MCS 309 – Urban Riot Vehicle Defense Tips

Urban Riot Vehicle Defense Tips
Urban Riot Vehicle Defense Tips
5 Sneaky Tips To ALMOST “Riot-Proof” Your Vehicle

It’s getting dangerous out there.

Several times, vehicles have been surrounded on American streets…

…and people have DIED.

It’s amazing to think that it’s come to this in the United States.

And it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.

But if a violent mob surrounded your car…

…would YOU have the equipment and the know-how to get out of that situation safely?

In this week’s podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival’s Jeff Anderson explains 5 pieces of gear and/or vehicle modifications that can save you and your family if you are surrounded by a mob in an urban or suburban riot!

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • A piece of gear that can help you escape both violent rioters AND natural disasters/fires!
  • A vehicle modification that 30% of vehicles ALREADY have that could keep YOU safe when people throw heavy objects at your car.
  • One option you can get right from the showroom floor that is one of the most “tactical” options you can have in a car.
  • How to use a common piece of camping/hunting equipment to keep violent mobs from being able to aim at you accurately!
  • How cheesy vehicle decals can actually work for you in some cases of mob violence.

There’s no way to know when mob violence could erupt in the streets of EVERY American city right now.

Listen to this week’s episode and learn what you can be doing to keep you, and your family, more safe from this alarming threat.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Do YOU Have To Protect Yourself In Your Vehicle?

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Antifa, Political Protests, And Political Violence: What 70’s Cops Taught Us

Journalists beaten bloody and sent to the hospital simply for covering political protests.

Protesters savagely kicked and punched just for carrying an American flag.

Black-clad, masked thugs blocking traffic, threatening drivers and then chasing down and beating an old man who drove through their roadblock.

A man armed with a rifle and fire-bombs who tried to burn down an immigration detention facility.

What do all these attacks have in common?

The violence was all done by Antifa – the people who are taking over sections of American cities RIGHT NOW!

This “anti-fascist” group was something most people had never heard of before a couple years ago.

After the 2016 elections, they started showing up at political rallies and events more than ever, making it dangerous for anyone to express an opinion in public.

Left, Right, Center… it doesn’t matter, because if you’re not with them, they’ll attack you.

But violence at political protests, and trying to silence opinions you don’t agree with by beating people with pipes and crowbars, is nothing new.

In fact, the “old school” cops of the 1970’s had to deal with civil unrest and political violence all the time.

That’s why now, more than ever, we need to talk about. . .

What 70’s Cops Can Teach Us About Civil Unrest & Political Violence

Antifa And Political Protests: Survive Riots And Civil Unrest

If you’re my age or older, you remember how turbulent the 1960’s and 1970’s were.

Self-described anarchists and domestic terrorist groups like The Weather Underground, The Symbionese Liberation Army, and the United Freedom Front grabbed a LOT of headlines back then.

They bombed police stations, carried out kidnappings and armed robberies, conducted coordinated ambush attacks on cops, and were frequent players in the riots and political unrest of the day.

Against that violent backdrop, cops and first responders from the Seventies — a time decades before the term, “first responder,” was really used — had to learn how to deal with political violence and keep the peace.

Here are three lessons they taught us that we can apply to today’s political violence:

1. Don’t Assume The Other Side Is Stupid

We like to think of ourselves as the prepared, trained ones.

Often, we sneer at those we consider “sheeple,” people who don’t train or prepare like we do.

That’s a mistake.

Cops from the 1970’s learned fast that guerrilla groups of domestic terrorists were highly organized and capable of carrying out sophisticated ambush attacks.

And they did it all without social media!

Today’s street fighters and political activist groups use social media and technology to coordinate their assaults.

They also use the same technology to identify and target people who criticize them, often surrounding and beating down their targets at political events.

You HAVE to assume the “bad guys” are capable of working together to come at you (or anyone else).

Never underestimate how dangerous they are.

(I cover some of the other dangers of social chaos, and the gear you can use to protect yourself,  in my survival gear secrets report. More on that in a bit.)

2. Be Prepared For “Body Armor”

Cops in the 1970’s quickly learned that they needed to wear their bulletproof vests.

The only way to protect themselves from snipers and ambush attacks — apart from being very aware and watching each other’s backs — was to make sure they had some defense if they were hit when they didn’t expect it.

They understood the defensive power of body armor.

