Home Invaders NEVER Think Your Gun (Or Knife) Is HERE…

3 Hide Your Gun FAILS

I don't know if you saw the remake of Death Wish with Bruce Willis, but it came out quite a while ago.

(Spoiler alert, if you're still catching up on the biggest hits of 2018 on VHS.)

Near the end of the movie, Bruce grabs a fully automatic AR pistol from a hidden drawer in a piece of furniture.

Now, we all know that's total BS – because there's no way he was going to have a legal machine gun for home defense – right?

I mean, I guess somewhere out there is a guy who's managed to pull off that paperwork, but I don't know anybody who has… and I live part time in Texas.

But, to be honest, that WASN'T my biggest problem with that part of the film!

What I really hated was the gimmicky coffee table with the rifle “hidden” in it.

Let me explain why…

3 “Hide Your Gun FAILS (Plus A Never-Fail Option For Hidden Guns & Knives)

3 Hide Your Gun FAILS
3 Hide Your Gun FAILS

Hiding a gun in a piece of furniture is one of those things that seems like a good idea in the movies… but has some problems in real life.

We all know we live in a dangerous world, and we're all aware that home invasion is a real danger.

Being able to get to a gun – especially one the “bad guy” doesn't know about – is a good thing.

But when it comes to hiding firearms, there's stuff like Bruce Willis' coffee table in the movies, and then there's real life.

If you buy a piece of furniture like a coffee table or an end table to hide a gun in, I can almost GUARANTEE that it has these problems:

It's gimmicky, so it's probably not made all that well – meaning it's fragile compared to “real” furniture.

It's not secure, so if you have curious kids in the home, stashing a gun in one of these is no better that hiding it under the couch cushions.

It may be an awkward place to get to a gun – but you're limited to where that piece of furniture looks like it belongs, so there are only so many places you can put it.

But it's not just Bruce and his coffee table that I consider a problem, because three of the other popular gun-hiding options all have hidden issues:

1. Gun Hidden In A Picture Frame

The big problem with these is that they're very obvious.

(Maybe when they were first introduced, people weren't looking for them, but I see them in ads all the time now.)

If a burglar breaks into your house looking for things he can steal, guns will be high on the list.

And trust me, he's gonna notice that suspiciously HUGE picture frame bolted to the wall.

2. Gun In A Clock (Or Some Other Object)

There are all kinds of small objects that can be hollowed out to make spaces just big enough for a gun.

These are better than pieces of furniture, because you have more options for where to put them.

They're still not secure, though, so you've basically just left a gun lying around for anybody to find (unless you add a trigger lock).

If you go with this option, make sure it blends in well.

It's also not a good idea to use these when you've got kids in the house.

(Trust me, they can find anything, and they'll find ways to break things you can't even imagine.)

3. Gun In A Hollow Book

Hiding something in a hollow book always makes me feel like a super-spy.

These are better for hiding, because if you have a lot of books, finding your gun is like finding a old gun-shaped needle in a books-shaped haystack.

The problem with these, though, is that they're hard to get to under stress.

When a guy is coming at you with a knife from across your living room, he's not going to wait while you thumb through your books, you know?

A Better Option For Hiding Your Guns (AND KNIVES)

A better option for hiding your guns, or ANY metal weapon (like a knife) is a gun magnet.

These are powerful magnets that let you stick your gun ANYWHERE (including where your kids can't get to them).

That means you can put them any place that your gun is most easily accessible, yet still hidden.

Plus, since you're basically creating a custom hiding spot based on where you install the magnet, a burglar won't have any way of knowing what your hiding spot looks like.

(Unlike if you buy a commercial gun-hiding device, because bad guys can look through catalogs and websites too!)

If you want to hide a gun in your home for a home invasion, then, you're best bet is to pick the hiding spot FIRST, then install the magnet to hold the weapon.

Not only that, but gun magnets are very affordable compared to gun-hiding furniture, and they even work for knives (here's one that one of my employees keeps under his kitchen table):

You can check out the powerful, extremely budget-friendly magnet that I like on this page.

Just think through your hiding spot, and access to it, before you get started.

If you ever do need it in a home invasion, you'll be glad you did.

How Do YOU Stage Weapons… Or Do You At All?

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Home Defense Tactics: A Risky Way To Save A HOSTAGE In A “Home Invasion” (That May Be Your ONLY Way To Survive)!

Home Invasion Hostage Rescue

This may be a tough situation for you to consider…

But it's important for you to have a plan NOW so you know how to react if your home is ever invaded and your family's life is on the line.

You see, home invaders thrive on power and intimidation.

So let me ask you…

What would you do if an attacker was holding a loved one hostage?

Here's a technique I developed for our home invasion survival program at that could save their life…

Home Defense Tactics: A Risky Way To Save A Home Invasion Hostage…That May Be Your ONLY Way To Survive!

Home Invasion Hostage Rescue

One of the most horrific scenarios you may find yourself in when home invaders break into your home is that they'll often take a family member as a hostage.

They know that if they put a knife to the throat of your child or spouse, you'll do pretty much anything they tell you to.

You'll lay down your weapon… you'll back away… you'll even handcuff yourself to a railing if they tell you to!


Because the alternative is that they'll kill someone you love right before your eyes, right?

Besides, what if you're armed and “take the shot” but miss and kill your family member instead?

Look, you have to make the judgement call yourself.

