CCW News: Dumbass Vigilantes Attacking Concealed-Carry Gun Owners!

CCW concealed carry vigilante citizens attacking gun owners

The floor rushed up to meet Clarence Daniels with a rib-grating crunch.

One minute, the 62-year-old man was walking into a Wal-Mart to buy coffee creamer.

The next, he was being tackled to the ground by a man 20 years younger!

As Clarence struggled with the maniac who was putting him in a choke hold, he had a deadly decision before him:

Should he pull his gun and shoot his attacker off him?

He didn't deserve to have to make a life-or-death decision just shopping at Wal-Mart, but Clarence was a victim of a disturbing new trend:

Dumbass Vigilante Citizens ATTACKING Concealed-Carrying Gun Owners!

CCW concealed carry vigilante citizens attacking gun owners
CCW concealed carry vigilante citizens attacking gun owners

Clarence Daniels had a coffee creamer label in his pocket when he was attacked in a Brandon, Florida Wal-Mart.

That's all he was looking for.

The problem is, another guy – Michael Foster, 43 – saw Clarence get out of his car and walk through the parking lot.

After assaulting Clarence and screaming, “He's got a gun! He's got a gun!” Foster struggled with his victim until the police finally separated them.

(Clarence, meanwhile, shouted, “I have a permit!”)

I have to tell you, this CCW holder showed a LOT of good judgment in not shooting Foster.

He kept his head, and as a result, it was Michael Foster who was arrested and charged with battery.

See, Foster stalked Clarence through the parking lot, waited for him to enter the Wal-Mart, and then physically attacked him – because he thought he was stopping a mass shooting.


Because when Clarence Daniels got out of his car, he took the handgun he kept in the vehicle and tucked it behind his hip, under his coat.

A LOT of gun owners do the same thing.

A lot of us grew up during a time when people owning guns, carrying guns, keeping guns in their cars – even in racks in the back windows of pickup trucks – was a perfectly normal part of life.

The problem is, more and more people today don't think or feel that way.

They've grown up being told by popular entertainment that owning a gun is a bad thing that makes you a bad guy…

…and many of them don't even realize that private citizens can carry guns concealed in most of the United States.

Because of that – and because of news coverage that has Americans convinced they're all a heartbeat away from a mass murder or “active shooter” situation – when a lot of people see a gun, they think they've GOT to act.

Now, I'm not trying to blame Clarence Daniels too much.

Michael Foster was the one in the wrong, and Foster was sentenced to a year's probation for his crime.

(He was also told he could have no contact with his victim, that he couldn't own guns, and that he had to attend anger management classes.)

Fact is, though, if Clarence had kept his roscoe out of sight, none of this would have happened.

When you and I carry concealed, we NEVER want our guns to be visible to anyone watching.

For one thing, seeing a gun scares people like Michael Foster, who don't realize there are some of us out here legally carrying.

For another, if a real criminal sees your gun, he now knows exactly what he has to do to stop you from drawing it.

Your gun might even make you a target, because there's nothing criminals like more than stealing guns from other people.

The Legal Issue Of Concealed Carry

Keeping your gun concealed means more than just not taking it out of your car in public, like Clarence Daniels did.

It also means carrying your gun in a way that it won't”out” you when you least expect it.

Too many armed citizens are walking around with holsters they think, WRONGLY, are “good enough”…

…and these el cheap-o specials are the kinds of things that print or “out” the gun when you least expect it!

All it takes is one moment where your gun is visible, and one of these vigilante “heroes” like Michael Foster will be on top of you.

You can't afford that kind of attention, and that means you need a CCW holster that will help you keep your gun out of sight AT ALL TIMES.

More importantly, though, it may even be a legal requirement where you are that you keep your gun out of sight.

Remember what happened to Clarence Daniels.

If you want to stay safe, and you want to stay on the RIGHT side of the law, you've got to understand ALL the legal issues surrounding concealed carry.

That means it's on YOU to learn the rules, and the laws… and to follow them.

But it isn't enough just to know the rules; you've got to follow up in your day-to-day conduct… and that starts with keeping your pistol hidden!

Are YOU Worried About The Legal Issues Surrounding CCW?

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CCW Legal Defense: How One Gun Owner Nearly RUINED His Life

“I'll get him!” shouted the man from the darkness.

Roderick Scott raised his .40-caliber pistol, his finger tightening on the trigger.

The 42 y.o. was surrounded by multiple attackers, all of whom had been rifling through his car a moment before.

The figure ran at him.

Scott FIRED twice!

When it was all over, a white teenager was dead on Scott's suburban property…

…and Roderick Scott was about to learn just how badly our legal system treats American gun owners.

You're not going to like it, but this is the story of how…

A Black Man Shot A White Teen In LEGAL Self-Defense… & BARELY Went Free!

CCW Legal Defense: Firearms Insurance And How One Gun Owner Nearly Ruined His Life

Roderick Scott remembers getting into an argument with his girlfriend.

Because of that fight, he was sleeping on the couch of their home in Greece, New York, when he heard a disturbance outside.

