Collapse can be violent!

Tim Larkin

Beyond the physical devastation of natural and man-made disasters, the added threat of other people caught up in the chaos can be just as deadly – if not more.

With a lack of law and order, the asocial predators of our society will be at their worst while even those everyday citizens trapped in the panic may act out in violent ways that could pose a threat to you and your family.

In this special “bonus broadcast” for Social Chaos Escape & Evasion customers, SCE&E creator, Jeff Anderson and combatives expert, Tim Larkin will explore how you can instinctively respond to life-or-death violence when you're trapped in the chaos of a crisis, collapse, or attack!To survive this level of danger and protect those you love – particularly amidst the lack of emergency services we've come to rely on –¬†you must be able to “use violence as a weapon”. ¬†Strategically… tactically… and effectively… when you have no other options!

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