I just saw a news story that blew me away. I think any survivalist would be.

A 7-year-old girl walked away from a plane crash that killed her parents, sister, and cousin. That's miraculous and amazing, but it's not what impressed me about this story.

The second-grader used survival skills – taught to her by her father – to hike away from the plane crash… through the woods… and on to get help – despite multiple broken bones.

I remind you: this girl is seven years old.

Would Your Kids Know How To Survive
If You Weren't There To Save Them?

Sailor Gutzler Plane Crash Survival

Not all survival is about going up against mobs of looters.

A lot of it simply has to do with staying alive in difficult circumstances.

And your kids should know these skills – because sometimes you won't be there to protect them.

My son knows every skill I can teach him, and he's a huge fan of Les Stroud (aka Survivor Man).

In fact, he recently got to interview Les for our Modern Combat & Survivor Magazine and he offered…

3 Survival Skills For Children If They're Lost In The Woods…

A Way To Start A Fire

My son carries a compact firestarter I got him for his personal survival kit.

You can get your own free firestarter gizmo here…

Make sure your  kids know how to use it and that it's only for emergencies – never as a toy.

Some Sort Of Shelter

Les recommends a big piece of plastic, which can be folded up and carried around without too much weight.

A Means Of Being Rescued

As Les points out: it's not about setting up the perfect little campsite in the woods – it's about getting home. A fire can serve double-duty here, but something like a flare can be a lot more effective at drawing attention..

Your kids are never too young to learn “something” to become self-reliant… and survive.