(It was 3 in the morning, a time when nobody should have been moving around out there.)

Roderick Scott

Looking out the window, he saw three people rifling through his car.

That's when he racked a .40-cal round into his gun.

It's not easy to get a pistol permit in New York State, but Scott had one.

Shoving his gun into his waistband, he went outside to see what in hell was going on.

He found 3 people in his car, looking for whatever they could steal.

“I had no idea what was going on,” he said on the stand at his trial, “so I had to protect myself.”

What Scott didn't know was that the people in his car were teenagers.

They were Christopher Cervini, 17, his cousin James, and their friend Brian Hopkins.

The three teens had been working their way up the street, breaking into any cars they could.

When Scott told them he had called the cops, Chris Cervini shouted, “I'll get him!” and ran at Scott.

That's when Roderick Scott, outnumbered outside his own home at 3:00 a.m., fired the two shots that almost ruined his life.

He was arrested for the shooting.

His gun was taken.

He was treated like a criminal, “guilty until proven innocent,” and put on trial for manslaughter.

The media tried to paint him as a cold-blooded vigilante, a murderer who gunned down an innocent teenager.

Chris Cervini

They used an old yearbook photo of Chris Cervini that made him look even younger than he was – the same photo you see here.

It looked bad – very bad – for Roderick Scott, and his life was very nearly ruined.

Only luck – and a brilliant lawyer – saved him.

At trial, it came out that the teens had been drinking earlier that evening.

Toxicology reports showed that Cervini was not just legally drunk when he was shot, but that he used pot and speed – facts that helped chip away at the idea he was “just a kid” (and not part of a gang of multiple attackers).

Scott's lawyer played the 911 call Scott and his girlfriend made to police, too.

That backed up Scott's story about what happened, and helped the jury to see him as an innocent man defending himself.

But here's what's scary:

Roderick Scott was only barely acquitted.

The jury took an agonizing 20 hours to decide that he wasn't guilty of manslaughter.

In other words, Scott got lucky.

“Justice” was served… but it almost wasn't.

If you have to defend yourself, do you want to sit in a jail cell hoping that “justice will be served”… while the District Attorney tells the press that you're a murderer?

Do you want to go bankrupt paying for your legal defense, hoping that you won't end up in prison for protecting your home and your family?

Do you want to have your name and reputation destroyed, and be forced to move away if you are acquitted – as if you're the one who has committed a crime?

THAT is how our legal system treats gun owners like Roderick Scott… and that's how it will treat YOU if you ever have to pull the trigger to defend yourself.

What you can do, though, is make sure you're better prepared for the legal fight before a self-defense shooting occurs.

My friends at USCCA, the United States Concealed Carry Association, offer a membership that will protect and help you if you're ever charged with a crime for defending yourself.

They provide up-front bail bond funding, access to a network of experienced self-defense attorneys, and even funding for your criminal defense.

(Honestly, I'm surprised every gun owner isn't already a member.)

It doesn't cost much, and I hope you'll never need it… but if you do, it will be there to cover you.

Don't let the legal system and our anti-gun courts and prosecutors make YOU the bad guy.

Pick up one of these low-cost memberships today.

You'll sleep better knowing you'll be protected if you ever DO have to shoot in self-defense.

Do You Worry About Defending Yourself Against A Stronger, Larger Attacker?

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MCS 286 – Appendix Carry: A Rant On A Rant

Appendix Carry CCW Tactics Concealed Pistol
Appendix Carry CCW Tactics Concealed Pistol
Appendix Carry: CCW Tactics For The Concealed Pistol

This is a topic that everybody seems to have a strong opinion about. You either love it… …Or you HATE it.

(Appendix carry, if you don't know, is carrying your gun in the front, rather than on your hip or behind it.)

Well, we're going to jump right in and ruffle some feathers:

Is appendix carry REALLY for “tacticool morons?”

Or does it give you a tactical advantage?

Simply put, is it a better way to train for close-quarters gunfighting?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson responds to a YouTube rant on the topic of appendix carry – creating what is basically a “rant on a rant.”

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Are you more likely to experience a “negligent discharge” with appendix carry?
  • The critical difference in mindset when it comes to training for tactical reasons versus training to be “safer”.
  • Whether you're more likely to be attacked from the front, the side, or behind!
  • Whether engaging in standing grappling means you've made a critical mistake!
  • What makes appendix carry unique at extreme close quarters.

Is there a “right” or “wrong” answer when it comes to appendix carry?

This episode is sure to be controversial, so be sure to listen and find out!

Here's the YouTube video we're responding to:

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are Your Top 3 Takeaways From This Podcast?

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CCW Pistol Gear: STOP Buying This Wal-Mart Special…

ccw concealed carry pistol tips

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Our readers tell us they LOVE our articles on concealed carry and close quarters shooting, so I've resolved to put up more of that kind of material.

I'm always collecting tips for better CCW.

These ideas don't always have enough to them to be their own article, but I figured I would collect 3 tips for today's blog post.

