Riot Survival Tips: 3 Ways To Establish Your Own “13 Hours” Escape Plan!

Kris Paronto Riot Survival Tips

Jeff AndersonIf you think the movie “13 Hours” doesn’t apply to you, think again…

Violent uprising or flash mob attacks like the Benghazi attacks can take place without any warning whatsoever (as many Americans have now learned).

In fact, we’ve seen violent protests turn multiple public events into bloodbaths in the last several months.

When extremists on both sides clash looking to get their street violence on, innocent people can easily be caught in the middle.

If you’re trapped, you most likely don’t have half a dozen badass operators coming to rescue you… so I caught up with my friend, Kris Paronto, and asked him for some of his best “riot survival tips” from his terrifying ordeal during the Benghazi attacks – and here's a summary of a few things we talked about…

3 Riot Survival Tips To Establish Your Own “13 Hours” Escape Plan For Flash Mob Violence!

Kris Paronto Riot Survival Tips
Riot Survival Tips From Kris Paronto
Kris Paronto
Kris “Tanto” Paronto

What can you, as a civilian, do to establish a riot escape plan strategy ahead of time… and avoid getting trapped in the violence when it all goes to hell?

There are three things you need to be doing to establish an escape plan for wherever you find yourself that could be affected by flash mob violence.

1. Do Some Basic Recon

If you’re in an area or you’re going to an area that you’re unfamiliar with, study up a little bit.

I’m not saying that you’ve got to sit down and do a full map recognizance, like setting up little sand tables and army men like they do in Ranger school.

What I’m saying is that you shoudl get a feeling for what roads go in and out, where the alternative routes into and out of the area are, etc.

Nine times out of ten when there is going to be a mob protest, they’re coming from one direction, which leaves other routes out.

You just need to know all those various escape routes.

2. Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

The next thing you have to do is pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Most of the time, you can tell when things aren’t right.

People will move oddly.

Adrenaline starts pumping.

The pace of things picks up around you and people move more quickly.

When you get that feeling, don’t be a tough guy.

One against 50, I don’t care how bad ass you are, you’re going to lose.

That brings me to…

3. Just LEAVE!

I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but a lot of “sheepdogs” have a tendency to run toward danger instead of away from it.

Don’t try to be a tough guy.

There is no Batman.

Superman’s not coming for you.

You might be able to take two, or even three guys… but six? Twenty? Fifty?

No way.

Don’t make a big thing out of it… don’t make a production out of leaving…

If you run like your rear end’s on fire, you’ll start a panic and set off the mob, becoming a target.

If you are calm, cool, and collected, and you just ackowledge that it’s time to go, then you’ll get in your vehicle or get on your feet and get out of there.

Leaving means you’re not a target.

Paying attention, and knowing when and how to leave, is the least you need to know about establishing an escape plan for flash mob violence.

What Other Riot Survival Tips Can Help People Escape During Civil Unrest & Flash Mob Violence?

Please Share Your Best Riot Survival Tips Below Now…

Riot Defense: A Sneaky DISGUISE If You Get Caught In A Mob!

Riot Civil Unrest Escape And Evasion: Sneaky Disguise For Riots

Journalists beaten bloody and sent to the hospital simply for covering political protests.

Protesters savagely kicked and punched just for carrying an American flag.

Black-clad, masked thugs blocking traffic, threatening drivers and then chasing down and beating an old man who drove through their roadblock.

Store owners beaten to death for trying to save their life's work.

What do all these attacks have in common?

The violence was all done by Antifa.

This “anti-fascist” group was something most people had never heard of before a couple years ago.

After the 2016 elections, they started showing up at political rallies and events more than ever, making it dangerous for anyone (left, right, or center) to express an opinion in public.

Left, Right, Center… it doesn't matter, because if you're not with them, they'll attack you.

But violence at political protests, and trying to silence opinions you don't agree with by beating people with pipes and crowbars, has gone to the next level with the riots that are now rampaging across the country after the death of George Floyd.

A lot of the violence has involved Antifa getting in on the mobs.

(We know, because we've seen some of them arrested already, including one Antifa member who was escorted to the police station by his parents to turn himself in.)

And THAT gives you, the citizen defender, a real opportunity!

How To Disguise Yourself In A Riot

Riot Civil Unrest Escape And Evasion: Sneaky Disguise For Riots

Obviously, the safest place to be in a riot is somewhere else.

We've talked in these emails, and on the MCS blog, about how to avoid a riot before it happens, and how to escape one if you can see the warning signs.

But when I saw just how many Antifa were involved in the rioting, recently, I realize that presents a very real opportunity for you if you get caught unexpectedly in a flash mob or riot.