But personally, If I'm armed, I'm not going to place my trust in some scumbag thug with no decency or respect for human life.

Here's a tactic that could help you save your loved one's life if they have a weapon on them and you're armed…

First, I understand that the home invader's brain is focused on YOUR actions, NOT on killing your family member.

Most likely, he's concentrating on yelling at you to put your gun down.

This is where you ask him, “Ok, where do you want me to put it?”

Here's why this is important…

When you ask him a question, his brain “disconnects” from harming your loved one to answering your question.

This is called a “break state” and it's added insurance there won't be an accidental discharge when you employ this next move…

As he's answering you, he may motion with his gun or knife away from his hostage and in the direction he wants you to throw your weapon.

At this point – WHILE he's talking – shoot about a foot over his head and to the side away from your family member.

The shock of the gunfire will create a split second moment for you to immediately rush forward (you can be anywhere within about 20 feet and pull this off at lightspeed).

At point blank range, shove your gun right into the attacker's body (or head) and pull the trigger.

If you can move his weapon away at the same time, great – but you're not looking to get into a wrestling match.

What you're going for is a point-blank kill-shot!

I know the courts frown on me using the words “kill-shot”, but the God's honest truth is that in this dangerous of a scenario, you may only get one follow-up shot… and it has to end the standoff instantly!

Is it risky?

Hell yeah! But home invasions are the most violent and unpredictable of all crimes.

You can't wait for the perfect moment to make your move.

It may NEVER come!

That's why you need every single dirty home defense trick you can get your hands on so that you can CREATE your own opportunity to counterattack or escape.

What Other Strategies Do You Suggest For A Home Invasion Hostage Scenario?

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MCS 307 – Mob Defense Mistakes

MCS 307 - Mark and Patricia McCloskey (Ken and Karen)
MCS 307 - Mark and Patricia McCloskey (Ken and Karen)
MCS 307 – Mark and Patricia McCloskey (Ken and Karen)

Have you heard about “Ken and Karen?”

They're the couple with an AR15 who faced down a mob…

…And they're lucky to be alive!

Their real names are Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

After confronting the mob, they've been targeted for harassment…

…and they might still face legal charges.

That's because, while it's great that they defend their home…

…They made some significant tactical and legal mistakes.

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene sits in for Jeff Anderson to discuss how the McCloskeys should have done things differently… and what this means for you if YOU have to face down a mob.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Why relaxing in your home could put you at a disadvantage in a mob attack… and what you can do about it!
  • The reason you should avoid pointing a gun at an angry mob until the “last minute.”
  • What Mark and Patricia could have done differently to avoid being harassed by their local prosecutor.
  • The reason that confronting a mob could have led to Mark and Patricia being rushed and trampled… and how you can avoid the same danger!
  • The political and social implications of this famous viral incident.

We applaud Mark and Patricia for standing up and defending themselves.

We just want you to avoid the mistakes they made so you don't put yourself and your family in legal danger.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Would YOU Have Done When The Mob Came To Your House?

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[RIOTS] The WORST Thing You Can Do About Looters

You've seen the news.

Fires raging out of control.

Stores looted and torn apart.

Whole communities reduced to ashes.

It's all because of the George Floyd protests – marches that took place because Floyd was killed while in police custody.

The protests have become riots, the riots have become looting… and now innocent people are being beaten in the street.

But as bad as that is, it's about to become worse… because the rioters say they're headed to the suburbs to “take what's theirs.”

And there's one critical looter defense mistake that you can't afford to make!

The WORST Mistake You Can Make When Defending Your Home From Looters

Worst Mistake In A Riot

As the riots have spread to dozens of cities across the United States, the focus has shifted.

Police stations and police cars took the worst of it to start.

Then the looting started, first of big stores, then expensive shopping districts.

(In SoHo, looters took millions of dollars of Rolex watches when they cleaned out a fancy store.)

But as the violence raged on, we started seeing reports of small business owners being attacked, some while trying to defend their life's savings.

One couple was beaten with 2X4s in Rochester, New York.

Another man tried to face a mob with a sword… and was beaten to a bloody pulp.

And on and on it went, with cars and businesses getting wiped out.

But then they started targeting private homes, with some of the political agitators among the rioters sending tweets saying they were going to “come to the suburbs.”

Right now, with thousands of National Guard troops on the streets of American cities, private citizens are spending long nights in their homes, worried they could be targeted next.

But when the mob is walking up your street, there's one CRITICAL mistake you do NOT want to have on your house or in your yard:

A “looters will be shot” sign!

You Loot We Shoot

See, no matter how many guns you have, you can't fight off a mob of hundreds of people if they really start pouring in.

If they rush you, they'll take you down.

Instead, you need to camouflage your home.

Don't put up a “looters will be shot” sign…

…Put up a “We Stand With George Floyd” sign, or anything else that signifies you're “with” the rioters.

That could help mark you as a “friendly” household, and maybe the mob will pass you by.

Now, the best defense against rioting and looting is, honestly, not to be there.

No matter what you do, like I said, it's very difficult to fight off an entire mob of people.

But if you have no choice – say, because the riot came up on you before you realized you should get out, and especially if it's only a few people looking to invade your house or apartment – there are things you CAN do.

To do them, you need a home invasion plan.

And to defend your home against this type of violence requires EXTREME TACTICS in response.

When violent rioters or home invaders break down your door while you're home, you may have to know. . .

