CCW Legal Defense: How One Gun Owner Nearly RUINED His Life

“I’ll get him!” shouted the man from the darkness.

Roderick Scott raised his .40-caliber pistol, his finger tightening on the trigger.

The 42 y.o. was surrounded by multiple attackers, all of whom had been rifling through his car a moment before.

The figure ran at him.

Scott FIRED twice!

When it was all over, a white teenager was dead on Scott’s suburban property…

…and Roderick Scott was about to learn just how badly our legal system treats American gun owners.

You’re not going to like it, but this is the story of how…

A Black Man Shot A White Teen In LEGAL Self-Defense… & BARELY Went Free!

CCW Legal Defense: Firearms Insurance And How One Gun Owner Nearly Ruined His Life

Roderick Scott remembers getting into an argument with his girlfriend.

Because of that fight, he was sleeping on the couch of their home in Greece, New York, when he heard a disturbance outside.

(It was 3 in the morning, a time when nobody should have been moving around out there.)

Roderick Scott

Looking out the window, he saw three people rifling through his car.

That’s when he racked a .40-cal round into his gun.

It’s not easy to get a pistol permit in New York State, but Scott had one.

Shoving his gun into his waistband, he went outside to see what in hell was going on.

He found 3 people in his car, looking for whatever they could steal.

“I had no idea what was going on,” he said on the stand at his trial, “so I had to protect myself.”

What Scott didn’t know was that the people in his car were teenagers.

They were Christopher Cervini, 17, his cousin James, and their friend Brian Hopkins.

The three teens had been working their way up the street, breaking into any cars they could.

When Scott told them he had called the cops, Chris Cervini shouted, “I’ll get him!” and ran at Scott.

That’s when Roderick Scott, outnumbered outside his own home at 3:00 a.m., fired the two shots that almost ruined his life.

He was arrested for the shooting.

His gun was taken.

He was treated like a criminal, “guilty until proven innocent,” and put on trial for manslaughter.

The media tried to paint him as a cold-blooded vigilante, a murderer who gunned down an innocent teenager.

Chris Cervini

They used an old yearbook photo of Chris Cervini that made him look even younger than he was – the same photo you see here.

It looked bad – very bad – for Roderick Scott, and his life was very nearly ruined.

Only luck – and a brilliant lawyer – saved him.

At trial, it came out that the teens had been drinking earlier that evening.

Toxicology reports showed that Cervini was not just legally drunk when he was shot, but that he used pot and speed – facts that helped chip away at the idea he was “just a kid” (and not part of a gang of multiple attackers).

Scott’s lawyer played the 911 call Scott and his girlfriend made to police, too.

That backed up Scott’s story about what happened, and helped the jury to see him as an innocent man defending himself.

But here’s what’s scary:

Roderick Scott was only barely acquitted.

The jury took an agonizing 20 hours to decide that he wasn’t guilty of manslaughter.

In other words, Scott got lucky.

“Justice” was served… but it almost wasn’t.

If you have to defend yourself, do you want to sit in a jail cell hoping that “justice will be served”… while the District Attorney tells the press that you’re a murderer?

Do you want to go bankrupt paying for your legal defense, hoping that you won’t end up in prison for protecting your home and your family?

Do you want to have your name and reputation destroyed, and be forced to move away if you are acquitted – as if you’re the one who has committed a crime?

THAT is how our legal system treats gun owners like Roderick Scott… and that’s how it will treat YOU if you ever have to pull the trigger to defend yourself.

What you can do, though, is make sure you’re better prepared for the legal fight before a self-defense shooting occurs.

My friends at USCCA, the United States Concealed Carry Association, offer a membership that will protect and help you if you’re ever charged with a crime for defending yourself.

They provide up-front bail bond funding, access to a network of experienced self-defense attorneys, and even funding for your criminal defense.

(Honestly, I’m surprised every gun owner isn’t already a member.)

It doesn’t cost much, and I hope you’ll never need it… but if you do, it will be there to cover you.

Don’t let the legal system and our anti-gun courts and prosecutors make YOU the bad guy.

Pick up one of these low-cost memberships today.

You’ll sleep better knowing you’ll be protected if you ever DO have to shoot in self-defense.

Do You Worry About Defending Yourself Against A Stronger, Larger Attacker?

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If they defund COPS, you NEED your guns!