Sometimes, these things happen before you realize it.

And the fact that most Antifa wear hoodies and face masks means that you can leverage stuff you already carry with you.

These days, we're all carrying face shields and face masks, right?

Well, if you do find yourself in a riot, there's no way you can fight them.

They outnumber you by hundreds to one!

So you have to outsmart them, “ninja style.”

That means, if you have a face shield or bandanna, and you can combine it with a hat (or another bandanna, or a hoodie, to cover your head)…

…you'll look just like the other Antifa rioters!

If you suddenly find yourself in a riot, then, slip on your disguise.

Raise your fist to the sky.

Chant their slogans with them.

Work your way through the crowd as if you're one of them, just there rioting along with them…

…and as they move, migrate to the edges and back of the crowd, so that when you can cut through a side street, alley, or other piece of cover, you can get clear of the mob!

What really matters is that you do your best to blend in so you can gain the time needed to sneak away.

Just remember – if police or riot control military personnel show up, they have no way of knowing you're NOT one of the rioters.

Understand that as long as you're in disguise, you're in constant danger… and get the heck out of there as quickly as you can while playing along.

It's a bold strategy, and one that might annoy you a little bit to have to pretend… but I guarantee you, it's better than trying to fight off hundreds of people who want to tear you apart!

Do what you have to, get clear of the riot, and make sure you and your family are safe.

That's all we can do, sometimes, when social chaos finds us.

Do You Feel Afraid To Express Your Political Beliefs In Public (Or Online)?

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[Vehicle Defense] American Streets Are Now A WARZONE

A few days ago, a man named Garrett Foster was killed on the streets of Austin, Texas.

This was especially disturbing to me, because I only just moved from Texas to Florida!

I used to go down there ALL THE TIME, and trust me, most of the time that area – just a few blocks from the State Capitol – is ANYTHING but a warzone.

When Foster brought an AK-47 to a protest, he may have pointed it at the driver of a car that protesters had surrounded.

The driver says that's why he fired several times, hitting Foster and killing him.

I hate that we're at this point in America, but it's time to take stock of what YOU have in your vehicle to protect yourself from this type of potential attack.

That's because, no matter what side of ANY of these political issues you're on, it could happen to YOU, and you might not get ANY warning!

When American Streets Become A WARZONE

One of the things I've noticed in ALL the news articles about drivers being surrounded is that it's the drivers who immediately become suspects!

Whether they're trying to “gun it” and push through protesters (which gets them charged with a crime for targeting protesters with their vehicles)…

…Or they're shooting at perceived threats, like the person who shot Garrett Foster (who might or might not have been justified in doing so)…

…they always seem to come out on the losing end of our legal system.

Now, I'm not saying not to have a gun.

You NEED a firearm to properly defend yourself.

But in situations like this, which are becoming increasingly common, you ALSO need a less-lethal option that can get protesters off you (and out of your windows, if they're reaching in to attack you).

In other words, you need an option that stops short of pumping them full of lead IF you can avoid it, because that is going to make your life a LOT easier later.

I mean, if you could reduce a guy to a quivering lump of flesh (even just for a second) with a push of a button, without killing him, wouldn't you?

Well, these days, you just never know when a previously “safe” neighborhood could erupt into violence, with your car surrounded by a violent mob!

I've actually written before about how great a stun gun is for vehicle defense.

Now, I'm NOT saying a stun gun is going to create an impenetrable force field around your vehicle, especially if bullets are flying, but…

…A 4.5 million volt hand-held “taser” will make even the biggest, baddest thug poop his pants and hit the ground twitching.

I keep a little bad boy called the Shockwave (or “Execution Torch”) right on the side of my driver's seat, where I can reach it in a second.

The reason it's so great for vehicle defense is that you don't have a lot of room to move inside your car.

A guy reaches in your open window and tries to grab you?

He's about to hear the zzzt-zzzt-zzzt of a few million volts!

While supplies last, one of the websites I work with is offering a great deal on their Shockwave Torch.

With this weapon, you get a force-multiplying tactical light that is easy to use in close quarters and that puts out a LOT of muscle-spasm-inducing electric POWER with every push of a button.

The only problem is, more and more places are passing laws about these… so if you want one one of these deals, you've got to get it while the site still has them in stock.

They're looking to clear out their inventory to stay ahead of new bans, so the time to click here and take advantage of this deal is now.

Things are more dangerous than EVER right now… and you NEED a weapon like this to protect yourself and your family until society gets closer to something like “normal.”

Get one while they're still available.

What Do You Carry For Vehicle Protection?

