Survival Food/Survival Stores Advice: Eating Pets & Bugs? Ugh!

Venezuela Protests - Store Survival Food Now!

There’s been a lot of talk about food shortages in the news recently.

Well, what a lot of people have forgotten is that talk of food running out hit the news at least a year ago… and then they were telling us we needed to start eating bugs!

Last year, there were a BUNCH of headlines where the “Powers That Are” are saying we’ll need to eat everything from the family dog… to a handful of crickets… to each other to survive if the food supply runs out!

Fact is, we’re ALREADY seeing parts of the world where human beings have been forced to eat Fluffy, Buttons, and even their local zoo animals so they don’t starve to death!

There are, right now, places in the world that are in various stages of collapse – and not only is this a stern warning sign that hard times are ahead, but it also gives you a glimpse into how people, governments, and “security” will react in a crisis.

Take Venezuela for example…

Venezuela has been “failing” as a state for some time now.

They’ve continued to run out of money and responded by simply “printing more”.

Sound familiar?

Problem is, you can only print so much money until inflation skyrockets (this can happen almost in an instant) and the money in your pocket and bank account becomes worthless.

We’ve warned US citizens of this for some time now that in the near future, our national debt, endless money printing, and borrowing from other countries will eventually crush our economy – and when it does, we’ll see the same things Venezuela has been seeing…

Your #1 Resource Will Dry Up

Venezuela Food Lines: Store Survival Food Now!
Venezuela Food Lines: Store Survival Food Now!

We’re hard-coded as human beings to do ANYTHING we need to do in order to stay alive.

You know that means – at its very core – food, water, and personal security, right?

Well, most people don’t realize that most cities and towns operate on a 3-day resupply cycle of food.

That means that during any disruption in our supply chain (from financial collapse, blackouts, disasters, etc.), it only takes 3 days to go from calm… to complete chaos.

Grocery store shelves will be cleared out in a matter of hours when people realize food is scarce.

Endless “food lines” will pile up at markets and distribution points handing out smaller and smaller portions.

In Venezuela, May marked the month where the entire nation has declared it is starving… and people are no longer in the “wait-and-see” mode of hoping for relief.

Food at supermarkets went from insanely expensive… to scarce… to gone.

(Sound familiar?)

Chants of “We are hungry!” echoed through the streets of Venezuela and in front of barren supermarkets.

People have resorted to hunting dogs, cats, pigeons, and anything they can capture in order to put food on their family’s table.

Crime Becomes Inevitable

Venezuela Looting: Store Survival Food Now!

If your children were hungry and there were no resources to feed them, would you resort to stealing in order to keep them alive?

If you’re like and caring, protective parent (or grandparent), the answer becomes easy when you see that society has transformed into “every man for himself”.

In Venezuela, looting of grocery stores, pharmacies, shopping malls, and food delivery trucks has become common as food supplies have dried up into a state of emergency.

And while looting grocery stores has been “accepted” by the citizens, stealing from individuals has turned violent.

In one case, a man who was caught robbing fellow citizens was the victim of “mob justice” when passers-by beat him and set him on fire before police could arrive.

Demonstrations And Looting Are Common

Venezuela Protests - Store Survival Food Now!
Venezuela Protests – Store Survival Food Now!

Dependent on the government, desperate Venezuelans have grown panicked and angry over not being able to buy food.

In demonstrations across the country, citizens overwhelmed military and police – sometimes as high as 250 people for each National Guard officer.

They jumped gates… stormed supermarkets… raided government food dispensaries and attacked police that got in their way.

Rumors spread around the entire state about where to find products that couldn’t be found locally which caused massive migrations of “out of towners” to look for resources in nearby cities – further causing unrest and tensions.

Fellow citizens are turning on themselves and civil war looks inevitable as the government has failed its people and the mobs grow restless in waiting for a solution.

You must understand that during a collapse, there is no more “civilized society”… and the wolves will be circling the sheep, looking for victims.

As the “protector” of your family, you don’t want to be the “wolf” OR the “sheep”… but rather the “sheepdog” that can effectively watch over those you love and who are counting on you.

Fortunately, the #1 thing you can do is
ALSO the absolute EASIEST to plan for.

The bottom line reality is that, if you don’t have food to feed your family, you are guaranteed to suffer the same fate as the unprepared citizens of Venezuela.

But if you take care of this very simple survival factor now, then you’ll NEVER have to worry about having to steal for your family… begging for handouts… being attacked at the grocery store… or forced to eat dogs and cats.

You can start out small with the survival food of your choice and build from there – but I can’t stress enough that this is the very first thing you need to take care of to keep your family safe during a crisis or collapse.

(A lot of us have had to do this during the pandemic, with waiting lists for survival food months and months long.)

The scenes coming from Venezuela right now are very real… and should be a serious wake-up call to every American as the threat of our own financial collapse looms in the near future.

What Are YOU Storing For Survival Food?

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Survival Scavenging For WROL/SHTF: 2 Rules

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

If you’re a prepper, you’ve got a lot of stuff stocked away for an emergency – some of which you’ve probably had to rely on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But your stockpiles could get looted, confiscated, or just run out when you need things most.