Our civil rights have really taken a beating this year, and it’s about to get worse.

With more and more police departments talking about defunding the police, and police actually walking off the job to protest arrests of their fellow officers, we could all end up on our own.

Imagine calling 911… and there’s NOBODY who can come help you.

More than ever, you need a gun to protect yourself and your family… but gun owners are also being treated worse than ever.

During the pandemic, gun stores were declared “non-essential,” gun permit systems were shut down, and background check systems were suspended to halt gun sales.

Those same power-mad authorities are the same ones who want to disband police departments, but they ALSO want to take your guns away.

And now, with the rioting and looting going unchecked, these people have gotten a real taste of power.

It’s only a matter of time before they start issuing MORE unconstitutional attacks on your gun rights.

I mean, most of them hate gun owners and firearms rights when things are GOOD, to say nothing of a national emergency.

For a long time now, these same anti-gun dictators have been using the law to hassle gun owners.

Whether it’s requiring insurance, passing laws that say gun owners can’t buy insurance, or suing and prosecuting gun owners into bankruptcy when they do use their weapons, these efforts are all built on you being all alone when they come after you.

Well, that’s where Tim Schmidt’s United States Concealed Carry Association can help.

I’ve been a friend of Tim Schmidt’s for years (since before he even founded the United States Concealed Carry Association).

But more importantly, I’ve been a USCCA MEMBER for years!

Look, you and I both know that the courts aren’t always “gun friendly” and you can’t count on your “Cousin Vinnie” to get you out of jail after a self-defense shooting… no matter if you were 100% legally justified or not.

The attorney bills alone could sink your family’s entire savings – even if you’re found innocent!

That’s why you need a strong legal ally like the USCCA to have your back AFTER you were forced to protect yourself.

And now’s the time to sign up, with the political winds shifting toward even MORE anti-gun laws and bans.

7 Reasons To Join The USCCA

Gun Rights / CCW Legal Defense – USCCA United States Concealed Carry Association

Unfortunately, owning a gun or weapon just isn’t enough to protect your family…

…their future and everything you’ve worked for is STILL at risk in the aftermath of a self-defense incident like a robbery or a break-in!

So, what can YOU do?

Arm yourself and your family with the best self-defense education, training and legal protection available from the USCCA.

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CCW Legal Tips: When Shooting an Arsonist Makes YOU The “Bad Guy”!

CCW Legal Tips: Dave Bowers Arson Shooting
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

When the home alarm went off, it woke Dave Bowers out of a sound sleep.

He went to investigate…

…and found a masked man using a blowtorch to set the carpet of Dave’s house on fire!

Bowers, realizing this firebug lunatic was there to murder him – and anyone else who might be home – grabbed his .357 Magnum.

But he made MAJOR mistakes…

…that could hang over him for years!

The Critical Mistakes This Gun Owner Made When Shooting An ARSONIST

CCW Legal Tips: Dave Bowers Arson Shooting
CCW Legal Tips: Dave Bowers Arson Shooting

After Dave Bowers grabbed his .357, he shot the arsonist home invader in the guts.

But he didn’t stop there.

As the monster arsonist ran off into the night, Bowers emptied his gun in the direction of the firebug.

Then his house burned to the ground!

Several people who rented rooms from Bowers were left homeless.

One 73-year-old tenant died in the fire.

Dave BowersAfter that, two more very bad things happened for Dave Bowers.

First, he talked to the press and told his story – admitting that he emptied his gun at the fleeing suspect.

Second, the home invader turned up alive and was put in jail.

Now, you wouldn’t think that’s bad, would you?

The problem is, Dave Bowers’ story isn’t over.

He was lucky he didn’t get arrested for the shooting… and he could STILL face a civil lawsuit.

Here are 3 harsh truths we can learn about Dave Bowers and our f—ed up legal system:

1. Tell The Press To Kiss Your @ss!

I have an entire DVD that you can get, FREE, in which I walk you through, step-by-step, how to handle talking to the police when they show up.

But the police aren’t the only “responders” in a shooting who you need to worry about.

That other “responder” is the press.

The press are looking for a “story,” plain and simple, and they don’t really care about you or the facts as you see them.

After a shooting incident, you may be in shock, and your subconscious mind will be looking for affirmation that what you did was right.

Telling your story to people, like reporters, boosts up that “hero/savior” archetype in your mind.

