Most People Don’t Know This 5 Step “Grid-Down” Food Response Plan

Survival Food Planning

A good friend of mine, Adam, was in New York when Hurricane Sandy hit with a vengeance.

The streets were shut down… the power was out… grocery stores were picked clean in a matter of a few hours… and everyday citizens were literally digging into trash dumpsters looking for food.

But being a “prepared” type of guy, he wasn't all that worried.

He had some extra water… he was safe and secure in his home… and he had a small stockpile of food to keep him fed while the city was recovering.

That was until his “friends” came over.

In no time they had devoured his supplies – in fact, all of his BEST supplies – and in just one day he was struggling to even keep himself fed after his buddies went through his stockpile like a pack of teenagers at a pizza parlor.

It taught him a valuable lesson about surviving, which we can ALL use in these days of “food shortage” talk.

Here is…

Your 5-Step “Grid Down” Disaster Food Response Plan:

Survival Food Planning

Ok, first let's assume that you're not stupid enough to run out to the local grocery store to try to wrestle some little old lady for the last box of oatmeal.

Grocery stores are where the panicked “unprepared” zombies will go because they didn't plan ahead.

Fist fights will break out and potentially even full-blown riots and looting.

You need to take your “survival food planning” seriously and if you don't have ALL 5 steps below covered, you can't wait on this, ok?

You may even want to print this email out and put it somewhere you can instantly whip it out when you need it.

Now, let's get started… *BOOM*… the power is out and you don't know for how long.

Here's what to do…

Step 1: First To Spoil = First To Go

Look at your produce and in your refrigerator to identify the most perishable foods you have right now.

Think about the “meal” you can make with just these foods that will also give you a good combination of protein (helps you feel “full”), carbohydrates (for energy) and fats (for long-term energy and also for feeling “full”).

Try to keep it “healthy”, but your primary goal right now is to consume the foods that will spoil first without refrigeration.

Be creative with things like mayonnaise or other high-fat items that are going to spoil very quickly but can help you mix something up that will give you a lot of calories from the fats that you can use for long-lasting energy and feeling “full”.

BTW… this includes your garden produce also, which would be on-going if you can continue to gather from it during a crisis and it's not destroyed by a disaster.

Step 2: Hit The Freezer

Your freezer food will last the longest of your perishable supplies in your refrigerator, so hit these after your fridge perishables.

Start with the smaller, non-processed packaged foods because they will defrost first.

Then move on to the larger foods like large cuts of meat.

If you know how to preserve foods (canning, salting, etc.), now is the time to do it as they begin to defrost in order to extend the lifespan of what you have.

Step 3: Mmmm… Preservatives!

Highly-processed and preservative-filled foods are horrible for your health – but hey… man can't live on tree bark alone, right?

These foods (like boxed macaroni and cheese, raman noodles, potato chips and other snacks, etc.) typically have the longest shelf-life.

Search your pantry to plan out your meals, using these foods first.

Step 4: Canned Goods And Staples

Canned goods and staples like dried pasta, rice, dried beans, etc are some of the easiest foods to store away and can last a very long time while providing a bulk of food.

But their NOT the “saviour” of your stockpile by any means.

Many of these foods can be ruined by moisture (like if it's hot and humid out and you have no air conditioning) or other outside elements that can take a long shelf-life and destroy it (more on this in a minute).

And make sure to look at expiration dates!

Even canned goods have a limited shelf life (unlike what most people think).

Ok, one more step…

Now, it may seem from this plan so far that you'd be squared away for several days and not have to worry, right?

Not so fast there Sparky…

There are any number of things that can go wrong that can throw your entire response plan out the window…

A disaster can destroy your entire stockile in one strike… the disaster can go longer than expected… your friends and extended family can strain your supplies… you can even be attacked by looters or just plain old ticked-off citizens who will do anything – including beg, borrow or STEAL – to feed their families.

Plus, you may be forced to evacuate your home to get to safety and in that case, you can't take those perishable foods with you and your pantry of canned goods and sacks of rice won't be practical.

That's why you need…

Step 5: Have A Long-Term “Mobile Stockpile”

This one requires you to plan right away, so take this seriously…

It's the #1 thing you can do to be ready for ANY crisis that gets thrown at you.

Everyone needs to have a stockpile of dehydrated or freeze-dried survival food (NOT military MRE's!)

I don't care if you call yourself a “prepper” or not.

Having a stockpile of “survival food” is a critical necessity these days. Period.

It's a “one-and-done” investment that I think every serious “protector” needs to take action on to sleep better at night.

I know I do.

Evaluate where you stand right now based on this action guide and don't wait around on filling in the gaps.

“Waiting” is for “victims”.

Looters / Home Invaders: The Social Chaos Threat In Your Driveway

Looter Social Chaos Home Invasion Threat

Thirty million people unemployed.

Jails and prisons releasing dangerous criminals so they don't spread infection behind bars.

