How To Make Your Own “Concealed Shoulder Sheath” For Your Self-Defense Survival Knife

Make Your Own Vertical Concealed Knife Sheath Rig

You’re walking down the street when, without warning, you’re jumped.

You don’t know why or by who, but suddenly there’s a guy on top of you, punching away… and he might not be alone.

Unable to get to your concealed handgun on your back hip, you reach across your body, under your jacket… and suddenly the handle of a full-sized fixed blade is in your fist.

It gives you a fighting chance – maybe the one that will save your life – maybe even against multiple opponents.

But who carries a “shoulder sheath” for a knife other than some Marvel comic book character, right?

Well, you can, and…

Here’s How To Build A Fast & Easy “Concealed
Shoulder Sheath” For Your Self-Defense Knife

Make Your Own Vertical Concealed Knife Sheath Rig

Now the first thing you must understand is that, when it comes to the best weapon for urban survival, you’re way better off with a fixed blade knife over a “tactical folder”where legally allowed.

The reality is – if you’re ambushed, you’re not going to be able to get into your front pocket… draw a folder… and snap it open while you’re getting beaten about the head and neck.

A fixed-blade knife is always ready – WHEN you can get to it – which is why we figured out how to build this rig.

Here’s how to make one yourself…

  • Basically, you’ll just need a fixed blade knife like the kind we talk about in our Extreme Survival Weapons guide.

Make sure your knife has a leather or kydex-style (preferred) sheath with 2 grommet holes at the bottom.

  • Next, cut off about 4-5 feet of 550 cord.
  • Tie both ends of the cord through the sheath grommets so it creates a loop.
  • Then just put your arms through the loop with the cord stretched across your back and behind your neck.

(You’ll need to adjust the length so it hangs however you want it on your side.),

Make Your Own Vertical Concealed Knife Sheath Rig

That’s all there is to it!

You now have a shoulder harness sheath for your survival knife that’s low profile and easy to create in a matter of minutes.

The Benefits Of A Concealed Shoulder Sheath For Your Knife…

One of the benefits of this shoulder harness is that it’s much less obvious than those giant dog-tag neck knives on the market.

Plus, it’s much more accessible if you’re in a ground fight because it moves around less than a neck knife tends to do.

You can even get to it with your same-side hand when somebody’s on top of you, as long as it isn’t pinned beneath you.

And if it is, squirm around some and you’ll find you CAN get to it.

Because you can never be too prepared!

Do YOU Carry A Fixed Blade Self-Defense Knife?

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Machete Fighting: A Reader “Mind Tricks” A ROAD RAGER

Machete Fight Jedi Mind Trick

“All I could think, Jeff,” a reader said to me, “was what if it didn’t work?”

That was the amazing opening line of an email I received not long ago from a reader who has trained in our Combat Machete program.

He lives in a state where he can’t easily get a handgun… so his machete is his go-to defensive tool, and he carries it in his car.

Well, when a road-raging driver followed him into a parking lot, he knew that machete was the only thing that stood between him and getting beaten or even murdered.

But, knowing that a deadly fight might land him in jail, he tried one, desperate “Jedi mind trick” move first…

How To Avoid A Machete Fight… With MIND CONTROL?

How To Avoid A Machete Fight… With MIND CONTROL?

Machete Fight Jedi Mind Trick
Machete Fight Jedi Mind Trick
Now, I’m a big fan of defusing a fight before it happens, if you can.

I mean, that just makes common sense, right?

But my reader, Bill – who has followed MCS for a long time – also believes in being prepared for any threat.

That’s why he had one of our MCS Guardian machetes in his car, and that’s why he’s trained to use it.

But he knows – just like you and I do – that if you do have to use potentially lethal force, you may have to go to court to prove that what you did was justified.

That’s just a fact of our legal system.

So when he was on the highway, driving to his “essential job,” he wasn’t looking for trouble with the driver who was speeding and pacing him.

