More and more knife companies are offering tactical tomahawks or hatchet-like weapons to their lineups these days.

The tactical tomahawk is, in fact, all the rage among alternative weapons and survival tools.

So what makes this weapon a worthwhile addition to your personal arsenal?

There are multiple reasons you might choose to acquire one.

Here's Why You Need A Tactical Tomahawk In Your Survival Weapon Arsenal…

Tactical Tomahawk

The first thing to consider is that the tactical tomahawk is simply a great weapon.

Everyone knows that at some point, the firearms they carry for self-defense could break, be confiscated, or run out of ammunition.

If you have a problem with your primary weapon, knowing that you have something at your fingertips that is quick to deploy and deadly effective can make all the difference in the world.

That is what the tactical tomahawk offers, after all.

It is essentially a lightweight hatchet that combines the best features of a hammer and a pick in one easily and intuitively handled package.

Anyone can swing a hammer, and that means anyone can use a tomahawk to apply potentially deadly force very quickly.

Tactical Tomahawks For Obstacle Breaching

The tactical tomahawk is a great all-around utility tool for breaching obstacles.

People who work in search and rescue, fire rescue, law enforcement, and the military want to be able to do things like pry open a door, bust through a crate, split wood, or perform a tactical breach.

Whether it is popping glass or, in a pinch, even digging, a tactical tomahawk is a tremendously useful survival and utility implement.

Tactical Tomahawks¬†Just Plain Look “Bad-Ass”!

Finally, there is something that few people want to admit, but which is a fact anyway.

The tactical tomahawk is simply intimidating.

You probably first became aware of the tomahawk in Westerns.

It was the weapon of the Native Americans, primitive but deadly, used for scalping enemies.

The tactical tomahawk, therefore, is wicked-looking piece of gear that speaks to great power and brutality.

Facing someone armed with a tactical tomahawk may cause the opponent to feel defeated before he has even begun, which gives the defender with the tomahawk a psychological advantage.

Tactical tomahawks are a fad, yes, but they are a fad for all the right reasons.

Regardless of why they have finally become popular, they were always a good idea for people engaged in first responder, rescue, survival, and related activities.

They are also simply a great idea for the citizen who wants a tactical tool of self-defense close at hand.

The tactical tomahawk is a very effective weapon that is very easy to use because it can be swung like a hammer or used to chop like a hatchet.

These are tools that everyone has seen or used at one time or another.

Despite that simplicity, the tactical tomahawk is also a valuable utility tool that is uniquely intimidating and can be used for many applications quickly and efficiently.