Shameless Looters! What They Did In This 89 Y.O. Woman’s Home Will P*ss You Off…

Home Looting Hurricane Harvey

89 y.o. Michelle Poche had trouble getting around so she insisted on ignoring the evacuation order to stay in her home when Hurricane Harvey hit her local area.

Her neighbors stayed behind as well.

Their goal was to protect their home and also be there for the elderly Michelle if she needed anything.

After the storm and flooding, one of the neighbors waded through the waters to go check on her.

What did they find?

The senior citizen had drowned… with her phone after just dialing 911.

But that wasn’t all they discovered, and…

Most People Aren’t Prepared For What Neighbors Found Waiting In This 89 y.o. Woman’s Home…

Home Looting Hurricane Harvey
What’s The Best Way To Defeat Looters After A Disaster?

Of course, “death” is as bad an ending as you can get to this heart-wrenching story.

Especially given all the rioting and looting we’re seeing now, I thought this story was worth recounting.

An elderly woman… all alone… watching the waters slowly rise in her home.. desperately dialing for help that will never come!

But there’s a deeper, more disgusting element to this story that offers a valuable lesson in what to expect in the after-effects of any kind of disaster or crisis…

You see, her entire home had been ransacked by looters who took whatever valuables they could find while the dead body of the 89 y.o. woman floated right next to them in 4 ft. of water!

Having personally seen the direct results of disaster 2 years ago (where we lost 12 men, women, and children when a 50’ wall of water flooded our little town in the early morning hours), I can tell you there are 3 things you can count on

1. Neighbors will “try” to help neighbors.

Most people really DO have the best of intentions.

Sadly though, when it comes to life-or-death decisions, it’s “everyone for themselves”.

It’s best to pull together and face a crisis as a “team” – but you can’t count on it.

2. Looters!

They have no morals… no fear… and their only goal is to take advantage of the “sheep” of our society during hard times.

If you appear weak, they will target you.

Dead or alive.

With law enforcement taking part in rescue missions, there will be no rule of law to hold them accountable.

3. Everyone can FAIL you!

Your 911 call will go unanswered… or fall on deaf ears.

98% of your fellow citizens will be unprepared for even the smallest disaster.

During catastrophic scenarios, first-responders will be forced to do the best they can to rescue those who are trapped in cars… attics… on top of homes…

… and for many – like for 89 y.o. Michelle Poche – help will come too late.

Bottom line is this…

During ANY disaster or crisis, the only one who can look out for you… is YOU!

Not your neighbors… not the police… not the government.

When it’s life-and-death, it’s a dog-eat-dog world and it’s YOUR eyes your loved ones will be looking into for saving.

Unfortunately, most people (even experienced “preppers”) don’t understand the right way to set up your survival plan based on real-world scenarios.

There’s frankly too much “fantasy survival” crap littering the internet and steering people in the wrong direction.

Make sure you’re not falling for all the “zombie survival b.s.” when putting together your plan, and just take it one step at a time.

You’ll get there. 🙂

What Other Looter Defense Questions And Tips Do You Have For Staying Safe AFTER A Disaster Hits?

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Survive In Place? Bug Out? Why Bugging Out “To The Wilderness”… Won’t Work!

Best Bugout Bag / Bugging Out Survival Kit Tip: Wilderness Fail

Jeff Anderson

We love to talk about bugging out here at MCS.

All that really refers to, though, is what you do in a short-term disaster scenario.

It refers to escaping the immediate danger and getting to somewhere more safe.

I’ve talked before about the very real events that can plunge us into a serious social chaos situation.

If one of those events occurs, you’ll need to bug out somewhere that you’ve planned out ahead of time.

Just leaving, just fleeing without a destination in mind, won’t work.

But a LOT of preppers seem to think they’re going to just go “to the wilderness” and get along fine, even long-term.

That’s a NO GO as far as survival plans are concerned.

Why Bugging Out “To The Wilderness”… Won’t Work!

Best Bugout Bag / Bugging Out Survival Kit Tip: Wilderness Fail
Best Bugout Bag / Bugging Out Survival Kit Tip: Wilderness Fail

The danger you face, and that your family faces, changes in a long-term collapse scenario like that.

Your groceries, your fuel, all those items you rely on and take for granted, all revolve around three-day resupply cycles.

If you get cut off from that resupply, if your local stores are cut off from that cycle, guess what happens?

There are no grocery stores.

There are no gas pumps.

There are no Wal-Marts or Targets open for business, because there is nothing to put on the shelves.

People start freaking out… and when they do, if you decide you’re going to bug out “to the wilderness” to survive, there are several reasons that’s not going to make your situation better:

1. Finding Enough Food Will Be A Problem

This is a common misconception because a lot of people figure that, because populated areas are a threat, they should go somewhere that is less populated.


Well, not necessarily.

Living the “pioneer lifestyle” in a truly remote area isn’t easy.

One of the biggest reasons this is true is that there simply isn’t much food to be found in truly remote areas.

You might be able to garden a little sure, depending on how far ahead you’ve planned to go to that retreat.

And yes, there may be some things for which you can hunt and forage.

In truly remote areas, though, food will be in relatively short supply, so while you may feel safer than in more populated areas, you may not be able to find enough food to feed your whole group once your stores are depleted.

2. Other People Will Have Had The Same Idea

Another reason that food and other resources will be in short supply in remote locations is that other people will have had the exact same idea.

That “remote” area could suddenly be full of other people, all of them looking for what they need to survive.

This happened during the Great Depression.

When people weren’t able to afford groceries, they had to find food.

So they went off hunting for more.

Areas that were formerly remote will suddenly be filled with refugees like this, all of them looking for the same resources you need.

That’s going to increase competition for what’s available and could leave you out of luck.

3. All Kinds Of Non-Food Resources Will Be In Short Supply

For the same reasons, there are all kinds of other resources that will be in short supply in remote areas after a crisis.

One of these is shelter.

There simply aren’t that many structures or natural areas where you’re going to find shelter.

The more remote the area, the worse this problem.

But that’s not the only shortage you’ll face.

Security, sanitation, and medical care are also in short supply the farther out you get.

When you really stop and think about it, then, simply fleeing to a remote area is not enough.

There is all kinds of planning, and all kinds of stockpiling (and hiding, and securing) of resources you’ll need to do ahead of time, if you’re going to weather a long-term survival scenario in the “wilderness.”

Start planning now, and start taking action now

…because if you wait until a disaster happens, it will be too late.

What’s YOUR Survival Plan? Where Will YOU Bug Out To?

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