Survival Gear / Bug Out Bag Mistake: Don’t Let Pride Make You “Burt Gummer!”

Prepping Operational Security: The Survivalist Burt Gummer Mistake
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

“The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride f-ing with you. F-k pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps.”

Those were the words of the character Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction.

He’s basically telling Bruce Willis’ character to throw a boxing match – and his argument is that the punishment for refusing is much, much worse than the pain of losing.

Well, Pulp Fiction is just a movie… but when I rewatched it not long ago, it reminded me of… survival conventions!

“Wait… what!?” you’re probably thinking.

Well, I’ll explain… because that quote about pride f-ing with you can teach us something really important about your “operational security”.

Operational Security For Preppers: Don’t Let Pride Make You Burt Gummer

Prepping Operational Security: The Survivalist Burt Gummer Mistake
Prepping Operational Security: The Survivalist Burt Gummer Mistake

I’ve been going to survival and prepper conventions for a long time, now.

They’re a lot of fun… but I gotta say, it always amuses me to be surrounded by “Burt Gummers.”

Burt Gummer, if you don’t know, is a character from the Tremors movie franchise.

(Man, I’m practically Blockbuster Video today… which is still a thing, right? Right??)

He’s kind of a running gag because everything about him is impossibly tactical.

Prepping Operational Security: The Survivalist Burt Gummer Mistake
Prepping Operational Security: The Survivalist Burt Gummer Mistake

Everything he does, says, and wears is all about paramilitary jargon and gear.

He talks like he’s on a military operation no matter what he’s doing.

He dresses like a 5.11 catalog exploded in his bedroom.

And of course, he’s armed all day long, and loves to talk about guns.

As much as I love to meet and talk with my fellow preppers and survivalists, a LOT of them are so proud of their dedication to prepping that they walk and talk just like this… completely blowing their “operational security”!

In other words, you can spot them coming from a mile away.

It’s like they can’t turn it off… and I guarantee that everybody they know is completely aware that they’re all about being prepared.

“Why’s that bad, Jeff?” you might be asking.

Well, like I’ve said before, the last thing you want to do is let the people around you know that you’re prepared.

In an emergency – especially a collapse or survival situation that lasts for a long time – these people are going to show up at your door, begging for you to help them.

They’ll ask at first.

Then they’ll beg.

Finally, they’ll demand… and they won’t take “no” for an answer!

Now, if you’re thinking that this isn’t a problem for you, because you don’t dress or act that way, that’s good.

But I have to ask… is your Bug-out Bag (your BOB) going to give you away?

Even discreet folks will buy what they think is the best BOB for their survival kits – and often, that’s a military-style bag covered in tactical accessories that is a dead giveaway to anyone looking.

In other words, the pride you have in that tactical bag could punish you much, much worse than sucking up your pride and going with a less “tactical” looking option!

In an emergency or collapse, if you’re bugging out with one of those bags over your shoulder, people are going to spot you – and they’ll know that you have things they desperately need.

As proud as we all are of who we are and what we do, the “you’ll pry my gun out of my cold dead fingers” approach will end just like that.

“You’ll pry my MREs out of my cold dead fingers” will have the same result!

Predators, your desperate neighbors, gangs looking to supply up… even the authorities will be happy to oblige you if the alternative to robbing YOU is watching their families starve.

See, your BOB, and the supplies in it, aren’t just going to keep you and your family alive at home… they’re also the ONLY thing that will keep you alive if you’re forced to evacuate.

Understanding ideas like this – and preparing the smart, covert way (rather than the Burt Gummer way) is just the beginning of truly preparing to keep your family safe in an emergency.

This is a tip like the ones you’ll find in my survival gear secrets report, which you can see right here…

Don’t let pride make you a “Burt Gummer” (and therefore a target).

Get the tips and tricks that can keep you and your family safe… while you stay prepared.

What “Dead Giveaways” Do You Look For When You’re Out In Public?

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MCS 279 – Prepping Predictions For 2020

Survival & Prepping Threats And Industry Trends For 2020

The new year – and a new decade – are upon us.

And as it turns out…

…I have some prepping predictions for 2020.

These are serious survival predictions, too.

We’ve experienced a LOT of threats in the past year…

…And there are a lot more coming up.

Things are really ramping up all the way around the globe.

So which threats are most applicable to you…

…and what will you do about them?