Well, if you’re at a political protest, don’t be surprised when the political street fighters show up wearing improvised body armor, carrying shields, and wielding clubs and even spears (usually disguised as flags).

They’ve started wearing other improvised riot gear, too, which makes them a LOT harder to take down if you’re forced to fight back.

If you find yourself facing down armored opponents, avoid that fight at all costs.

If you’re not armed, your hands and feet are no match for steel-pot shields and motorcycle helmets.

3. Riots Can Develop FAST

Cops in the 70’s knew that riots can happen when you least expect them.

A single incident can be the match that ignites a powder-keg.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s, riots like the civil unrest in Watts happened after a single interaction with police.

Much more recently, we saw days worth of violent riots in Ferguson after a single shooting by a suspect — Michael Brown — by a police officer.

Yet, these days, people seem inclined to stand around, watching and recording the action on their phones, never realizing just how vulnerable they are to mass violence.

If you see a violent incident go down, especially one involving the police (or anything with political or racial overtones), you need to get out of there right now.

Don’t wait to see what happens.

Don’t record “evidence” on your phone.

Don’t try to intervene or stand up for the people involved.

You need to LEAVE and then decide whether what you saw is worth a call to 9-1-1.

Otherwise, you and your family could get caught up in something that spirals out of control and becomes a riot.

These lessons from the 1970’s are just a few of the tips and tricks you can use to escape and evade civil unrest and political violence.

There are a lot more — and even sneakier — methods and carry items for social chaos in my survival gear secrets report, which you can see right here…

It’s loaded with things you should be carrying to help you deal with ANY situation in which you’re targeted for an attack by a group of people during collapse, riots, civil unrest, and martial law.

This type of political violence has become a fact of life for all of us, and it’s only going to get worse as we get closer to the next presidential election.

Learn how to protect yourself and your family now so you don’t get caught unaware.

Do You Feel Afraid To Express Your Political Beliefs In Public (Or Online)?

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2020 Elections: Trump, Riots, Civil Unrest, Violent Protests, And How To Survive

2020 Elections, Political Protests, Civil Unrest: Surviving The Coming Trump Riots

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Look, this isn’t pretty, but you need to hear it:

Say you’re out walking with your family.

You’ve got your wife with you, and maybe your kids…

…When you get hit in the back of the head with a bottle!

Suddenly, you’re surrounded by angry, screaming people.

They’re carrying clubs, rocks, and improvised weapons.

And they think YOU support a politician they HATE.

Would you know how to escape without getting hurt?

You may not have thought about it, but this is a REAL threat…

…because as bad as political violence has gotten since President Trump was elected in 2016, it’s about to get a hundred times worse:

How To Survive The Coming TRUMP Riots

2020 Elections, Political Protests, Civil Unrest: Surviving The Coming Trump Riots
2020 Elections, Political Protests, Civil Unrest: Surviving The Coming Trump Riots

Look, I’m not trying to make a political statement here.

I don’t care who you voted for, or who you’re going to vote for – because I want you and your family to be safe.

It doesn’t matter if you love God Emperor Trump or if you hate Evil Cheeto Man.

Left, Right, Center… if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could be the victim of political violence.

Either because you get caught by the wrong side, or because you get caught between the two warring sides who are at each other’s throats, you need to avoid protests and rallies at all costs.

Because, amigo, no matter how well armed you are, you can’t take on ten or twenty people who want to beat the sh-t out of you.

The only REAL solution, then, is not to be there!

To avoid these dangerous events completely, you’ve got to know where they’re going to be… so here are 3 resources for identifying where these protests will pop up!

1. Social Media

Facebook groups, Twitter hashtags, and other social media sites (like Snapchat) are how many political activists coordinate with each other.

This is especially true for “flash mobs,” which are protests that come together almost out of nowhere.

A hashtag, like #HateThatPolitician (I made that up just now), is how members of a certain group, or followers of the same cause, tag their posts so they can find each other.

Facebook groups, meanwhile, are groups anybody can join.

As we ramp up to the 2020 elections, it wouldn’t hurt you to join and follow some groups, hashtags, and other social media accounts for various protest causes or groups (like “Never Trump” or “MAGA”, etc.) so you know what BOTH sides are doing and planning.

Because no matter where these folks gather, no matter what side you’re on, social chaos keeps erupting around them… and that’s a THREAT to your family!

(I cover some of the other dangers of social chaos in my urban escape and evasion manual. More on that in a bit.)