Gun stores closed as “non-essential.”

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Right now, we're seeing a “perfect storm” of conditions that will create civil unrest and social chaos…

…While raising the chances of looting and home invasion THROUGH THE ROOF.

And that's why we need to talk about…

The Looter Threat Sitting In Your Driveway

Looter Social Chaos Home Invasion Threat
Looter Social Chaos Home Invasion Threat

I don't need to tell you that this pandemic has gone on long enough to make people desperate.

On top of that, the food supply chain has taken a hit, which is going to cause shortages.

(Already, some Wendy's restaurants have had to take beef off the menu because their supplier can't provide it.)

At the same time, protests are breaking out in state after state, as people SCREAM to go back to work.

And the police?

They've turned to berating people for not social distancing… and, in one viral video, beating up bystanders who interfere with social distancing arrests (at least in one case in New York).

All this is a deadly formula for social chaos.

We're not just talking about riots; we're talking about people coming into your home to take what they need.

With all these stresses on people, and with all the threats in the media, more and more they're going to start looking to TAKE what they want and need from people who have it.

But that brings me to the threat sitting in your own driveway that could bring looters to your door: your own vehicle!

Firearms Stickers: The Social Chaos Looter Threat In Your Driveway
Firearms Stickers: The Social Chaos Looter Threat In Your Driveway

Too many of us are rocking stickers on our vehicles that proclaim our hobbies and memberships.

I've written before about how those “family stickers” can tip off home invaders to the presence of spouses and children in your house.

Well, one of the most attractive “steal-me” items to a looter or home invader is your guns – which means a gun sticker, or NRA membership decal on your car or truck is like ringing the dinner bell to a thief!

I know: you think of your gun as something you use to protect yourself.

But if a determined home invader or looter targets you for your guns, he's going to be extra fast and extra vicious in bringing the pain to neutralize you.

You have what he wants – something he can use to take stuff from other people, and something that he can sell for plenty of cash to other looters just like him.

Making sure you don't tip off other people to the fact that you're armed is just one of TONS of tips and tricks for protecting your family from social chaos.

Whether it's the looters who might come to your door… or the riots taking place in the street outside… this is an incredibly dangerous time for all of us.

All it takes is ONE trigger to ignite a complete breakdown in civil order before cop cars are being tipped over in the streets and buildings set on fire… triggering riots, martial law, etc.

In fact, we're already seeing the beginning of this, which means you've got to take action NOW to protect yourself and your loved ones.

My “urban escape and evasion” manual shows you how to do that.

It's LOADED with sneaky tips, methods, tactical strategies, and moves for dealing with ANY situation in which you're in danger of attack by a group of people during collapse, riots, civil unrest, and martial law…

…Or you're worried about looters coming to where you live to take what they want.

Learn how to protect yourself and your family now so you don't get caught unaware.

It's the only way to survive this pandemic and get through to something closer to “normal” for all of us.

Are You Worried About Chaos Coming To Your Door… Or Food Riots And Civil Unrest?

Please Share Your Concerns Below Now…

MCS 296 – Pandemic Prepping Update #6

Pandemic Prepping Update #6: Taking Control
Pandemic Prepping Update #6: Taking Control
Pandemic Prepping Update #6: Taking Control

Are you sick and tired of the pandemic yet?

It has certainly upended all our lives.

The fact is, though, while it's easy to fall into negativity…

…There comes a time when you have to dig deep and take back control.

In other words, no matter how bad things get…

…YOU are the one with the power to change them.

You cannot afford to give in to the “victim mindset.”

And NONE of us is immune to that danger!

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson explains what we've learned so far from the pandemic, what we can all do to start taking back control of our lives, and why he has a personal confession of his own that relates to the past year.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Steps you can take during the pandemic to regain your sense of control over your life.
  • Why a “good deed” for your neighbors or a total stranger could help YOU get through the pandemic.
  • Why being a survivalist or “prepper” puts you in a unique position to be able to help people.
  • Why Jeff himself has been going through a remarkably difficult time in the last year… and how it affected him until he “got his mind right.”
  • How YOU can change your attitude in order to overcome the challenges that we all face now.

No emergency lasts forever… but being prepared is a lifestyle.

Learn how to approach your own life, and triumph over every challenge, in this week's episode.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

How Are YOU Coping With The Pandemic?

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3 Critical Steps To Take NOW To Survive A Grid-Down Blackout Collapse!

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

You take it for granted every day, and you depend on it for EVERYTHING.

It is ELECTRICITY, and with our fragile electrical grid essentially held together with duct tape and hope, it’s only a matter of time before we experience another widespread blackout like the Northeast United States did just a few years back.

What’s worse, terrorists have figured out that our grid is a point of vulnerability — and we’ve already seen what may be the first tentative steps to target our electrical grid for destruction.

