MCS 299 – 5 Reasons To Carry Cheap Knives

MCS 299 - 5 Reasons To Carry Cheap Knives
MCS 299 - 5 Reasons To Carry Cheap Knives
MCS 299 – 5 Reasons To Carry Cheap Knives

What's the most expensive knife you own?

Did it cost a hundred bucks?

Two hundred?

Maybe more?

Well, let me ask you:

How afraid are you of breaking or losing it?

The reality is that while you should absolutely carry high-quality tools (and you get what you pay for)…

…You should ALSO carry an inexpensive knife for all those “dirty jobs” and high-risk areas!

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene sits in for Jeff Anderson and makes the case for supplementing your Everyday Carry (EDC) with a cheap fixed blade knife.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The knife (or knives) you can find literally everywhere that can be both utility and self-defense blades!
  • Why a “cheap knife” gives you more “freedom” than even the most expensive tactical blade.
  • Multiple ways to create a knife sheath (with materials you have in your home right now)!
  • Why a cheap knife might give you a legal and social advantage in public.
  • Which “cheap knives” to buy and which to avoid (and how to tell the difference when you aren't sure)!

Let's all take a break from doom and gloom and pandemic readiness to talk about something we can all agree on:

Knives are freaking cool, and we should all be carrying more than one…

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Knife Do You Carry? How Many Blades Do You Tote Around?

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Kerambit? Karambit? 3 Reasons People Hate It For “Knife Fighting”

Kerambit? Karambit? 3 Reasons People Hate It For Knife Fighting

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

One of the knives I keep coming back to during this time of “social distancing” is one specifically designed for extreme close-quarters combat.

When you absolutely need to get somebody the HELL off you, the kerambit is an extremely vicious tool.

I don't know if you remember back when this knife first hit the market…

…but I remember all the people who kept cutting open their own wrists spinning these things around!

It may have started as kind of a “knife fad,” but it's here to stay now…

…And you might be surprised just how strongly people feel about it!

Whether you love the knife or you hate the knife, it also might surprise you to learn WHY other people don't like it – and why the knife might STILL be a good choice for close-quarters combat…

Especially now, when somebody who gets close to you could be endangering your life just by being there.

Why People Hate The Kerambit (And Why You Might Still Choose It)

Kerambit? Karambit? 3 Reasons People Hate It For Knife Fighting
Kerambit? Karambit? 3 Reasons People Hate It For Knife Fighting

Now, if you don't know (and it's okay if you don't), a kerambit – sometimes spelled “karambit” – is a knife with a ring in the handle and a curved, talon-shaped blade.

It's meant to be held in a reverse grip, with your index finger through the ring and the claw coming out of the bottom of your hand.

If you've seen movies like “The Man From Nowhere” or the sequel to “The Raid,” You've seen this type of knife on screen.

Spend any time talking about knives (especially self-defense knives) online, and you'll read LOTS of strong opinions about them.

I can remember when the head of a major knife company wrote an entire article for his catalog about why the kerambit sucks, basically…

…and today, his company offers several versions of the design!

That kind of love-hate thing is really common with this wicked little Indonesian blade.

I've boiled down what I think are the top 3 reasons people hate it, though:

1. You Can't Stab With It (Except You Can)

One of the things about a curved blade is that, obviously, you can't stab in a straight line with it the way you can with a “normal” knife.

For a lot of people, this is a “no go.”

The thing is, you actually CAN stab with the kerambit.

You just kind of hook the blade into the target with an upward or side-to-side motion.

It will still go in nice and deep; you just have to practice the mechanics a little.

2. Reverse Grip Reduces Range (Except A “Knife Fight” Happens In Close Quarters

Another thing about reverse grip – the way the kerambit is intended to be held – is that it cuts down on your reach.

A lot of “knife people” believe this puts them at a disadvantage.

But, let me ask you:

If you were shooting at a target from across your living room, would you need a sniper rifle?

Fighting somebody while armed with a knife is a messy, brutal, close-quarters thing.

