Tactical Tomahawk Survival Weapon

Too many people dismiss the tactical tomahawk as some kind of “fantasy weapon” that has no practical purpose in a survival arsenal.

I beg to differ.  And so do thousands of soldiers and law enforcement officers who right now are carrying a hawk on the various streets and in war zones across the globe.

In this podcast, the #1 tomahawk supplier for military and police, Eric Fehrman, reveals why you should consider adding a haw to your own survival weapons cache… and how to put it into use during a crisis.

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Here's what's in store for you in this week's broadcast…

  • Exactly how the tomahawks of today are being put into use by our boots-on-the-ground warriors across military and law enforcement.
  • The top 3 features to look for in choosing a new tomahawk that will save you from falling for the cheap zombie hawks flooding the market!
  • Close-quarters combat! How to use the tactical tomahawk for personal defense – even in the space the size of a phone booth!
  • The “art” of hawk throwing! (It's easier than you think.)
  • More than just a weapon – how to use the hawk during a disaster or collapse to get you and your family to safety!
  • How to train with the hawk… so you're always at-the-ready when a crisis hits!

You know you've always wanted a tomahawk, right?

Well now you can do more than just “look” badass… you will BE badass as you master the skills you need to wield this weapon in a crisis or combat!

Do You Own A Tactical Tomahawk?

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