  • How to escape from being tied up or handcuffed
  • How to use other family members to deceive your attackers
  • Methods for staging weapons in “secret hiding spots” within your home
  • How to trick home invaders into letting you go
  • Ways to use “improvised weapons” to your advantage
  • And a LOT MORE.

These types of scenarios are EXACTLY why we created our “Extreme Home Defense Tactics” course – because we found that other home invasion survival techniques were either outdated… or frankly just fell far short of dealing with reality.

If you'd like to see more of what's covered in the course, you can check out some of the lessons here.

All I ask is that you keep an open mind, because a LOT of the training we've developed is WAAAAAY different than what you'll find most instructors telling you to do.

But I can back up every last one of our techniques with more of these real-world home-invasion stories (some of which ended well, and others of which ended VERY badly).

I think you'll see exactly why these tactics are superior for surviving a home invasion… or for sudden, violent riots and looting.

I look forward to hearing what you think… and I hope you and your family stay safe.

What Is YOUR Home Defense Plan?

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Machete Fighting: A Reader “Mind Tricks” A ROAD RAGER

Machete Fight Jedi Mind Trick

“All I could think, Jeff,” a reader said to me, “was what if it didn't work?”

That was the amazing opening line of an email I received not long ago from a reader who has trained in our Combat Machete program.

He lives in a state where he can't easily get a handgun… so his machete is his go-to defensive tool, and he carries it in his car.

Well, when a road-raging driver followed him into a parking lot, he knew that machete was the only thing that stood between him and getting beaten or even murdered.

But, knowing that a deadly fight might land him in jail, he tried one, desperate “Jedi mind trick” move first…

How To Avoid A Machete Fight… With MIND CONTROL?

How To Avoid A Machete Fight… With MIND CONTROL?

Machete Fight Jedi Mind Trick
Machete Fight Jedi Mind Trick

Now, I'm a big fan of defusing a fight before it happens, if you can.

I mean, that just makes common sense, right?

But my reader, Bill – who has followed MCS for a long time – also believes in being prepared for any threat.

That's why he had one of our MCS Guardian machetes in his car, and that's why he's trained to use it.

But he knows – just like you and I do – that if you do have to use potentially lethal force, you may have to go to court to prove that what you did was justified.

That's just a fact of our legal system.

So when he was on the highway, driving to his “essential job,” he wasn't looking for trouble with the driver who was speeding and pacing him.

When that road-raging driver followed Bill off the highway and into a parking lot, Bill knew he was in trouble – and he had forgotten his phone when he left the house, so he couldn't dial 911.

“I knew I shouldn't get out of the car,” he wrote to me. “If I did, he might do so too, and then I might need my machete if I thought he was really trying to hurt or kill me. I could see from his shoulders he was a lot bigger than me, a real ‘roided up monster. So I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

Bill tried to leave, only to have the driver cut him off.

That's when a moment of inspiration struck him:

“I rolled down my window and he rolled down his. He opened his mouth to say something angry… and I shot him a thumbs up and a HUGE grin, and shouted, ‘GREAT RACE!'

Bill said the look on the other guy's face was priceless.

The rager shouted, “What?” and Bill again, with even more cheerfulness, said, “GREAT RACE!”

“You… you didn't want to fight?” he said the road-rager asked.

Bill laughed like that was the most absurd thing he had ever heard, shook his head, and told the rager that he was a great driver and his car (a Dodge Charger) was super-hot.

“He actually looked confused,” Bill said, finishing his story. “He drove off without saying anything else… and thank goodness he did, because the whole time, I had my other hand out of sight on the grip of my machete, just in case he came at me.”

I had a really good laugh at Bill's story, although it's a pretty serious one.

He understood that in a fight against someone who is genuinely trying to hurt or kill you, when you've done everything you can to avoid it, a weapon might be your only option… and there isn't one much better than a machete if you can't have a gun.

But he ALSO understood that there might be a way to short-circuit this road-rager's train of thought… and by some stroke of luck, it totally worked.

And, finally, Bill knew that if it didn't work, he was going to have to be able to protect himself… which is why he took the time to get trained to use his blade.

He told me, in a follow-up email, that he also has “The Club,” one of those steering wheel lock bars, in his car, and he knew he could use the same techniques to wield that weapon like… well, a club.

That's exactly why I created my combat machete training DVD.

The next time some rage-fiend is trying to get in your face to hurt you or even kill you, waving your hand and telling him “These aren't the droids you're looking for” probably ISN'T an option.

When that's the case, you need these fighting principles – principles of “big blade and club” combat (which anyone can master in just 7 days).

Once you develop them, those skills will ALWAYS be there, ready to defend you with whatever weapon you have in your hands – from a machete, to a tire iron, to a stick… ANYTHING.

Just watch the DVD and you'll see what I mean.

But, hey, if you CAN use The Force, who am I to say otherwise?

What Weapons Do You Use To Defend Yourself When You're On The Road… Or At Home?

Please Share Your Best Survival Weapons Tips Below Now…

Home Invasion Defense: 11. Y.O. With Combat Machete Defeats Home Invader!

“If they come in the door, you let 'em have it!”

Those words from 11 y.o. Braydon Smith's father had to echo through his head as he sat in the dark – stuffed in a bedroom closet by a gang of home invaders.

