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How to battle-dress your bug-out mobile without going all “Mad Max” in the hood!

When it comes to survival gear, you need more than a bug-out bag to get to safety.  Your main form of transportation is likely going to be your family vehicle… but not if you don't give it equal attention in your survival planning.

Survival expert, Tony Nester, knows what it takes to trick out your ride to meet any threat on your path to safety and reveals the simple steps you can take now to get ready to get out of Dodge!

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Here's what you'll discover when you listen in:

  • Beyond the basics – gear to stick in your vehicle TODAY that will help you survive an uncertain tomorrow!
  • Considerations on how to be your own emergency “mechanic”… even if you have a hard time finding your oil dipstick.
  • Obstacle breaching made easy!  When man or Mother Nature gets in your way, here's how to show 'em who's the REAL boss!
  • Defeating thieves, beggars, and unruly opportunists who think you should share  your gear… or they'll just take it!
  • Liquid gold! How to create your own “gas plan” that makes sure you have enough juice to get to your destination… even when the gas pumps are dead!

“Honey, make some space in the trunk! Daddy's got some new gizmos for the apocalypse!”

What Other Mods Have You Done To Your Vehicle To Prep It For Bugging Out?

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