Don't laugh at me…

One of my very favorite shows is “Storage Wars” – the reality show where they auction off storage lockers to the highest bidder after the customers failed to pay their monthly rent.

Sometimes the highest bidder gets lucky and finds cash, jewelry or something they can auction off for a steep profit.

But you know I'm always looking to improve my personal survival gear plan so take my lead because…

This Guy Has A Few Survival Gear Tips You'll Want To Hear!

Dave Hester Storage Wars

If you were ever forced to survive a “collapse” scenario, you could find that storage units could be hiding some very valuable gear that you and your family could use to survive.

Check Out These “Storage Wars” Survival Lessons…

1. Have A Way To Get Inside

Outdoor units are usually locked with a padlock. If you can pick a lock, good for you.

But if not, be sure to keep a set of bolt cutters in your car to gain entry without making a ton of noise by banging it with a hammer or rock.

2. Everything Is “Survival Gear”

The #1 lesson you absolutely must understand in order to know how to survive a collapse, is to be resourceful.

People store really important stuff in storage lockers – some of it obvious, like…

  • Bicycles (for backup bug-out transportation)
  • Weapons (knives, bows, guns, ammo, etc.)
  • Camping gear (very common!)
  • Gold & silver (also rare coins and cash)
  • All-Terrain Vehicles

But there are other items that may not be so obvious that could come in handy, like….

  • Mattress stuffing can be used as insulation in your clothing
  • Use a lawn mower blade as an improvised machete (for defense or chopping wood)
  • Broom handles can be used as walking sticks or sharpened to keep feral dogs away

3. Home Sweet Home

Storage units can even provide temporary shelter on your way to a survival retreat.

Map them out along your bug-out route as potential hideaways for refuge from the chaos, but look for more rural ones that are away from larger populations.

The Best Survival Gear Prepper Plan…

Of course, looting storage units isn't your best survival gear plan.

Having a bug-out bag with these 52 survival gear items will save you from being like most people will flock to the local department stores and fight over the last camping stove.

These locations could turn violent as hell as resources run out.

But while storage units aren't your primary source of survival gear, they can provide you with a little-known opportunity to resupply yourself on the move to safety.

What Other Items Could You Find In Storage Units That Could Be Used As Valuable Survival Gear?

Let's Get An Awesome List Going Below…