CCW Legal Defense: Don’t Let This Carjack Shooting “Movie Myth” Put You In PRISON!

Imagine this true story happened to YOU…

You’re sitting in your car when two armed men, brandishing guns, walk up to you.

They’re looking to carjack you – possibly even kill you.

Your whole life flashes in front of you: Your wife… your kids… the things you never had a chance to do.

But you’re armed.

And rather than hand over your car to these douchebags – it’s time to fight back.

But what you do next had better be based on actual self-defense law, and not what you see in the movies.

Otherwise, you’ll wish someone had said to you:

Don’t Let This MOVIE MYTH Put You In Prison!

CCW Gun Rights Legal Defense: Don’t Let This Movie Myth Put You In Prison For A Self-Defense Shooting

Here’s how the TRUE story plays out:

You draw your gun and the two carjackers – shocked – immediately run like hell to their car to get away… but they’re still armed.

You fire at their car.

Your aim is good.

They die.

What happens next?

You’re now sitting in jail, and the press is writing stories about how one of the “victims” was a loving father whose girlfriend just had a baby.

If you think it can’t happen to you, well… I hope it can’t.

Unfortunately, my experience has been that most gun-owners don’t know the reality behind this complicated scenario.

In fact, this same exact situation happened to a man in the Bronx.

Here’s Why This Matters To You

Far too many gun owners place an importance on marksmanship training over your legal responsibilities to use that gun.

Yet both can ruin the rest of your life.

When your adrenaline is surging through your veins and your heart is in your throat, your subconscious takes over and from there, it’s all “programming”.

Now, think about the mental programming you’ve received from television and the movies…

  • How many times have you seen cops shooting up a fleeing car?
  • In the movies, even if they hit the bad guys, they don’t actually get punished for it.
  • Those bullets never ricochet like a golf ball in a blender and strike a baby in a stroller a block away.

In fact, everyone acts like this is what they’re SUPPOSED to do.

(After all, these are armed men who just tried to carjack you, right?!)

In real life, though, these are the sorts of things that can – and will – go wrong.

If you don’t understand the legal requirements for a justified shooting – and if you don’t realize when you MUST disengage and flee rather than try to fight back – you WILL go to jail… possibly for the rest of your life.

Don’t make your children “prison orphans.”

Get the facts in this free “tactical” DVD that can keep you out of jail when you’re forced to use lethal force to defend your life.

It’s not just “good advice”.

It’s your responsibility as an armed citizen… and a loving spouse and parent/grandparent.

How Well Do You Know The Gun Law In Your Area? What Strikes You As STUPID?

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It Looked Like “Self-Defense” Until The Jury Saw THIS Piece Of Paper…

Even though the parking lot was dark, Joe could clearly see the baseball bat in one guy’s hand…

The other 3 hoodlums also moved into “attack position” as Joe made his way to his car and – fearing for his life – pulled his concealed handgun from its holster and forcefully told them to “STAND BACK!”

Joe didn’t have to fire a shot – the thugs backed off – and a passing police officer stopped to hear both sides of the story.

A few months (and a mountain of lawyer bills) later, Joe Nichols is facing a 5-year sentence for Felony Menacing (called “brandishing” in some states) – a verdict that would make him a “felon for life” and never able to legally own a firearm again.

Joe’s wife and kids prayed for a miracle from their courtroom seats and…

It Looked Like “Self-Defense” Until
The Jury Saw THIS Piece Of Paper…

Here’s how the transcript would likely sound during the DA’s cross examination of Joe…

DA “Mr. Nichols you pulled that gun to scare these kids didn’t you? They weren’t really bothering you at all, you just had to show them you had the upper hand didn’t you, and that you had a pistol?”

JOE:  “No, there were four of them, they were all moving to position on me at the same time and it was obvious they planned to attack me … I was in fear for my life.”

DA “In fear for your life? You’re saying you wouldn’t have displayed your gun and menaced these kids if you didn’t feel threatened?”

JOE: “Well of course I wouldn’t.”

DA :  “That puzzles me Mr. Nichols because on the ‘Guns a Blazing Blog’ two months ago, someone posted how he felt a little uncomfortable when four youths were around him in a subway car.  

In response, you commented – and I quote – you wrote: ‘If that were me, those little sons of bitches would sh-t their pants when they saw my gun’.  Now which is it sir, were you lying then… or are you lying NOW?!

A little scary to think about, but this is the way courtrooms and DA’s really work.