It feels good to show the world how you were wronged, and how you took matters into your own hands to “win.”

Don’t fall into that trap!

Dave Bowers talked to the press and explained in great detail how he kept shooting as the arsonist was fleeing.

That’s testimony that could be used against him, either in criminal court or – maybe even more likely – if the home invader, or the invader’s family, sue Dave in civil court!

(More on that in a minute.)

If you defend yourself with your gun, or any weapon, and the press show up, ask them to leave.

If they don’t, THEY are trespassing, and you can complain to the police (who are already there on your property, probably) to register a trespassing complaint against the reporters.

2. The Direction He’s Facing MATTERS

There was an action writer, Donald Hamilton, who wrote the “Matt Helm” books.

Helm, who was a hard-as-nails assassin, was fond of saying things like, “I never much cared if a guy was pointing North or South when I shot him.”

Well, when it comes to taking out a threat, it doesn’t matter if you shoot him in the front or the back… but in the eyes of the law, it makes all the difference in the world!

Legally, shooting someone trying to burn down your home is totally justified.

But shooting the “poor, underprivileged” scumbag in the BACK as he’s trying to escape makes YOU the “bad guy.”

I know, I know – you could argue in front of a judge that you were thinking, “What if he comes back to hurt or kill me?”

Well, the courts won’t care about that, because they don’t think it’s your job to prevent future crimes from happening.

All they’ll see is you shooting at someone after the immediate threat was neutralized.

It’s a confusing legal issue, and one that doesn’t make sense to a lot of people (which is why I created my “Bulletproof Legal Defense” DVD to explain how to stay OUT of jail if you have to use force to defend yourself).

3. Don’t Forget What Happened To O.J.

I couldn’t find any articles saying Dave Bowers had been charged with a crime, and it’s possible he won’t be.

But even if he gets off on any charges of using “too much” force, he still has to worry about a civil lawsuit.

Remember when O.J. Simpson was acquitted of killing two people?

Well, he was still found responsible for those killings in civil court, sued into bankruptcy by the victims’ families.

It doesn’t matter if you think O.J. deserved what he got or not – I’m just using his case as an example.

Our legal system makes it easy for the families of criminals to claim “victim” status, suing you if you stepped over ANY legal lines.

(You know, a guy hurts himself breaking into your house, then sues you because your property was dangerous for him to break into.)

If it happens to you, that means years in and out of courtrooms… draining your bank account… stressing your family… and you could STILL lose, even if you’re innocent of any crime!

Look, I know a lot of this doesn’t make sense.

Our courts are less about “justice” than they are about the letter of the law – and if you want to stay out of jail, you’ve GOT to know when you can and can’t use force.

Avoiding situations where you might be the “bad guy” is just a small part of knowing self-defense law.

Like I’ve said twice now, I have an entire DVD that covers the basics, and it’s completely FREE.

(All I ask is that you pay for shipping.)

You just have to let me know where to send it, okay?

Don’t wait on this, and don’t create a situation that could put you in jail when you finally defend yourself.

Learn how the law works so that slimy lawyers and prosecutors can’t turn YOU into the “bad guy.”

What Would YOU Have Done In Dave Bowers’ Situation?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences Below…

It Looked Like “Self-Defense” Until The Jury Saw THIS Piece Of Paper…

Even though the parking lot was dark, Joe could clearly see the baseball bat in one guy’s hand…

The other 3 hoodlums also moved into “attack position” as Joe made his way to his car and – fearing for his life – pulled his concealed handgun from its holster and forcefully told them to “STAND BACK!”

Joe didn’t have to fire a shot – the thugs backed off – and a passing police officer stopped to hear both sides of the story.

A few months (and a mountain of lawyer bills) later, Joe Nichols is facing a 5-year sentence for Felony Menacing (called “brandishing” in some states) – a verdict that would make him a “felon for life” and never able to legally own a firearm again.

Joe’s wife and kids prayed for a miracle from their courtroom seats and…

It Looked Like “Self-Defense” Until
The Jury Saw THIS Piece Of Paper…

Here’s how the transcript would likely sound during the DA’s cross examination of Joe…

DA “Mr. Nichols you pulled that gun to scare these kids didn’t you? They weren’t really bothering you at all, you just had to show them you had the upper hand didn’t you, and that you had a pistol?”