2. Protest Websites

A lot of political action groups and specific causes, from climate change to gun rights to gun control and everything in between, have websites devoted to them.

These are just an “Ask Jeeves” search away.

(That’s still a thing, right? It’s my homepage in Netscape Navigator.)

Whatever search you use, you can find these sites, many of which have protest calendars with dates, times, and locations.

Some of these are even sharable so you can add them to your own private calendar… and get notifications so you can steer clear of local places that are about to get “interesting.”

3. The Activists Groups Themselves

A lot of specific groups, from Antifa to pro-Trump to grassroots rights groups, have newsletters, sites, specific groups, and other ways to contact them.

They’ll send out mailings to alert members to upcoming “actions,” and a few even use old-fashioned phone trees (or, more likely, modern text messaging).

You can use a disposable email or even a burner phone to “join” these groups to get direct alerts.

If you live in a hot-bed protest location, like Portland, for example, you could “join” the local activist groups so you know when and where they’re going to be out in the streets.

A lot of the groups just post the information publicly on their sites and in their specific social groups, too.

(The information is out there just waiting for you, and these groups mostly don’t keep it secret, because this is how they gather protesters.)

Remember, though, that no matter how hard you try to avoid a protest, you may not be able to catch them all.

Especially with flash mobs, the place you’re in could be fine one minute, and a mob of angry activists could be screaming about something the next.

In this political climate, with the 2020 elections looming, it’s like you’re standing in a room filled with gasoline… and every one of those protesters has a match.

All it takes is ONE person to ignite a complete breakdown in civil order before cop cars are being tipped over in the streets and buildings set on fire… triggering riots, martial law, etc.

My “urban escape and evasion” manual shows you how to protect yourself and your family from something like that – including a sudden violent protest (or a full-blown riot).

(It’s LOADED with sneaky tips, methods, tactical strategies, and moves for dealing with ANY situation in which you’re in danger of attack by a group of people during collapse, riots, civil unrest, and martial law.)

This type of political violence has become a fact of life for all of us, and it’s only going to get worse as we get closer to November… up to and including full-blown “Trump riots.”

Learn how to protect yourself and your family now so you don’t get caught unaware.

It’s the only way to survive the political dumpster fire that you KNOW is on the way this year.

How Worried Are YOU About Elections This Year? Are You Preparing For Civil Unrest?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences Below…

Benghazi Riot Tips For EDC Gear – Escape And Evasion For Mob Violence

Benghazi Riot Defense Tips: EDC Gear For Escape And Evasion in Mob Violence

Jeff Anderson

On the night of September 11th, 2012, in Benghazi, Libya, an armed mob of militants attacked the US State Department Special Mission Compound and a nearby CIA station called the Annex.

A team of six American security operators went beyond the call of duty — and in fact disobeyed “stand down” orders they knew they couldn’t live with —  to courageously venture into the mass chaos in order to save the Americans trapped by the violent mobs.

The battle lasted for several hours and has become a political football, with both sides of the aisle trying to place blame or rationalize their role in the security lapses that led to so many American deaths.

The truth behind what REALLY happened is now being recounted by the security team who had their boots on the ground, in a new book called “13 Hours”.

But lost in all that political infighting is the fact that the Benghazi attack can teach us very valuable lessons about surviving civil unrest.

The events that unfolded in Libya represent the worst-case scenario you may face even as a civilian during times of collapse where you be looking out your window at Ferguson-type protests, unrest, violent mobs, no “rule of law”… and no help on the way.

One man who has been through that very event is Kris Paronto.

I asked Kris what type of EDC gear a person should carry to be better prepared for riots and civil unrest.

Here is what he had to tell me…

Everyday Carry Survival Gear For Escaping & Evading A Riot!

Benghazi Riot Defense Tips: EDC Gear For Escape And Evasion in Mob Violence
Benghazi Riot Defense Tips: EDC Gear For Escape And Evasion in Mob Violence

Kris Paronto
Kris “Tanto” Paronto

When it comes to escaping and evading a riot or “flash mob”, your gear isn’t your primary consideration…

… it’s being aware of your surroundings and identifying threats around you before they become a crisis you have to escape from.

Keep your eyes and ears open to warning signs others may not notice.

However, if civil unrest does happen, there are some things you can be carrying that will help you to get out of the immediate area and get to safety.

