It's no surprise that preppers love firearms, right?

But what are the best gunsĀ for survival purposes?

In this survival podcast, Editor and host, Jeff Anderson gets to turn the mic around and be interviewed on his unique approach for which guns you should be adding to your doomsday arsenal.

Survival Podcast - Best Guns For Survival

Whether you're just starting out with building your survival weapons depot or you're all stacked up for the zombie apocalypse, this podcast will help you evaluate your own gaps and fill them in quickly.

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Here's what you'll discover…

  • The handgun dilemma… and why it serves as the very foundation of your survival weapons arsenal!
  • Why the AR-15 is NOT the ultimate survival gun you may think it is! (Hoo-boy – is this gonna get some prepper panties in a wad!)
  • Why the “survival shotgun” is worth a second look… and under what circumstances it could serve as your primary survival weapon!
  • How your ammunition choices could make or break your survival firearms plan, especially in a total TEOTWAWKI collapse!
  • Worried about martial law and gun confiscation? Hear Jeff's thoughts on how to plan your arsenal to defeat the gun-grabbers!

Plus a whole lot more!

Keep an open mind and enjoy the training!