When a grid-down blackout strikes there will be many factors you’re going to need to plan for in order to avoid being one of those 281 million Americans who won’t survive…

…but there are three you had better get on RIGHT NOW (and yes, I know we're all in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic… but this is very serious food for thought).

Here is a summary of advice given to me by survival expert Jonathan Hollerman when we talked recently…

The Three Most Critical Steps YOU Should ALREADY Have Taken To Prepare For A Grid-Down Blackout Collapse!

Jonathan Hollerman

A long-term loss of the electric grid will be infinitely harder to survive than a massive financial collapse, for instance.

Outside of the financial collapse, it’s also the MOST LIKELY thing to happen in our future.

In the best-case scenario we’re looking at a minimum of SIX MONTHS without power, more likely a year or two, and at that point our country will probably have lost 80 to 90 percent of its population.

There’s no plan of action that the military or DHS can put into effect to feed 300 million Americans without the electric grid, and people need to understand that.

That means you’ve got LOTS of prepping and stockpiling to do… but it also means there are…

3 Critical Grid-Down Blackout Survival Planning Tips You Should Already Be Doing…

Okay, let's take them by the numbers.

There are more things you should be doing to survive for a grid-down blackout collapse, but these are three of those most critical ones.

First of all…

1. Don’t Tell ANYONE That You’re A Prepper.

It's natural to want to talk about prepping.

After all, we naturally want to discuss what interests us… and we may feel we owe it to our friends and neighbors to explain to them the need to prepare.

The problem is that if people know you are prepared, they know you have supplies…

…And that means your doorstep is the first one they're going to show up on if things go crazy and they need to survive.

Don't expect your friends to stay your friends during social chaos.

They'll ask… and beg… and finally, they may resort to violence to take what they want.

Make your prepping a closely guarded secret.

That way, none of your neighbors will come looking to kick in your door when they are starving and desperate.

2. Store Enough Food And Water For 1 YEAR.

If you can't eat and drink, no amount of gear in the world will help you survive a crisis.

Only having adequate stores of food and water will see you through the worst of it.

Our government recommends preparing for a few days to perhaps a week.

In a long-term survival situation, that's going to leave you thirsty, starving, and desperate.

You have GOT to be preparing for more than just a few days.

A grid-down crisis could go on for MONTHS.

Keep that timeline in mind and make storing food a constant, revolving process.

3. Make Sure You Have Protection, And I Don’t Mean Just Physical Shelter.

You’ve got to have weapons and supplies for fighting off the human predators that your neighbors will become when they are starving and looking to stay alive.

You may think it can't happen to the people you know.

You may think the folks who know you're a prepper would NEVER turn on you.

The harsh truth is that they can and they WILL.

When people are desperate to live, they'll do almost anything to ANYONE.

That includes you.

Your survival stores must therefore include the weapons, ammo, and other gear you can use to fight off hostiles who want to take what you have.

Don't put off your prepping.

Don't tell yourself it can't happen to you.

See to these three things NOW, before the next crisis hits.

You need all the time you can get to be ready.

What Other Grid-Down Collapse Survival Tactics Do YOU Think People Need To Focus On?

Please Share Your Best Blackout Survival Tips Below Now…

Civil Rights Alert: It’s NOT COVID-19 That Is Taking Your Freedoms

COVID-19 Civil Rights: The Freedom War Is Here

A father handcuffed in front of his young daughter… because the two of them were playing alone in a public park.

A man arrested for surfing, completely alone… and then dragged off by cops to be thrown in jail, more or less to make SURE the surfer got sick!

Power-mad governors and mayors declaring that stores have to SEAL OFF sections of the store, forbidding citizens from buying “nonessential” seeds to plant their own survival gardens.

Gun stores closed down as “nonessential” – because your 2nd Amendment rights mean NOTHING to the people in charge.

And now, they're talking about tracking you CONSTANTLY using your smartphone… all to “keep you safe.”

If you think this is all because of the pandemic, you're only partly right.

Yes, the (very real, and very dangerous) pandemic has pulled back the curtain…

…but these attacks on your rights were already happening… and have been going on ALL ALONG!

Your Freedom Was ALREADY UNDER ATTACK… Not Just Now!

COVID-19 Civil Rights: The Freedom War Is Here
COVID-19 Civil Rights: The Freedom War Is Here

News coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to look away from what the Powers That Are have been doing… but really, nothing changed.

It just got more obvious.

Under the authority of providing for public safety, the federal, state, and city governments started doing whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, sometimes to help “flatten the curve”… and sometimes, simply to assert control.

But these obvious power-grabs were just extensions of what was already happening in our political system.

Both “Big Tech” and “Big Government” work together every day to destroy our freedom.

We've seen examples of this in the way Facebook and other social media companies have censored LEGITIMATE information about COVID-19, flagging it as “spam” or banning it as violations of “community standards.”