Share Your Thoughts And Experiences With Us Now…

MCS 309 – Urban Riot Vehicle Defense Tips

Urban Riot Vehicle Defense Tips
Urban Riot Vehicle Defense Tips
5 Sneaky Tips To ALMOST “Riot-Proof” Your Vehicle

It's getting dangerous out there.

Several times, vehicles have been surrounded on American streets…

…and people have DIED.

It's amazing to think that it's come to this in the United States.

And it's probably going to get worse before it gets better.

But if a violent mob surrounded your car…

…would YOU have the equipment and the know-how to get out of that situation safely?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson explains 5 pieces of gear and/or vehicle modifications that can save you and your family if you are surrounded by a mob in an urban or suburban riot!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • A piece of gear that can help you escape both violent rioters AND natural disasters/fires!
  • A vehicle modification that 30% of vehicles ALREADY have that could keep YOU safe when people throw heavy objects at your car.
  • One option you can get right from the showroom floor that is one of the most “tactical” options you can have in a car.
  • How to use a common piece of camping/hunting equipment to keep violent mobs from being able to aim at you accurately!
  • How cheesy vehicle decals can actually work for you in some cases of mob violence.

There's no way to know when mob violence could erupt in the streets of EVERY American city right now.

Listen to this week's episode and learn what you can be doing to keep you, and your family, more safe from this alarming threat.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Do YOU Have To Protect Yourself In Your Vehicle?

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Mob Defense: 3 Mistakes Mark & Patricia McCloskey Made

You've probably heard by now about the wealthy couple they're calling “Ken and Karen.”

“Ken,” whose real name is Mark McCloskey, and his wife Patricia, became famous when a protest march broke into their gated community.

Mark and Patricia grabbed an AR15 and a Walther PPK… and went outside the confront the mob.

They're lucky they're alive – and they may STILL face legal charges for what happened.

I know people have very strong opinions about this whole thing, which is why we need to talk about what they did RIGHT… and what they did WRONG!

3 Major SCREW-UPS This Couple Made Facing Down A MOB (And 1 Thing They Did Right)

Let me start by saying that I'm not making a political statement here.

No matter what you think about the protests that hit our nation last month, every single one of us agrees that rioting, looting, and violence is wrong.

People are scared… and that's why Mark and Patricia say they went outside when a protest march broke down a metal barrier to their gated community.

(They also say the crowd threatened them with violence.)

But I mean, come on… there was no way these two WEREN'T going to become a meme:

With the pink polo shirt, and the triangular retro-style hand guards on Mark's rifle that make him look straight out of an episode of Miami Vice, you just can't look away.

And then there's Patricia, who clearly has never aimed a gun at anybody before, doing her best “I Want To Speak To The Manager” face!

The couple says that only the fact that they were armed stopped the mob from attacking them – and they may be correct.

That's the one thing they did RIGHT: They were armed and ready to defend their (really, really nice mansion of a) home.

But that brings us to the 3 things they screwed up – royally.

1. They Were Barefoot

The couple were relaxing at home when this whole thing went down.

They weren't thinking a mob might come marching up on to their lawn, so when they rushed outside, neither one of them was wearing shoes.

It might seem like a small thing, but if either one of them had stepped on a nail, had their feet stepped on by a protester, or otherwise gotten injured while walking around like that…

…they'd have been at a HUGE disadvantage.

If you're going to confront a threat to your home, maybe take the two seconds to slip on some shoes?

(If you're really worried, keep a good pair of slip-on sneakers by the door, you know?)

2. They Went Outside

Now, I know a lot of people think that going outside with guns was the only thing that stopped the mob from burning Mark and Patricia's home.

The thing is, arson wasn't something that was happening.

This crowd MAY have been violent, and they certainly did make some threats – but legally, you can't just assume that people are going to burn your house if you don't see so much as a Bic lighter out there.

By going outside, Mark and Patricia gave up any cover their big, stone house might have offered – and they were one thrown bottle or brick away from getting knocked out and trampled.

The smart thing to do would have been to take up a defensive position inside, using a windowsill for cover and concealment, to assess the threat the mob presented.

THEN they could have acted accordingly.

3. They Pointed Guns Too Early

This is the reason the prosecutor is looking for ANY reason to charge Mark and Patricia.

It turns out there's a local law that may protect the couple from legal liability, because their entire gated community is private property.

(The mob broke-and-entered to get in there, so that might work to the couple's advantage.)

In almost any other situation, though, you can't just point a loaded gun at people who aren't YET attacking you.