Congress and the American Bar Assoc. say it’s legal to use anything you post online against you in court… and you can be damn sure the DA will twist it ‘six ways from Hell’ to boot.

Now ask yourself… what have YOU posted on-line for eternity?

Here Are 4 Ways To Avoid A “Guilty” Verdict
If You’re Ever Forced To Pull The Trigger…

1. Live It:  ALL Lives Matter

Life is precious and shooting someone isn’t “fun” – no matter how much you think they deserve it.

Ask any police officer or soldier who’s had to watch someone die from a bullet from their weapon – even when their target was trying to kill them.

Pulling the trigger may be necessary to save your life or the life of someone you love – but the psychological scars are long-lasting.

Even more so if you’re spending the rest of your life behind bars and unable to attend your kid’s and grand-kid’s birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc. because you’re behind bars.

Don’t stroke your ego with b.s. smacktalk to your friends and in online comments.

2. Save The Sarcasm And Jokes

When you do post, remember… “sarcasm” can’t be seen on a computer screen… or when ‘printed out on paper.

When the DA or Judge holds up a print-out of your blog comment about how “all those little dirtbags would be pushin’ up daisies in my backyard if they ever tried that with me”, it WON’T be read with a snicker and giggle to the jury.

It will be read as if you’re the neighborhood gun-nut who should be locked up “before you strike again”.

Grow up and be professional with your comments.

3. “Reverse” Your Public Image

Ok, so you’ve done your analysis and you’re thinking of all those “oopsies” you’ve littered around the internet that can be used against you now, eh?

Don’t worry – you’re not screwed (yet)…

It actually HELPS if you post comments online to show how your views have “changed”… but ONLY if you actually know your legal responsibilities in a shooting.

More on this in a second…

4. Adopt A “Legal Mind-Set”

I think it’s completely irresponsible for any gun-owner to not fully understand the correct legal justification of when you can even pull out your “smoke wagon” in the first place.

I can tell you that 90% of the gun-owners I talk to are absolutely clueless about their “shoot-don’t shoot” decision-making (even those who consider themselves “experts”).

Attorneys LOVE numbskull gun-owners who don’t understand the legal system.

They’ll run circles around you on the stand unless you can INTELLIGENTLY explain why you felt you were justified to pull the trigger.

You don’t have to be a lawyer… but you DO have to know your legal responsibilities of when you can even pull out your firearm, let alone fire it (even in self-defense).

As you can see, the courtroom can be a virtual minefield of mistakes that can ruin the rest of your life.

The “Reasonable Man Doctrine” is what allows the prosecutor to pull in your frame of mind before the shooting as evidence against you.

But YOU can use this same Doctrine to your advantage as well by showing your efforts to take your legal responsibility seriously.

One way is to take a legal class that could back you up as “proof” of your prior knowledge before you were attacked.  But those are hard to come by and VERY expensive (lawyers aren’t cheap, you know.)

As an alternative, we created the Bulletproof Defense DVD – to not only show you your legal responsibilities in a clear, concise and “visual way” (without all that “lawyer speak”), but to ALSO give you the evidence you need if you ever have to defend your actions in a court of law.

You can get a FREE copy of the Bulletproof Defense DVD here…

You see, this DVD can actually be submitted as evidential PROOF that you knew what you were doing when you defended yourself.

Not “tactically”… I’m talking LEGALLY!

But you MUST show that you owned (and watched) the DVD BEFORE you were forced to fire, or it does you no good in court.

I explain WHY this concept is so critical here…

I believe every single gun-owner is naked (in legal terms) without it.

My 3 Best Tips For Facing The Courtroom After A Self-Defense Shooting

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Have you ever heard this before (or said it)…

“I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six!”

A lot of gun owners, if you asked them, would agree with this statement.

In theory, most of us would because it makes sense that you’re better off shooting someone and being “wrong” than NOT shooting and being dead, right?

But in reality, thinking like that could ruin your life and leave your family bankrupt.

The sad reality in our lawsuit-happy world is that your legal defense for a shooting – even one that you feel was 100% justified – looks an awful lot like “guilty until proven innocent” in court. So here are…

My 3 Best Tips For Facing The Courtroom After A Self-Defense Shooting

Concealed Carry Legal Courtroom Mistakes
Concealed Carry Legal Courtroom Mistakes

Look, aren’t you sick of hearing too many stories of some responsibly armed citizen who put a bullet in some scumbag who broke into his home and was threatening his family… only to see our “justice” system try to paint HIM as the villain?