Even if you’re socked away in some bunker somewhere, at some point after a wide-scale collapse, you’re going to need to go do some scavenging.

So what critical things should you keep in mind when you’re hunting and gathering for survival?

I spoke with survival expert Jake Sepulveda about this issue, and here is a summary of what he told me.

The 2 Most Important Things To Consider When Survival Scavenging

Survival Scavenging For WROL/SHTF
Jake Sepulveda
Jake Sepulveda

Scavenging is all about identifying those things that are worth taking home and keeping.

But you can’t carry everything you find.

So how do you evaluate what you should and should not take?

How do you decide what’s worth carrying with you or hauling back to your survival retreat?

There are two things to consider:

Rule #1: Is It Usable?

Is the item usable at all right now?

If it’s broken, is it repairable?

If it’s repairable or you can reuse it for another purpose right away, then it’s worth keeping or taking.

If you can use it for something once repaired, it’s worth the effort to fix it.

Just look at it for a second and think, “These are all the components of it.”

Do you have a use for any of the component parts?

Have that active mindset all the time when you’re out in the world of, “Oh, here’s this thing and the parts from it could be for this.”

It’s a good mindset to have for locations too of, “Oh, here’s this tattoo parlor.”

“This is a place I could go if I needed some bandages in an emergency.”

So just having that active mindset can help you scavenge.

Be mentally prepared, and practice that awareness.

Rule #2: In What FORM Is It Still Usable?

Putting together a tool kit right now would be a great idea.

Even if it’s just setting aside a two foot hex crowbar with a pair of really sturdy gloves, even if that’s all you have, just so you know that’s the purpose for it and you know exactly where it’s at.

Having tools to take something apart, reshape or repurpose something, makes a huge difference.

You can also make a game of scavenging.

Think of it in terms of assignments.

Say to yourself,

  • “Saturdays, I look for things I can use or repurpose to fortify the home.”
  • “Mondays, I look for things I can use for medical care.”
  • “Tuesdays, I look for food sources.”

That kind of thing.

Then you can go, maybe, to a junkyard.

You can go garage saling, flea markets, things like that, where people are throwing stuff away.

See what you can come up with, creatively, to repurpose for your needs, rather than just looking for specific items.

Base your search on actual needs that you have.

Think of three random things, and what you can make out of them.

It becomes a game, a challenge for you to think, “Okay, somebody gives me a ukulele, a ceramic mug, and a roll of duct tape because they’re nice… so what can I do with that?”

Think of what you have, what you can get, and how you can address your needs from these.

What Is Your Go-To Strategy For Scavenging For Survival?

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Sneaky Ways To Hide Your Survival Food During Collapse!

Secret Hiding Spots For Your Survival Food

I know you don’t want to be the “bad guy”…

But when it comes to the very survival of you and your family during a time when food is scarce, you gotta look after your own first, right?

During this pandemic, many of us were confronted with completely empty store shelves for the first time in our adult lives.

But in the future, the same thing could happen during an extended grid-down blackout where your neighbors have nothing but spoiled garbage…  or even a period of martial law lock-down following protests and riots that shuts off your town’s food supply.

I’m sure by now you’ve at least started stockpiling an emergency food supply (or you wish you had, and you’re searching for supplies while worrying about getting sick), but during a crisis, that “smart stockpile” can quickly make you a target to those who haven’t prepared like you have, so…

Here’s How To Hide Your Survival Food During Periods Of Crisis, Collapse & Martial Law

Secret Hiding Spots For Your Survival Food

1. Choose A Combo Of “Covert” & “Decoy” Food

Yes, you need 2 kinds of survival food.

For you and your family, you need to have set aside your own “covert stockpile” of real survival rations, like dehydrated survival food.

Forget the military MRE’s, though, unless there’s nothing else available.

If you were discovered with ACTUAL “survival food”, it would be a dead-giveaway that you were one of the “smart ones” that prepared – and likely have OTHER supplies that people will want.

That’s why you need a decoy…

“Decoy survival food” is your standard canned and boxed goods you can get down at the local grocery that everyone around you will recognize as “normal”.

(I recommend inexpensive, bulk options like Ramen Noodles that you can get by the case.)

THIS is the food you’ll use for “strategic sharing”..

2.  Share Your Food “Strategically”

Openly handing out food to your neighbors, friends, or anyone else can make you a target.

If there’s really someone you want to help, consider putting together an anonymous “care package” and secretly dropping it off at their home.

Again, this is where your “decoy food” (like canned goods and Ramen Noodles) can help you AND your closest friends.

3. Have Several “Hiding Spots” In Your Home

Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket (literally).

If neighbors, beggars, looters, police, or military enter your home – discovering your stockpile could instantly wipe you out.

Instead, keep your pantry near empty and stocked with your “sacrifice supply”, so if you’re confronted, you can simply say, “See?  I barely have any food to feed my OWN family!”

But they still may take your food, which is why you need to split up the rest of your rations throughout your house.

As you can see, you can still be the “good guy” you want to be and help those close to you in a time of crisis.

