Look, as I've said a million times…

…when it comes to defending yourself and those you love against a violent home invasion, “owning a gun ISN'T enough”!

Home invaders don't “play fair”.

They'll attack when you least expect it… use speed and surprise to overtake you… grab your family member to force you to disarm yourself… and then handcuff or tie you up so they can do whatever they want.

That's why  you damn well better be prepared with a “back-up weapon” pre-positioned in every room of your house (yes, even the bathroom) where you never have to worry about being unarmed.

Personally, I have several “covert daggers” in hidden places of easy access all around my home, like in this…

Do-It-Yourself “Secret Compartment” Tissue Box For Home Invasion Back-up

Home Defense Secret Compartment

With these daggers hidden and at-the-ready “just in case”, you…

  • Are unable to get to a stored firearm immediately
  • Are disarmed and need something to grab quickly
  • Escape from being tied up and need a “fast defender”
  • Need to arm a family member who doesn't have a gun

These daggers are lightweight… relatively safe around kids… and because they're made of lightweight, reinforced fiberglass, you can hide them anywhere – even inside a toilet tank or indoor flower pot that gets watered – and they won't rust or lose their sharp point.

Surviving A Violent Home Invasion

There are some horrific real-life stories of innocent, upstanding families who become victims to these type of predators because they weren't prepared.

Don't let that be you.

Home invaders are the sneakiest, nastiest, most perverted criminals you'll never want to face.

But if you do, your only chance to survive and save your family from rape, murder (even potential torture!), is to be just as sneaky and nasty with your counterattack.

That requires not only the weapons (and back-up weapons) to fight back… but you must also have your own bag of “nasty tricks” to survive any scenario in your home – even if you were tied up or handcuffed, “helpless”, and your family was left to the sick whims of the creeps who are holding you hostage.

What Other “Secret Hiding Spots” Can You Point Out In Your Home To Hide A Home Defense Weapon?

Please Share Your Best Tips For Your Fellow Patriots Below…