(3 Castle Doctrine Pics) Why My Neighbor ISN’T A “Gun Nut” Anymore. . .

Castle Doctrine Legal Firearms Laws

Just when I think my words are falling on deaf ears, God sends me a message to keep on preaching…

No, not about the coming biblical (or zombie) apocalypse.

I’m talking about how to stop gun-owners from making stupid mistakes that can put YOU in prison right next to the street scum you’re trying to defend against.

Let me explain…

Remember a few years ago when I made this video about how my “gun nut” neighbor thought his funny “No Trespassing” sign (photo #1 below) was protecting his property?

Basically, his sign at his front gate said…

“No Trespassing. Violators Will Be Shot. Survivors Will Be Shot Again!”

Well I guess my neighbor saw my video because not long after that, I went for a run and saw he had taken a magic marker and wrote over it so it just said…

“No. Keep Out” – with a little smiley face! (photo #2 below)

Well, it took a while, but look at photo #3 below and…

Here’s Why These New Signs Have Now Made This Guy My FAVORITE Neighbor…

Castle Doctrine Legal Firearms Laws

I was happy as a little girl scout who just sold her millionth box of Thin Mints when I took a jog and saw these 2 signs replace the old “funny” ones.

Not just because the old ones could literally have put him in PRISON if he ever had to shoot someone who actually invaded his home.

But because these signs will better protect him against a home invasion… AND in court if he’s ever forced to defend himself.

Here’s why…

1. “Come Take My Guns!”

Having any kind of a warning sign (funny or not) tips your hand that you… well… own guns!

Criminals love guns.

Especially free ones that can be used for crimes or sold off for a pretty penny on the street.

Sure, they may not show up at your bedroom window to break in at 2am… but they could target your home during the day (when most burglary break-ins happen) and take a lot of time looking around for all your firearms while you’re out for the day.

The biggest danger here is you or a member of your family unexpectedly coming home to find this criminal already in the act… and CAUGHT!

A cornered animal does unexpected – and sometimes vicious – things to protect itself.

You don’t want a panicked, desperate burglar trying to figure out what to do with your spouse or child who can now give their description to the police.

2. Beyond “No Trespassing”…

There’s only one thing that strikes fear into a home invader more than a vicious dog… and that’s a vicious GUN OWNER with a dog!

Now frankly, I don’t know if my neighbor has a mean dog… or if he even HAS a dog!

Doesn’t really matter as long as the bad guys think he does, right?

Whether you own one or not, a “Beware Of Dog” sign is a really, really good deterrent for criminals.

3. It’s NOT Funny!

A simple “No Trespassing” sign is simple… straight to the point… and let’s others know that you’re more aware than the typical homeowner.

Funny signs (like “We Don’t Dial 991”) – to a jury – will make you look like a gun-nut who was just itching for someone to pick off with your smokewagon.

If you ever DID have to shoot someone in your home – especially if you killed them – a prosecutor could possibly make a case that you used excessive force… and your sign “proves” you went too far.

I know you probably think these types of signs (or shirts!) are harmless… but they won’t be funny to a jury.

Remember, as we say in our “bulletproof” video, our legal system is NOT about “justice” – they’re about the LAW.

Plain and simple.

Unfortunately, few gun-owners really understand their personal responsibility to LEGALLY defend themselves.

That’s why we literally give our Bulletproof Defense DVD away for free to responsibly-armed citizens on our website here…

If you don’t have a copy, get yours now because not only will this DVD show you EXACTLY when you’re legally justified to use your firearm for personal defense…

… but it can even be entered as evidence in your defense!

It’s the best way I can prepare you for the unfortunate reality discovered the “hard way” by citizens who make the wrong move.

What Other Signs Have You Seen That Can Get A Homeowner In Trouble After A Shooting?

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1 Gunman Defeats 5 Armed Attackers. (BUT. . .)

Jabir Kennedy pulled the trigger as fast as he could…

There wasn’t much time for “aiming”, but the 5 attackers who had him pinned into the corner of a neighbor’s front porch corner – beating his head mercilessly with brass knuckles and the butt of a gun – were close enough that getting “lead into meat”wasn’t too much of a problem.

The 5 men – 4 of them bleeding from bullet wounds – bolted back toward the car they had jumped out of to ambush the 23 y.o. Kennedy.

Unfortunately, though he survived the attack, Kennedy’s troubles were just starting, and…

Here’s How 1 Man Defeated 5 Armed Attackers In Pure Self-Defense… And Went To Jail!…

Jabir Kennedy Was Jailed For Self-Defense Shooting
Jabir Kennedy Faced Multiple Attackers…. And Went To Jail!

