“Stand Your Ground” Laws: A Dangerous Myth That Puts CCW’ers In JAIL

Her hands shaking, Mary desperately worked the action of the .22 rifle she carried in her trunk.

That’s when the rifle fired into the gas station pavement!

Taking a step forward, Mary’s attacker hit her so hard that she stumbled half a car-length away.

Desperate, her head throbbing from the vicious punch, Mary raised her rifle and put the sights over the maniac’s chest.

As her finger tightened on the trigger, she had no way of knowing just how bad things might get AFTER she fired again!


Stand Your Ground Laws: The Louis Daniel Shooting In Houston

So many people have been stuck at home these last two months, worrying about looters and home invaders, that we need to talk about “stand your ground” now more than ever.

(Yes, I realize “castle doctrine” and “stand your ground” aren’t the same thing, but I’ve gotten several emails from people referring to what they can and cannot do when “standing their ground” while confronting a home invader.)

Mary’s case, which is a great lesson in what not to do, went down in Houston a few years ago.

Mary – not her real name – was just 23 years old at the time.

She had stopped to fill up at a gas station, something you or I do without even thinking about it.

That’s when a creep identified as Louis Daniel started circling her like a shark.

Daniel was sexually harassing and catcalling Mary, trying to get her attention.

He was also, according to the police reports, carrying a knife in his hand.

When he stopped circling Mary and started to close distance with her, she popped her car’s trunk and went to get the .22 rifle she had in there.

She also tried to warn Daniel off, but he didn’t listen.

Mary, realizing he was coming at her with a knife, figured she’d better get ready to shoot.

(The news doesn’t say this in those words, but reading between the lines, I think she fired once into the pavement while trying to chamber a round.)

After Daniel hit her so hard that he knocked her back across the car, she raised the rifle and shot him dead.

Sounds like a great “woman defends herself successfully” story, right?


Only luck – and, possibly, the fact that this happened in Texas and not a state like New York or California – prevented Mary from being charged with manslaughter.

She was, after all, detained by the cops, so they were at least thinking of trying to put her in jail.

See, there was a LOT of debate after the shooting about whether Mary was within her rights under the “stand your ground” law.

And while I don’t think any creep has the right to harass (or attack) a young woman just trying to put gas in her car, the fact is, Mary made a BIG mistake.

Mary’s Potentially Life-Ruining Mistake

Mary bought into the myth that too many gun owners believe about “stand your ground”.

She thought that because she had the right to stand her ground, she didn’t have to try to just… leave!

From what I’ve seen online and in comments, a lot of us who are armed for self-defense think that’s what “stand your ground” is.

But the DA could just as easily argued that if Mary had to “go get” her gun from the trunk, she had plenty of time to avoid the situation completely.

She could have gotten into her car and locked the door.

She could have driven away.

She had enough time, while Daniel was harassing her, to open her trunk, remove the rifle, and chamber it… so she had enough time to avoid the shooting completely.

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised she didn’t get charged.

(I’ve looked and looked, but I can’t find Mary’s real name or any record that she went to trial, so my conclusion is that the DA chose not to go after her.)

She got lucky… but you, amigo, can’t count on luck if you shoot someone claiming “stand your ground” when you could simply have left and avoided the whole thing.

Now, I hope Mary took from this that she should be carrying a gun ON her, rather than carrying it around in her car’s trunk.

But I hope everyone reading her story will also understand that her mistake is just ONE of the lessons you need to learn about the legal realities of self-defense.

If you don’t understand the law, it won’t matter what you thought you were doing.

You could be arrested and put on trial for a shooting if you don’t follow all the legal guidelines for using a gun in self-defense.

In other words, you can’t count on Mary’s luck, which means you could:

Spend months in jail while your trial grinds slowly on…

Go bankrupt paying for your legal defense, even if you get off…

…And even go to prison and lose years of time with your family as your life crumbles around you!

To avoid making these mistakes, you need simple, easy-to-understand guidelines for when you can shoot and when you can’t.

I feel so strongly about this that I put together a free DVD that explains it all.

All you have to do is pay for shipping – and tell me where to send it.

Don’t wait on this, okay?

The information I’m talking about is the difference between doing everything right and going home to your family…

…and making a simple mistake that could cost you everything.

What Self-Defense Law Or Legal Concept Bothers You The Most?

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It Looked Like “Self-Defense” Until The Jury Saw THIS Piece Of Paper…

Even though the parking lot was dark, Joe could clearly see the baseball bat in one guy’s hand…

The other 3 hoodlums also moved into “attack position” as Joe made his way to his car and – fearing for his life – pulled his concealed handgun from its holster and forcefully told them to “STAND BACK!”

Joe didn’t have to fire a shot – the thugs backed off – and a passing police officer stopped to hear both sides of the story.