Everywhere you look, they're doing an end-run around the Constitution, infringing on our rights in the name of the “greater good” – and, lately, for public health – as if stopping you from buying seeds to plant a garden will stop you from getting sick!

(And that's to say nothing about all the talk in Virginia before the pandemic about banning guns – or using social media and tech databases to amass “confiscation lists” to take your right to self-defense.)

Before COVID-19, these power-hungry politicians were all excited about using “red flag” laws to take away your guns – again, without due process – and Virginia's Governor Northam signed such a bill into law just last week.

(Somehow, during the pandemic, he still found the time to hurt Virginians' gun rights.)

What this means is that in more and more states across the nation, all it takes is somebody accusing you of “thoughtcrime” – and then you're guilty until proven innocent.

With nothing to stop them, the politicians and the Big Tech censors are going to keep on spying on youmanipulating you, and violating your Constitutional rights

…all while telling you that it's for your own good!

And thanks to government initiatives like The Patriot Act and all the new laws they're passing now, you can be “red flagged,” rounded up, and held against your will as a potential “home grown terrorist” because of your beliefs — things like:

  • Believing in the 2nd Amendment
  • Storing away “survival food”
  • Buying more than 2 guns
  • Purchasing “excessive” amounts of ammo
  • Even comments you make on Facebook and Twitter!

And that's not even the worst of it…

Your neighbors will actually be financially REWARDED to turn you in as a “suspect” if they know (or even THINK) you are doing any of these actions, because the government has set up “tip lines” so they can squeal on you.

If you see something, say something… right?

You already know about these threats, but what you might NOT know are the simple steps you should be taking… no, wait… that you MUST be taking… in order to protect yourself from these attacks on our rights and freedoms.

Don't tell yourself that there's nothing you can do.

Don't just give up, or try not to think about it.

There are things we can do to stay off the radar.

We need to STOP giving our information to the government and to Big Tech.

I'll share the exact steps I'm personally taking in this video here…

It isn't actually difficult to stop them from spying on you.

But you've got to start now.

Don't make more mistakes.

Don't make it easier for these people to invade your privacy and attack your rights.

We need to start living as “underground patriots.”

The country needs people like us.

This new “post-apocalyptic” world calls for a new kind of “patriot”.

But we can't be there for our country and for those we love and protect if we're sitting in jail after getting red-flagged as “domestic terrorists.”

Now more than ever, it's time to stand up for both our country and our rights as Americans.

Are YOU Worried About Your Rights And Liberties?

Please Share Your Concerns Below Now…

Survival Medicine: 4 Deadly Diseases Unleashed In A Disaster… And How To Treat Them!

Collapse Survival Medicine Tips

It was the deadliest disaster since 1928…

Hurricane Katrina hit an area of approximately 90,000 square miles and resulted in the displacement of approximately 1 million citizens.

We all know of the horror stories these “refugees” faced in the Super Dome (theft, violence, even rape and murder!) but few people realize the horrific health problems that ripped through families because of all the sewage, chemicals, and other contaminants that polluted every drop of water in the area.

Here are some secrets that will help you avoid…

The 4 Deadliest Diseases You And Your Family Will Face During A Disaster…

Collapse Survival Medicine Tips

When it comes to “disaster diseases”, the biggest threats don’t come from dead or decaying bodies or spoiled food.

They mainly come from the complete FAILURE of basic public-health services like sewage disposal and water purification.

And it can come from ANY disaster – not just hurricanes or flooding – even just a major blackout power outage (I’ve seen this during combat when sanitation workers aren’t able to get to work).

No power means no air conditioning… no fans as back-up… no refrigeration to keep life-saving medicines stable… and no open pharmacies to dispense medications.

No transportation means no access to hospitals – and during Katrina, even the people who reached them found that many had no power, no supplies, and no water to drink.

Without these basic infrastructure services, medical care goes back to the 1800’s and you and your family are prone to illness from:

E. Coli Contamination

E. Coli is a very common bacteria that can have devastating effects – including diarrhea and severe cramping – especially for those already weakened by malnutrition and dehydration.

Normally, washing your hands and food can prevent exposure, but disasters aren’t “normal” and everything you touch can be laced with fecal matter – even in your home if sanitation services stop.


I remember getting Dysentery when on a mission in Honduras many years ago from drinking just 1 cup of what I “thought” was safe water.

I was wrong (BIG TIME!) and thought I was going to die because there wasn’t even a hospital in the area I was at (kind of what you might experience in a real disaster when medical help is over-strained, eh?).

I managed to pull through… but trust me, you DON’T want to experience this problem where it’s hard to even keep water inside your body!


In some cases, you can be exposed to the germ “Vibrio Cholera” and diarrhea can be so uncontrollable that you or someone you love could literally go from “perfect health” to DEATH in just a matter of a few hours from severe dehydration!

Actually, we rarely see cholera in the United States because we have proper-working sewage and water treatment systems.

But remember… during a disaster or collapse, these protective systems go down and germs run rampant throughout your environment.