It all began just a few days before Christmas after Kennedy had dropped off his 5 y.o. daughter at her mother’s house.

After a heated argument with girl’s mother, he left to go back home and cool off.

But his ex-girlfriend had other plans for him…

Picking up the phone, she called relatives, claiming that Kennedy had physically assaulted her, recruiting them to go after him for “payback”.

Within moments, 5 of the men had piled in a car – armed – and began cruising the neighborhood in search of Kennedy.

Spotting him walking near his home, they pulled up behind him… jumped out… and without warning, all began striking him with their weapons, eventually pushing him up onto the neighbor’s porch as Kennedy tried to fight back.

Unarmed himself, he was somehow able to grab onto one of the handguns being used to strike him and wrestle it away.

And with no time to spare…

Kennedy could hear the shouts of the others in the group, crying, “Shoot him! Shoot him!”

With the gun now in his control, he pulled the trigger – again and again – desperately shooting his way out of the attack as his assailants scrambled to their car.

The men sped off into the night – 3 of them shot… and 1 dying of his wounds just hours later.

While this may sound like a clear-cut case of self-defense, Kennedy was shocked when he discovered that HE was reported as the “attacker”… and later arrested for 1st Degree Murder!

The District Attorney’s argument?

That Kennedy was armed… was “skilled” enough with a gun to shoot 4 out of the 5 attackers… and that shooting 8-10 rounds was too “excessive” to be considered self-defense!

I know… total “b.s.”, right?

Fortunately a jury felt the same way and ended up finding Kennedy “Not Guilty”, but you and I both know it could have had an entirely different ending…

Here Are 3 Shocking Lessons From The Kennedy Case That Every Gun Owner Needs To Know…

As I always say, “It’s best to learn from other people’s mistakes – and their successes.”, right?

Here are a few of the biggest takeaways most armed citizens don’t think about…

1. Pass “The Test”

Kennedy’s argument in court focused not on Stand Your Ground or the Castle Doctrine, but instead on good old-fashioned “self-defense”.

And according to one of our finest firearm instructors in our MCS network, Massad Ayoob, Kennedy’s response was “textbook”.

Ayoob explained that, to pass the “self-defense test,” you need three elements to be present at the same time:

  • Ability (your attackers have the means to hurt or kill you)
  • Opportunity (the danger from your attackers is immediate and unavoidable)
  • Jeopardy (your attackers express – physically or verbally – they mean to cause you harm)

How does Kennedy’s response stack up?

Well, his attackers came lethally armed… looking for a fight… and ambushed him without warning or provocation.

Check… check… and CHECK!

But if any ONE of those “tests” hadn’t been met, Kennedy could still be sitting in a prison cell today.

And one person in particular certainly pulled every dirty trick in the book to try and put him there…

2. Beware Of The District Attorney

The truth is, the DA you’ll face doesn’t always care about whether you’re innocent or not.

The prosecutor’s only job is to make you look as guilty as he possible so he or she can win a conviction against you.


The DA’s “job performance” is based on not losing cases “which wastes the taxpayers’ money” and they’ll try to avoid an expensive trial by scaring you with the possibility of what a “guilty” verdict will mean for you if you go to court.

They’ll try to get you to plea to a lesser charge so the “bad guy” goes away… they get another notch in the “win” column… and they saved the taxpayers some moolah.

That’s why the District Attorney in Kennedy’s case offered him a deal of 17.5-34 years for a “guilty” plea.

But as we say in our “Bulletproof Defense” DVD, if you know that you’re innocent, our advice is: DON’T TAKE THE DEAL!

Kennedy himself explained the reasoning for his decision best…

“I knew I was only guilty of wanting to live. I just felt like, these guys came… they came with guns. And people were yelling, ‘Shoot him!’ and stuff like that. I’m just glad I got out of there with my life.”

Jabir stuck to his guns, knowing that pleading to the lesser charger could still make him “guilty.”

He’d also lose his right ever to own a gun again, and his life would be forever changed as he spent years in prison as a felon.

But that brings me to the fact that…

3. You May Have To Pay Anyway

While this story had a happy ending with Kennedy’s “Not Guilty” verdict, his real-life consequences was far from “happy”…

He spent almost a YEAR AND A HALF behind bars waiting for his trial and fighting to prove his innocence!

How would YOUR life change if you spent 15 months behind bars?