Alone… afraid… outsized… outnumbered… and with no police “back-up” on the way…

Braydon took his dad's words to heart and, in the pitch black darkness of the closet, plotted to grab the closest “weapon” his little hands could find, and…

Here's How This 11 y.o. Single-Handedly Defeated A Gang Of Low-Life Home Invaders…

Home Invasion Defense - Braydon Smith
Home Invasion Defense – Braydon Smith

It was 11:00 am on a sunny June morning when young Braydon – alone at home – heard a knock on the family's front door as he was talking with his mother on the phone.

Peering out his front window, he saw a strange woman on the front porch.

Braydon knew something wasn't quite right, when suddenly…


… he heard his bedroom window shatter behind him!

Jataveon Dashawn Hall

In mere seconds, Braydon found himself staring face-to-chest with Jataveon Dashawn Hall, a hardened gang member who used his partner's front-door distraction to invade their home and ambush the youngster when he wasn't looking.

Braydon fought back with everything he had.

But he was no match for the bigger, stronger Jataveon Hall, who grabbed a pellet gun and forced Braydon into the bedroom closet so he and his gang could loot his home without interference.

They seriously underestimated the 11 y.o…

Braydon remembered the weapon that was hidden nearby after a previous burglary…

It wasn't a pistol… it wasn't a rifle… it wasn't a shotgun…

… it was a machete!

Bursting through the closet door, Braydon – a “star baseball player” in his hometown of Mebane, North Carolina – quickly grabbed the machete and started swinging like he was going for a home run, surprising the unaware Hall with a hit to the back of his head.

The fight was on!

Hall turned around and kicked Braydon in the stomach.

The boy came back – swinging the machete again – but missed.

Hall then kicked Braydon in the head, sending him sprawling to the ground – out of the fight – as he continued his looting of the home while his cohorts waited outside.

That's when he felt it…

… the wet, warm sensation on the back of his neck.

Reaching back, Hall discovered that the boy's first blow had hit its target and sliced a good sized gash in the back of his head that was bleeding severely.

In a panic, he dropped the electronics and rushed out the door to flee the area with his two other partners in crime, leaving a trail of blood (and DNA evidence!) behind him.

11 y.o. Braydon – 3
Gang Members – 0

When interviewed later, Braydon said he “hesitated a little,” but he was determined to defend his family's home from this violent invader.

“You shouldn't have done what you've done,” Braydon said of the thug who attacked him.

(Wise words from a little boy, eh?)

Law enforcement praised his quick-thinking in defending himself and defending his family's home.

But who KNOWS what Jataveon Hall might have done if Braydon hadn't gotten to that big blade in time, right?

We all know that home invaders prey on those they consider “weak” – children, the elderly, the handicapped, women – and will use violence to gain power over their victims with no regard for human life.

That's why I'm such a huge advocate of owning a gun for home defense – and there have been numerous stories about young kids who've defended their homes with firearms.

But Braydon didn't HAVE a gun!

And it's very unlikely that any OTHER weapon (like a baseball bat, or even a knife) would have allowed him to fight off Jataveon Hall.

Hall was bigger, stronger, and more aggressive.

Only a BIG blade like a machete had the power to put him down…

…and Braydon's story shows just how effective a machete can be for personal defense – EVEN in the hands of an 11-year-old!

And you can imagine why…

The machete is so simple to use at a “basic” level, that even a small boy can use it against a larger, stronger attacker — and win!

And with more “advanced machete fighting tactics”, it's downright deadly – as a home defense “back-up” to a firearm, or even as a primary weapon if no gun is available.

In fact, its simplicity is just one of the reasons why I say the machete is the “ultimate survival weapon”, whether you're facing a horde of face-eating zombies (kidding!) or a brutal home invader in your living room with no regard for human life.

Take a few lessons from young Braydon…

Think “beyond the gun” and consider what other weapons you can use around your home if you were forced to defend yourself in a home invasion ambush.

Not only that, I suggest you even go one step further and actually HIDE “back-up weapons” in strategic locations around your home – like a machete…

And to young Braydon… “Nice job my man!” 🙂

… AND (of course) know how to USE them in a real attack!

What Weapons Do You Use To Defend Your Home?

Please Share Your Best Survival Weapons Tips Below Now…

Best Home Defense / Home Invasion Defense: Son Comes Home, Starts SHOOTING

Home Invasion Defense: Home Invader Shot

The news has been very guarded about this story, for some reason.

Could it be that they don't want to report on a young man who, because he was armed, saved his entire family from a gang of home invaders?

It happened in Houston, Texas.

A hard-working father came home.

He was tired.

It had been a long day.

So he never saw the three armed home invaders hiding in the bushes, lying in wait for him to get home!

The thugs brutally pistol-whipped the father. . .

. . . but things were about to get much worse for that family, who had two young daughters living at home.

Here's How One Devoted Son Came Home To A Home Invasion… And Went For His Gun!

Home Invasion Defense: Home Invader Shot
Home Invasion Defense: Home Invader Shot

After beating the dad into submission, the three home invaders gleefully ransacked the home.

They were laughing and jeering as they went through the family's hard-earned possessions, taking whatever they wanted.

The family's two daughters — aged 15 and 20 — knew what was coming.

They hid in a closet.

There, they pushed a panic alarm installed and ready for just this scenario.

The home invaders didn't like that one bit.

They tried to FORCE the father, already beaten bloody, to disable the alarm.

But the daughters kept pushing it!