Some of these you may have thought about already, but I'm willing to bet there's at least one you haven't…


ccw concealed carry pistol tips
ccw concealed carry pistol tips

1. Keys In Your Pocket

When you're carrying concealed, your outer garment – your cover garment – has to be cleared before you can draw, right?

Well, if you're wearing a pullover of some kind, you've got to yank it upward.

If you're wearing a more normal jacket, though, you'll basically sweep it aside to get to your gun.

One thing that makes that easier is to keep some weight in the pocket on that side.

Get in the habit of keeping your keys, or something else with some weight, in the pocket on the strong side.

That will help you swing the garment out and away while you draw your gun.

2. What's Your Backup?

Many of us carry more than just a gun – and if you don't, you need to consider a “less lethal” backup.

Whether it's pepper spray, some kind of impact weapon, or maybe a stun gun, it pays to have a weapon that won't necessarily take someone's life.

Some of the altercations you'll have are with people who have “bad attitudes” – from drugs, alcohol, road rage over a “stolen” parking space… whatever it is, it doesn't necessarily mean your life is in danger.

In those situations, you want a “force multiplier” that can help “readjust” the other guy's attitude without killing him.

(That's why police carry pepper spray and tasers.)

Carry it in a location that is just as accessible as your gun, and remember that it isn't “non-lethal,” but “less lethal.”

That means accidents can and have happened, so don't use these tools casually.

3. Stop Wearing Wal-Mart Belts

Most of us grow up wearing ordinary leather belts.

What you find out over time is that the more weight you put on a belt, the more the holes stretch out.

Over time, every big-box store leather belt you'll own will become a stretched out mess.

Well, stop buying those leather belts from Wal-Mart.

If you carry a gun, you need a high-quality gunbelt.

I would recommend something like an off-duty concealment belt, such as the 5.11 TDU.

Not only do these belts offer more support than a “normal” belt, but they don't limit you to specific peg holes, so you can adjust them to fit you comfortably no matter what you're wearing (or eating).

Okay, that's it for today's post.

I'm always looking for more great information for you, so please stop back every day to check out our daily MCS posts, okay?

Stay safe out there.

What Is Your Best CCW Tip? Can You Think Of Something New?

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CQC Shooting: How An Armed Churchgoer DROPPED An Active Shooter (With 1 Shot!)

Jack Wilson stood, took in a breath, and drew his handgun from its holster.

The deranged gunman in Wilson's sights raised his shotgun while on the move.

Wilson knew he had only fractions of a second.

Time slowed.

His finger tightened on the trigger of his pistol.

And when that single round went off, it destroyed countless anti-gun arguments… while making Jack Wilson a hero!

This incredible story is amazing by itself… but there's a lot we can learn from what went down in Texas:

How A “Good Guy With A Gun” Took Down A Church Shooter… With A SINGLE SHOT!

Texas Church Shooting: CQC Gun Training Helped Jack Wilson Drop Keith Kinnunen With 1 Shot

At 10:57 in the morning at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, a man named Keith Kinnunen opened fire on the congregation.

Keith Kinnunen

He was wearing a fake beard and sunglasses and had just taken communion with the people he murdered.

Even worse, the service was live-streamed, allowing countless people on the Internet to see the horrible attack.

Two victims were killed – but that's ALL, because this congregation in Texas was armed.

All told, seven people drew down on Kinnunen to stop him.

But the single bullet that dropped Kinnunen in his tracks was fired by 71-year-old former reserve deputy sheriff Jack Wilson.

“I don't see myself as a hero,” Wilson told the press. “I see myself as doing what needed to be done to take out the evil threat.”

This incredible case of a shooting that unfolded in front of Internet web cameras teaches us 3 lessons – all of which YOU need to know if you ever have to face an armed threat yourself.

Let's look at each one:

1. You've got to act FAST.

According to one report, from the time Kinnunen took out his shotgun, to the moment he was dead on the floor of that church, just 5 seconds passed.

That means that in just 5 seconds, Jack Wilson…

  • Recognized the threat.
  • Determined that his gun was needed.
  • Drew his weapon.
  • Got a sight picture on Kinnunen's head.
  • Fired a single shot that hit the target.

Only one thing enables that kind of threat assessment and reaction, and that is training.

Jack Wilson had that training – and it's not even hard to get (but we'll get to that in a moment).

2. You Probably WON'T Have Backup.

It's like something out of a movie – all those people in a church who were armed and ready.

(I've spent years living in Texas and, I can tell you, there aren't many other places where you'd see that.)

And while I love that so many people were prepared for self-defense, this is an exception, not the rule.

The numbers don't lie – most of the time, even in states with “shall issue” permit laws, only a small percentage of adults actually applies for a permit to carry.

What that means is that if you're carrying a gun and a threat goes down, you'll likely be the ONLY one nearby who is ready to meet it.

That's a responsibility you've got to be prepared to accept

…And you're going to have to ACT like Jack Wilson did.