Yes, the mob made verbal threats, and it makes me just as angry as it makes you to see that happen – but our legal system will always react badly to you pointing a gun you aren't justified in firing yet.

The other thing is that this couple were facing hundreds of people, and even if they HAD started shooting, they just might have been overrun.

That's another reason that running outside, barefoot, made them vulnerable.

So… with potentially violent mobs forming all over the country, how do you PROTECT YOUR HOME without putting yourself in danger?

No matter what, it's very difficult to fight off an entire mob of people.

But if you have no choice, especially if the mob has come to your doorstep, there are things you can do.

To do them, you need a home invasion plan.

And to defend your home against this type of violence requires EXTREME TACTICS in response.

When violent rioters or home invaders break down your door while you're home, you may have to know. . .

  • How to escape from being tied up or handcuffed
  • How to use other family members to deceive your attackers
  • Methods for staging weapons in “secret hiding spots” within your home
  • How to trick home invaders into letting you go
    Ways to use “improvised weapons” to your advantage
  • And a LOT MORE.

These types of scenarios are EXACTLY why we created our “Extreme Home Defense Tactics” course – because we found that other home invasion survival techniques were either outdated… or frankly just fell far short of dealing with reality.

If you'd like to see more of what's covered in the course, you can check out some of the lessons here.

All I ask is that you keep an open mind, because a LOT of the training we've developed is WAAAAAY different than what you'll find most instructors telling you to do.

But I can back up every last one of our techniques with more of these real-world home-invasion stories (some of which ended well, and others of which ended VERY badly).

I think you'll see exactly why these tactics are superior for surviving a home invasion… or for sudden, violent riots and looting.

I look forward to hearing what you think… and I hope you and your family stay safe.

Are You Worried About Mob Violence Coming To YOUR Door?

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MCS 307 – Mob Defense Mistakes

MCS 307 - Mark and Patricia McCloskey (Ken and Karen)
MCS 307 - Mark and Patricia McCloskey (Ken and Karen)
MCS 307 – Mark and Patricia McCloskey (Ken and Karen)

Have you heard about “Ken and Karen?”

They're the couple with an AR15 who faced down a mob…

…And they're lucky to be alive!

Their real names are Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

After confronting the mob, they've been targeted for harassment…

…and they might still face legal charges.

That's because, while it's great that they defend their home…

…They made some significant tactical and legal mistakes.

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene sits in for Jeff Anderson to discuss how the McCloskeys should have done things differently… and what this means for you if YOU have to face down a mob.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Why relaxing in your home could put you at a disadvantage in a mob attack… and what you can do about it!
  • The reason you should avoid pointing a gun at an angry mob until the “last minute.”
  • What Mark and Patricia could have done differently to avoid being harassed by their local prosecutor.
  • The reason that confronting a mob could have led to Mark and Patricia being rushed and trampled… and how you can avoid the same danger!
  • The political and social implications of this famous viral incident.

We applaud Mark and Patricia for standing up and defending themselves.

We just want you to avoid the mistakes they made so you don't put yourself and your family in legal danger.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Would YOU Have Done When The Mob Came To Your House?

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Civil Rights: How “Independent” Are You On Independence Day?

COVID-19 Civil Rights: The Freedom War Is Here

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States.

As a veteran, I love my country (which is why I work with charities to help our vets suffering from PTSD).

But I'm very worried about the beating our freedoms, our civil liberties, have taken over the last several months.

Just consider what we've seen so far:

A father handcuffed in front of his young daughter… because the two of them were playing alone in a public park.

A man arrested for surfing, completely alone… and then dragged off by cops to be thrown in jail, more or less to make SURE the surfer got sick!

Power-mad governors and mayors declaring that stores have to SEAL OFF sections of the store, forbidding citizens from buying “nonessential” seeds to plant their own survival gardens.

Gun stores closed down as “nonessential” – because your 2nd Amendment rights mean NOTHING to the people in charge.

Churches and businesses shut down for month after grinding month, while thousands of people are allowed to protest, burn, and loot without facing any real consequences.

And now, they're talking about tracking you CONSTANTLY using your smartphone… all to “keep you safe.”

If you think this is all because of the pandemic, you're only partly right.

Yes, the (very real, and very dangerous) pandemic has pulled back the curtain…

…but these attacks on your rights were already happening… and have been going on ALL ALONG!

Your Freedom Was ALREADY UNDER ATTACK… Not Just Now!

COVID-19 Civil Rights: The Freedom War Is Here
COVID-19 Civil Rights: The Freedom War Is Here

News coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to look away from what the Powers That Are have been doing (and their hypocrisy on mass protests and riots made it that much more transparent)… but really, nothing changed.