When that road-raging driver followed Bill off the highway and into a parking lot, Bill knew he was in trouble – and he had forgotten his phone when he left the house, so he couldn’t dial 911.

“I knew I shouldn’t get out of the car,” he wrote to me. “If I did, he might do so too, and then I might need my machete if I thought he was really trying to hurt or kill me. I could see from his shoulders he was a lot bigger than me, a real ‘roided up monster. So I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

Bill tried to leave, only to have the driver cut him off.

That’s when a moment of inspiration struck him:

“I rolled down my window and he rolled down his. He opened his mouth to say something angry… and I shot him a thumbs up and a HUGE grin, and shouted, ‘GREAT RACE!’

Bill said the look on the other guy’s face was priceless.

The rager shouted, “What?” and Bill again, with even more cheerfulness, said, “GREAT RACE!”

“You… you didn’t want to fight?” he said the road-rager asked.

Bill laughed like that was the most absurd thing he had ever heard, shook his head, and told the rager that he was a great driver and his car (a Dodge Charger) was super-hot.

“He actually looked confused,” Bill said, finishing his story. “He drove off without saying anything else… and thank goodness he did, because the whole time, I had my other hand out of sight on the grip of my machete, just in case he came at me.”

I had a really good laugh at Bill’s story, although it’s a pretty serious one.

He understood that in a fight against someone who is genuinely trying to hurt or kill you, when you’ve done everything you can to avoid it, a weapon might be your only option… and there isn’t one much better than a machete if you can’t have a gun.

But he ALSO understood that there might be a way to short-circuit this road-rager’s train of thought… and by some stroke of luck, it totally worked.

And, finally, Bill knew that if it didn’t work, he was going to have to be able to protect himself… which is why he took the time to get trained to use his blade.

He told me, in a follow-up email, that he also has “The Club,” one of those steering wheel lock bars, in his car, and he knew he could use the same techniques to wield that weapon like… well, a club.

That’s exactly why I created my combat machete training DVD.

The next time some rage-fiend is trying to get in your face to hurt you or even kill you, waving your hand and telling him “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” probably ISN’T an option.

When that’s the case, you need these fighting principles – principles of “big blade and club” combat (which anyone can master in just 7 days).

Once you develop them, those skills will ALWAYS be there, ready to defend you with whatever weapon you have in your hands – from a machete, to a tire iron, to a stick… ANYTHING.

Just watch the DVD and you’ll see what I mean.

But, hey, if you CAN use The Force, who am I to say otherwise?

What Weapons Do You Use To Defend Yourself When You’re On The Road… Or At Home?

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Home Invasion Defense: 11. Y.O. With Combat Machete Defeats Home Invader!

“If they come in the door, you let ’em have it!”

Those words from 11 y.o. Braydon Smith’s father had to echo through his head as he sat in the dark – stuffed in a bedroom closet by a gang of home invaders.

Alone… afraid… outsized… outnumbered… and with no police “back-up” on the way…

Braydon took his dad’s words to heart and, in the pitch black darkness of the closet, plotted to grab the closest “weapon” his little hands could find, and…

Here’s How This 11 y.o. Single-Handedly Defeated A Gang Of Low-Life Home Invaders…

Home Invasion Defense - Braydon Smith
Home Invasion Defense – Braydon Smith

It was 11:00 am on a sunny June morning when young Braydon – alone at home – heard a knock on the family’s front door as he was talking with his mother on the phone.

Peering out his front window, he saw a strange woman on the front porch.

Braydon knew something wasn’t quite right, when suddenly…


… he heard his bedroom window shatter behind him!

Jataveon Dashawn Hall

In mere seconds, Braydon found himself staring face-to-chest with Jataveon Dashawn Hall, a hardened gang member who used his partner’s front-door distraction to invade their home and ambush the youngster when he wasn’t looking.

Braydon fought back with everything he had.

But he was no match for the bigger, stronger Jataveon Hall, who grabbed a pellet gun and forced Braydon into the bedroom closet so he and his gang could loot his home without interference.