3. You've Got To Hit A MOVING Target!

Jack WilsonTo me, this is the real lesson of the White Settlement church shooting.

Jack Wilson hit an armed, hostile, mobile threat from 15 yards away with a single round.

That is NOT easy to do.

The reality of a gun fight is a mobile, messy nightmare:

You'll crouch down, as adrenaline and “fight or flight” reactions SCREAM at you to make as small a target of yourself as possible. This prevents you from moving effectively, slowing you down as you wander aimlessly.

You'll duck your head, tucking your chin as you instinctively protect your neck and throat. This lowers your guard and leaves you vulnerable to head strikes.

You'll tend to move, usually STRAIGHT BACK, which is absolutely what you DON'T want to do. If you don't get off the attacking line you'll just get run over.

Remember, most of these attacks happen at extreme close quarters…

…like the tightly packed pews of a church, with countless innocent people between you and the shooter!

Your reactions will be slow because, when you're surprised by a sudden threat, you have to go through the “OODA Loop.”

This is what Jack Wilson did (amazingly well) when he Observed the threat, Oriented himself to it, Decided what to do, and finally Acted to take down Kinnunen.

When it happens to you, your attacker will ALREADY have gone through this loop in his mind (like Kinnunen did when he drew his shotgun and started shooting).

He'll be acting – and you'll be reacting… which puts you behind the curve from the very start!

Too many armed citizens are practicing for tight shot groups at long distances.

That's NOT how you're going to shoot in a real gunfight, as Jack Wilson found out!

You've GOT to be prepared to shoot fast and accurately at close quarters while under threat, possibly with innocent lives on the line!

If you don't train for that, you’re setting yourself up for a potentially traumatic wake-up call… that could cost you your life!

Now, Jack Wilson doesn't just have training from his time as a reserve deputy sheriff.

He also has his own gun range and provides firearms training to church volunteers who provide security for the sanctuary.

If you want to perform like he did under stress, the good news is, you can.

You just need to get realistic training – training that's actually easy to find.

In fact, you can do it right at home – the same way that I do!

If you want to dig deeper into how I train for real attacks, you might want to check out our 7-step “gunfighting” system here…

Just be warned…

I don't follow popular opinion when it comes to firearms training, so some of what you read may actually be the OPPOSITE of what you've been taught in the past.

All I ask is that you keep an open mind… and be willing to try something completely new in how you prepare for the reality of a real gunfight.

That way, when YOU are the one standing between innocent lives and a scumbag with a gun, you won't hesitate.

Could YOU Take The Shot Jack Wilson Did? Would You Like To Do More Training At Home?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Tips Below Now…

MCS 278 – Concealed Carry For Women (Revolver Vs. Auto)

Concealed Carry For Women: Revolver Vs. Auto For CCW

This is one of those subjects that really gets me angry.

When people shop for a gun for the first time…

…The person selling the gun should be able to guide them..

Too often, that's not what happens!

The problem is bad enough for new gun owners overall.

But it's especially bad for women.

These same guidelines apply to people with hand strength or mobility issues, or who may be smaller.

There are basically 3 things to consider.

If those three things don't happen, your gun can't save your life!

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson takes on the topic of concealed carry for women, and whether a revolver or auto is the right choice.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The one question you have to ask before ALL others when you go to buy a gun!
  • Which options might be BETTER suited than a gun for some people.
  • Why “purse carry” might expose you – badly – when a criminal attacks!
  • The type of attack you're most likely to face “on the street” with your gun.
  • “Gun hacks” that can make it easier for you to operate a weapon if you lack grip strength or have small hands.

This is sure to be a controversial episode.

Listen now so that you'll make the right choice – no matter who you are – when it comes to buying your next gun.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are YOUR Thoughts On Concealed Carry – For You And Others In Your Life?

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It Looked Like “Self-Defense” Until The Jury Saw THIS Piece Of Paper…

Even though the parking lot was dark, Joe could clearly see the baseball bat in one guy's hand…

The other 3 hoodlums also moved into “attack position” as Joe made his way to his car and – fearing for his life – pulled his concealed handgun from its holster and forcefully told them to “STAND BACK!”

Joe didn't have to fire a shot – the thugs backed off – and a passing police officer stopped to hear both sides of the story.

A few months (and a mountain of lawyer bills) later, Joe Nichols is facing a 5-year sentence for Felony Menacing (called “brandishing” in some states) – a verdict that would make him a “felon for life” and never able to legally own a firearm again.

Joe's wife and kids prayed for a miracle from their courtroom seats and…

It Looked Like “Self-Defense” Until
The Jury Saw THIS Piece Of Paper…

Here's how the transcript would likely sound during the DA's cross examination of Joe…

DA “Mr. Nichols you pulled that gun to scare these kids didn't you? They weren't really bothering you at all, you just had to show them you had the upper hand didn't you, and that you had a pistol?”

JOE:  “No, there were four of them, they were all moving to position on me at the same time and it was obvious they planned to attack me … I was in fear for my life.”

DA “In fear for your life? You're saying you wouldn't have displayed your gun and menaced these kids if you didn't feel threatened?”