Here are five items to consider for your everyday carry survival gear…

1. Backup Cell Phone

You should, obviously, be carrying a cell phone to be able to call for help (police, medical, etc.).

But there might be the case where you want to call in a tip about a riot, but you don’t want to have to give your name because doing so might put you in danger.

Yes, these are extreme circumstances, but depending on your role (like for military contractors), this is a very real possibility.

If this is the case, you should consider carrying a backup – preferable a prepaid “burner” phone that’s not tied to your identity.

Sometimes I keep my phone in my car and sometimes I even keep the backup on me.

In addition, if your phones are on different networks, one might work even if the other has failed or doesn’t have coverage.

2. A Man-Purse Or “Go Bag”

You should have a go-bag.

You could keep a variety of things in that, included a tourniquet.

I’ll be honest; maybe that’s the worst case scenario, but I do, because I’ve seen where they were needed and where they save people’s lives.

I have had the luxury of putting them on too, so I do know they work.

I use a camera bag as my go bag.

It’s low profile, looks like something anyone could be carrying, and doesn’t scream “tactical prepared military operator.”

The idea is simply to have what you need in an envelope that allows you to carry it with you easily.

3. Something To Eat And Drink

When you’re really faced with a flash mob, you may want to have some water with you.

You may not be able to get to a water source if you’re avoiding a mob.

The last thing you want to do is reveal your presence, or make yourself more vulnerable, because you are wracked with thirst.

Having some food with you is also a good idea, for the same reason.

You could keep some candy bars and some gum in your car, in your go-bag, or even on your person.

You don’t know how long you might need to be on the run, and you don’t know if you might get stuck somewhere.

Having a little food and water can give you a burst of energy and make it easier for you to keep a low profile while danger passes.

4. A Weapon

Now, obviously, if you can legally carry, you should be.

It makes sense to carry a gun when you can because the police can’t be there fast enough to help you.

But you do need to be trained with that weapon.

Don’t just carry and think that you’re going to be able to pull that gun out and use it.

If you have not trained with it, then nine times out of ten you’re going to fail with it when it’s time to use it.

So you’ve got to be, not necessarily an expert, but just know and be familiar with what you’re carrying.

Have a holster that you’re using, that you’re used to as well.

Don’t feel uncomfortable carrying it.

If you feel uncomfortable when you’re carrying it, chances are you probably shouldn’t be carrying it, because you won’t use it when stuff starts to go bad. You’ll lock up.

5. A Knife And Multitool

Finally, you should carrying a Leatherman or a knife or tool or something like that.

Say you’re stuck in your vehicle and have to cut your way past the seatbelt.

You need to have a knife to do that.

A Leatherman is good because it has so many tools available for whatever you might face.

A Swiss Army Knife is good for the same reason.

It doesn’t have to be anything exotic or military-styled.

It just has to have the tools you might need.

What it comes down to is that sometimes, you just need to be prepared.

Bad things can and do happen to us.

That’s a little pessimistic, but it’s kind of where we’re at in today’s society.

You need to prepare ahead of time for flash mobs and riots.

What EDC Gear Do You Carry For Emergencies?

Share Your Thoughts And Experiences With Us Now…

CCW Tactics For Real Gunfights: Dad Drops BABY… Then Draws His Gun!

Shocking Street Attack Surprises: CCW Tactics For Real Street Fights - Dad Drops Baby And Draws Gun

It was a life-or-death decision few men would have the cajones to make…

Shield your 1 y.o. daughter with a white-knuckle grip while being viciously beaten by 4 thugs?

Or DROP HER to fight to your gun?!

That’s the exact choice one young father had to make as he was brutally attacked by 4 thugs in a local McDonalds parking lot.

As a father myself, this dad’s story plays out like my worst nightmare…

… and for those of us who carry a gun to protect ourselves and those we love, this attack offers…

A Serious “Wake-Up Call” For Concealed Carry Gun Owners…

Shocking Street Attack Surprises: CCW Tactics For Real Street Fights - Dad Drops Baby And Draws Gun
Shocking Street Attack Surprises: CCW Tactics For Real Street Fights – Dad Drops Baby And Draws Gun

It was 1:30 on a bright, sunny Spring afternoon when 21 y.o. Martavious Conner took his infant daughter to a local McDonalds for a treat.

“As I’m leaving out, someone asked me for a lighter,” Conner explained.

That wasn’t a random request.

