Best Home Defense / Home Invasion Defense: Son Comes Home, Starts SHOOTING

Home Invasion Defense: Home Invader Shot

The news has been very guarded about this story, for some reason.

Could it be that they don’t want to report on a young man who, because he was armed, saved his entire family from a gang of home invaders?

It happened in Houston, Texas.

A hard-working father came home.

He was tired.

It had been a long day.

So he never saw the three armed home invaders hiding in the bushes, lying in wait for him to get home!

The thugs brutally pistol-whipped the father. . .

. . . but things were about to get much worse for that family, who had two young daughters living at home.

Here’s How One Devoted Son Came Home To A Home Invasion… And Went For His Gun!

Home Invasion Defense: Home Invader Shot
Home Invasion Defense: Home Invader Shot

After beating the dad into submission, the three home invaders gleefully ransacked the home.

They were laughing and jeering as they went through the family’s hard-earned possessions, taking whatever they wanted.

The family’s two daughters — aged 15 and 20 — knew what was coming.

They hid in a closet.

There, they pushed a panic alarm installed and ready for just this scenario.

The home invaders didn’t like that one bit.

They tried to FORCE the father, already beaten bloody, to disable the alarm.

But the daughters kept pushing it!

Furious, the thugs began searching the house for whoever was pushing the alarm. . .

. . . and who knows what they might have done to those young girls if they’d found them.

But invading this home was the last mistake one of those thugs would ever make, because the family’s son and his mother had pulled into the driveway in separate vehicles.

Realizing the alarm was going off and something was very wrong, the son bravely entered the house and retrieved his own pistol.

Then he started shooting!

One of the home invaders, who had a pistol of his own, was shot in the head.

He had the rest of his life to think about his poor decisions, because he died shortly after that in the hospital.

The others fled and police are still looking for them.

That son is a hero. . . but while he successfully defended his family, everybody involved did a LOT wrong.

Here are three ways that family could have improved their tactical position before and during a home invasion:

1. Eliminate Cover Near Your Home

The father never would have been ambushed and pistol-whipped if he’d seen the home invaders hiding hear his home.

Shrubbery and other cover that gives burglars and intruders a place to hide should be eliminated around your home.

Trim shrubs back so they can’t provide cover.

If you have to, rip them out by the roots.

Install lighting to cover any shadows in and around your house, too.

Your goal is to deny home invaders any place to lie in wait for you to come home.

2. Carry Your Gun ON YOUR BODY

Texas is one state that has good carry laws.

There was no reason for the son to have to enter the house — where the home invaders already were — to get his gun.

He should have been carrying it on his body.

If he had, he wouldn’t have had to gamble everything on retrieving his pistol in a home invasion.

Fortunately for him, his sisters, and his parents, everything worked out.

But that’s NOT a gamble I ever want to have to make.

Always carry your gun so it is with you when you need it, even when you’re already at home.

3. Have A Home Invasion Plan

This is one thing the family did RIGHT.

Not only did the daughters have a plan as to where to hide in a home invasion, but the family had already installed a panic alarm for emergencies like this.

What worries me is the description of the closet as, well, a closet.

The invaders were already suspicious when shutting off the alarm didn’t work.

Had they found those young girls before the son came home and shot at them, things might have gone horribly wrong.

Installing a “safe room” style door on that closet, something that could not easily be broken down, would be one way to improve the family’s home invasion plan.

But there’s a LOT more — way more than I can cover in a single e-mail.
That’s because a home invasion is the most extreme attack you’ll ever experience. . . and requires EXTREME TACTICS in response.
When intruders break down your door while you’re home, you may have to know. . .

  • How to escape from being tied up or handcuffed
  • How to use other family members to deceive your attackers
  • Staging weapons in “secret hiding spots” within your home
  • How to trick home invaders into letting you go
  • Ways to use “improvised weapons” to your advantage
  • And a LOT MORE.