JOE: “Well of course I wouldn't.”

DA :  “That puzzles me Mr. Nichols because on the ‘Guns a Blazing Blog' two months ago, someone posted how he felt a little uncomfortable when four youths were around him in a subway car.  

In response, you commented – and I quote – you wrote: ‘If that were me, those little sons of bitches would sh-t their pants when they saw my gun'.  Now which is it sir, were you lying then… or are you lying NOW?!

A little scary to think about, but this is the way courtrooms and DA's really work.

Congress and the American Bar Assoc. say it's legal to use anything you post online against you in court… and you can be damn sure the DA will twist it ‘six ways from Hell' to boot.

Now ask yourself… what have YOU posted on-line for eternity?

Here Are 4 Ways To Avoid A “Guilty” Verdict
If You're Ever Forced To Pull The Trigger…

1. Live It:  ALL Lives Matter

Life is precious and shooting someone isn’t “fun” – no matter how much you think they deserve it.

Ask any police officer or soldier who's had to watch someone die from a bullet from their weapon – even when their target was trying to kill them.

Pulling the trigger may be necessary to save your life or the life of someone you love – but the psychological scars are long-lasting.

Even more so if you’re spending the rest of your life behind bars and unable to attend your kid’s and grand-kid’s birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc. because you’re behind bars.

Don’t stroke your ego with b.s. smacktalk to your friends and in online comments.

2. Save The Sarcasm And Jokes

When you do post, remember… “sarcasm” can't be seen on a computer screen… or when ‘printed out on paper.

When the DA or Judge holds up a print-out of your blog comment about how “all those little dirtbags would be pushin’ up daisies in my backyard if they ever tried that with me”, it WON’T be read with a snicker and giggle to the jury.

It will be read as if you’re the neighborhood gun-nut who should be locked up “before you strike again”.

Grow up and be professional with your comments.

3. “Reverse” Your Public Image

Ok, so you’ve done your analysis and you’re thinking of all those “oopsies” you’ve littered around the internet that can be used against you now, eh?

Don’t worry – you’re not screwed (yet)…

It actually HELPS if you post comments online to show how your views have “changed”… but ONLY if you actually know your legal responsibilities in a shooting.

More on this in a second…

4. Adopt A “Legal Mind-Set”

I think it's completely irresponsible for any gun-owner to not fully understand the correct legal justification of when you can even pull out your “smoke wagon” in the first place.

I can tell you that 90% of the gun-owners I talk to are absolutely clueless about their “shoot-don’t shoot” decision-making (even those who consider themselves “experts”).

Attorneys LOVE numbskull gun-owners who don’t understand the legal system.

They’ll run circles around you on the stand unless you can INTELLIGENTLY explain why you felt you were justified to pull the trigger.

You don't have to be a lawyer… but you DO have to know your legal responsibilities of when you can even pull out your firearm, let alone fire it (even in self-defense).

As you can see, the courtroom can be a virtual minefield of mistakes that can ruin the rest of your life.

The “Reasonable Man Doctrine” is what allows the prosecutor to pull in your frame of mind before the shooting as evidence against you.

But YOU can use this same Doctrine to your advantage as well by showing your efforts to take your legal responsibility seriously.

One way is to take a legal class that could back you up as “proof” of your prior knowledge before you were attacked.  But those are hard to come by and VERY expensive (lawyers aren't cheap, you know.)

As an alternative, we created the Bulletproof Defense DVD – to not only show you your legal responsibilities in a clear, concise and “visual way” (without all that “lawyer speak”), but to ALSO give you the evidence you need if you ever have to defend your actions in a court of law.

You can get a FREE copy of the Bulletproof Defense DVD here…

You see, this DVD can actually be submitted as evidential PROOF that you knew what you were doing when you defended yourself.

Not “tactically”… I'm talking LEGALLY!

But you MUST show that you owned (and watched) the DVD BEFORE you were forced to fire, or it does you no good in court.

I explain WHY this concept is so critical here…

I believe every single gun-owner is naked (in legal terms) without it.

CCW Tactics For Real Gunfights: Dad Drops BABY… Then Draws His Gun!

Shocking Street Attack Surprises: CCW Tactics For Real Street Fights - Dad Drops Baby And Draws Gun

It was a life-or-death decision few men would have the cajones to make…

Shield your 1 y.o. daughter with a white-knuckle grip while being viciously beaten by 4 thugs?

Or DROP HER to fight to your gun?!

That's the exact choice one young father had to make as he was brutally attacked by 4 thugs in a local McDonalds parking lot.

As a father myself, this dad's story plays out like my worst nightmare…

… and for those of us who carry a gun to protect ourselves and those we love, this attack offers…

A Serious “Wake-Up Call” For Concealed Carry Gun Owners…

Shocking Street Attack Surprises: CCW Tactics For Real Street Fights - Dad Drops Baby And Draws Gun
Shocking Street Attack Surprises: CCW Tactics For Real Street Fights – Dad Drops Baby And Draws Gun

It was 1:30 on a bright, sunny Spring afternoon when 21 y.o. Martavious Conner took his infant daughter to a local McDonalds for a treat.