They seriously underestimated the 11 y.o…

Braydon remembered the weapon that was hidden nearby after a previous burglary…

It wasn’t a pistol… it wasn’t a rifle… it wasn’t a shotgun…

… it was a machete!

Bursting through the closet door, Braydon – a “star baseball player” in his hometown of Mebane, North Carolina – quickly grabbed the machete and started swinging like he was going for a home run, surprising the unaware Hall with a hit to the back of his head.

The fight was on!

Hall turned around and kicked Braydon in the stomach.

The boy came back – swinging the machete again – but missed.

Hall then kicked Braydon in the head, sending him sprawling to the ground – out of the fight – as he continued his looting of the home while his cohorts waited outside.

That’s when he felt it…

… the wet, warm sensation on the back of his neck.

Reaching back, Hall discovered that the boy’s first blow had hit its target and sliced a good sized gash in the back of his head that was bleeding severely.

In a panic, he dropped the electronics and rushed out the door to flee the area with his two other partners in crime, leaving a trail of blood (and DNA evidence!) behind him.

11 y.o. Braydon – 3
Gang Members – 0

When interviewed later, Braydon said he “hesitated a little,” but he was determined to defend his family’s home from this violent invader.

“You shouldn’t have done what you’ve done,” Braydon said of the thug who attacked him.

(Wise words from a little boy, eh?)

Law enforcement praised his quick-thinking in defending himself and defending his family’s home.

But who KNOWS what Jataveon Hall might have done if Braydon hadn’t gotten to that big blade in time, right?

We all know that home invaders prey on those they consider “weak” – children, the elderly, the handicapped, women – and will use violence to gain power over their victims with no regard for human life.

That’s why I’m such a huge advocate of owning a gun for home defense – and there have been numerous stories about young kids who’ve defended their homes with firearms.

But Braydon didn’t HAVE a gun!

And it’s very unlikely that any OTHER weapon (like a baseball bat, or even a knife) would have allowed him to fight off Jataveon Hall.

Hall was bigger, stronger, and more aggressive.

Only a BIG blade like a machete had the power to put him down…

…and Braydon’s story shows just how effective a machete can be for personal defense – EVEN in the hands of an 11-year-old!

And you can imagine why…

The machete is so simple to use at a “basic” level, that even a small boy can use it against a larger, stronger attacker — and win!

And with more “advanced machete fighting tactics”, it’s downright deadly – as a home defense “back-up” to a firearm, or even as a primary weapon if no gun is available.

In fact, its simplicity is just one of the reasons why I say the machete is the “ultimate survival weapon”, whether you’re facing a horde of face-eating zombies (kidding!) or a brutal home invader in your living room with no regard for human life.

Take a few lessons from young Braydon…

Think “beyond the gun” and consider what other weapons you can use around your home if you were forced to defend yourself in a home invasion ambush.

Not only that, I suggest you even go one step further and actually HIDE “back-up weapons” in strategic locations around your home – like a machete…

And to young Braydon… “Nice job my man!” 🙂

… AND (of course) know how to USE them in a real attack!

What Weapons Do You Use To Defend Your Home?

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Combat Machete? Sword Fighting? The “Big Blade” Fail People Don’t Think About!

Almost everybody loves “fail” videos.

It’s a fact of human nature.

We like to watch people try – and hilariously fall on their faces.

I don’t think that’s “mean-spirited”…

Especially if we learn from other people’s mistakes!

I have to warn you, though:

If your favorite “combat blade” is a lime-green zombie-killing fantasy cutter, this post might make you mad.

That’s because this old “viral” video I’m about to share with you PERFECTLY illustrates…

The “Big Blade” Fail A Lot Of “Fantasy Preppers” Don’t Think About!

Combat Machete: How To Fight With Swords And Big Blades – The Fail Most People Miss!

Now, if you’re rolling your eyes and saying, “Jeff, I saw that video back when people still had America Online,” what can I say?