Range is pretty much non-existent when somebody is on top of you at knife distance.

This is where the kerambit works GREAT, in fact, because making reverse-grip slashes at extreme close quarters does a TON of damage!

3. They Can Be Expensive (But They Don't Have To Be)

Finally, it's a fact that kerambits can be pretty pricey.

Some of the nice ones out there will run you a couple of hundred bucks.

You don't HAVE to spend a fortune, though, to get a great kerambit you can use at close-quarters.

There are plenty of inexpensive ones on the market, in both fixed and folding formats.

(Shop around, and find one that you like — because it will be a great addition to your survival and self-defense gear.)

Once you find one that works for you, you'll find it's an excellent tool for defending yourself at extreme close range.

And that's what self-defense is all about, right?

Do You Love Or Hate The Kerambit? Or Maybe Both?

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MCS 277 – 5 Pros Of Balisongs (Butterfly Knives)

Balisong / Butterfly Knife Pros

Call it a balisong.

Call it a butterfly knife.

Whatever you call it, its place in popular culture is clear.

Plus it's frickin' cool.

They are largely associated with Filipino martial culture…

…but may or may not have come from somewhere else.

Whatever their history, and no matter how much you see them in TV, movies, and even comic strips…

…these unique knives have a LOT of great qualities.

Should YOU consider the balisong or butterfly knife for everyday carry, utility, and even self-defense?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene lists 5 reasons the balisong makes a great companion for the prepared citizen.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • How the unique nature of the balisong makes it simple to deploy.
  • Why the butterfly knife is one of the SAFEST folding knives you'll ever carry!
  • The martial arts application for the balisong that ISN'T cutting or stabbing.
  • Why a butterfly knife is uniquely concealable for EDC.
  • How to open a butterfly knife WITHOUT fancy tricks!

Some of you may consider the balisong a product of a bygone era.

It is, however, a very realistic choice for your tactical knife… and this podcast explains why.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are Your Three Biggest Takeaways From This Podcast?

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MCS 270 – Tactical Knife DON’Ts

Tactical Knife Tips – Tactical Folding Knife Tips

Countless prepared citizens carry tactical folding knives.

And that's a problem.

It's a problem because, while there is no one “right” way to carry and use such a knife…

…there are multiple ways to do it wrong.

And while the tactical folding knife is a great tool and a very powerful weapon…

…making certain mistakes with it can get you hurt, killed, or sent to prison.

So how should you be carrying your tactical folder?

What potential problems of the tactical knife have you missed?

And how do you solve these problems and carry your tactical folder with confidence?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene covers 5 “don'ts” of tactical folders, based on his years of experience carrying, using, and writing about these blades.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The OBVIOUS mistake that almost every tactical folding knife owner makes when carrying one (and the surprising reason this is a problem).
  • The screw-up that could make carrying your tactical folder HARDER to deploy in a violent encounter!
  • How to make sure your knife will work when you need it most.
  • The one reason why you have to be EXTRA careful with a shoulder harness for a knife!
  • The most common way that tactical folding knives are “abused” by their owners.

If you're not carrying a tactical folder and it's legal for you to do so, you need to start now.

Just remember the mistakes covered in this episode – so you can avoid making them yourself!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are Your Top 3 Takeaways From This Podcast?

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Fighting With Shovels? Military-Inspired Survival Weapon Secrets For Close Quarters Combat

The US Military's top enlisted man said it himself:

“If they choose not surrender, then we will kill them… Whether that be through…dropping bombs on them, shooting them in the face, or beating them to death with our entrenching tools.” [emphasis added]

He was talking about ISIS fighters.

And as brutal as it sounds, Command Sgt. Maj. John Troxell – the military's top enlisted soldier – was just saying something our military has ALWAYS known when it comes to fighting, and here's…

The Military's “No B.S.” Fighting Secret For Close-Quarters Combat

E-tool, Etool, Entrenching Tool: Shovel Combat By Any Name For CQC Battle

“ISIS fighters must surrender or die via shovels,” read the headline when the news covered it.

