How To Make Your Own “Concealed Shoulder Sheath” For Your Self-Defense Survival Knife

Make Your Own Vertical Concealed Knife Sheath Rig

You’re walking down the street when, without warning, you’re jumped.

You don’t know why or by who, but suddenly there’s a guy on top of you, punching away… and he might not be alone.

Unable to get to your concealed handgun on your back hip, you reach across your body, under your jacket… and suddenly the handle of a full-sized fixed blade is in your fist.

It gives you a fighting chance – maybe the one that will save your life – maybe even against multiple opponents.

But who carries a “shoulder sheath” for a knife other than some Marvel comic book character, right?

Well, you can, and…

Here’s How To Build A Fast & Easy “Concealed
Shoulder Sheath” For Your Self-Defense Knife

Make Your Own Vertical Concealed Knife Sheath Rig

Now the first thing you must understand is that, when it comes to the best weapon for urban survival, you’re way better off with a fixed blade knife over a “tactical folder”where legally allowed.

The reality is – if you’re ambushed, you’re not going to be able to get into your front pocket… draw a folder… and snap it open while you’re getting beaten about the head and neck.

A fixed-blade knife is always ready – WHEN you can get to it – which is why we figured out how to build this rig.

Here’s how to make one yourself…

  • Basically, you’ll just need a fixed blade knife like the kind we talk about in our Extreme Survival Weapons guide.

Make sure your knife has a leather or kydex-style (preferred) sheath with 2 grommet holes at the bottom.

  • Next, cut off about 4-5 feet of 550 cord.
  • Tie both ends of the cord through the sheath grommets so it creates a loop.
  • Then just put your arms through the loop with the cord stretched across your back and behind your neck.

(You’ll need to adjust the length so it hangs however you want it on your side.),

Make Your Own Vertical Concealed Knife Sheath Rig

That’s all there is to it!

You now have a shoulder harness sheath for your survival knife that’s low profile and easy to create in a matter of minutes.

The Benefits Of A Concealed Shoulder Sheath For Your Knife…

One of the benefits of this shoulder harness is that it’s much less obvious than those giant dog-tag neck knives on the market.

Plus, it’s much more accessible if you’re in a ground fight because it moves around less than a neck knife tends to do.

You can even get to it with your same-side hand when somebody’s on top of you, as long as it isn’t pinned beneath you.

And if it is, squirm around some and you’ll find you CAN get to it.

Because you can never be too prepared!

Do YOU Carry A Fixed Blade Self-Defense Knife?

Please Share What Make & Model You’re Packing Below…

3 Reasons Why Rambo Doesn’t Own A Swiss Army Knife (And The Best Survival Knife For When TSHTF)

Rambo With Survival Knife

When you think of a big survival knife, you probably think of Rambo, and you may also be tempted to dismiss big battle blades like these as impractical for real survival in a non-action-movie world.

But if you read our survival weapons guide, you’d know that these oversized pig-stickers CAN save your life when it all goes wrong!

In fact, big knives can do things that small knives can’t (or that smaller blades don’t do as well) so…

What’s The Best Survival Knife? Well, Rambo Has
3 Little-Known Reasons Why His Big-Ass Knife Rules…

Rambo With Survival Knife

1. Obstacle Breaching

A big ol’ Rambo knife can give you power and leverage that smaller blades can’t.

This is useful for when you need a lever, a prybar, or simply a large cutter when you need to get through a barrier or even rescue someone trapped in a vehicle.

Survival knives supplied to airmen had serrations specifically to help them cut through the aluminum skin of aircraft.

A nice big knife can get you through a doorjamb or a window with ease… and with brute force if the “ease” part doesn’t work out.

Try to pull any of that off with a Swiss Army Knife, MacGuyver!

2. Improvised Axe

A big survival knife can be used to hack down small trees and to chop wood when you don’t have an axe.

A sturdy survival knife can be “batoned” through wood – just stand a cut log vertically (like you would if you were using an axe).

Then place the blade edge directly over it and pound it with another hunk of wood like a hammer until you work the knife down through the log.

Your pocket blade can’t do that!

3. Superior Fighter

I know most survivalists think that a firearm is the best survival weapon – and most of the time, it is.

