Fish Antibiotics For Survival Medicine
Will Fish Antibiotics REALLY Work For Survival Medicine?

We've seen it in every wide-scale disaster…

Vital emergency services are suspended or overloaded… medical help becomes scarce… and 911 calls go unanswered!

Now imagine a SHTF scenario where a loved one comes down with a high fever… shows signs of horrific illness… and suddenly YOU become “the family doctor”.

Do they need antibiotics or not?

If so, what kind do they need… where can you find them… and how do you administer them?

Go to the internet and you'll find thousands of opinions – often from well-meaning (yet clueless) “armchair preppers” with no medical background.

So this week, I asked my favorite REAL SHTF doctor – the one and only Dr. Bones – to school us all on exactly how to find… stockpile… diagnose… and use antibiotics to save a loved one's life when you're the only physician you can count on.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • How to evaluate your “patient's” condition to decide if they need antibiotics or not!
  • Not all antibiotics are the same – do YOU know which version to use for which ailments? Dr. Bones will give you the run down!
  • Your SHTF prescription: Antibiotic doses… timelines… everything you need!
  • Where to find “survival antibiotics”… what to look for… and how to be your own pharmacy when the one down the street is closed, destroyed, or looted!

Antibiotics can truly be a life-saver after a wide-scale disaster or crisis… but ONLY if you know what the hell you're doing!

Consider this your “SHTF Crash Course” for this critical survival medicine prepping skill!

What Other Meds Are Important In Order To Be Your Own Doctor In A SHTF Scenario?

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