I’m a few years behind! 🙂

If you haven’t seen it, though, or you don’t want to watch it, it’s pretty funny.

One of the guys from the Shop at Home “knife collector’s show” is selling a dirt-cheap, bargain-basement “katana.”

(Let me tell you, calling this thing a “sword” is an insult to swords; It’s more like a sword-shaped object.)

Well, the guy is trying to show how strong the blade is, so he starts whacking it against the table…

…and the thing practically EXPLODES!

Check out the video below now…



What was really funny was watching these guys try to make excuses for why this cheap piece of junk broke in half live on television.

(One of them even tried to blame a nail embedded in the table… but if your blade snaps in half when it hits a tiny nail, how could you ever rely on it for survival or self-defense?)

When I first saw this, it really hammered home why I took the time to use tough, thick 1095 carbon steel in the Guardian machete that I designed (and which is one of Modern Combat & Survival’s best selling products).

That machete is TOUGH – tough enough to do just about any job you ask of it.

You could trust your life to that blade, which was designed to be strong, to take and hold an edge, and to be a badass weapon and tool you could use for self-defense as well as survival tasks.

Would you trust your life to a $20 “katana” made in Pakistan?

Well, honestly, you probably wouldn’t… but it might SHOCK you to find out that many of the commercial, name-brand machetes on the market aren’t much better!

That’s right: I said it.

In fact, one of my employees lent a machete made by one of the big-name companies (I won’t name it here, but you’ve heard of it) to his brother-in-law.

The brother-in-law used it to clear some brush, but nothing extreme.

When he brought the blade back, it was bent into a U-shape.

That’s right: this name-brand machete, which he bought in a big-box hardware store, couldn’t even do the job it was designed to do without getting bent all to hell!

That’s why it’s so important that your “big blade” be something custom-designed to protect you and your family in ANY crisis (like my Guardian).

If you trust your life and your family’s protection to a blade that won’t hold up under SERIOUS use, you’re asking for a “fail” far worse than this guy who humiliated himself on television years back.

And if you just buy a name-brand machete that you THINK is “good enough,” you might be setting yourself up to fail just as hard.

That’s what the “fantasy preppers” with their Zombie Death Head-Splitter blades are doing… and that’s NOT who you want to be!

Pretty soon, I’m going to be unveiling the NEW version of my Guardian Machete.

The old one was great… but the new one is even better!

Keep an eye on our site for updates about this great product (and it’s “little brother,” a smaller, more compact urban survival machete that was the subject of a “virtual kickstarter” we did recently).

I mean, sure, you could spend your money on an inferior machete – or even a name-brand blade that looks good but performs just as poorly.

But… why?

The choice is yours – but I really hope you’ll choose wisely.

What Big Blade Do You Rely On?

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Fighting With Shovels? Military-Inspired Survival Weapon Secrets For Close Quarters Combat

The US Military’s top enlisted man said it himself:

“If they choose not surrender, then we will kill them… Whether that be through…dropping bombs on them, shooting them in the face, or beating them to death with our entrenching tools.” [emphasis added]

He was talking about ISIS fighters.

And as brutal as it sounds, Command Sgt. Maj. John Troxell – the military’s top enlisted soldier – was just saying something our military has ALWAYS known when it comes to fighting, and here’s…

The Military’s “No B.S.” Fighting Secret For Close-Quarters Combat

E-tool, Etool, Entrenching Tool: Shovel Combat By Any Name For CQC Battle

“ISIS fighters must surrender or die via shovels,” read the headline when the news covered it.

And you can probably imagine what happened when CSM Troxell posted this comment to Facebook and Twitter…

People freaked!

A lot of people on social media thought Troxell was out of control for saying something so brutal.

The thing is, he wasn’t being “brutal” at all.

He was referring to a secret, something most people don’t know:

In life-or-death combat, the true warrior will use whatever weapon he or she has available to defeat their enemy!

That means the humble “e-tool,” or “entrenching tool” – something every soldier carries – is as much a weapon of war as his rifle.