Typhoid Fever

More than 100 years ago, a female cook in NYC (you may have heard of her – “Typhoid Mary”) infected about 50 fellow co-workers, starting the spread of this dangerous disease.

Typhoid is always a threat due to carriers already in our society… but at a much greater risk when sewage and water purification controls are wiped out – and can cause high fever, collapse, and death.

Treatment Of Deadly Water-Borne Diseases In A Disaster…

Given that medical treatment in the after-effects of a disaster will be scarce (or non-existent), you will most likely have to provide self-care for yourself or a loved one who had fallen ill from these horrible illnesses.

For the most part, you can get by with antibiotics and LOTS of hydration.

Of course, BOTH of those could be a real problem to get your hands on when hospitals are overrun, pharmacies have been looted and picked clean, and water sources are contaminated (which got you in this trouble to begin with).

This is why I always advise people to stockpile antibiotics for your own personal use in a crisis.

I buy mine on visits to Mexico where I can get them cheap at any local pharmacy without a prescription… or you can pick up some Fish-Mox (best for Typhoid) and Fish-Zole (best for Cholera) at a pet store that sells fish products since these “fish versions” are the same as our medical prescription antibiotics.

But the real key is to stop the diarrhea and stay hydrated… or you WILL die!

Having anti-diarrheal medicine is a MUST for your home supply (and your bug-out bag).

For hydration, an IV is really helpful here, but few people have several bags of IV solution for hydration, nor do they know how to administer it.

Again, this is why it’s so critical to have an endless source of clean, drinkable water to avoid deadly dehydration.

Filters can really help, but most don’t work where there are chemical spills contaminating water – a really big problem people don’t realize happens in “super storms”.

The best thing you can do is be sure you have filters that can truly clean your water, no matter what the contaminant.

If you can't have an endless supply of clean water, then at the very least be sure at all times to have a good supply of bottled water in your home, and make sure you rotate the stock every so often so that it's good and fresh.

For so many people in the U.S., clean water is so plentiful and readily available that we rarely, if ever, pause to consider what life would be like without it…and once it's unavailable things can (and will) go south FAST.

But if you remember these tips and plan ahead, you can be ready BEFORE things go bad!

What Other Precautions Do You Recommend For When The Hospitals Are Overrun?

Please Share Your Best Survival Medicine Tips Below Now…

Sneaky Ways To Hide Your Survival Food During Collapse!

Secret Hiding Spots For Your Survival Food

I know you don't want to be the “bad guy”…

But when it comes to the very survival of you and your family during a time when food is scarce, you gotta look after your own first, right?

During this pandemic, many of us were confronted with completely empty store shelves for the first time in our adult lives.

But in the future, the same thing could happen during an extended grid-down blackout where your neighbors have nothing but spoiled garbage…  or even a period of martial law lock-down following protests and riots that shuts off your town's food supply.

I'm sure by now you've at least started stockpiling an emergency food supply (or you wish you had, and you're searching for supplies while worrying about getting sick), but during a crisis, that “smart stockpile” can quickly make you a target to those who haven't prepared like you have, so…

Here's How To Hide Your Survival Food During Periods Of Crisis, Collapse & Martial Law

Secret Hiding Spots For Your Survival Food

1. Choose A Combo Of “Covert” & “Decoy” Food

Yes, you need 2 kinds of survival food.

For you and your family, you need to have set aside your own “covert stockpile” of real survival rations, like dehydrated survival food.

Forget the military MRE's, though, unless there's nothing else available.

If you were discovered with ACTUAL “survival food”, it would be a dead-giveaway that you were one of the “smart ones” that prepared – and likely have OTHER supplies that people will want.

That's why you need a decoy…

“Decoy survival food” is your standard canned and boxed goods you can get down at the local grocery that everyone around you will recognize as “normal”.

(I recommend inexpensive, bulk options like Ramen Noodles that you can get by the case.)

THIS is the food you'll use for “strategic sharing”..

2.  Share Your Food “Strategically”

Openly handing out food to your neighbors, friends, or anyone else can make you a target.

If there's really someone you want to help, consider putting together an anonymous “care package” and secretly dropping it off at their home.

Again, this is where your “decoy food” (like canned goods and Ramen Noodles) can help you AND your closest friends.

3. Have Several “Hiding Spots” In Your Home

Don't put all your eggs in the same basket (literally).

If neighbors, beggars, looters, police, or military enter your home – discovering your stockpile could instantly wipe you out.

Instead, keep your pantry near empty and stocked with your “sacrifice supply”, so if you're confronted, you can simply say, “See?  I barely have any food to feed my OWN family!”

But they still may take your food, which is why you need to split up the rest of your rations throughout your house.

As you can see, you can still be the “good guy” you want to be and help those close to you in a time of crisis.

But for your own family's sake, you have to be both “smart and sneaky.”