In this week’s podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival’s Jeff Anderson looks at both what we face, and what the survival industry might offer, in the coming year.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The disturbing reason we’ll see more “practical prepping” in the coming year.
  • The HUGE mistake people in the survival industry are making… which is going to put some of them out of business!
  • Why the gear you’re buying for survival could FAIL in a long-term emergency.
  • The 5 “collapse scenarios”… all of which are going to GET WORSE!
  • Why the fact that this is an election year presents a unique danger to you and your family.

This is important information… but it isn’t all good news.

Listen now to learn what’s coming up… and what you should be doing to prepare as we head into the new year.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are YOUR Predictions For The New Year’s Survival Threats And Trends?

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Bug-Out Survival: 4 Screw-Ups Even Experienced Preppers Make!

4 Doomsday Prepper Bugout Survival Mistakes

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Let’s be honest: A lot of preppers think that bugging out will look like something out of Mad  Max… and THEY’LL be the heroes.

Well, the sad reality is that many preppers make a LOT of mistakes when moving from Point A to Point B in an emergency.

This isn’t like the movies…

…and if you screw up during high-threat vehicles ops in an emergency, you and your family could pay for it with your lives.

For that reason, you need to face the 4 biggest mistakes you and others like you might make during a survival crisis.

Bug-Out Survival: 4 Screw-Ups Even Experienced Preppers Make!

4 Doomsday Prepper Bugout Survival Mistakes
4 Doomsday Prepper Bugout Survival Mistakes

Without a doubt, the first mistake that preppers make when it come to bugging out is the most obvious…

1. Screwing Up The “Stay Or Go” Question

When it comes to survival, a lot of people INSTINCTIVELY want to bug out.

They’ve been putting together bug-out gear for just this moment for so long that they can practically taste it.

It makes intuitive sense to want to get out of Dodge when things go bad.

But if you bug out when you don’t really need to, you put yourself in a poor strategic position as far as long-term survival.

You put yourself out into that threat environment instead of home, “in the rear with your gear,” as they used to say in the military.

Whenever possible, you don’t want to bug out at ALL, because you’re only putting yourself in a more dangerous environment with only a small fraction of the supplies you’ve stockpiled.

2. It’s Time To Leave… But Where To Go?

Another way that preppers screw up the “stay or go” question is one you’ve heard me harp on before:

They don’t have a place to go TO when it come time to bug out.

If you just become a fleeing refugee, you’re going to be competing with all the other people out there clogging the roads and looking to survive.

You have to have a location in mind if you’re going to flee — preferably one where you have ALSO stockpiled supplies.

3. Failure To Rehearse

When it comes to bugging out, you have to have planned rehearsals.

You can’t just jump in the car or grab your backpack and walking stick and go.

If you think that you might end up in a situation where you’re going to have to bug out from your house to another location, whether that be a specific bug out retreat or a relative’s house, or some place that you’re going to go because your home location has become untenable, then you’re going to have to plan that in advance.

You’re going to have look at routes.

You may have to mitigate a threat when you’re moving.

You need to rehearse the move and do some drills, in case you get into trouble.

You’re going to have to time it, too.

Because if everybody’s on the road, and YOU get on the road, then you’re just going to be stuck in a traffic jam.

If you can arrange for advance warning, that is critical too.

If you can, make a call to move ahead of the rush.

Or you can develop  kind of partial plan, where you stay a little bit at home and then move after the rush is over.

There is judgment involved in all of that, and rehearsal with your family or survival group is critical.

4. Adopting The Wrong “Posture”

The final thing I think a lot of people make a mistake with is the profile, or what you might call POSTURE, that they adopt.

I think a lot of people, when they talk about these kind of end of the world type scenarios, these disasters, they automatically go to Mad Max.

They think they’re going to be driving around sticking out of sunroofs with firearms, or guns sticking out of windows like a Baghdad taxi.

You’ve got to adopt your posture or profile to the situation.

You might not have a full breakdown, and therefore you might be drawing a lot of attention to yourself if you get too aggressive.

There may still be authorities out there who are running checkpoints.

So you need to adopt a reasonable posture.

Consider all three of these critical mistakes, think through them, and plan for a collapse.

The preparation you do now will save your bacon later.

What Is Your Bug-Out Plan? What Equipment Do You Have Ready To Go?

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