Police State USA

Are we living in an emerging “police state”?

Recent events have opened the eyes of citizens everywhere to the powerful overreach of the Federal Government paralleled with a militarized police force that's all too quick to stomp on the Constitutional rights of the People.

From fake cell towers… to alphabet soup agencies collecting massive amounts of data from your cell phone, computer, even your kid's video game player (yup, it's true!)… no longer can law-abiding citizens take comfort in a protective government – and it's only going to get worse.

Think you have nothing to hide?

Think again!

Civil rights attorney and defender of freedom, John Whitehead, pulls the curtain back on the real story behind a “government of wolves”.

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Here's what you'll discover when you listen in:

  • How the Federal Government has strategically used 9/11 as a springboard into digging deep into the personal lives of every American.
  • The shocking “new target” of the Department of Homeland Security that will floor you! (Hint: They deserve our undying support… but are now considered a “threat” to national security?)
  • The “future spies” that first began working in Iraq and Afghanistan… and will soon be patrolling a neighborhood near you (potentially even ARMED!)
  • The one document every true blue American MUST read if you ever hope to protect yourself in a police state (sadly, 99% of our citizens are clueless as to what it REALLY says)!
  • Want to protect yourself? Follow Whitehead's actionable steps to stand up for liberty and take back control of your privacy!

Wake up America!

The war for your freedom has already begun and the odds are stacked against us!

Are YOU Concerned About The Government Stomping On Your Personal Freedoms?

What Do You Think Is Our Biggest Threat?