Otherwise, that old adage of “nice guys finish last” could have a whole other meaning if your family is the one left starving because you didn't have a “covert survival food plan.”

FEMA Camps: 5 Scary Facts You Must Know To Survive A Disaster

FEMA Camp Facts

Never underestimate the government's ability to screw things up, right?

I mean, we already know FEMA botched Hurricane Katrina.

But what you may not know is why

What made them so incompetent in that situation – and do you have any reason to think they'll be any better at handling a disaster that strikes near you?

Here are 5 things you absolutely NEED to know about what FEMA does in disasters – and, more importantly, what it doesn't do…

5 Scary Facts You MUST Know About FEMA Camps!

FEMA Camp Facts

1. FEMA's Funds Aren't Just For “Disasters” Anymore

FEMA used to be strictly for natural disaster relief and management – but like so much else, that all changed on September 11th.

FEMA now focuses primarily on terrorism, alongside Homeland Security.

Why? No one knows.

No one can explain why funds that should have been available for people in real danger during Hurricane Katrina were diverted to “fighting” terrorism.

FEMA has less money than ever before, because the government is covering how much it's spending on Homeland Security by taking money from an agency that has nothing to do with terrorism.

Which means that agency doesn't have the money to do its actual job.

2. FEMA Cuts Corners and Causes More Harm Than It Relieves

During Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, FEMA put up trailers for people who had been displaced from their homes.

Sounds like a good thing, right?

That's what you want your natural disaster relief organization to do.

Except the trailers had exceptionally high formaldehyde levels.

The Sierra Club warned FEMA about the problem, but they were ignored and FEMA continued to place displaced citizens in the trailers – which inflicted those people, who had already lost everything, with breathing trouble, constant headaches, and nosebleeds.

3. FEMA Won't Help You Get Out of Harm's Way

You probably heard on the news that a lot of people didn't want to leave New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, even after they were told to evacuate.

That might have seemed downright stupid to you – why wouldn't you get out if your life was in danger?

The answer?

A lot of them COULDN'T get out.

FEMA didn't provide transportation or funds for those who didn't have their own vehicles to evacuate in.

The vast majority of people stayed not because of stubbornness or stupidity, but because FEMA gave them no way out.

4. FEMA Doesn't Have the People It Needs Ready to Go

Ever been on a volunteer fire department or rescue team?

You get trained and you show up regularly to stay trained, so that whenever your services are needed, you know exactly what to do and how to help.

It's how the National Guard works.

It's how a lot of very effective forces that aren't needed all the time work.

But it's not how FEMA works.

FEMA doesn't have people on standby.

They have to orchestrate a massive number of services, from search and rescue to waste disposal to food distribution to transport – and more – and the people they're working with HAVE NOT BEEN TRAINED BEFOREHAND.

They're mostly cobbled together from local agencies, each of which knows how to do one small piece of the required disaster relief plan – and none of which know how to do it in concert with a large number of other organizations.

Any way you look at it, it's a logistics nightmare waiting to happen.

5. Even FEMA's Survival Kit Advice Is DEADLY

If you go to FEMA's website, they'll tell you what you should have in your survival kit in case of disaster.

It's ridiculously inadequate.

It will not help you survive a real disaster and in fact, it may even get you killed by giving you a sense of false confidence.

For example, they don't even mention having a means of evacuating your family or your supplies.

The items they do tell you to have are sufficient for a disaster that lasts a day or two at most – not a full-scale catastrophe like Katrina.

Look, I can't solve all the problems with FEMA.

But I CAN solve the problem of making sure you have your family's survival kit ready to go when they need you most.

Every survivalist needs to know what to pack – and surprise… not a one of them is on FEMA's worthless list of things to get.

Especially in today's trying times, you need this information now more than ever.

MCS 291 – Pandemic Prepping Update

Pandemic Prepping Update - Wuhan COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak
Pandemic Prepping Update – Wuhan COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak



The “Wuhan Flu.”

People keep arguing about what it's called.

But it's STILL a global pandemic that is changing our world as we know it.

Right now, people don't realize how serious it is.

We're about to learn some powerful lessons.

I've been talking to some “insider contacts.”

What's coming is going to be serious… but you CAN get ready for it.

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson explains what's going on with COVID-19 right now in the United States… and what you and your family should be doing to prepare and get through it.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The critical mistake most Americans are making right now when it comes to the pandemic.
  • What more states will start doing as infection numbers increase.
  • What “martial law” really means, and what we should expect!
  • Why there is a “global chess match” coming in the world economy… and why our enemies have an advantage in that.
  • The simple steps you and your family should be taking RIGHT NOW to prepare… while you still can!

These are difficult times, but we will get through them.

Get this critical information now so you can prepare while there is time to do it.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

How Are YOU Coping With The Pandemic?