Furious, the thugs began searching the house for whoever was pushing the alarm. . .

. . . and who knows what they might have done to those young girls if they'd found them.

But invading this home was the last mistake one of those thugs would ever make, because the family's son and his mother had pulled into the driveway in separate vehicles.

Realizing the alarm was going off and something was very wrong, the son bravely entered the house and retrieved his own pistol.

Then he started shooting!

One of the home invaders, who had a pistol of his own, was shot in the head.

He had the rest of his life to think about his poor decisions, because he died shortly after that in the hospital.

The others fled and police are still looking for them.

That son is a hero. . . but while he successfully defended his family, everybody involved did a LOT wrong.

Here are three ways that family could have improved their tactical position before and during a home invasion:

1. Eliminate Cover Near Your Home

The father never would have been ambushed and pistol-whipped if he'd seen the home invaders hiding hear his home.

Shrubbery and other cover that gives burglars and intruders a place to hide should be eliminated around your home.

Trim shrubs back so they can't provide cover.

If you have to, rip them out by the roots.

Install lighting to cover any shadows in and around your house, too.

Your goal is to deny home invaders any place to lie in wait for you to come home.

2. Carry Your Gun ON YOUR BODY

Texas is one state that has good carry laws.

There was no reason for the son to have to enter the house — where the home invaders already were — to get his gun.

He should have been carrying it on his body.

If he had, he wouldn't have had to gamble everything on retrieving his pistol in a home invasion.

Fortunately for him, his sisters, and his parents, everything worked out.

But that's NOT a gamble I ever want to have to make.

Always carry your gun so it is with you when you need it, even when you're already at home.

3. Have A Home Invasion Plan

This is one thing the family did RIGHT.

Not only did the daughters have a plan as to where to hide in a home invasion, but the family had already installed a panic alarm for emergencies like this.

What worries me is the description of the closet as, well, a closet.

The invaders were already suspicious when shutting off the alarm didn't work.

Had they found those young girls before the son came home and shot at them, things might have gone horribly wrong.

Installing a “safe room” style door on that closet, something that could not easily be broken down, would be one way to improve the family's home invasion plan.

But there's a LOT more — way more than I can cover in a single e-mail.
That's because a home invasion is the most extreme attack you'll ever experience. . . and requires EXTREME TACTICS in response.
When intruders break down your door while you're home, you may have to know. . .

  • How to escape from being tied up or handcuffed
  • How to use other family members to deceive your attackers
  • Staging weapons in “secret hiding spots” within your home
  • How to trick home invaders into letting you go
  • Ways to use “improvised weapons” to your advantage
  • And a LOT MORE.

These types of scenarios are EXACTLY why we created our “Extreme Home Defense Tactics” course – because we found that other home invasion survival techniques were either outdated… or frankly just fell far short of dealing with reality.

If you'd like to see more of what's covered in the course, you can check out some of the lessons here and start learning everything you need to keep your family safe from home invasion.

All I ask is that you keep an open mind, because a LOT of the training we've developed is WAAAAAY different than what you'll find most instructors telling you to do.

But I can back up every last one of our techniques with more of these real-world home-invasion stories (some of which ended well, and others of which ended VERY badly).

I think you'll see exactly why these tactics are superior for surviving a home invasion.

I look forward to hearing what you think.

If You Came Face To Face With A Home Invader Who Had A Family Member Hostage, What Would You Do?

Please Leave Your Best Home Defense Techniques Below Now…

Looter Defense In A Disaster: Home Defense Screw-ups Citizen Defenders Make

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Your home is your castle.

Your refuge is the territory around that home.

Together this is the place where you’re going to dig in during an emergency (like the current pandemic).

This is the place where you choose to shelter-in-place, unless and until it becomes necessary to bug out because that location is no longer safe.

I mean let’s face it; that’s where your survival cache is anyway, right?

Your gear is there, your family is there… but what will you do if a major disaster throws your town into chaos and suddenly there is a real threat of attack from looters?

As we've all learned in recent months, you've got to protect your home from the sudden threat of violence.

So how will you do that?

Or, perhaps more importantly, what should you NOT do while accomplishing that?

I spoke with survival expert Pat Henry about protecting your home from looters, and here is a run-down of what he had to say.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Protecting Their Homes From Looters

Looter Defense In A Disaster Or Emergency

Pat Henry
Pat Henry

As we’ve seen time and time again during times of crisis, the wolves come out to prowl.

With collapse comes the threat of looting and violence that could threaten your family and your survival stash.

You yourself may not have given any thought to how to defend your home and your community when it suddenly becomes a war zone, but as we’ve recently seen during times of widespread civil unrest, rioting, and looting…

Any emergency that plunges your town into a state of social chaos could bring violence literally right to your door and onto your streets!

When the police are overwhelmed and 911 operators give up on even trying to answer the phone, it’s left to you, and hopefully a well-trained survival team, to defend your home.

But don't make THESE mistakes along the way!

Mistake #1: Thinking It's Going To Be Over Soon

One thing you've got to fight against in a collapse is the normalcy bias.

I think a lot of people out there, to their detriment, just don’t believe it’s going to get as bad as it is.

(You saw that after Hurricane Katrina, and we're seeing it now during COVID-19.)

People who had all kinds of advance warning of the disaster didn't take it seriously.

When the power was out and there was no food, they were stuck in their homes freaking out.

