet away width extreme accuracy and head-turning power!

MCS StrYker specs

over 8″ long & 1/2 lb of pure perfection

ergoNomic g10 tactical handle makes you "quick on the draw"

With its military-grade G10 composite handle, the MCS Stryker is strong enough to take hard hits from your other knives – and its unique “balance point” design guarantees you the perfect grip for a lightning-fast “no-spin” release throw-after-throw!

msc striker: the numbers

Overall Length: 8.5″
Handle Length: 3.75″
Blade Length: 4.5″
Blade Width: 37mm w/2mm Edging
Blade Thickness: 3mm
Weight: 8.5 oz
Steel: 3cr13

Hardness: 54 HRC

heavy in the hand = deep in the target

At over 8” long and over a half pound, the MCS Stryker is over TWICE as heavy as other commercial throwers on the market! That means you’ll learn faster… throw farther… be far more accurate… and sink the blade so deep in any target, you’ll practically need both hands to pull it out!

A full-tang blade built for abuse!

Most commercial throwing knives are made from inferior “scrap” metal and bounce right off most targets (or completely snap in half after a few throws!) The MCS Stryker's proprietary, thick “V-Grind” blade design takes your hardest hits – and BEGS for more!

Combat Knife-Throwing:

Sport Vs. The Street!

Now, you might be thinking,

“If I'm Defending Myself,Why Would I want to ‘Throw Away A Perfectly Good Fighting Knife?”

For Those who think that throwing a knife for self-defense is “stupid”, think again. True warriors and battle-hardened soldiers know that when it comes to knife-fighting in a real-world attack, distance is your best friend – – whether it's a kitchen knife you launch at a violent criminal invading your home, or a precision-designed weapon intended for warfare.

But, You Need To Have 100% Confidence That
You Can Stick A Knife Deep Into Your Target
Without Fail Each And Every Time!

Unfortunately, the way that most people learn how to throw a knife is woefully incorrect. All of those “full spin”,”half spin”, “one-and-a-half-spin” (blah, blah, blah) methods are really hard to pull off consistently even against a stationary target – – and will never work in a real fight against moving attacker at various ranges and angles.

No worries, We've got a fix for that. If You Can Throw A Baseball, You're Going To Be Amazed At How Quickly You Master Ralph Thorn's Revolutionary “No Spin” Knife-Throwing Method!

Even if you’ve never thrown a knife before in your entire life, you’re about to discover just how quick and easy it is to learn with our revolutionary “no-spin” training method that takes all the guesswork out of knife-throwing and makes learning fast, fun, and effective!

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your instuctor: the legendary ralph thorn!

A pioneer in the “no-spin movement” in the West, Thorn developed his breakthrough tactics after all other throwing systems failed miserably in the area of practical “combat application”.  There’s simply NO ONE more experienced to show you how to quickly master throwing ANY blade with deadly accuracy – even underhand and at extreme distances!” 


module 1: the "no-spin" knife-throwing secret!"

Why nearly everyone trying to master knife-throwing is training all WRONG… and the revolutionary new “thumb grip” secret that makes sticking a knife super easy! NO COORDINATION SKILLS NECESSARY!

How to set up your own realistic "knife-throwing combat training center" in your yard... garage (or
wherever!)... for under 10 bucks 

Why "No Spin" Is The ONLY Reliable Knife-Throwing Method For Real Life Defense!

The "9-12-3 Rule" of knife throwing that takes all the mystery out of mastering power, accuracy, and penetration at any distance! 

The secrets of "combat foot placement" that lets you throw with full force... even while on the move! 

module 2: finding your personal "no-spin" style!

How to evaluate your body's "power-mechanics" to find-tune your own custom knife-fighting style!

Throwing a knife from ANY angle... including the legendary "quick-draw" underhand tactic that will make you "the fastest thrower in the West"!

module 3: custom-tuning your unique throwing style

Take your knife-throwing skills to the next level with these simple micro-adjustments specific to your body's own personal strengths!

How to analyze your striker's "sticking point" to destroy any obstacles holding you back from becoming a truly legendary knife-thrower!

module 4: achieving extreme "combat accuracy"!

The little-known reason why you NEVER want to throw at a "bulls-eye" target if you're training for real-world combat!

2 methods of "tactical targeting" that prepare you for firing and nailing ANY point  on your attacker's body you choose - from head to toe - even throwing  multiple knives in "rapid fire mode"!

module 5: mastering "Long-range" throwing!

The amazing "secrets physics" behind launching your MCS striker from 20... 30... even up to 40 feet away - and NAIL IT every time!

How to draw energy from your whole body to 10X the force and momentum behind your knife for extreme  power and penetration at ANY distance!

module 6: urban survival " combat throwing"!

How to deploy your no-spin knife-throwing mastery with ANY object - your pocket-knife, a machete, even screwdrivers, pens, and other improvised weapons- to defend yourself in any environment!

Guns & throwing knives: How to ingrate ALL of your personal defense weapons to defeat close-quarters  attacks... ambushes... and even multiple assailants!

Backed by our bulletproof 365 day guarantee!

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** Plus, Order Now And Get Instant Access To The Revolutionary “No-Spin” Power-Throwing Secret ANYONE Can Master To Sink A Blade Deep Into A Target Fron 12, 20 ,Even 30 Feet Away… EVERY TIME

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