Tactical Firearms Podcast - Legal Self Defense

Owning a gun provides great power for protecting yourself and those you love from society's predators.  But with power comes great responsibility to legally wield your firearm.  If you don't, you could be thrown in jail with the same class of society you were defending against in the first place.  Sad but true.

In this firearms survival podcast, legendary firearms and combatives expert, Peyton Quinn, shares the little-known factors that could save your backside in a courtroom after a shooting… and the mistakes that could throw your arse in a jail cell if you screw it up.

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Here's what you'll discover…

  1. How time and distance play a critical role in your “shoot – don't shoot” decision in a jury's eyes!
  2. Why – even if you have a 300lb muscle-bound goon telling you he's going to slice you to ribbons may not be enough to warrant even touching your gun!
  3. How the jury sticks you under a microscope to look at every step you took up to the point of pulling the trigger… and the most important thing you must demonstrate to give you the best case for a “not guilty” verdict!
  4. When you're legally justified to draw your weapon based on the rule of “disparity of force”! (Warning: It's not as cut and dry as you may think!)
  5. How to respond to law enforcement after they show up following your armed defense vs. an attack! (Even your defense attorney would probably screw this one up. Some things you should say… others you shouldn't. Find out here!)

This ought to be a real eye opener for even the most experienced gun expert out there!