But for your own family’s sake, you have to be both “smart and sneaky.”

Otherwise, that old adage of “nice guys finish last” could have a whole other meaning if your family is the one left starving because you didn’t have a “covert survival food plan.”

Prepping, Storage, & Stockpiling In Limited Spaces, Apartments, & Small Homes

“Most preppers are NUCKING FUTZ!”

If you ask me, that’s the message that television shows like “Doomsday Preppers” and others tried to send to the public, don’t you agree?

But hey… that’s the kind of sensational crap that sells advertising for the television networks, right?

In fact, I remember one episode of one of those shows that was particularly bad…

This woman lived in an apartment and was SCARED TO DEATH of what would happen to her if the excrement hit the oscillating atmosphere agitator.

Her apartment was FILLED from top to bottom with soda bottles of every size – all of them filled with tap water.

I think a lot of would-be preppers and even experienced survivalists think that this type of hoarding is their only option if they’re prepping in limited space, like an apartment.

But that’s absolutely FALSE!

At least, it’s false if you understand. . .

3 Tips For Prepping With Limited Storage Space

Prepping, Stockpiling, and Survival For Small Homes, Apartments, And Other Limited Spaces
Prepping With No Storage Space

One of the most common complaints I hear from preppers is about where to store all of their emergency food, water, medicine, and ammo.

I mean, who the hell has an endless chain of buried school buses in the back yard, or a warehouse worth of storage space in the attic?

No one. That’s who.

A LOT of people live in smaller homes, apartments, or even trailers and RVs and don’t have the space or moolah to build their own bat-cave of survival gear.

Hell… even those with what they think is PLENTY of storage might have trouble with long-term storage of supplies, because the bare necessities themselves take up a LOT of valuable space.

Your plan will change depending on your situation, of course.

For example, if you live near a reliable fresh water source, you may be stockpiling less water but investing more money in filtration systems.

No matter WHAT your situation, though, almost every prepared citizen asks him- or herself this question sooner or later:

“Where do I find more storage space?”

Well, HERE’S where…

1. In “Negative” Space

One way to fit more stuff into the same amount of space is to take advantage of “negative” space — the areas in between where things are now.

For example…

  • The space between the wall and a bookshelf or desk might be wide enough for you to fit a lockable file cabinet that instead holds cans of food stacked neatly on top of each other.
  • The space under a bed or even under a sofa could be used to store anything that will lay flat enough to go unnoticed.
  • Stackable totes and storage containers can be stacked up to take up less overall space.

These stackable plastic storage containers are a good example of eliminating negative space because they also allow you to force irregularly shaped items to fit in more neat “pockets.”

These storage containers can then be stacked on top of each other much more neatly, eliminating wasted area.

2. In The SAME Space You Have Now

The secret to fitting “20 pounds of sh*t in a 10 pound bag” has always been organization.

Some of you are old enough to remember the game “Tetris.”

In that game, you stack bricks of different shapes together, like puzzle pieces, to make full rows to score points (and make room for more rows).

Well, storing your survival gear is like a big ol’ game of Tetris.

You’ve got to find a way to fit everything together – like a puzzle – eliminating wasted space and fitting what you have in the smallest, most efficient “envelope” possible.

I guarantee, if you look at how your supplies are stored, you can find ways to make them…

  • Neater
  • More organized
  • Easier to find
  • More tightly stacked and grouped

Again… large plastic storage boxes are GREAT for making your gear more organized, modular, and helping you fit more into less space.

That brings me to. . .

3. In “Secret Hiding Spots” In Your Vehicle

OK, this is probably the biggest opportunity that people just don’t think about…

First of all, there are so many hidden open spaces in your vehicle, it will make your head spin. (Just ask any cop who’s had to search for drugs at a traffic stop!)

The most obvious places are in the trunk… glove box… and under the seats.

But there are even some “secret” places like inside the bottom of the seats… in the spare tire compartment… or even disguised storage boxes (one of my sneakiest tricks)!

The fact is, my vehicle is my PRIMARY storage location for my most critical survival gear… and right now I’m driving a tiny Mini Cooper!

(Um… you don’t have to snicker!)

You see, these supplies are the ones that will not only keep you and your family alive at home… but also if you’re ever forced to evacuate your home.

In fact, this is one of the “5 phases of survival” I talk about in-depth in my online “survival masterclass” that frankly, most people are doing all wrong!

Look, the bottom line is this…

Making a plan now, and organizing your supplies to support that plan, is a critical part of survival stockpiling and prepping – no matter how much space you do or don’t have!

Hopefully these tips will help you re-think your storage options and take the next step in better protecting yourself and your loved ones.

There are a lot more tips that can help you that, unfortunately, are more detailed than I can go into in just this one article.

However, if you’re interested in the RIGHT way to set up your survival plan and your supplies based on real-world scenarios, you can download a report about that right here.

This is something that ANYONE can follow to be prepared for ANY disaster, crisis, or attack — whether you live in a mansion, a small apartment, or even a camper or house boat.

There’s no reason not to get started — and get prepared — right now.

What Is Your Survival Plan? How Are You Storing Your Supplies?

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