“As I'm leaving out, someone asked me for a lighter,” Conner explained.

That wasn't a random request.

Conner had no idea that he was being watched, carefully selected… and lured into a trap!

He was “the perfect target” for an ambush!

Waiting in the parking lot was 21 y.o. Ladarius Pugues (not pictured) and his partners, Cortez Cole, Terrell Pullen, and Quinton Webb – four scumbag thugs with a long history of crime and violence.

Concealed Carry Story - Dad Drops Baby (Thug Mugshots)
Concealed Carry Story – Dad Drops Baby (Thug Mugshots)

Caught off-guard, Conner was instantly swarmed by the four attackers – viciously choked, beaten, and pistol-whipped as he clung to his daughter with a white-knuckle grip to shield her from the blows.

“I was to the ground losing consciousness, but hearing my baby holler – that's what kept me <fighting>,” Conner said.

Outnumbered and unarmed, he knew he couldn't last long… and had to do SOMETHING before he and his daughter were killed!

Conner's only chance for survival was his gun he had hidden under the seat of his car while he went into the restaurant.

But there was just one problem…

He needed both hands to get to, and deploy, his weapon… yet they were the only thing shielding his daughter from the barrage of blows by four monsters who were not giving up the fight.

Conner took instant action…

Dropping his daughter, he scrambled into the car for his gun.

Pulling it from under his seat while being dragged out by his attackers, he wasn't able to “aim” his weapon – but managed to pull the trigger and get a single round into both legs of one of his attackers.

But the fight wasn't over…

In a sudden twist of fate, one of the men managed to wrestle the weapon away from Conner… and pointed it at his head!

That should have been the end for this young father…

Yet, in an unbelievable stroke of luck, the gun jammed in the hands of the attacker and Conner’s life – and his daughter's – were saved.

The four men – one now bleeding on the pavement – piled into their black Infinity and sped away to escape, later to be arrested when they stopped at a fire station to get medical attention for their wounded friend.

Conner and his daughter were lucky.

I don't know about you, but I don't like to rely on “luck” to protect me and my family… and as a father myself, this story scares the ever-loving sh*t out of me.

This guy even had to drop his baby and fight off multiple attackers before he could engage them with his weapon!

What this means is that knowing how to draw, aim, and shoot your gun is not enough.

In other words, you've got to know how to FIGHT to your gun!

Now let me be very clear here…

You do NOT need to be some “black belt” in karate to be able to fight to your gun in an ambush!

In reality, the simpler the technique, the better because all that adrenaline shooting through your veins won't allow you to pull off any complicated “fight moves” anyway.

As a matter of fact, when I developed our “Extreme Close-Combat Shooting” course, I show how all those fancy tactical moves most firearms instructors are showing their students could actually get you KILLED if you try them in a real attack.

How do I know?

Because we looked at hundreds of video footage and the analysis of over 6,000 real-world gunfights to discover what REALLY works in a no-warning ambush… and what led to the death or injury of the victims we reviewed.

Then we pressure-tested dozens of “traditional” techniques being taught and when it all comes down to it, I've found that ONE MOVE is all you really need to be able to gain the space you need to draw your weapon – even against multiple attackers… and even if you're being swarmed by an onslaught of blows!

It's not hard – and it doesn't require a lot of strength – but it'll knock any attacker flat on his ass and get your gun in your hands lightning fast!

(Note: If you have our “Extreme Close-Combat Shooting” course, be sure to go to “Factor 3” to see the technique.)

The point here is that limiting your training and tactics to square-range paper-target shooting will NOT prepare you for fighting off these types of criminals.

There isn't enough space here to go into all of the 7 “Life Or Death” Factors we uncovered in our research and development of our CQC gunfighting system, but if you're interested, you can get more information here…

The only thing I ask is that you keep an open mind because a LOT of the training we go over could actually be the OPPOSITE of what you've heard from other instructors in the past.

However, we go into “no b.s.” details for exactly WHY these methods are superior to other tactics so you can make your own decisions based on real-world analysis and pressure-testing.

If you're an open-minded shooter (or if you're always looking to fine-tune your current skills), then I highly recommend you check out this training now, ok?

I know you'll walk away with a lot more confidence in your skills.

Think about that the next time you're walking with your kids or grandkids.

I know I will.

Have YOU Ever Been Taken By Surprise “On The Street?”

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MCS 260 – Hidden Concealed Carry (CCW) Legal Traps

Concealed Carry (CCW) Legal Traps For Gun Owners
Concealed Carry (CCW) Legal Traps For Gun Owners
Concealed Carry (CCW) Legal Traps For Gun Owners

As a gun owner with a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit… …you have a TARGET on your back.

You obey the law.

You've done everything your're supposed to.

All you want to do is protect yourself and your family.

But there are anti-gun bureaucrats out there who make laws and rules every day…

…and they don't CARE how those rules affect you.

