Survival Firearms: Hiding Your Guns From Thieves, Looters & Martial Law Confiscation

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Do you own guns?

If you do, chances are you own a LOT of guns.

And like a lot of gun owners, you’ve probably got a big gun safe, or you’re considering getting one.

It’s like that old Mark Twain saying: “Put all your eggs in one basket… and WATCH THAT BASKET.”

Well, putting all your guns into the “basket” of one big gun safe might make you feel secure…

…but according to my friend Ox, it’s a mistake from a prepping standpoint!

Especially now, with “medical martial law” a reality of daily life, we need to be more protective than ever of our firearms.

Here is a summary of what Ox told me about that subject.

Survival Firearms: Hiding Your Guns From Thieves, Looters & Martial Law Confiscation

Survival Firearms: Hiding Your Guns From Thieves, Looters & Martial Law Confiscation
Survival Firearms: Hiding Your Guns From Thieves, Looters & Martial Law Confiscation

The massive gun safe is sort of the end goal for a lot of gun owners out there.

They dream of the day they can plunk down the cash for one of those huge, nearly indestructible gun safes for their home.

There are three big reasons, however, why your gun safe might actually be a liability, at least if you are a prepper.

Let's run them down one by one.

Mistake Number 1: It's All Your Eggs In One Basket

A great big heavy gun safe screams, “Cache of valuables.”

It's impossible to miss and it's difficult to hide.

Having a giant safe is like waving a huge red flag that says, “Hey, come steal this stuff.”

That's why many people who keep safes for valuables also hide them behind pictures and whatnot.

Authorities and thieves will assume there is a lot of value inside if they find see that safe.

They'll figure that anything worth keeping in that giant Fort Knox will be something worth taking…

….and they will do what is necessary to get in there.

A far better strategy is to have things in multiple locations that are not visible, like in the walls, in an attic, under cupboards, and in dead spaces inside cupboards.

Mistake Number 2: Too Close, Too Close!

Next, if you’re trying to hide stuff, space and distance are friends.

They will serve you very well.

This is why you want to spread your valuable items and weapons around in different hiding spots.

If one of those caches is found, you don't lose ALL your stuff.

What this means, though, is that if you decide you want to hide stuff in the walls of your house, make sure the individual caches are very far apart.

If somebody finds one cache, they won’t just keep looking nearby and find everything else.

You're counting on being able to outlast the searchers' willingness to hunt for your stuff.

Mistake Number 3: Failing To Layer Up

Finally, consider layering your caches.

Let’s say you’ve got your real cache and it’s a 55-gallon drum, and you dig a hole and you bury it.

Then as you’re burying it you put a foot or two of dirt on top of it, and then you put an ammo box with some other good cache stuff in it, but not near as valuable as was in the 55-gallon drum.

Then you finish covering the hole.

That way, if somebody finds the ammo box, they may stop digging on the theory that they’ve found what they were looking for.

They've found the first layer only, but they won't keep looking for the next layer.

All these strategies hinge on deceiving the people who want to take your gear.

When it comes to hiding your weapons, don't make yourself look like a good target.

Don’t make yourself look like a good target.

Don’t make yourself look like you’re worth extra effort.

Be one of the good guys in advance.

What Security Measures Do YOU Implement?

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CCW Legal Defense: “Self Defense” Law DOESN’T CARE About You!

I had a conversation with a reader the other day that scared the crap out of me

It was during the regular “open office hours” that we do each week for New World Patriot Alliance members.

An NWPA member named Steve called me from New York State.

As you probably already know, New York hates guns, so it's hard to get a CCW permit there, and Steve was looking for other options.

Right now, he told me, he carries nonmetallic self-defense knives – specifically, one of those Super Secret Squirrel Shadow Ninja Knives (kidding) made out of glass-reinforced Nylon.

One of my employees, Buck Greene (who also lives in New York), complained to me just the other day that New York just passed a law making these plastic knives illegal.

(If it was “commercially manufactured as a weapon,” and it can pass a metal detector test, just owning one could get you jail time in NY.)

I pointed this out to Steve, who didn't think it was a problem.

“I would hope a jury would take that into consideration,” he told me. “After all, if I defended myself and it was ‘justified force', they'd understand, right?”

And that's what scared me, because Steve needs to understand this very simple fact…

The Law DOESN'T CARE About You!

Self Defense Law: CCW Legal Defense Tips

The really frustrating thing about Steve's attitude is just how many people believe what he believes.

We all want to think that, sure, our laws make some things illegal, but if we have to bend the law for a good cause, justice will win out… right?


But you (and Steve) don't have to take my word for it, because there was JUST a case in New York that shows how big a mistake it is to assume “justice” is going to win.

In fact, just a few months ago, a man named Ronald Stolarczyk was arrested and imprisoned after he KILLED a pair of home invaders… but he's NOT being charged for shooting them!

You read that right.

Stolarczyk is a 64 y.o. man who heard the two coming up his stairs one afternoon last Spring.

The home invaders – a 57 y.o. woman and her 27 y.o. nephew – were looking to burglarize the house, according to authorities.

Stolarczyk told his lawyer that he was scared to death, convinced the pair were going to kill him.

“I didn't look at their hands,” he told state police. “I just saw them coming at me and I thought to myself, at that point, that it's either them or me.”

That's when he started shooting!

You or I would do the exact same thing, right?

But here's the thing (and it really gets right down to why Steve's comment bothered me so much)…

Stolarczyk was completely within his rights to shoot those home invaders – even in an anti-gun state like New York.

The cops even said as much.

But he's now staring down a felony charge… for gun possession!

You see, in New York, you have to have a permit to own ANY handgun… and those handguns have to be registered to you by serial number.

Stolarczyk inherited his gun from his father when his dad passed away, and he never bothered to register it.

Because of that screw-up, Stolarczyk defended himself completely legally, but he could still go to prison because the weapon he used wasn't legal in his state.

And that very thing will happen to Steve if he uses an illegal knife to defend himself, even if everything else about his self-defense situation is totally legal.

That's why I say the law doesn't care about you – not just in New York, but in every state.

If you end up in court after a self-defense shooting (or, in Steve's case, a self-defense stabbing), the courts won't care if you were trying to protect yourself.

Sure, they may not charge you for hurting your attacker… but you can sure as sh*t bet that a prosecutor (whose JOB it is to “get convictions”) will charge you for anything else you did that was illegal.

As we say in our Bulletproof Defense DVD, our legal system is not about “justice” – it's about the LAW – plain and simple!

But self-defense laws are complicated… they're picky… and they were written by people who don't care what you think you were trying to do.

To stay out of jail after you defend yourself, you've got to understand the very specific way the law works – and a lot of these ways don't make sense at first.

(My DVD explains all this and does so in simple, easy-to-understand language.)

This information could help you to choose your self-defense weapon the RIGHT way… and also help you protect your life in a way that won't land you in prison afterward.

If you'd like a free copy for yourself, you just have to let me know where to send it.

But don't wait on this – because I don't want to see you end up like Ronald Stolarczyk (and that means you too, Steve)!

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