It just got more obvious.

Under the authority of providing for public safety, the federal, state, and city governments started doing whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, sometimes to help “flatten the curve”… and sometimes, simply to assert control.

But these obvious power-grabs were just extensions of what was already happening in our political system.

Both “Big Tech” and “Big Government” work together every day to destroy our freedom.

We've seen examples of this in the way Facebook and other social media companies have censored LEGITIMATE information about COVID-19, flagging it as “spam” or banning it as violations of “community standards.”

Everywhere you look, they're doing an end-run around the Constitution, infringing on our rights in the name of the “greater good” – and, lately, for public health – as if stopping you from buying seeds to plant a garden will stop you from getting sick!

(And that's to say nothing about all the talk in Virginia before the pandemic about banning guns – or using social media and tech databases to amass “confiscation lists” to take your right to self-defense.)

Before COVID-19, these power-hungry politicians were all excited about using “red flag” laws to take away your guns – again, without due process – and Virginia's Governor Northam signed such a bill into law just last week.

(Somehow, during the pandemic, he still found the time to hurt Virginians' gun rights.)

What this means is that in more and more states across the nation, all it takes is somebody accusing you of “thoughtcrime” – and then you're guilty until proven innocent.

With nothing to stop them, the politicians and the Big Tech censors are going to keep on spying on youmanipulating you, and violating your Constitutional rights

…all while telling you that it's for your own good!

And thanks to government initiatives like The Patriot Act and all the new laws they're passing now, you can be “red flagged,” rounded up, and held against your will as a potential “home grown terrorist” because of your beliefs — things like:

  • Believing in the 2nd Amendment
  • Storing away “survival food”
  • Buying more than 2 guns
  • Purchasing “excessive” amounts of ammo
  • Even comments you make on Facebook and Twitter!

And that's not even the worst of it…

Your neighbors will actually be financially REWARDED to turn you in as a “suspect” if they know (or even THINK) you are doing any of these actions, because the government has set up “tip lines” so they can squeal on you.

If you see something, say something… right?

You already know about these threats, but what you might NOT know are the simple steps you should be taking… no, wait… that you MUST be taking… in order to protect yourself from these attacks on our rights and freedoms.

Don't tell yourself that there's nothing you can do.

Don't just give up, or try not to think about it.

There are things we can do to stay off the radar.

We need to STOP giving our information to the government and to Big Tech.

I'll share the exact steps I'm personally taking in this video here…

It isn't actually difficult to stop them from spying on you.

But you've got to start now.

Don't make more mistakes.

Don't make it easier for these people to invade your privacy and attack your rights.

We need to start living as “underground patriots.”

The country needs people like us.

This new “post-apocalyptic” world calls for a new kind of “patriot”.

But we can't be there for our country and for those we love and protect if we're sitting in jail after getting red-flagged as “domestic terrorists.”

Now more than ever, it's time to stand up for both our country and our rights as Americans.

Are YOU Worried About Your Rights And Liberties?

Please Share Your Concerns Below Now…

Gatka: Combat-Proven Urban Survival Weapon “Sword Fighting” For Civil Unrest

Urban Survival Weapons

You’ve heard me say this more than once…

The best backup survival weapon – the one I even carried with me into combat in the military – is a machete.

I catch a lot of flack for that statement (especially from “gun guys”), but the fact is, when you run out of bullets… your gun gets confiscated or stolen… or it breaks down, you damn well better have a backup you can depend on.

But like any weapon, the machete is only as effective as the person who wields it, right?

That’s why I started training in “sword fighting”years ago.

And in my search for the ultimate sword-fighting system to train in, all I had to do was look at real world stories to see what would I could truly depend on under the extreme conditions of a collapse in infrastructure… civil unrest… and “mass attacks”…

Gatka: Combat-Proven “Urban Survival Weapon” Sword Fighting During Riots & Civil Unrest

Urban Survival Weapons

Gatka (pronounced gut'-ka) is a fighting system developed by the Indian Sikhs (pronounced ‘seeks’) thousands of years ago.

What’s unique to the techniques within Gatka is its double-blade tactics that are meant to defeat a mass attack – a technique that I teach in the advanced version of our “Combat Machete” DVD’s we talk about in our free survival weapons guide here

The unique spinning moves of this double-blade method create a virtual “human blender force field” around your body that can literally hold off any number of attackers.

This isn’t some fantasy mumbo-jumbo.

It’s been “combat proven” in real attacks – even in recent history…

The 1984 Riots – Amritsar, India

In 1984, the Prime Minister of India was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards who were part of an underground anti-government separatist movement.