When it comes to the law, “ignorance is no excuse.”

But that means that there are countless sneaky legal “traps” that can put law-abiding gun owners in JAIL.

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson interviews Concealed Carry's Jacob Paulsen as they run down five of the WORST OFFENDERS in the complex laws governing your guns!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The hidden danger to your gun rights when you eat out — even in “pro gun” states.
  • The legal requirement about your CCW permit that might put you in jail if you DO follow it while traveling!
  • Why some states might put you in jail for defending yourself, even in your own home!
  • The insidious danger to your gun rights that every airport represents.
  • The little-known legal trick that could save your bacon when you're traveling with a firearm through a gun-hating state!

If you carry concealed or even own a gun at home, the battle for your life is just the FIRST fight you'll face.

The second fight is the LEGAL one… and this podcast will prepare you for that fight!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are Your Top 3 Takeaways From This Podcast?

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MCS 258 – CCW Gear You Aren’t Carrying. . . But SHOULD!

Conceal;ed Carry Gear That CCW Holders Should Carry For Survival

Carrying a gun is NOT enough.

A lot of people put on a gun and think they've got self-defense covered.

They're WRONG!

If you carry a gun, there's a lot of OTHER gear you SHOULD be carrying.

In fact, if you have a firearm on your person. . .

. . . you'd be crazy NOT to have this gear with you.

The right equipment could mean the difference between life and death in a gunfight.

The same is true for AFTER a gunfight, if you or someone you care about has been wounded.

So what gear should you be carrying — and which EDC items are absolute must-haves?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene pinch-hits for Jeff Anderson to answer these questions… and more!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The self-defense item you need to carry so that you're only option ISN'T lethal force!
  • The simplest way to “reload” your gun if it jams or runs dry.
  • The utility tool that you'd be a FOOL not to carry every day.
  • A simple commercial medical device that could save your life, even if you've been badly wounded!
  • An unusual piece of gear that is a virtual “force field” in a gunfight!

Carrying EDC gear is all about preparing ahead of time.

Make sure you're not missing critical items that could save your life in a real-life gunfight.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are Your Top 3 Takeaways From This Podcast?

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Gun Rights Second Amendment (2A) Alert: How States Target Legal CCW Holders

CCW Laws By State: Concealed Carry Second Amendment (2A) Rights Alert

Her name is Haley Leach.

She's an attractive 29-year-old from Colorado who has a legal pistol permit to carry concealed.

But as far as the state of New York is concerned. . .

. . .she's a felon!

That's because this law-abiding citizen, who has a license to carry a gun legally in Colorado, intended to fly out of New York State.

When she tried to declare her gun at the Southwest Airlines counter in an Albany, NY airport, she was arrested for violating New York's handgun laws.

And it's all because she tried to do the right thing.

That's because Haley, who is definitely NOT one of the criminals gun laws are meant to STOP, didn't know. . .

3 Sneaky Tricks Prosecutors Use To Put LEGAL Gun Owners In Jail!

CCW Laws By State: Concealed Carry Second Amendment (2A) Rights Alert
CCW Laws By State: Concealed Carry Second Amendment (2A) Rights Alert

Look, I'm a gun owner.

I carry.

Legal gun owners like you and me are NOT the problem when it comes to violence in this country.

But too many lawyers, prosecutors, and District Attorneys in this country go after legal gun owners. . .

. . . and then pat themselves on the back, believing they've done something to stop crime.

This makes me REALLY MAD, but getting mad doesn't keep anybody out of jail.

If you want to stay out of jail and KEEP your CCW rights, you've got to be smarter than the sneaky anti-gunners trying to trick you into becoming a “criminal.”

Here are three tricks anti-gun states and their prosecutors use to target legal concealed carry.

1. Beware Of Airports

The TSA has very specific rules for transporting firearms.

You have to keep the gun locked up.

It has to have one of those “steal me” tags on it declaring that it's a firearm.

You have to put your hand over your heart and recite, “I'm a bad person because I'm a gun owner” the whole time you're in the airport.

(Okay, I made that last one up.)

But did you know that you can follow all these rules to the letter and STILL get arrested?

That's what happened to Georgia resident Patricia Jordan, who flew legally with her handgun (obeying all the TSA's rules) into New York.

When she tried to check her gun for the flight back home, she was told to “wait”. . .

. . . and then they arrested her for having the gun in New York State.

When it comes to your gun rights, AIRPORTS ARE A TRAP.

They're like a mini police-state where you are searched, interrogated, and treated like you're guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

If you try to take a gun through an airport, make sure you understand the letter of the law both in the state you're leaving and in the state you're traveling to.

2. Catching You “Transporting”

If you own guns, sooner or later you're going to have to transport them (like when you move).

There are laws affecting that sort of thing, too.

Unfortunately, Dustin Reininger didn't know that when, a few years ago, he was arrested in New Jersey.

Reininger was moving from Maine to Texas.

His guns were legal in Maine.

They were legal in Texas.

