Shooting On The Move

Real gunfights aren't anything like your local gun range!

Unlike the static, relaxed “lanes” you're used to firing on, real attacks are dynamic and EVERYTHING will be in motion…

… your attacker will be charging… family or bystanders will be running for cover… and instead of standing there in your perfect “isosceles stance” engaging the threat…

…YOU too will be on the move!

Or at least you'd better be if you want to survive!

But is it really possible to engage an attacker effectively with your firearm while you're in motion?

This week's special expert, Omari Broussard, says “Hell yeah!”… and reveals his best tips for how you can master this critical “combat focus” skill – even in your own home!

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Here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • Challenging the skeptics: Why even so-called “tactical” live-fire schools could be setting you up to fail in a real gunfight!
  • Navigating obstacles on the run! How to “read” your surroundings… and even prepare for a worst-case face-plant into the pavement!
  • “Combat Coordination” – How to juggle multiple engagement factors when all your skills need to come together at once in order to survive!
  • Accuracy on the move – Is it a myth? Or the mark of a “gunfight guru” that anyone can develop?
  • Do-it-yourself “at home” gun training tricks that will help you master the critical life-or-death skills of shooting on the move!

This is an episode you're not gonna want to miss… and the tricks and drills you pick up from Omari should be on your “hot list” for scheduling into your gun training right away.

These tips could literally save your life in a real attack!

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