In retaliation, the Indian Army tried to storm the Sikh holy site, the Golden Temple, and anti-Sikh mobs all across India roamed the streets attacking any Sikh man, woman, or child they could find.

The death toll during the civil unrest is estimated to be up to 8,000.

But the Sikhs’ Gatka warriors weren’t going to lay over and die without a fight…

At the holy Golden Temple, a single Gatka warrior stood at each of the four entrance doors with their two swords, swinging them using their unique double-blade tactics as the Indian Army tried to gain access.

Not one soldier got within 10 yards of any one of the entrances!

But wait until you hear this…

At the same time, out on the streets of Delhi where rioters were carrying out mass beatings and killings, an 80-year old man was attacked while riding his scooter by an anti-Sikh mob of 3,000 people.

When the police arrived at the scene, the attackers fled.

One of the officers who came upon the attack reported…

… “All I could see was an old man, standing sword in hand, and numerous dead bodies lying around him.”

What does this mean for you?

Well, we’ve already seen how quickly mobs can form and attack in the aftermath of a crisis or collapse, haven't we?

While I’m a firm believer in firearms for survival scenarios, they have their limitations and there are times when they’re actually not the best weapon for the job.

That’s why I trust my machete – essentially an “urban survival sword” – as my primary backup.

Not only does it never jam or run out of bullets… but it’s a supreme deadly weapon in the right hands – especially when I’m armed with both of my machetes and use the “human blender” technique I mastered in my Gatka training.

I can show you how to master the machete and other survival weapons here

Using the system I’ve developed over 2 years (blending Gatka, Haitian, and African fighting systems, as well as my own techniques), I’ve found a way to show ANYONE how to quickly become a complete badass with the machete.

And yes, that includes even more “advanced” methods such as the double-blade technique covered in “Combat Machete 2”.

I highly suggest you start with our free survival weapons guide now and see for yourself how easy my Gatka-based system is to master.

It takes very little practice once you learn the basic principles (I can show you how to master them in only 7 days) and the skills flow so easily that you never seem to lose them at all – they’re always there, ready to defend you and those you love when things get “extreme”.

(Besides A Gun…) What Other Survival Weapons Are Good Options For Urban Survival And Civil Unrest?

Please Share Your Best Urban Survival Weapon Tips Below Now…

Sheltering In Place (Quarantine/Lockdown): 3 Tips For Fortifying Your Property!

Jeff Anderson

When city planners are constructing communities, the last thing they’re thinking of is its defense against enemy combatants.

In fact, if anything, the way that normal neighborhoods are set up, most homes would make you a sitting duck if a battle broke out on your block.

As with any castle, the better fortified your fortress is as you’re staring at the marauders outside the gates, the better your chance of survival.

So how would you go about fortifying your home – especially with all of us worrying about looters and home invaders during the COVID-19 quarantines and lockdowns?

A while back I spoke with my survival expert Pat Henry about the idea of fortifying a home, and here is a summary of what he had to say to me about it.

3 Tips For Fortifying Your Property!

Survive In Place: 3 Tips For Fortifying Your home

Pat Henry
Pat Henry

You yourself may not have given any thought to how to defend your home and your community when it suddenly becomes a war zone, but as we’ve recently seen during times of widespread civil unrest, rioting and looting, any emergency that plunges your town into a state of social chaos could bring violence literally right to your door and onto your streets.

When the police are overwhelmed and 911 operators give up on even trying to answer the phone, it’s left to you, and hopefully a well-trained survival team, to defend your home.

Let's say you're lucky enough to be on a dead-end street.

You could use cars to stop people from coming down your street.

But you're not going to be able to close off the entire perimeter of your front yard.

There's just too much space there.

Most of us don't live on dead ends, either.

But no matter how open your property is, there are choke points you can take advantage of.

That brings us to our first tip…

1. Creating And Exploiting Choke Points

Look for choke points that can minimize the space and reduce someone's ability to get through.

You can also make those choke points.

  • You can drop a tree, for example.
  • Take advantage of fences in the area, too.
  • Anything that you can dump dirt, sand, or gavel into, like a trashcan, can form a barrier that makes it harder for an enemy to get through and may provide cover.

In a serious crisis, you could use appliances, like washing machines, freezers, and so on, filled with dirt.

That kind of mass will stop a vehicle.

It won't stop a tank, but it will stop most passenger cards on the road… and it will slow down just about anyone.

2. Mind Your Windows And Doors

Your home is, obviously, your last line of defense.

We see it in zombie movies and things like that, with arms coming through the windows.

You've got to plan ahead of time to seal off your windows and doors from a serious invasion.