JOE:  “No, there were four of them, they were all moving to position on me at the same time and it was obvious they planned to attack me … I was in fear for my life.”

DA “In fear for your life? You’re saying you wouldn’t have displayed your gun and menaced these kids if you didn’t feel threatened?”

JOE: “Well of course I wouldn’t.”

DA :  “That puzzles me Mr. Nichols because on the ‘Guns a Blazing Blog’ two months ago, someone posted how he felt a little uncomfortable when four youths were around him in a subway car.  

In response, you commented – and I quote – you wrote: ‘If that were me, those little sons of bitches would sh-t their pants when they saw my gun’.  Now which is it sir, were you lying then… or are you lying NOW?!

A little scary to think about, but this is the way courtrooms and DA’s really work.

Congress and the American Bar Assoc. say it’s legal to use anything you post online against you in court… and you can be damn sure the DA will twist it ‘six ways from Hell’ to boot.

Now ask yourself… what have YOU posted on-line for eternity?

Here Are 4 Ways To Avoid A “Guilty” Verdict
If You’re Ever Forced To Pull The Trigger…

1. Live It:  ALL Lives Matter

Life is precious and shooting someone isn’t “fun” – no matter how much you think they deserve it.

Ask any police officer or soldier who’s had to watch someone die from a bullet from their weapon – even when their target was trying to kill them.

Pulling the trigger may be necessary to save your life or the life of someone you love – but the psychological scars are long-lasting.

Even more so if you’re spending the rest of your life behind bars and unable to attend your kid’s and grand-kid’s birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc. because you’re behind bars.

Don’t stroke your ego with b.s. smacktalk to your friends and in online comments.

2. Save The Sarcasm And Jokes

When you do post, remember… “sarcasm” can’t be seen on a computer screen… or when ‘printed out on paper.

When the DA or Judge holds up a print-out of your blog comment about how “all those little dirtbags would be pushin’ up daisies in my backyard if they ever tried that with me”, it WON’T be read with a snicker and giggle to the jury.

It will be read as if you’re the neighborhood gun-nut who should be locked up “before you strike again”.

Grow up and be professional with your comments.

3. “Reverse” Your Public Image

Ok, so you’ve done your analysis and you’re thinking of all those “oopsies” you’ve littered around the internet that can be used against you now, eh?

Don’t worry – you’re not screwed (yet)…

It actually HELPS if you post comments online to show how your views have “changed”… but ONLY if you actually know your legal responsibilities in a shooting.

More on this in a second…

4. Adopt A “Legal Mind-Set”

I think it’s completely irresponsible for any gun-owner to not fully understand the correct legal justification of when you can even pull out your “smoke wagon” in the first place.

I can tell you that 90% of the gun-owners I talk to are absolutely clueless about their “shoot-don’t shoot” decision-making (even those who consider themselves “experts”).

Attorneys LOVE numbskull gun-owners who don’t understand the legal system.

They’ll run circles around you on the stand unless you can INTELLIGENTLY explain why you felt you were justified to pull the trigger.

You don’t have to be a lawyer… but you DO have to know your legal responsibilities of when you can even pull out your firearm, let alone fire it (even in self-defense).

As you can see, the courtroom can be a virtual minefield of mistakes that can ruin the rest of your life.

The “Reasonable Man Doctrine” is what allows the prosecutor to pull in your frame of mind before the shooting as evidence against you.

But YOU can use this same Doctrine to your advantage as well by showing your efforts to take your legal responsibility seriously.

One way is to take a legal class that could back you up as “proof” of your prior knowledge before you were attacked.  But those are hard to come by and VERY expensive (lawyers aren’t cheap, you know.)

As an alternative, we created the Bulletproof Defense DVD – to not only show you your legal responsibilities in a clear, concise and “visual way” (without all that “lawyer speak”), but to ALSO give you the evidence you need if you ever have to defend your actions in a court of law.

You can get a FREE copy of the Bulletproof Defense DVD here…

You see, this DVD can actually be submitted as evidential PROOF that you knew what you were doing when you defended yourself.

Not “tactically”… I’m talking LEGALLY!

But you MUST show that you owned (and watched) the DVD BEFORE you were forced to fire, or it does you no good in court.

I explain WHY this concept is so critical here…

I believe every single gun-owner is naked (in legal terms) without it.