Conner had no idea that he was being watched, carefully selected… and lured into a trap!

He was “the perfect target” for an ambush!

Waiting in the parking lot was 21 y.o. Ladarius Pugues (not pictured) and his partners, Cortez Cole, Terrell Pullen, and Quinton Webb – four scumbag thugs with a long history of crime and violence.

Concealed Carry Story - Dad Drops Baby (Thug Mugshots)
Concealed Carry Story – Dad Drops Baby (Thug Mugshots)

Caught off-guard, Conner was instantly swarmed by the four attackers – viciously choked, beaten, and pistol-whipped as he clung to his daughter with a white-knuckle grip to shield her from the blows.

“I was to the ground losing consciousness, but hearing my baby holler – that’s what kept me <fighting>,” Conner said.

Outnumbered and unarmed, he knew he couldn’t last long… and had to do SOMETHING before he and his daughter were killed!

Conner’s only chance for survival was his gun he had hidden under the seat of his car while he went into the restaurant.

But there was just one problem…

He needed both hands to get to, and deploy, his weapon… yet they were the only thing shielding his daughter from the barrage of blows by four monsters who were not giving up the fight.

Conner took instant action…

Dropping his daughter, he scrambled into the car for his gun.

Pulling it from under his seat while being dragged out by his attackers, he wasn’t able to “aim” his weapon – but managed to pull the trigger and get a single round into both legs of one of his attackers.

But the fight wasn’t over…

In a sudden twist of fate, one of the men managed to wrestle the weapon away from Conner… and pointed it at his head!

That should have been the end for this young father…

Yet, in an unbelievable stroke of luck, the gun jammed in the hands of the attacker and Conner’s life – and his daughter’s – were saved.

The four men – one now bleeding on the pavement – piled into their black Infinity and sped away to escape, later to be arrested when they stopped at a fire station to get medical attention for their wounded friend.

Conner and his daughter were lucky.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to rely on “luck” to protect me and my family… and as a father myself, this story scares the ever-loving sh*t out of me.

This guy even had to drop his baby and fight off multiple attackers before he could engage them with his weapon!

What this means is that knowing how to draw, aim, and shoot your gun is not enough.

In other words, you’ve got to know how to FIGHT to your gun!

Now let me be very clear here…

You do NOT need to be some “black belt” in karate to be able to fight to your gun in an ambush!

In reality, the simpler the technique, the better because all that adrenaline shooting through your veins won’t allow you to pull off any complicated “fight moves” anyway.

As a matter of fact, when I developed our “Extreme Close-Combat Shooting” course, I show how all those fancy tactical moves most firearms instructors are showing their students could actually get you KILLED if you try them in a real attack.

How do I know?

Because we looked at hundreds of video footage and the analysis of over 6,000 real-world gunfights to discover what REALLY works in a no-warning ambush… and what led to the death or injury of the victims we reviewed.

Then we pressure-tested dozens of “traditional” techniques being taught and when it all comes down to it, I’ve found that ONE MOVE is all you really need to be able to gain the space you need to draw your weapon – even against multiple attackers… and even if you’re being swarmed by an onslaught of blows!

It’s not hard – and it doesn’t require a lot of strength – but it’ll knock any attacker flat on his ass and get your gun in your hands lightning fast!

(Note: If you have our “Extreme Close-Combat Shooting” course, be sure to go to “Factor 3” to see the technique.)

The point here is that limiting your training and tactics to square-range paper-target shooting will NOT prepare you for fighting off these types of criminals.

There isn’t enough space here to go into all of the 7 “Life Or Death” Factors we uncovered in our research and development of our CQC gunfighting system, but if you’re interested, you can get more information here…

The only thing I ask is that you keep an open mind because a LOT of the training we go over could actually be the OPPOSITE of what you’ve heard from other instructors in the past.

However, we go into “no b.s.” details for exactly WHY these methods are superior to other tactics so you can make your own decisions based on real-world analysis and pressure-testing.

If you’re an open-minded shooter (or if you’re always looking to fine-tune your current skills), then I highly recommend you check out this training now, ok?

I know you’ll walk away with a lot more confidence in your skills.

Think about that the next time you’re walking with your kids or grandkids.

I know I will.

Have YOU Ever Been Taken By Surprise “On The Street?”

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Multiple Attackers: Self-Defense Against Mobs (Who Do I Hit First?)