Unfortunately, that’s the way it is these days… you can’t escape it… and I hope you and your family never have to sweat it out in a courtroom wondering if you’ll end up going to jail for protecting those you love.

These 3 tips will help you out…

1. Never Trust The District Attorney

The DA you’ll face doesn’t care about whether you’re innocent or not – his only job is to make you look as guilty as he possibly so he can win a conviction against you.

Since his “job performance” is based on not losing cases “which wastes the taxpayers’ money”, he’ll likely try to scare you into a plea bargain by saying…

“I’m afraid I’ll have to seek the maximum penalty of twenty years if you force me to go to the taxpayer expense of a trial.”

If you know your actions were justified… I recommend not taking the deal!

Pleading to a lesser charge will still make you “guilty” and you’ll likely do some jail time anyway AND lose your right to ever own a gun again… EVER!

2. Don’t “Cheap Out” Your Trial Defense

Even the innocent can “lose” a trial by going bankrupt paying lawyer and court fees since the longer you’re embroiled in the legal system, the more money it is going to suck out of you.

But that’s no reason to pinch pennies by hiring “my cousin, Vinny” or your “family lawyer” who helped you draw up your will.

You need an expert who knows how to defend in a real trial against hardass DA prosecutors – and wins cases!

Those guys and gals aren’t cheap… but your freedom is worth it, right?

Speaking of which…

3. Train With Your Freedom In Mind

You’ve probably also heard the saying…

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”, right?

Look, I know it feels great to pop off a few caps down at the local gun range, but hopefully you now realize that your attacker is only one “fight” you have to survive.

The average “courtroom fight” costs at least $40,000 … and that’s even if you’re totally innocent!

Take the time to get training in shoot/no shoot decisions and use of force.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… you probably think you “already know” when you can shoot someone or not, right?

Unfortunately, you’ll be shocked how wrong you are – even if you’re an “expert” with a gun – which is why we make our “Bulletproof Defense” DVD free for all responsible gun owners here.

You can’t afford not to know what is legal and what is not.

Look, the bottom line is that the best legal defense plan is to make the right decisions in the first place!

But the law isn’t always fair.

One wrong move and YOU could be the one who ends up in the back of the responding officer’s police cruiser — even if you think you are in the right!

And if that happens, you’d damn well better be prepared for the next fight of your life – the one for your freedom!

Grab our free “Bulletproof Defense” DVD to test yourself… and more importantly, protect yourself!

Do YOU Know The Law Governing Self-Defense Shootings? Are You Prepared To Stake Your Future On That Knowledge?

Share Your Thoughts On Self-Defense Law In The Comments Below Now…

1 Gunman Defeats 5 Armed Attackers. (BUT. . .)

Jabir Kennedy pulled the trigger as fast as he could…

There wasn’t much time for “aiming”, but the 5 attackers who had him pinned into the corner of a neighbor’s front porch corner – beating his head mercilessly with brass knuckles and the butt of a gun – were close enough that getting “lead into meat”wasn’t too much of a problem.

The 5 men – 4 of them bleeding from bullet wounds – bolted back toward the car they had jumped out of to ambush the 23 y.o. Kennedy.

Unfortunately, though he survived the attack, Kennedy’s troubles were just starting, and…

Here’s How 1 Man Defeated 5 Armed Attackers In Pure Self-Defense… And Went To Jail!…

Jabir Kennedy Was Jailed For Self-Defense Shooting
Jabir Kennedy Faced Multiple Attackers…. And Went To Jail!

It all began just a few days before Christmas after Kennedy had dropped off his 5 y.o. daughter at her mother’s house.

After a heated argument with girl’s mother, he left to go back home and cool off.

But his ex-girlfriend had other plans for him…

Picking up the phone, she called relatives, claiming that Kennedy had physically assaulted her, recruiting them to go after him for “payback”.

Within moments, 5 of the men had piled in a car – armed – and began cruising the neighborhood in search of Kennedy.

Spotting him walking near his home, they pulled up behind him… jumped out… and without warning, all began striking him with their weapons, eventually pushing him up onto the neighbor’s porch as Kennedy tried to fight back.

Unarmed himself, he was somehow able to grab onto one of the handguns being used to strike him and wrestle it away.

And with no time to spare…

Kennedy could hear the shouts of the others in the group, crying, “Shoot him! Shoot him!”

With the gun now in his control, he pulled the trigger – again and again – desperately shooting his way out of the attack as his assailants scrambled to their car.

The men sped off into the night – 3 of them shot… and 1 dying of his wounds just hours later.