Would your job be waiting for you when you got out?

How many of your kids’ or grandkids’ birthdays would you miss?

Their sports games? Graduations? Weddings?

EVERYTHING about your life can change in 15 months.

And what about the actual monetary cost?

The average expense to defend yourself in court is about $40,000… and that’s even if you’re 100% INNOCENT!

A trial like this could ruin you financially and emotionally.

Look, Kennedy’s tragic story should be a wake-up call for every red-blooded gun-owner reading this right now…

I know it feels great to pop off a few caps down at the local gun range, but hopefully you now realize that your attacker is only ONE fight you have to “survive”.

You must also train for the biggest danger you’ll face AFTER you’re attacked…

… the loss of your FREEDOM and FINANCES!

Take the time (NOW!) to get training in “shoot – don’t shoot” decisions and use-of-force laws.

You can’t afford NOT to know what is “legal” and what is not.

One wrong move and YOU could be the one who ends up in the back of the responding officer’s police cruiser — even if you think you are in the right!

The best place to start is with this DVD we’re giving away for FREE to all responsibly-armed citizens…

The law isn’t always “fair”, and this video could literally save your life… as well as your family’s “way of life”.

If You Were In Jabir Kennedy’s Shoes, What Would YOU Have Done?

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Legal Rules For Self Defense With Weapons: “Disparity Of Force”

Legal Self Defense

The decision to use deadly force to protect yourself with a gun or other weapon is very subjective.

That’s why you hear about outrageous stories of honest, upstanding citizens being arrested even though they were defending themselves from an aggressive attacker.

The bottom line is that whether you feel your life is threatened to the degree you must take action – even to the point of using potentially deadly force – may be seen as “wrong” in the eyes of a jury, especially when explained by a prosecuting attorney in “legal mumbo jumbo”.

This is important because if you are not justified in using deadly force, such as in using a firearm to protect yourself or your family, you will have made a very serious legal mistake that could land you in prison for murder or manslaughter.

One of the most important legal arguments involving the use of force, and the legal mistakes gun owners make when involved in use-of-force altercations, involves something called “disparity of force”.

We talked with firearms expert, Peyton Quinn, about how disparity of force affected your deadly force decision-making strategies, and here’s what he had to say…

Legal Rules For Self Defense With Weapons:
“Disparity Of Force”

First of all, disparity of force means just what you think it does…

Let’s say there is more than one person, perhaps two or three assailants, all threatening to kick your butt.

Well two or three to one is disparity of force. It is force that isn’t equal.

You might be justified to introduce a “force multiplier” – a weapon – to protect your life because of this disparity.

Against someone whose force is roughly equal to your own, introducing a weapon could be seen as “escalating” the altercation (and therefore it is a legal mistake).

But when the force used against you is very unequal, or very “disparate,” you could be justified in using a weapon.

Legal Self-Defense Example Of Disparity Of Force…

A classic disparity of force is when a man is assaulting a woman.

The law is not entirely equal where that is concerned.

A woman can get away with self-defense acts that a man would have a hard time demonstrating were anything but legal mistakes.

That’s because the law, and especially juries, tend to see men as bigger and stronger and women, and thus an automatic disparity of force is assumed when a man attacks a woman or gets into any sort of physical altercation with her.

Even if it’s a one-on-one incident between two men, if the attacker is over six feet tall and built like Conan the Barbarian, and the defender is a 150-pound skinny fellow with asthma, that defender may be justified in using a potentially lethal weapon to defend himself.

A Common Legal Self-Defense Mistake You Must Avoid…

One of the most common mistakes made within your legal self-defense claim is the “fight challenge”.

The thing to remember is that if someone challenges you to a fight, like “Let’s take it outside right now!” and you accept it by walking into a fight, you have made a serious legal mistake.

You can’t later claim that you thought there was great disparity of force, so you used a knife or a gun to stop your attacker because you feared for your life.

The fact of accepting the challenge means that you clearly thought you had a chance of winning, which means you, yourself, did not see a disparity of force.

The Bottom Line On Legal Self-Defense…

As we say in this legal self-defense video… our legal system is not a “justice system”.

If you do not learn how it works when it comes to the rules of using lethal force, you will make legal mistakes that could land you in prison for the rest of your life.

You and your family deserve better, so if you own a gun, put in even more legal training than you do range training and you’ll be able to stick around after a deadly force confrontation rather than spending it in prison.

What Other Mistakes Do People Make In
Defending Themselves Legally With A Firearm?

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