Self Defense Against Multiple Attackers: Mob Violence /Flash Mob Defense

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Facing multiple attackers is one of the most life-threatening encounters you could ever face.

Most training for street fights is done focusing on one-on-one attacks.

This isn’t realistic.

The REALITY is that, on the street, you are much more likely to be outnumbered.

Criminals choose odds that favor them.

Given the chance, they WILL outnumber you.

So who do you target first?

I talked to combat expert Moni Aizik about this scenario, and here is a summary of the advice he gave me.

Self-Defense Against Multiple Attackers: Who Do I Hit First?

Self Defense Against Multiple Attackers: Mob Violence /Flash Mob Defense
Self Defense Against Multiple Attackers: Mob Violence /Flash Mob Defense

Moni Aizik

Obviously, when you are facing multiple attackers, you have to choose someone to hit.

You can’t hit them all at the same time.

So who’s it going to be?

Some instructors recommend attacking the “leader” of a group.

Some say to attack the loudest guy, who is probably the biggest bully.

Some say to attack the one who is armed.

While it varies from situation to situation, there actually isn’t a single right answer.

Here are three tips for facing multiple attackers.

1. Choose Your First Strike

If one attacker does seem dominant, it MIGHT be helpful to strike that person first.

Taking out the perceived leader of a group of thugs might take the spirit out of the others.

They might be taking their cues from the worst of them, and when he goes down, their resolve falters.

Then again, you might do just the opposite.

If one of the attackers seems quite weak, you might choose to hit him first in order to break through and escape.

It won’t necessarily cause the other attackers to pause if you take down the weakest one of them, but if it gives you the escape route you need to run through their ranks, then it doesn’t matter.

Whoever you do hit first, do so with maximum aggression.

Your life is on the line and you can’t afford to waste any time.

2. Know HOW To Hit

If you did hit someone in a multiple attackers scenario, are you confident they would go down?

Hitting someone ineffectively in that situation might make it that much WORSE for you.

If you just make them angry but don’t take them out, you’re in for a good stomping-to-death.

You absolutely need to know how to hit hard enough to knock someone out.

Knocking someone out puts them out of the fight as quickly as possible, allowing you to deal with the other threats.

It’s possible to do this with an open palm, which prevents you from breaking your knuckles.

Use fakes and checks, drawing attention or pushing the attacker in one direction, then hitting from another.

It’s all about learning to move in and around multiple attackers quickly.

3. Stay Mobile!

To do that moving around, though, you can’t afford to get rooted to one spot.

It’s the simplest thing in the world to say, but you MUST stay mobile.

Don’t stand in one spot!

Moving targets are better able to avoid attacks while seeking a better position from which to flee.

Keep moving so you’re a harder target to hit… and when you find your opening, make a break to escape.

Remember… failure means getting stomped to death!

Don’t let it happen to you.

The time to train for a multiple attacker scenario is now, before you face such a threat.

Have You Ever Faced Multiple Attackers? Could You?

Please Share Your Experiences Below Now…

MCS 257 – Flash Mob Violence (Escape And Evasion For Riots)

Flash Mob Violence Escape And Evasion For Riots
Flash Mob Violence Escape And Evasion For Riots

The threat of mob violence is greater than ever before in our country.

Political mobs, and political violence, are everywhere — and will only get WORSE as elections approach.

Social media allows everyone from pranksters to violent thugs and even terrorists to coordinate their mob activities.

Even if you don’t face an organized “flash mob”…

…you could find yourself in the middle of a riot anytime you’re in public.

It takes NOTHING to set off a riot these days.

If that happens, you and your family will be in danger.

So what can you do to avoid mob violence?

And how do you fight back or escape if you CAN’T avoid it?

In this week’s podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival’s Jeff Anderson interviews firearms and survival expert Salvatore DeGennaro to answer these questions… and more!

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Sneaky tips and tricks for avoiding mob violence BEFORE it begins.
  • The WORST mistakes you can make if you suddenly find yourself driving into a mob!
  • How to “fake out” a mob to keep them from targeting you and your family!
  • The one weapon you DON’T want to keep in your car if you can help it.
  • How to handle yourself if you have to use DEADLY FORCE in a mob riot situation!

The information in this podcast could literally save your life when you and your family encounter a “flash mob” or a riot.

Don’t miss this episode — and prepare while you can.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are Your Top 3 Takeaways From This Podcast?

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