Sure, someone could take a sledgehammer and start beating in the walls, but if they’re doing that, you’re not going to stop them anyway.

You can purchase a film from 3M that you can apply to your windows to turn them, effectively, into a sheet of plastic like safety glass.

They'll take much more abuse before they give in, although they're not bulletproof.

  • Plywood can also be fit over your windows, although it cuts your visibility and makes your fortifications more obvious.
  • Boards with nails run through them can be put under your windows to provide a deterrent.
  • The doors themselves can be reinforced, or you could replace the entire door with a steel unit.

All of these tactics are intended to buy you time.

They're to give you more room to sneak around and get out to escape.

3. Sandbags

One thing that you could lay in a supply off, as long as you've got a yard to fill them from, is sandbags.

People usually have these on hand for flooding, but they can be used to make a great barricade if you have time to fill them.

It's time-consuming to build a wall of sandbags, but creating a mound you can duck behind for cover is another otion.

You don't even need to have a ton of dirt available.

Obviously, you'd be filling these with dirt, not sand, in most cases.

These work because a dirt mound is a great way to absorb the energy of bullets.

If you have enough dirt, you can make some fairly serious earthworks defenses.

Even just a little can help provide needed cover.

So what are YOU doing to prepare your home for an invasion like this?

The time to start fortifying is NOW, more than ever before.

Are You Preparing Your Home To Fend Off Looters During Quarantine?

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Benghazi Riot Tips For EDC Gear – Escape And Evasion For Mob Violence

Benghazi Riot Defense Tips: EDC Gear For Escape And Evasion in Mob Violence

Jeff Anderson

On the night of September 11th, 2012, in Benghazi, Libya, an armed mob of militants attacked the US State Department Special Mission Compound and a nearby CIA station called the Annex.

A team of six American security operators went beyond the call of duty — and in fact disobeyed “stand down” orders they knew they couldn't live with —  to courageously venture into the mass chaos in order to save the Americans trapped by the violent mobs.

The battle lasted for several hours and has become a political football, with both sides of the aisle trying to place blame or rationalize their role in the security lapses that led to so many American deaths.

The truth behind what REALLY happened is now being recounted by the security team who had their boots on the ground, in a new book called “13 Hours”.

But lost in all that political infighting is the fact that the Benghazi attack can teach us very valuable lessons about surviving civil unrest.

The events that unfolded in Libya represent the worst-case scenario you may face even as a civilian during times of collapse where you be looking out your window at Ferguson-type protests, unrest, violent mobs, no “rule of law”… and no help on the way.

One man who has been through that very event is Kris Paronto.

I asked Kris what type of EDC gear a person should carry to be better prepared for riots and civil unrest.

Here is what he had to tell me…

Everyday Carry Survival Gear For Escaping & Evading A Riot!

Benghazi Riot Defense Tips: EDC Gear For Escape And Evasion in Mob Violence
Benghazi Riot Defense Tips: EDC Gear For Escape And Evasion in Mob Violence

Kris Paronto
Kris “Tanto” Paronto

When it comes to escaping and evading a riot or “flash mob”, your gear isn't your primary consideration…

… it's being aware of your surroundings and identifying threats around you before they become a crisis you have to escape from.

Keep your eyes and ears open to warning signs others may not notice.

However, if civil unrest does happen, there are some things you can be carrying that will help you to get out of the immediate area and get to safety.

Here are five items to consider for your everyday carry survival gear…

1. Backup Cell Phone

You should, obviously, be carrying a cell phone to be able to call for help (police, medical, etc.).

But there might be the case where you want to call in a tip about a riot, but you don't want to have to give your name because doing so might put you in danger.

Yes, these are extreme circumstances, but depending on your role (like for military contractors), this is a very real possibility.

If this is the case, you should consider carrying a backup – preferable a prepaid “burner” phone that's not tied to your identity.

Sometimes I keep my phone in my car and sometimes I even keep the backup on me.

In addition, if your phones are on different networks, one might work even if the other has failed or doesn't have coverage.

2. A Man-Purse Or “Go Bag”

You should have a go-bag.

You could keep a variety of things in that, included a tourniquet.

I’ll be honest; maybe that’s the worst case scenario, but I do, because I’ve seen where they were needed and where they save people’s lives.

I have had the luxury of putting them on too, so I do know they work.

I use a camera bag as my go bag.

It's low profile, looks like something anyone could be carrying, and doesn't scream “tactical prepared military operator.”

The idea is simply to have what you need in an envelope that allows you to carry it with you easily.

3. Something To Eat And Drink

When you’re really faced with a flash mob, you may want to have some water with you.