They thought it wasn't real, that it wasn't happening.

In a collapse, therefore, the sooner you realize it's not just going to be fine in a few hours, the better off you'll be.

Realize as soon as possible that you're going to have to take matters into your own hands.

That includes gearing up to protect your home from violent looters.

Mistake #2: Being Unprepared To Defend Their Lives

Once you’ve gotten past that, another mistake people make is not being prepared to deal with the ramifications of having to defend their lives.

Far too often, we rely on the police.

In a collapse, if there are looters coming down your street. you’re going to have to be prepared to defend your home — defend your life, possibly — from people who have shown that they don’t give a damn what the police are going to do.

As much as possible, think through the steps you are going to take, or that you could be faced with, when it comes to defending your home.

That will help put you in a better position to take action when the time does come.

Mistake #3: Not Being There

Finally, a lot of people make the mistake of simply not being there.

In a collapse, if you want to protect your home, you've got to be there.

(You can't expect your private army of security personnel to do it… because for most of us, they don't exist.)

If you've bugged out to a neighbor's house or you're at a bar watching all this happen on the television, you won't be there to defend your home.

Anything you do have, including your stockpiled supplies, your food, your water, your gear… it's all going to be up for grabs.

Not being home during a crisis, therefore, is a huge mistake.

These aren't the only mistakes you could make, but they are some pretty major ones.

When you come down to it, there are a lot of ways to protect your home from looters.

Be mindful of what NOT to do as we've detailed here and you'll be a long way towards successfully protecting your home and family.

Are You Preparing Your Home For Defense Against Looters And Riots?

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[HOME INVASION] When Cops Arrive, Follow These 3 Tactical Home Defense Tips

Home Invasion Defense Tactics

I’m sure you’ve heard this before…

… “when seconds count, the police are just minutes away”.

In other words, if you’re ever attacked by a criminal – such as in a nighttime home invasion – YOU are your first line of defense.

I realize you already know this is true.

But have you ever thought of how you will work WITH a responding officer to help them take down the bad guy in your home?

Here are…

3 Home Invasion Survival Tips To Work With Responding Police…

Home Invasion Defense Tactics
Do You Know How To Respond When Police Show Up To A Home Invasion In Progress?

1. Have A “Safe-Room” Plan

Unless you have children or others you protect that that sleep in other areas of your home, you don’t want to go walking through your house to “clear it” of the home invader.

A home invasion is NOT your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try out all that tactical training you’ve been studying.

Sometimes the best “offense” is a well-planned DEFENSE.

For example, you should already have a “safe-room” planned out that you can retreat to in a home invasion.

This is your very first move – even before dialing 911 – because you first have to secure your own safety before counting on a police officer to come and provide it for you.

When you’re in your safe-room, your spouse or other family member should be the one to call the police while you cover the entrance of the room – and they should stay on the phone to communicate with dispatch (or the officer directly) as the scenario unfolds.

There are actually a lot of details that go into planning out your safe-room, but one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is in choosing WHICH room in your home will work best.

This should of course at least be close to your sleeping area, but it should also be one on the outer floor-plan of your house and have a window.

One reason is that you want to have the option to be able to escape out the window if possible.

Besides, you don’t want to be trapped in a room with no exit if the home invader decides to burn the house (it happens).

But there’s also another reason why you’ll want window access…

2. Activate The “Cop Signal”

When an officer arrives and they’re trying to assess the situation, a key piece of information they need is where your FAMILY is located so they can determine who is and isn’t a “threat” if they should have to clear your home.

Something we talk about in our Home Defense Tactics guide is to have a “go belt” hidden under your bed that you can grab-and-go, hightailing it to your safe-room with your firearm and the gear you need to stand your ground.

One of the items that should be in this go-belt is a “chem-lite” with your house keys attached.

You see, if you’re smart, your doors will be locked when you’re at home in order to prevent entry by a home invader, right?

But in order for an officer to come to your aid, they need to be able to access your home without having to break in themselves… and having your keys will allow them to respond much safer, quicker, and quieter.

By activating the chem-lite “key chain” and throwing it out your saferoom window, you can guide officers to your keys.

However, this still doesn’t signal to police WHERE you are located, right?

That’s why I recently just added one more item to my go-gear that I highly suggest you also get for your own home defense arsenal…

It’s a high-powered tactical “signal laser” I’ve told you about before, that you can shine out your window.

Now I’m NOT talking about some weak “laser pointer” gizmo you pick up at the local convenient store counter or Home Depot.

Those cheap types of lasers don’t actually have a visible “beam” – only the tiny red dot where the beam ends and red does NOT show up very well in the dark.

In other words, these things won’t work at ALL for the protection you need.

The tactical “signal laser” I own has 2 operation modes:

  • “Beam”: This is so bright it looks like a Star Wars “light sabre”! You really have to see it to believe it.
  • “Scatter”: This is a pretty freaky feature that, when I've tested it, sort of scrambles an attacker's vision with its geometric pattern. But I have another use for it (more in a second)

Here's how I recommend using this device…

(By the way… the laser is so simple to operate that any other family member – even a child – can operate it the way I describe below, while you take a more defensive role in your response.)

First, help officers quickly locate your home (seconds count!) by using the laser's “scatter mode” outside your window, shining it onto the ground.

There will be no guessing which home is yours and the laser is so bright that even a police helicopter will INSTANTLY know how to locate you.

