Self Defense And Weapons Training

On the street, in your home, while travelling, in certain government buildings, banks, even bars… there are places you can’t have a firearm. If you’re an armed, prepared citizen, you know this and understand it. You also understand that, while the handgun is the ultimate self-defense weapon, it is not the ONLY self-defense weapon. You know that weapons training, apart from tactical firearms training, encompasses an entire WORLD of weapons that could be used against you. From a broken bottle to a screwdriver to a baseball bat to a knife, the world is full of objects you could use to defend your life… and that could be used to try and carjack you, rob you, or assault your loved ones.

Weapons training means learning to use a knife, a club, or any improvised weapon to defend yourself. That weapons training will teach you how to defend against those same implements, because when you understand how something will be used to hurt somebody, you understand how to stop it from doing so. A weapon is a force multiplier. Like a lever, it enables the person wielding it to do more damage with less effort than he could with his hands alone. You need to know how to use force multipliers in order to defend against bigger, stronger opponents, and to defend yourself and your family against the disproportionate threat of multiple attackers. And because thugs always choose odds that favor them, you might end up facing bigger, stronger, multiple opponents who ALSO have weapons.

Weapons training can and will save your life. You can’t afford to ignore it.

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