And you can probably imagine what happened when CSM Troxell posted this comment to Facebook and Twitter…

People freaked!

A lot of people on social media thought Troxell was out of control for saying something so brutal.

The thing is, he wasn't being “brutal” at all.

He was referring to a secret, something most people don't know:

In life-or-death combat, the true warrior will use whatever weapon he or she has available to defeat their enemy!

That means the humble “e-tool,” or “entrenching tool” – something every soldier carries – is as much a weapon of war as his rifle.

“That's ridiculous, Jeff,” you might be thinking. “A shovel, especially a tiny shovel like that, isn't an effective weapon when every soldier on both sides has a rifle!”

Well, it's not as far fetched as it sounds.

In fact, the shovel HAS been seen as a weapon in the military for years… and even USED to kill the enemy by some of its biggest heroes.

Ben Wilson, Military Hero
(And Owner of BRASS BALLS)

Ben Wilson

Do you know the story of Ben Wilson?

Wilson earned a Medal of Honor, a Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Service Cross during his time in the military.

He served in WWII and the Korean War, rising to the rank of First Sergeant.

At “Hell Hill” near Hwacheon Dam in Korea, he continued fighting while his men retreated from North Korean counterattack.

Losing his rifle in the fighting, he took out his entrenching tool…

…and killed 4 MEN with the sharpened edge of the shovel!

The military has long recognized just how effective this weapon can be, but not as a shovel by itself.

Instead, in their combatives manuals through the years, they've just listed it as one of many objects you an use to fight with the SAME WAY.

In other words, it's not that the military ever saw the e-tool as a “primary close quarters weapon.”

But they DID understand that guns jam… break… and run out of bullets.

When that happens, you NEED a backup weapon that will keep you alive while destroying the enemy.

The military also understood that soldiers need TRAINING to use weapons.

That could be your “body weapons” (a.k.a. “close-quarters combatives”)… your bayonet knife… or even your frickin' SHOVEL.

Now, for me, what I always considered a much more formidable backup weapon than ALL of these was…

…my machete!

And just like the military did, I developed a system that works universally with nearly ALL melee weapons, the machete included.

Look familiar (like, you know, that picture from the combatives manual)?

Just like our troops do, though, you need training to wield a machete (or a shovel, or a frigging stick) most effectively.

I feel so strongly about this that I spent 3.5 years training in the legendary “Gatka” sword-fighting system of the legendary Sikh warriors…

…then another 2 years fine-tuning our own “Combat Machete” system, integrating elements of African and Central American machete arts (where real-world machete fighting is extremely common!).

The result?

It's the ultimate fighting system – that anyone can master in as little as 7 days!

If you're serious about bladed weapons for self-defense – especially the machete – but if you ALSO want training that you can use with anything you pick up and use as a weapon (like Ben Wilson did) – you might want to check out this “extreme” survival weapons blueprint you can download for free.

I think you'll be surprised just how much it can help you prepare for any threat.

What Other Ideas Do You Have For Self-Defense If You Don't Have A Gun?

Please Share Your Best Survival Weapons Tips Below Now…

Best Tactical Machete Advice For Machete Attacks In The STREETS

The unidentified man tried to retreat… only to be pursued by an entire GANG of thugs.

They were wielding machetes, bats, and even a full-on sword!

This wasn't something out of a post-apocalyptic movie.

It was the streets of south London, and it happened just a few days ago!

The bizarre melee battle was captured by people recording it for Snapchat on their phones.

This chaos is NOT an isolated incident, either.

It's happening almost every day, and it represents a very dangerous warning for you and me when it comes to self-defense!

Keep reading, because i'm going to explain why…

Machete Battles In The STREETS Give Insight Into “Other Weapons” For Survival…

The recent September 3rd street battle in Croydon — the town in south London that used to be a nice, safe place — has residents screaming about “lawless London.”

As crowds of horrified people gathered to record the battle, some of the DOZEN men involved began swinging metal pipes at each other.

The brawl broke up into separate fights.

Some were machete-on-knife fights.