Once they arrive, switch the laser to “beam mode” and point it directly to where your home's keys are on the ground so they can find them and see EXACTLY which room you and your family are in.

This allows them to enter your home with full confidence that they can quickly identify and engage a threat WITHOUT having to determine if it’s a bad guy they’re encountering.

Well, that’s only true as long as you…

3. Stay Put… And Stay READY!

Once you’re in your safe-room, do NOT leave it to come out to “help” the police… or even communicate with them.

You have to understand that a responding police officer is showing up to a very dangerous scenario.

The only info they may have is that there’s a potentially armed intruder in a home… and they may not make it back home to their family alive.

Anyone on the property who looks like they have a weapon – even if it’s YOU, the homeowner – will be a threat… and will may trigger a response of “shooting first and asking questions later”.

I know that sounds harsh, but you must keep in mind… “Blue Lives Matter”… and it’s a matter of survival for the responding officer.

If you come out of your front door with a weapon in your hand – even if it’s to tell the officer that it was a false alarm or that you’ve already neutralized the threat – YOU could be accidentally killed.

Stay put in your safe-room until officers clear your home and tell you it’s safe for you to come out.

What Other Home Defense Tips Do You Have For Working With Police Responding To A Home Invasion?

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[HOME DEFENSE NEWS] Husband’s Home Invasion “Headshot” Saves Wife Held Hostage

Albert DeLa Garza's trigger finger was trembling…

In front of him were two men trying to drag his 27 y.o., Deaudre, screaming through their front door after ambushing her in their driveway late at night.

He was outnumbered… and seeing his presence, one of the gunmen put his weapon to his wife's head, threatening him to get back or he'd shoot.

Albert had a decision to make.

He knew that if these thugs got inside, there's no telling what their sadistic plans would hold for the couple.

Yet with only the attacker's head visible, just one inch “off target” could mean killing his own wife, 3 months pregnant with their child.

Albert took careful aim…

Here's How This Prepared Husband's “Headshot” Saved His Pregnant Wife's Life In This Violent Home Invasion Ambush…

Home Defense Tips Headshot
Home Defense Headshot Technique

It was 10:30 on a hot summer night when Albert sat in his living room waiting for his wife to return from running an errand.

Seeing the lights of their Suburban as she turned into the driveway, he rose to welcome her home and see if she needed any help at the vehicle.

That's when he heard her scream.

Looking outside, he witnessed two men attacking his wife, dragging her to the front door to force her inside.

Albert wasted no time.

Quickly grabbing the pistol he kept in their home for protection, he rushed outside to confront the men before they could get inside and gain control.

Fortunately, he caught them by surprise… and leveled his sights on the attackers, demanding they release his wife.

But the gunmen recovered quickly and one of them put his weapon to Albert's wife's head to get him to back down.

It didn't work.

From about 7-10 ft. away, Albert took the shot – striking the man holding his wife hostage in the head, instantly dropping him to the ground, mortally wounded.

The other gunmen instantly ran away, firing his weapon at Albert and his wife from behind him as he made his escape.

Fortunately, neither were hit and the couple survived this horrifying attack.

But let's face it…

… this response could have gone VERY wrong!

To be honest, I'd consider that headshot blind luck in most cases, especially under the stress and adrenaline of a sudden attack.

— Albert COULD have missed and shot his wife…

— He COULD have caused the hostage-taker to flinch and pull the trigger by mistake, again, killing his pregnant wife…

— The other attacker COULD have stayed to fight, and shot the couple in retaliation for scrambling their invasion plans.

What would you do?

Would YOU take the shot?

It's certainly a tough scenario to consider and if your tactics are even a hair off, the end result could destroy your entire life.

To help you prepare, here are 3 “hostage defense” tips that will give you a fighting chance…

1. DON'T Count On Luck

When the people you care about are on the line, relying on luck is not an option.

With a gun to your wife's head, or a knife to your child's throat, you can't afford to just pull the trigger and hope.

Don't count on making a precision headshot in a real-life hostage situation no matter how many times you've shot targets at the range.

Real hostage scenarios are different, especially when you're not shooting in a relaxed, casual atmosphere with all the time in the world to pull the trigger.

If at any point you have to hope that your shot will hit the mark (and ONLY the mark), don't take it.

But that doesn't mean you're doomed to suffer at their hands either.

Let's move on…

2. Get His Finger Off The Trigger

That “reactionary flinch” I mentioned is the big threat here.

If you have a weapon trained on a home invader who has a hostage, he's just one twitch away from involuntarily jerking his own trigger and killing his human shield.

Chances are, he thinks he's got you against the wall.

He may be ordering you to put your weapon down.

This is where you should pretend to comply.

You can even say to him, “Whatever you say, man… just please, take your finger off the trigger so you don't shoot by accident, okay?”

Appeal to his humanity, get him talking… do whatever you can to get his finger away from the trigger.

3. Use A “Break State”

Once his finger is off the trigger, or he's at least thinking about it, use a “break state.”

This is a “psychological trick” where you essentially short-circuit his brain with a statement or question that triggers his thinking to HAVE to respond.

For example, you could say,

“Point to exactly where you want me to lay down the gun?”

See how this type of a question forces the brain to “think” about an answer involuntarily?

At this point, he might motion away, taking the gun just enough off the hostage so you can make your move.

THIS is where you take action!