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Supply Chain Collapse: How COVID-19 (And Other Pandemics) Threaten Us All

Doomsday Prepper Survival Training For Bugging Out

I saw a news article today about how people are raging because their Amazon orders for luxury goods and tech gadgets aren't arriving fast enough.

See, the retail giant has prioritized household staples and medical supplies because they're absolutely overwhelmed with orders… and that means delaying shipments of things they don't consider as critical.

Not only has the supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19 been a giant wake-up call to just how fragile our society is…

… but it should also be giving you a whole different appreciation of “truckers”!

You see, “collapse” isn't something that typically happens in one giant THUD that wipes everything out in an instant like a meteor crashing out of the sky, sending us all the way of the dinosaurs.

It's a chain-reaction that can be caused by any triggering event like the 5 no-b.s. collapse threats I talk about in my free guide, “Survival Gear Secrets”.

(If you want me to send you a free copy of my book, just click here and I'll send it to you…)

When any of these very real events (like the COVID-19 global pandemic) are triggered, they cause a domino effect that has a very predictable outcome.

In fact, a report developed for “National Truck Driver Appreciation Week” a couple of years ago was a real shocker, and forces us to ask the question…

“Are We Just One Truck Driver Away From A Doomsday Scenario?”

Doomsday Prepper Survival Training For Bugging Out

Ok, first, you need a “trigger event”, right?

Let's say it's a pandemic disease outbreak – the kind that the Center For Disease Control (CDC) was telling us we were long overdue for prior to the current COVID-19 disaster.

Diseases can spread very quickly across the country through long-distance transportation such as by people using airplanes, trains…

… and even long-distance truck-drivers delivering goods!

Since truckers often stop in the same locations as other truckers for rest, food, re-fueling, and resupply, all it would take is just a few truck-drivers exposed to a medicine-resistant strain of flu or other virus (you know…), to rapidly spread the disease throughout the entire trucking industry.

Now here's where things get really scary…

You see, most people don't realize just how dependent we are on our nation's truck drivers (although they're starting to “get it” now).

Our entire trucking system is part of our nation's critical underlying infrastructure that supplies every single household and business with all the things we take for granted, such as food, water, medicines, fuel, repair parts, etc.

And according to that report I mentioned, here's what you can expect to see happen without this indispensable lifeline…

Within 24 Hours Of “No Trucking”:

  • Delivery of all medical supplies to affected areas ceases
  • Hospitals will run out of basic supplies
  • Service stations will run out of fuel, skyrocketing prices and creating long lines at the gas pumps
  • Food shortages begin to develop

Within 2-3 Days:

  • Consumer panic over food shortages escalates
  • Supplies of bottled water, powdered milk, and canned meat will disappear
  • ATM’s will run out of cash and banks will close
  • Garbage will pile up in urban and suburban areas
  • Ships and trains will be disrupted from delivery

Within 1 Week:

  • All automobile traffic will cease due to lack of fuel
  • Hospitals will begin to exhaust oxygen supplies

Within 2 Weeks:

  • Clean water supply will begin to run dry (or become contaminated due to non-functional infrastructure)

Within 4 Weeks:

  • The nation’s clean water supply will be completely exhausted.

This is why I'm always saying that “It only takes 3 days to go from calm… to CHAOS!”?

And this is only from a “bad flu” hitting truck drivers – much less COVID-19.

Now, keep in mind… this is all “worst case scenario.”

It isn't that bad yet – and if we're lucky, it's not going to be.

But as hard as it is to hear, this is information we all NEED to know.

There are plenty of other “triggering events” I talk about in my free “Survival Gear Secrets” book I'll send to you (plus, I tell the warning signs to look out for so you have your own “collapse radar” that gives you prior notice before anyone else even knows what's about to hit).

This is why we prep, right folks?

This is why YOU need to be the most prepared person on your block in order to protect yourself and those you love from the dangers that your neighbors don't even realize are out there.

You do.

We're all going to get through this COVID-19 outbreak, but it's going to be hard on us.

Learn from these warning signs so that you can spot this type of thing coming in the future.

Make no mistake: It could happen again, and we would be fools not to learn from the current outbreak.

Fool me once,” as they say… right?

Be safe out there.

We'll continue to bring you important information to keep your family safe during this troubling time.

Flashback: We Talked Pandemic Survival With Mike Adams In 2015


Five years ago, we talked pandemic survival with health activist Mike Adams.

You don't have to agree with everything he says to find his insight – again, from 2015 – very interesting now that we're seeing the pandemic reality of COVID-19.

Even the government agencies in charge of protecting our population admitted that we were long overdue for a devastating pandemic disease that could wipe out a large number of people.

As the pandemic reaches its worst point, our healthcare system could be stretched beyond capacity, and the only healthcare your family may be able to depend on is you and your knowledge of what to do next.

That's a tough spot to be in when you don't know what to look for and how to response in a diseased environment – so we asked Mike to help show us the way.

Consider this five-year-old podcast… and compare to what we're being told now.