These types of scenarios are EXACTLY why we created our “Extreme Home Defense Tactics” course – because we found that other home invasion survival techniques were either outdated… or frankly just fell far short of dealing with reality.

If you’d like to see more of what’s covered in the course, you can check out some of the lessons here and start learning everything you need to keep your family safe from home invasion.

All I ask is that you keep an open mind, because a LOT of the training we’ve developed is WAAAAAY different than what you’ll find most instructors telling you to do.

But I can back up every last one of our techniques with more of these real-world home-invasion stories (some of which ended well, and others of which ended VERY badly).

I think you’ll see exactly why these tactics are superior for surviving a home invasion.

I look forward to hearing what you think.

If You Came Face To Face With A Home Invader Who Had A Family Member Hostage, What Would You Do?

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Home Defense Shotgun: 3 Dumbass “Tactical Shotgun” Myths

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

The other day I was watching a great action movie when something happened that just ruined it for me…

The hero whipped out his Mighty Boom Stick™, a 12-gauge shotgun…

…And sent a guy flying through the air with a single blast!

Now, I don’t have to tell you that a shotgun just can’t do that, right?

Sure, they’re pretty powerful… but unless you woke up today in a world where gravity isn’t real, people don’t go tumbling through the air when you blast ’em – even with the giant whallop of a 12-gauge.

But this isn’t the ONLY “tactical shotgun myth” that’s floating around out there…

There are a lot of OTHER myths out there, bad ones, that I see gun people repeating… when they really should know better!

These are things that could get you hurt or even killed if you trust them.

That’s why I want to talk to you about…

The 3 Dumbest “Home Defense Shotgun” Myths Even Gun People Repeat!

Best Home Defense Shotgun / Best Tactical Shotgun Tips: 3 Myths

Now, look, I’m not trying to call anybody out here or start an “Internet sh*t fight”

…but people who repeat these myths really need to stop (especially when it comes to #3).

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, so I’ll go in order:

Myth #1: Racking The Pump Is Terrifying

This is definitely one of those myths that started out in the movies.

The hero, a Chuck Norris type with a steely gaze and “tough guy” attitude, steps into the room and racks his pump-action shotgun:


The bad guy wets himself, drops to his knees, and pleads for mercy… and you’re supposed to expect a home invader to do the same.

(That’s why a lot of “gun guys” recommend the 12-gauge pump for home defense – because of that “pucker factor” from the pump action.)

Unfortunately, in the real world – especially when the bad guy and you both are experiencing the adrenaline “fight or flight” rush – he might not even hear the noise your shotgun makes.

(After all, sometimes people get shot or stabbed in a fight and don’t even realize it until after the fact – so you can ka-chunk ka-chunk all day long and he may never notice.)

If you rely on scaring him with your pump-action, he may just be on top of you before you realize it.

Myth #2: Birdshot Works

I gotta admit, this one grinds my gears every time I hear it.

You’ll see people recommending birdshot as an effective stopper that prevents “over-penetration.”

As the guy says in that movie, “Every word of what you just said was wrong.”

If you’re close enough (like, practically on top of somebody) for birdshot to “work,” it penetrates just as much as any OTHER size shot.

But get even a little bit farther away and this fine, dust-like shot doesn’t do much at ALL.

Heck, remember when Vice President Dick Cheney shot one of his hunting buddies in the FACE while they were hunting birds?

The poor old guy had a heart attack… and STILL survived, because bird shot simply ISN’T effective from, say, across your living room (you know, the distance where you might have to shoot a home invader).

If you rely on birdshot to stop an attacker, you might as well be throwing table salt and bad language at him.

Ok, I’m exaggerating… but think of it more like the difference between throwing a softball sized rock at someone vs. a handful of pebbles… both could “hurt”… but only one is likely to knock you out.

Myth #3: You (Sort Of) Don’t Need To Aim

Now, I’m not trying to build a “straw man” here.

I don’t know of any shotgun shooters who think they don’t have to aim at ALL.