Once his brain is engaged in responding to you and your loved one is no longer in danger of an accidental shooting, shoot a foot ABOVE your attacker's head (taking into account your backdrop as well).

The surprise counterattack will instantly overwhelm your attacker.

As fast as possible, close the distance for a contact shot or a head shot from much closer range.

This dramatically increases your odds of survival – for both you AND the hostage – and is a far safer approach than just simply “taking the shot” and letting God do the deciding.

But even with this approach, you may not even HAVE an opportunity to fight back…

— You might be ambushed with ZERO warning at all…

— You might be asleep when the invaders attack…

— You could be outnumbered and overwhelmed in your own home.

When this happens, you can be sure that the home invaders' first goal is to get you tied up, handcuffed, or zip-tied to keep you from becoming a “problem”.

Those types of situations are the absolute WORST CASE because you lose the ability to fight back.

Under their control, these sadistic bastards have all the time in the world to do whatever they want to you and your family members.

The secret to surviving?

You have to be just as vicious and sneaky as your attackers!

Unfortunately, most home defense training falls far short of helping gun-owners truly prepare for the violent nature of a home invasion.

Sure, they offer advice on what locks are best for your door… don't open the door to “bad guys”… and own a weapon for personal protection.

Blah, blah, blah, blah…

A home invasion is the most extreme attack you'll ever experience… and requires EXTREME TACTICS in response.

For example, you may have to deal with situations like…

  • How to escape from being tied up or handcuffed
  • How to use other family members to deceive your attackers
  • Staging weapons in “secret hiding spots” within your home
  • How to trick home invaders into letting you go
  • Ways to use “improvised weapons” to your advantage
  • And more. . .

These types of scenarios are EXACTLY why we created our “Extreme Home Defense Tactics” course – because we found that other home invasion survival techniques were either outdated… or frankly just fell far short of dealing with reality.

If you'd like to see more of what's covered in the course, you can check out some of the lessons here.

All I ask is that you keep an open mind because a LOT of the training we've developed is WAAAAAY different than what you'll find most instructors telling you to do.

But I can back up every last one of our techniques with real-world home-invasion stories (that ended well… or badly!) and I think you'll see exactly why these tactics are superior for surviving a home invasion.

Again, here's a special link to go over and check out each of the lessons we cover when you get a chance…

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

If You Came Face To Face With A Home Invader Who Had A Family Member Hostage, What Would You Do?

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Home Defense Carbine Rifle: To Sling, Or Not To Sling?

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

I was at the outdoor range the other day and I saw a lot of guys rocking single point slings for their assault rifles.

A sling helps us to feel all “operator” and can be of benefit in certain scenarios.

But would it shock you if I told you… you don’t always need it?

Specifically, that sling could just get in the way when you are using your carbine for home defense!

I spoke with firearms expert Rich Nance about this issue not long ago.

Here is a summary of what he had to tell me.

The Home Defense Carbine Rifle: To Sling, Or Not To Sling?

Home Defense Carbine Rifle: To Sling Or Not To Sling?
Home Defense Carbine Rifle: To Sling Or Not To Sling?

Rich Nance | Tactical Firearms Instructor
Rich Nance

Generally speaking, the sling is the second of two essentials for the home-defense carbine rifle, where the first one is that white light.

A sling is important when you’re “operating” because without it, there’s no way to “holster” the rifle.

You can’t put it down or otherwise keep it on you but not hold it if you don’t have a sling.

But a sling might also be a liability for home defense!

Here are three reasons why that might be true.

1. A Sling Is A Liability When Exiting A Vehicle

A lot of people carry a rifle in a vehicle because it's not convenient to carry one around any other way.

You can't just walk down the street with it over your shoulder, after all.

Police officers carry rifles or shotguns in their cruisers for this very reason.

The problem, though, is that when you go to get that weapon from your vehicle, a sling could become a problem.

If it snags or hangs up on something in the vehicle, it could slow you down while you try to get it into action.

This is especially true of real-life shooting scenarios because you'll be under adrenaline and your fine motor skills will go to hell.

For that reason you might want to consider removing the sling from a rifle typically carried in a vehicle.

2. A Sling Is A Liability When Deploying The Weapon

A sling might also catch on other items that are, say, in your gun safe.

Picture it: There's a bump in the night.

You go to grab your trusty home defense rifle from the safe…

…only you get it caught on one of the other rifles in there, and you lose valuable seconds trying to get it untangled.

Do you want to be behind the curve when responding to a home invader?

That's a good reason not to have a sling on a weapon kept at the ready for home defense.

3. A Sling Is A Liability When Clearing The Home

Finally, you may not want to have a sling on your rifle when clearing your home.

Clearing your own house is incredibly dangerous and should be a tactic of last resort.

If you do have to do it, however — because, say, a family member is in danger — a sling could be a problem as you move around the tight confines of your house.

You don't want the sling getting snagged on objects around the house, or perhaps even knocking something over and tipping off the invader as to your location.

For home defense carbines, therefore, a sling isn’t necessary and could possibly be a hindrance.

Honestly, though, for home defense, you don’t need to waste time worrying about the sling.

Just hold the carbine as it’s meant to be held.

Either hunker down and defend your location, or start moving through your home to locate the bad guy if the situation dictates.

That’s all you’ve got to do…

…and it just might save your life while protecting your family.

Do You Run A Sling On Your Rifle? What Kind?

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