A few months (and a mountain of lawyer bills) later, Joe Nichols is facing a 5-year sentence for Felony Menacing (called “brandishing” in some states) – a verdict that would make him a “felon for life” and never able to legally own a firearm again.

Joe’s wife and kids prayed for a miracle from their courtroom seats and…

It Looked Like “Self-Defense” Until
The Jury Saw THIS Piece Of Paper…

Here’s how the transcript would likely sound during the DA’s cross examination of Joe…

DA “Mr. Nichols you pulled that gun to scare these kids didn’t you? They weren’t really bothering you at all, you just had to show them you had the upper hand didn’t you, and that you had a pistol?”

JOE:  “No, there were four of them, they were all moving to position on me at the same time and it was obvious they planned to attack me … I was in fear for my life.”

DA “In fear for your life? You’re saying you wouldn’t have displayed your gun and menaced these kids if you didn’t feel threatened?”

JOE: “Well of course I wouldn’t.”

DA :  “That puzzles me Mr. Nichols because on the ‘Guns a Blazing Blog’ two months ago, someone posted how he felt a little uncomfortable when four youths were around him in a subway car.  

In response, you commented – and I quote – you wrote: ‘If that were me, those little sons of bitches would sh-t their pants when they saw my gun’.  Now which is it sir, were you lying then… or are you lying NOW?!

A little scary to think about, but this is the way courtrooms and DA’s really work.

Congress and the American Bar Assoc. say it’s legal to use anything you post online against you in court… and you can be damn sure the DA will twist it ‘six ways from Hell’ to boot.

Now ask yourself… what have YOU posted on-line for eternity?

Here Are 4 Ways To Avoid A “Guilty” Verdict
If You’re Ever Forced To Pull The Trigger…

1. Live It:  ALL Lives Matter

Life is precious and shooting someone isn’t “fun” – no matter how much you think they deserve it.

Ask any police officer or soldier who’s had to watch someone die from a bullet from their weapon – even when their target was trying to kill them.

Pulling the trigger may be necessary to save your life or the life of someone you love – but the psychological scars are long-lasting.

Even more so if you’re spending the rest of your life behind bars and unable to attend your kid’s and grand-kid’s birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc. because you’re behind bars.

Don’t stroke your ego with b.s. smacktalk to your friends and in online comments.

2. Save The Sarcasm And Jokes

When you do post, remember… “sarcasm” can’t be seen on a computer screen… or when ‘printed out on paper.

When the DA or Judge holds up a print-out of your blog comment about how “all those little dirtbags would be pushin’ up daisies in my backyard if they ever tried that with me”, it WON’T be read with a snicker and giggle to the jury.

It will be read as if you’re the neighborhood gun-nut who should be locked up “before you strike again”.

Grow up and be professional with your comments.

3. “Reverse” Your Public Image

Ok, so you’ve done your analysis and you’re thinking of all those “oopsies” you’ve littered around the internet that can be used against you now, eh?

Don’t worry – you’re not screwed (yet)…

It actually HELPS if you post comments online to show how your views have “changed”… but ONLY if you actually know your legal responsibilities in a shooting.

More on this in a second…

4. Adopt A “Legal Mind-Set”

I think it’s completely irresponsible for any gun-owner to not fully understand the correct legal justification of when you can even pull out your “smoke wagon” in the first place.

I can tell you that 90% of the gun-owners I talk to are absolutely clueless about their “shoot-don’t shoot” decision-making (even those who consider themselves “experts”).

Attorneys LOVE numbskull gun-owners who don’t understand the legal system.

They’ll run circles around you on the stand unless you can INTELLIGENTLY explain why you felt you were justified to pull the trigger.

You don’t have to be a lawyer… but you DO have to know your legal responsibilities of when you can even pull out your firearm, let alone fire it (even in self-defense).

As you can see, the courtroom can be a virtual minefield of mistakes that can ruin the rest of your life.

The “Reasonable Man Doctrine” is what allows the prosecutor to pull in your frame of mind before the shooting as evidence against you.

But YOU can use this same Doctrine to your advantage as well by showing your efforts to take your legal responsibility seriously.

One way is to take a legal class that could back you up as “proof” of your prior knowledge before you were attacked.  But those are hard to come by and VERY expensive (lawyers aren’t cheap, you know.)

As an alternative, we created the Bulletproof Defense DVD – to not only show you your legal responsibilities in a clear, concise and “visual way” (without all that “lawyer speak”), but to ALSO give you the evidence you need if you ever have to defend your actions in a court of law.

You can get a FREE copy of the Bulletproof Defense DVD here…

You see, this DVD can actually be submitted as evidential PROOF that you knew what you were doing when you defended yourself.

Not “tactically”… I’m talking LEGALLY!

But you MUST show that you owned (and watched) the DVD BEFORE you were forced to fire, or it does you no good in court.

I explain WHY this concept is so critical here…

I believe every single gun-owner is naked (in legal terms) without it.