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Here's what's in store for you in this flashback broadcast…

  • The truth about a deadly pandemic that normal “sheeple” will never know… and what they'll see out their window when it's too late!
  • The 3 most common myths the public has about how to respond to a disease outbreak (DON'T fall for these!)
  • The 6-phases of a pandemic outbreak… and the specific actions you should take once we hit “Stage 4 & 5”.
  • Why hospitals are the WORST place to be during a pandemic… and how to tell when the hospital is going to be your only option for survival.
  • It's happened! One of your family members has contracted a disease. Discover how to be your own “doctor” when help and medicine isn't on the way!

Remember… YOU are the only one you can depend on in a crisis!

These strategies will provide you with real answers for how to respond.

How Are You Holding Up Under The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Please Share Your Thoughts Below Now…

The WORST Place To Go To Survive A Pandemic Outbreak?

How To Survive A Pandemic Outbreak

We can learn a lot about today's pandemic by looking at the past.

In the 2009 flu pandemic, thousands upon thousands of people flooded hospitals.

For thousands of those people, that choice was a death sentence.


Because according to a shocking study by Consumer Reports, they found that 94% of U.S. hospitals are actually breeding grounds for antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”, which means that…

Unless You REALLY Need Treatment, Hospitals Are The WORST Place To Be In A Pandemic Outbreak!

How To Survive A Pandemic Outbreak

According to the study, 75,000 of people die every year from infections they didn't develop before they went to the hosptial… but actually DURING their hospital stay.

That's more than TWICE the number of people who die each year in car crashes!

And in the case of a pandemic, you can expect those numbers to get far worse because people are more likely to get infections when they're already sick.

You've probably experienced this yourself…

You catch a cold in the winter, and the next thing you know, you've also caught the flu… or a stomach bug… or some other infection.

That's because your immune system is already shot to hell and it's easier for an infection to take hold.

And that's just when you're out and about in your neighborhood running errands.

Imagine if you deliberately went to the one place where every infected person goes just when their disease is at its worst?

That's a hospital.

Here's What You Need To Do First Survive The Current Pandemic Outbreak…

Don't jump the gun.

The first thing most people do is start to imagine they have the symptoms of the disease, and sometimes that's enough for you to really experience them.

If you imagine you're definitely going to get a headache, you often will.

Same goes for symptoms like coughs, sore throats, and nausea – all of which people can and will confuse with symptoms for COVID-19.

Don't panic.

Drink lots of water, wash your hands regularly, and take other precautions to stay healthy.

Do not rush to the hospital at the first sign of one symptom.

It's almost certainly NOT the pandemic illness, and rushing to the hospital could land you with exactly the disease you're trying to avoid.

If your symptoms do appear serious, and you DO need to seek treatment, contact the authorities to find out the protocol for showing up to get help.

You don't want to expose everyone between you and a hospital bed to the very illness we're all trying to avoid.

Be a “germ warrior”.

Load up on disposable bleach wipes, hand sanitizer, N100 face masks (these are the masks doctors and surgeons use to protect them from infection), rubber gloves, and eye protection if you can.

Avoid contact with the outside world and protect yourself when you have to venture out.

Feel like you look silly?

You're going to be the one person in the neighborhood who doesn't start coughing, so they can think whatever they want.

Put your mask and gloves on, do your grocery shopping, and go home.

Train in survival medicine.

I'm not going to tell you medical care is a sham – hospitals are the smart place to go when your life is truly in danger, because the risk is outweighed by the reward.

In a pandemic situation, though, the risk skyrockets, so you have to weigh the risk versus the reward.

The key is to know some survival medicine skills so you can self-treat your family at home instead of taking them down to the local germ jungle hospital where they really CAN get deathly ill.

Doc Bones & Nurse Amy are an amazing resource for “prepper medicine”.

The other program I really like is the “Survival MD” course because it's inexpensive… very comprehensive… and written in plain English instead of “doctor speak” (that drives me crazy!)

The Reality Of A Pandemic Disease Outbreak…

Look, when the pandemic finally hits as hard as the CDC and the World Health Organization have been warning us it will, medical staff will be short-handed… doctors and nurses will contract diseases… and medical care may not be available for anyone except those who are literally dying on their feet.

In that scenario, you need to know how to care for your spouse, children, and loved ones in an emergency – because you won't be able to access professional care for any amount of money.

The last thing you want is to feel helpless as you watch someone you love slip away.

It's good to have some simple survival medicine skills – or even just keep the guide on hand “just in case” so you can refer to it and “be your own doctor” when something massive hits the U.S.

If your symptoms worsen, or if your loved ones get worse, you DO need to get them treated, so again, follow the protocols to get them to help safely.

Otherwise, avoid clogging up the emergency medical services that everyone has to rely on.

Be vigilant, and do that risk assessment every day.

We've all got to be on our toes right now, but we're going to get past this.