But a lot of “gun people” think they only have to point the weapon in the general direction of the target.

That’s not true, and if you believe that myth, you’re going to miss.

Even at “living room home defense range,” the spread of buckshot is literally only a few inches apart – NOT the wide spray pattern you see in the movies.

Besides, you’re responsible for every single one of those pellets and the more that miss their target, the more chance you have of hitting an “innocent” – including a loved one in another room.

No, you’ve STILL got to get your gun on target properly if you’re going to hit the bad guy.

But that means you’ve got ANOTHER problem, because it’s almost like the people who make shotguns believe the no-aiming myth too.

You see, most shotguns have a bead sight – just a little dot of metal at the tip of the barrel – and not much else.

Now, I use a 20 gauge semi-auto shotgun for home-defense, and on that gun I’ve got a tritium front sight that kind of serves as my “backup sight.”

For my primary sight, though, I need something that will let me get my shotgun on target FAST, but ACCURATELY.

That’s where my red dot comes in.

The red dot sight lets me get the gun on the bad guy, quickly, with enough accuracy to get the job done.

That’s why I highly recommend this set-up for your own home-defense shotgun.

Home defense goes way beyond just having your shotgun set up right, though.

It involves training.

Unfortunately, most home defense training has just as much myth and misinformation in it as these shotgun myths.

In other words, it falls far short of helping gun-owners truly prepare for the violent nature of a home invasion.

A home invasion is the most extreme attack you’ll ever experience… and requires EXTREME TACTICS in response.

For example, you may have to deal with situations like…
How to escape from being tied up or handcuffed

  • How to use other family members to deceive your attackers
  • Staging weapons in “secret hiding spots” within your home
  • How to trick home invaders into letting you go
  • Ways to use “improvised weapons” to your advantage
  • And more. . .

These types of scenarios are EXACTLY why we created our “Extreme Home Defense Tactics” course – because we found that other home invasion survival techniques were either outdated… or frankly just fell far short of dealing with reality.

If you’d like to see more of what’s covered in the course, you can check out some of the lessons here.

All I ask is that you keep an open mind because a LOT of the training we’ve developed is WAAAAAY different than what you’ll find most instructors telling you to do.

But I can back up every last one of our techniques with real-world home-invasion stories (that ended well… or badly!) and I think you’ll see exactly why these tactics are superior for surviving a home invasion.

Again, here’s a special link to go over and check out each of the lessons we cover when you get a chance…

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Don’t forget to watch for them… and if you see them, know that you’d had better TAKE ACTION.

What Gun Myths Bother YOU Most?

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MCS 269 – Home Invasion: Apt. Vs. Home Defense

Home Invasion: Home Defense Vs. Apartment Defense

The problem with a lot of “home defense” advice…

…is that it focuses ONLY on the “home.”

By home, we mean, a traditional, stand-alone house. 

But what works for home defense for a standalone structure…

…would be TERRIBLE advice for an apartment or condo!

Not only that, but there really is no “one solution” to a lot of home defense problems.

So how do you tailor your home-defense plan to where (and how) you live?

What preparations can you make NOW that will give you the edge…

…when a gang of thugs tries to kick down your door?

In this week’s podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival’s Jeff Anderson explains how HE tailored his personal home defense plan for dividing his life between an isolated, rural home in gun-friendly Texas and an urban apartment in gun-hating Illinois.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The surprising reason that you’re in MORE danger of a home invasion in one specific type of housing.
  • The simple modification you can make to an apartment to create a much safer “saferoom”.
  • Jeff’s interesting choice for a home-defense weapon… and why it’s not suitable for “apartment living”!
  • The home-invasion defense weapon that BEATS a 12-gauge in multiple situations.

  • How to choose your ammo for maximum effect (and why you DON’T want a certain type of ammo for apartment defense).

No matter what your living situation, you CAN make your dwelling a much “harder target” in a home invasion.

Learn how to prepare now… before thugs with guns are kicking in YOUR door!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

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