But the secret to building the best survival weapon arsenal is to know the right weapon to use at the right time.

Gunshots have a way of attracting unwanted attention and in a collapse environment – even if you were justified in shooting – you can be sure that your firearm will be confiscated by law enforcement or military (or even looters who want what you’ve got).

But even in unskilled hands, a big knife gives you a serious “back off now!” factor as well as the advantage of reach and power if you need to dance to defend your life – especially if you no longer have a firearm as an option.

What’s The Best Survival Knife For When TSHTF?

When you’re “wheels up” and bugging out because of a disaster or collapse, your choice of a big-ass survival blade is one of the most important gear decisions you’ll make.

When I’m out camping, I use my knife several times a day and it’s my most trusted utility companion.

Personally, right now, I’m a big fan of my Gerber LMFII, but everyone has their own personal preference, so let me hear from you…

What Knife Do YOU Carry In Your Survival Gear?

Please Share Your Personal Choice Below…
(And Upload A Picture If You Can!)

Can A Crossbow Make A Good Survival Weapon? I Know One Redneck Who Says “Hell Yeah!”

Is The Crossbow A Good Survival Weapon?

Everyone laughs at the redneck with a crossbow… until a zombie is chewing on your face!

Thanks to badass Walking Dead icon, Darryl Dixon, the crossbow has taken a front-seat on the prepper stage as one of the best survival weapons you could use for anything from a zombie apocalypse to a real-world collapse of society.

But does the crossbow really deserve to be called one of the best survival weapon? Well, it certainly has its advantages… and disadvantages… Is The Crossbow A Good Survival Weapon?

Advantages Of The Crossbow As A Survival Weapon

One of the biggest advantages of a crossbow for survival purposes is its silent signature. Let’s face it… whether you’re hunting for food… defending against a gangbang looter storming your home… or fighting off the undead that have you trapped in the nearby prison, there are times where you don’t want others to know of your whereabouts. The loud *bang* of a gun can bring unwanted guests your way, like other criminals attracted to gunfire… or (as in the case of hunting in a collapse scenario) hungry townsfolk who want some of your meat. Another advantage is that “ammo” can be re-usable.  As we’ve seen Darryl do a hundred times, walking up to your prey and pulling the crossbow bolt out of Zed’s forehead makes it ready for another go on the rail. Also, unlike with a traditional bow, even newbies can be super-accurate with little practice. While with a regular bow, you have to make sure not just your aim is spot-on… but also your hand placement, draw of the string, hold… hold… hold… (grunt)… hold… With a crossbow, you don’t have these factors and the weapon itself is holding the bolt back for you so you can let ‘er go at will with a trigger squeeze and a consistent draw strength every time.

Disadvantages Of The Crossbow As A Survival Weapon

First of all, crossbows are big and bulky – NOT the ideal travel buddy if you’re bugging out to a secondary survival retreat, eh? When bugging out, the size and weight of your gear is of critical importance and the crossbow doesn’t sit well if you’re on foot.  Maybe as a backup in the car… but not really on foot. In addition, because of its size, it’s hard to conceal a crossbow and carry it around the local wasteland you once called “home”. Others who see you with a weapon like this (especially after watching Darryl’s crossbow in The Walking Dead) may decide it will serve them better than you… and whack you in the head from behind as they ambush you for your stuff. Yet another disadvantage of the crossbow as a survival weapon is its “magazine load”ONE! They take time to reload one bolt at a time so you’d better damn well make sure that first “round” counts. That’s made especially hard when you look at the max-effective range of the crossbow… out to between 25-50 yards if you ask most legit crossbow hunters.

So, Is The Crossbow Really One Of The Best Survival Weapons For Your Arsenal?

Obviously with its advantages, it’s at least worth trying out a friend’s (before you sink the money down) and decide for yourself whether you want a crossbow by your side in the coming zombie apocalypse (or post-disaster protection). Take it out… lug it around… and test your accuracy at different ranges.  Just don’t test out whether or not it draws stares from diners down at the local McDonalds – it will! But when stealth is a must (and in a collapse, I’m a firm believer in stealth), adding a crossbow could make sense once you know  how to design a “layered” survival weapons arsenal to employ the right weapons for the right “threats” you may face.