But they were supposedly, suddenly, magically ILLEGAL in the state he was simply PASSING THROUGH to get where he was going.

When he made the mistake of spending the night to rest in the state, he was arrested.

Even though the state's gun laws are meant to prevent crime, not merely punish legal gun owners passing through the state, New Jersey's prosecutors didn't care.

That means you not only have to know the gun laws in the state you leave and the state you're going to when you transport firearms. . .

. . . you have to know the law all along your travel route.

(Are you getting mad yet?)

3. Looking For Dead CCW Holders

Another story out of gun-hating New York involves a man who successfully fought off a home invasion.

Ronald Stolarczyk, who is 64 years old, used a pistol in self-defense when he fatally shot a pair of home invaders who were going through his stuff.

Unfortunately for him, the gun he used belonged to his father legally.

In New York, you're not allowed to inherit your dad's handgun if you don't have a permit specifically registered to that gun by serial number.

In other words, Stolarczyk is staring down the barrel of felony possession of an illegal handgun. . .

. . . all because he shot two home invaders.

The authorities in New York regularly comb through the CCW rolls, looking for CCW holders who have passed away.

Then, they target the dead gun owner's family members to make sure the handguns involved are accounted for.

As nuts as all these dirty tricks sound, they're perfectly legal in states that have these gun-hating laws.

If you want to stay ahead of sneaky tactics like this, while preserving your right to carry and move freely around this nation, you've got to know the laws.

More importantly, you've got to understand what those laws mean to YOU.

It's a shame that we, as law-abiding gun owners, have to treat our state's legal systems as a potential threat.

Unfortunately, that's the sad reality of carrying concealed today.

What Makes You MOST Angry About Gun Laws In Your State?

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[MMA Dry Fire Handgun Drill For Concealed Carry] Shoot Your Way Out Of A Ground And Pound

MMA Dry Fire Drill For Concealed Carry: Shoot Your Way Out Of A Ground And Pound

You may have heard this before…

“80% of all fights end up on the ground!”

Whatever that number REALLY is, the bottom line is that, to defend yourself in a real attack, you’d better know how to fight back when you’re knocked on your @#$ or dragged down by your attacker.

Same goes for a gunfight

As much as you’d like to think you can get to your gun with your well-practiced 1-second draw, Murphy’s Law states that you’ll never even see the attack coming and you could find yourself lying flat on your back before you even get a chance to lay a finger on your concealed firearm.

Here’s a simple drill you can do to better prepare for an ambush attack that forces you to defend from the ground…

Home Dry-Fire Handgun Drill For Shooting From The Ground!

MMA Dry Fire Drill For Concealed Carry: Shoot Your Way Out Of A Ground And Pound
MMA Dry Fire Drill For Concealed Carry: Shoot Your Way Out Of A Ground And Pound

First the setup…

This dry-fire drill works best with an airsoft or other replica gun (like a “blue gun” or SIRT laser pistol) but if you use your own weapon, be sure to unload ALL ammo (don't even have any in the room), clear the weapon safely; and then have someone double-check there are no rounds at all in the gun.

Also, it's best to do this exercise on a padded mat or carpeted floor for safety – and give yourself plenty of room.

And finally, you can do this dry-fire drill with any sort of target (or even just aiming at a light switch), but if you can find a willing training partner, it will be much more realistic.

Now, here's how the drill goes…

Step 1: Place your safe weapon in your regular concealment holster.

Step 2: With partner or target within arm’s reach, fall onto your back.

Make sure you lead with the buttocks and roll backwards so you're not slamming your back onto the ground and injuring yourself.

Also, as you're falling, make sure you keep your feet toward your “attacker”. (This is critical in a real attack!)

Step 3: Perform a series of aggressive “bicycle kicks” to practice keeping your attacker at bay.

In between kicks, draw your training pistol as quickly as you can.

(btw… this is where you'll get the cold, hard truth about how your method of carry will either help you – or hurt you – when trying to fight from the ground!)

Step 4: Once drawn, cross your ankles near the ground and place your weapon between your knees.

This is a little known trick for “ground-shooting” that steadies your aim by stabilizing your arms against your legs as you engage your target.

The Truth About Dry-Fire Drills…

This is just one example of a simple dry-fire drill that only takes a few minutes to do… but as you can see – it's far more realistic and effective than your typical range training, right?

In fact, if you own a firearm and want to keep your skills sharp enough to truly feel secure that you can protect yourself and those you love, then you absolutely MUST make simple dry-fire drills like this a part of your weekly routine.

However, it's pretty hard to find drills that are easy… realistic… AND fun!

We put together 67 exciting dry-fire drills for all kinds of scenarios (ambushes; home invasion; multiple attackers; vehicle attacks; and more) and if you're truly serious about using a gun for personal defense, you can pick all 67 dry-fire drills up right here…

Just one warning…

Once you get started, dry-fire drills are pretty addicting! 🙂

You can get our best-selling collection of scenario-based dry-fire drills right here…

What's Your Favorite At-Home Dry-Fire Drill?

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