Some were bat-on-sword fights.

Some were the metal-smashing pipe fights.

Then they started throwing bricks.

By the time the cops arrived, the men involved had already fled the scene. leaving at least one knife behind.

And the people standing there, foolishly watching and endangering their lives?

They keep telling the reporters they can't believe what's happened to their peaceful neighborhood.

The sad fact is that in the last few years, violent crime in cities like London has surged to rival levels in big United States cities.

In part, that's due to gangs moving into the cities, preying on the inner-city populations.

As the violence has increased, people using scooters and bicycles to commit “drive by” attacks have become increasingly common, too.

They use acid, throwing it in people's face.

They use knives.

They even use illegal guns.

But do you know what the most common weapon used in the streets of London is?

It's the machete.

According to a recent news report, the police in the UK are dealing with a whopping 15 machete attacks. . . EVERY DAY!

Attacks with every type of knife are off the charts there, but the machete is CLEARLY the weapon of choice.

And that's my point.

Here's why that matters to you…

The gangs in the UK have figured that out.

Gangs and street criminals here in the United States have learned it, too.

The notorious MS-13 gang in the United States, for example, can get all the illegal guns it wants…

…but they STILL use machetes when they want to prove how badass they are.

(I believe in the power of the machete so much, in fact, that I designed one myself — but more on that in a minute.)

The machete is a short sword.

It's inexpensive.

It delivers POWERFUL damage, and does so quickly.

It's also more maneuverable than a traditional sword (sorry to you samurai out there).

And it's a LOT less conspicuous than other types of big blades, because it has an “official” outdoor use.

When you buy a gun for everyday carry or home defense, you DON'T buy the cheapest one you can get, do you?

I sure hope not, because you're going to be relying on that weapon to save your life.

Well, for those times you can't have a gun with you — or if you live someplace that they're trampling on your gun rights — you want to stock up on alternative weapons NOW, while you still can.

But just like when buying a gun to defend your life, you DON'T want to trust your family's safety to a five-dollar Walmart machete.

You want to buy something SOLID.

You want a machete that can smash through doors and even concrete barriers.

You want a machete that can cut through whatever obstacle you face.

And you want a machete that can handle any FIGHT in front of you, one that handles like a real WEAPON.

I'm not going to lie… there are lots of machetes out there that have some of these qualities.

But there's only ONE that can handle all the abuse you throw at it… and still serve as a fighting weapon you can trust with your life.

If you'd like to watch the torture test video for yourself, click here…

Frankly, there is no equal.

Do You Carry A Knife? What Alternative Weapons Do You Have?

Please Share Your Best Tips Below Now…

Combat Machete Story: Soldier Uses Knife Fighting/Hand To Hand Blade Skills To Fight Taliban Terrorists

Combat Machete Soldier Fights Taliban Hand To Hand Story

“I thought I was going to die.”

Those were the words going through Corporal Gurung's head as he lay there on the ground of his observation post – struck in the head by an AK-47 bullet and disoriented from the grenade that just exploded mere feet from his location.

But now was NOT the time to die…

The lives of 120 of Cpl. Gurung's commrades were relying on him to hold the line…

… and an armed Taliban fighter had just climbed over his post's wall to “finish the job” of sending Gurung to his Maker.

The larger enemy combatant was too close for Gurung to swing his rifle around to counter the attack – so he grabbed the only other weapon he had within his reach, and…

Here's How This Brave Soldier's Blade Saved 120 Men From Almost Certain Death…

Combat Machete Soldier Fights Taliban Hand To Hand Story
Soldier And Machete Vs Taliban Story

It was just 3:45 in the morning when 29 y.o. Corporal Gurung looked out over the baren desert in front of his observation post on the outer perimeter of “Patrol Base Sparta” in Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan.

This was the time of early morning “dead stillness” that most soldiers are trying to fight back from falling asleep during the long, boring guard detail.

The Taliban knew that too…

They had sent two enemy fighters to breach the post's main gate while their defenses were down, and kill as many soldiers as they could – even if it meant sacrificing their own lives.