While this may sound like a clear-cut case of self-defense, Kennedy was shocked when he discovered that HE was reported as the “attacker”… and later arrested for 1st Degree Murder!

The District Attorney’s argument?

That Kennedy was armed… was “skilled” enough with a gun to shoot 4 out of the 5 attackers… and that shooting 8-10 rounds was too “excessive” to be considered self-defense!

I know… total “b.s.”, right?

Fortunately a jury felt the same way and ended up finding Kennedy “Not Guilty”, but you and I both know it could have had an entirely different ending…

Here Are 3 Shocking Lessons From The Kennedy Case That Every Gun Owner Needs To Know…

As I always say, “It’s best to learn from other people’s mistakes – and their successes.”, right?

Here are a few of the biggest takeaways most armed citizens don’t think about…

1. Pass “The Test”

Kennedy’s argument in court focused not on Stand Your Ground or the Castle Doctrine, but instead on good old-fashioned “self-defense”.

And according to one of our finest firearm instructors in our MCS network, Massad Ayoob, Kennedy’s response was “textbook”.

Ayoob explained that, to pass the “self-defense test,” you need three elements to be present at the same time:

  • Ability (your attackers have the means to hurt or kill you)
  • Opportunity (the danger from your attackers is immediate and unavoidable)
  • Jeopardy (your attackers express – physically or verbally – they mean to cause you harm)

How does Kennedy’s response stack up?

Well, his attackers came lethally armed… looking for a fight… and ambushed him without warning or provocation.

Check… check… and CHECK!

But if any ONE of those “tests” hadn’t been met, Kennedy could still be sitting in a prison cell today.

And one person in particular certainly pulled every dirty trick in the book to try and put him there…

2. Beware Of The District Attorney

The truth is, the DA you’ll face doesn’t always care about whether you’re innocent or not.

The prosecutor’s only job is to make you look as guilty as he possible so he or she can win a conviction against you.


The DA’s “job performance” is based on not losing cases “which wastes the taxpayers’ money” and they’ll try to avoid an expensive trial by scaring you with the possibility of what a “guilty” verdict will mean for you if you go to court.

They’ll try to get you to plea to a lesser charge so the “bad guy” goes away… they get another notch in the “win” column… and they saved the taxpayers some moolah.

That’s why the District Attorney in Kennedy’s case offered him a deal of 17.5-34 years for a “guilty” plea.

But as we say in our “Bulletproof Defense” DVD, if you know that you’re innocent, our advice is: DON’T TAKE THE DEAL!

Kennedy himself explained the reasoning for his decision best…

“I knew I was only guilty of wanting to live. I just felt like, these guys came… they came with guns. And people were yelling, ‘Shoot him!’ and stuff like that. I’m just glad I got out of there with my life.”

Jabir stuck to his guns, knowing that pleading to the lesser charger could still make him “guilty.”

He’d also lose his right ever to own a gun again, and his life would be forever changed as he spent years in prison as a felon.

But that brings me to the fact that…

3. You May Have To Pay Anyway

While this story had a happy ending with Kennedy’s “Not Guilty” verdict, his real-life consequences was far from “happy”…

He spent almost a YEAR AND A HALF behind bars waiting for his trial and fighting to prove his innocence!

How would YOUR life change if you spent 15 months behind bars?

Would your job be waiting for you when you got out?

How many of your kids’ or grandkids’ birthdays would you miss?

Their sports games? Graduations? Weddings?

EVERYTHING about your life can change in 15 months.

And what about the actual monetary cost?

The average expense to defend yourself in court is about $40,000… and that’s even if you’re 100% INNOCENT!

A trial like this could ruin you financially and emotionally.

Look, Kennedy’s tragic story should be a wake-up call for every red-blooded gun-owner reading this right now…

I know it feels great to pop off a few caps down at the local gun range, but hopefully you now realize that your attacker is only ONE fight you have to “survive”.

You must also train for the biggest danger you’ll face AFTER you’re attacked…

… the loss of your FREEDOM and FINANCES!

Take the time (NOW!) to get training in “shoot – don’t shoot” decisions and use-of-force laws.

You can’t afford NOT to know what is “legal” and what is not.

One wrong move and YOU could be the one who ends up in the back of the responding officer’s police cruiser — even if you think you are in the right!

The best place to start is with this DVD we’re giving away for FREE to all responsibly-armed citizens…

The law isn’t always “fair”, and this video could literally save your life… as well as your family’s “way of life”.

If You Were In Jabir Kennedy’s Shoes, What Would YOU Have Done?

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