“That’s ridiculous, Jeff,” you might be thinking. “A shovel, especially a tiny shovel like that, isn’t an effective weapon when every soldier on both sides has a rifle!”

Well, it’s not as far fetched as it sounds.

In fact, the shovel HAS been seen as a weapon in the military for years… and even USED to kill the enemy by some of its biggest heroes.

Ben Wilson, Military Hero
(And Owner of BRASS BALLS)

Ben Wilson

Do you know the story of Ben Wilson?

Wilson earned a Medal of Honor, a Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Service Cross during his time in the military.

He served in WWII and the Korean War, rising to the rank of First Sergeant.

At “Hell Hill” near Hwacheon Dam in Korea, he continued fighting while his men retreated from North Korean counterattack.

Losing his rifle in the fighting, he took out his entrenching tool…

…and killed 4 MEN with the sharpened edge of the shovel!

The military has long recognized just how effective this weapon can be, but not as a shovel by itself.

Instead, in their combatives manuals through the years, they’ve just listed it as one of many objects you an use to fight with the SAME WAY.

In other words, it’s not that the military ever saw the e-tool as a “primary close quarters weapon.”

But they DID understand that guns jam… break… and run out of bullets.

When that happens, you NEED a backup weapon that will keep you alive while destroying the enemy.

The military also understood that soldiers need TRAINING to use weapons.

That could be your “body weapons” (a.k.a. “close-quarters combatives”)… your bayonet knife… or even your frickin’ SHOVEL.

Now, for me, what I always considered a much more formidable backup weapon than ALL of these was…

…my machete!

And just like the military did, I developed a system that works universally with nearly ALL melee weapons, the machete included.

Look familiar (like, you know, that picture from the combatives manual)?

Just like our troops do, though, you need training to wield a machete (or a shovel, or a frigging stick) most effectively.

I feel so strongly about this that I spent 3.5 years training in the legendary “Gatka” sword-fighting system of the legendary Sikh warriors…

…then another 2 years fine-tuning our own “Combat Machete” system, integrating elements of African and Central American machete arts (where real-world machete fighting is extremely common!).

The result?

It’s the ultimate fighting system – that anyone can master in as little as 7 days!

If you’re serious about bladed weapons for self-defense – especially the machete – but if you ALSO want training that you can use with anything you pick up and use as a weapon (like Ben Wilson did) – you might want to check out this “extreme” survival weapons blueprint you can download for free.

I think you’ll be surprised just how much it can help you prepare for any threat.

What Other Ideas Do You Have For Self-Defense If You Don’t Have A Gun?

Please Share Your Best Survival Weapons Tips Below Now…

MCS 253 – Survival Machete Extreme CQC Tactics

Survival Machete Extreme Close Quarters Combat Tactics
Survival Machete Extreme Close Quarters Combat Tactics

Your gun is NOT the answer.

Wait, what?

No, I’m not saying that guns aren’t one of the most effective self-defense tools available.

I’m saying your gun is not the ONLY answer to close quarters combat. . .

. . .and there are a LOT of situations in which you might not have it or might not be able to use it!

When that happens, the survival machete is one of the most effective combat weapons available – but only IF you know how to use it!

More importantly, the way you THINK you should use it probably ISN’T the most effective technique!

In this week’s podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival’s Jeff Anderson interviews edged weapons expert Da’Mon Stith as the two training partners describe four DEVASTATING techniques:

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • A sneaky method that DESTROYS your attacker’s will to fight. . . while also destroying his body!
  • The dirty distraction technique that leaves your attacker bloody and disoriented.
  • A method that can be lethal or less-lethal, depending on what YOU decide to do to your enemy!
  • The best way to use your attacker as a HUMAN SHIELD when fighting more than one adversary.

The machete is more powerful – and more versatile – than you think it is.

This episode will make you look at the machete like you never have before!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What’s YOUR Favorite Machete Or Knife-Fighting Technique?

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