Fortunately, Gurung was dedicated and alert.

He knew that the lives of his friends depended on his ability to spot potential enemy patrols, and in the pre-dawn hours, he spotted two figures through his night-vision goggles, quickly heading toward the main gate.

Initially thinking them local farmers, Cpl. Gurung shouted for them to stop.

Instead, they lurched around and opened fire!

Caught off-guard by the sudden ambush, Gurung was hit in his helmet with a bullet from one of the Taliban fighter's AK-47 and dropped to the ground.

“It felt like I was hit by something like a big hammer on my helmet. There was so much pain in my head and neck,” Corporal Gurung said.

“I was unconscious for a while but after a few seconds I managed to step up in my position.”

As he gathered his strength and got to his feet, he suddenly heard “a click sound” and saw a small black object drop in front of him in his guard post.

It was a grenade!

As it exploded, Gurung was again knocked to the ground – his position now full of dust and sand, making it difficult to see.

That's when he spotted the Taliban fighter climbing over his post's wall to make sure he was dead.

In the cramped guard post, Gurung knew there was no space or time to grab and aim his rifle at the enemy raising his own weapon.

But Gurung wasn't “unarmed”…

The Corporal was never far from the 18-inch machete he carried with him on his combat missions.

Acting on pure survival instinct, Gurung grabbed his machete and began slashing the shocked Taliban fighter, at the same time, yelling to his fellow soldiers to raise the alarm.

The enemy combatant tried to escape, while his cohort – terrified by Gurung's counterattack – ran off to safety.

Fearing for the lives of his friends, Cpl. Gurung pulled his attacker back into the guard post, but the enemy was much bigger than him and forced them both off the 9′ high platform, landing on top of him as they plowed into the heard earth.

“I was under him,” Corporal Gurung said.

“I felt so much pain in my back because of the landing but I started to slash at him again with my <machete>.”

His “survive at all costs” mind-set – and his machete – ultimately overcame the enemy fighter who lay there dying in the dirt.

The young, married Gurung would once again see his wife and family… as would the 120 men who owe him their lives.

For “survivalists” like myself, Gurung's story tells us two things…

One, in a real attack (ANY attack), you NEVER say “die”! Shot in the head and blown up with a grenade, Gurung was the one who walked away alive that day because he never gave up.

Two, the machete DOES have a place on the modern battlefield, as the brave Corporal proved when he fought off machine gun-wielding terrorists using just his blade.

This is also one of the reasons why I always carried a machete with me during my time in combat.

I knew that there could be a time where my rifle wouldn't be there to defend me (tight quarters, malfunction, out of ammo, etc.) and I needed a “back-up”.

My back-up was my machete!

In fact, I believe in the power of this weapon so much, that I put together this “extreme” survival weapons blueprint you can download for free.

While YOU may not be a soldier, serving in a desert “combat zone”, I highly suggest that you have your own machete and your own “extreme” survival weapons plan.

You never know – in today's violent climate – when you and those you love could be trapped in the aftermath of a wide-scale crisis that collapses our infrastructure – such as a nation-wide grid-down “blackout”, political protests-turned-riots, or other threat.

When that happens, you'll see once-friendly citizens transform into panicked, desperate “refugees”, fighting for scarce resources to feed and protect their own families.

No, this isn't some “conspiracy theory”.

I've seen it with my own eyes.

The question is, will YOU be prepared if this type of emergency hit us at home?

Firearms have their place for personal defense – and I'd never suggest NOT having one as your primary weapon to defend yourself and loved ones from gangs, looters, and angry mobs in the violent aftermath of a disaster or crisis.

But just as Corporal Gurung discovered… your primary firearm may NOT be there when you need it.

You need a “back-up”… and you need that back-up to be part of a PLAN.

For me, my survival weapons plan includes my machete.

Yours should, too.

What Other Ideas Do You Have For Weapons To Use Against Home Invaders And Looters If You Don't Have A Gun?

Please Share Your Best Survival Weapons Tips Below Now…