You may not be able to get to a water source if you're avoiding a mob.

The last thing you want to do is reveal your presence, or make yourself more vulnerable, because you are wracked with thirst.

Having some food with you is also a good idea, for the same reason.

You could keep some candy bars and some gum in your car, in your go-bag, or even on your person.

You don't know how long you might need to be on the run, and you don't know if you might get stuck somewhere.

Having a little food and water can give you a burst of energy and make it easier for you to keep a low profile while danger passes.

4. A Weapon

Now, obviously, if you can legally carry, you should be.

It makes sense to carry a gun when you can because the police can't be there fast enough to help you.

But you do need to be trained with that weapon.

Don’t just carry and think that you’re going to be able to pull that gun out and use it.

If you have not trained with it, then nine times out of ten you’re going to fail with it when it’s time to use it.

So you’ve got to be, not necessarily an expert, but just know and be familiar with what you’re carrying.

Have a holster that you’re using, that you’re used to as well.

Don’t feel uncomfortable carrying it.

If you feel uncomfortable when you’re carrying it, chances are you probably shouldn’t be carrying it, because you won’t use it when stuff starts to go bad. You’ll lock up.

5. A Knife And Multitool

Finally, you should carrying a Leatherman or a knife or tool or something like that.

Say you're stuck in your vehicle and have to cut your way past the seatbelt.

You need to have a knife to do that.

A Leatherman is good because it has so many tools available for whatever you might face.

A Swiss Army Knife is good for the same reason.

It doesn't have to be anything exotic or military-styled.

It just has to have the tools you might need.

What it comes down to is that sometimes, you just need to be prepared.

Bad things can and do happen to us.

That's a little pessimistic, but it's kind of where we're at in today's society.

You need to prepare ahead of time for flash mobs and riots.

What EDC Gear Do You Carry For Emergencies?

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Civil Unrest And Riot Defense: How To Survive A Panicked Mob In A “W.R.O.L.” Scenario!

Civil Unrest: Survive A Panicked Mob In A Riot

Jeff Anderson

Remember the Boston Marathon Bombing?

Immediately after that event, and several times after that, I've been asked about how to manage risk in a large crowd environment WROL (without rule of law).

Well, one answer is simple:

Unless you are absolutely required to be in attendance, AVOID large crowded environments.

Of course when there are times when you have limited choice and must venture into that environment, then use good habits of “situational awareness” and adopt a “bias towards action.”

Large groups of people will always attract a certain amount of risk.

Never underestimate the volatility of people in large groups.

Any significant event, even a “perceived” event, can result in a stampede.

People are injured and die every year during Black Friday Sales events when they become victims of a frenzied mob.

I talked to my friend Kevin Reeve, about this alarming subject, and here is what he told me about surviving panicked mobs.

Civil Unrest: How To Survive A Panicked Mob In A W.R.O.L. Scenario!

Civil Unrest: Survive A Panicked Mob In A Riot
Civil Unrest: Survive A Panicked Mob In A Riot

Kevin Reeve
Kevin Reeve

A fire, an explosion, an active shooter can all create a mob mentality that takes on a life of its own.

The KEY to surviving any event in a crowded venue will depend almost entirely on your ability to control personal panic, to assess the situation, and to take immediate action. If you panic, you drastically increase your odds of injury or death.

Here are a few strategies that will decrease your risk…

1. Maintain Your Awareness

Keep your eyes up, off the smart phone, and scan your environment.

This is can be challenging due to the large volume of people. But try actively scanning.

Look for “out of baseline” behaviors.

People moving upstream, against the flow, for example, are out of baseline.

People moving faster or slower than the baseline, or whose gestures or furtiveness do not match the event, may also be a risk.

2. Identify Specific Threats Or Behaviors

Look for menacing behavior or people who by their looks cause you to feel uncomfortable — and trust your gut.

There may be a valid reason why they make you feel uncomfortable.

If you are in proximity, move away.

As always, look for “orphans:” bags or packages without owners.

Alert security if you see them, but do not stand next to them waiting for security to arrive.

3. Identify Exits

Whenever I enter a room, or area, one of the first things I do is scan for exits.

  • Are there emergency exits?
  • Are they alarmed?
  • Are they locked?
  • What about windows?
  • Can they be opened?
  • Is there a heavy object like a chair I can throw through the window?

Most people will bypass emergency exits in close proximity to them to go back to the entrance they came in through.

This behavior has led to many deaths in ballroom and concert fires.

People who are panicking seek the familiar.

Don't fall into this trap!

4. Identify Cover

Cover refers to safety from fire.

A brick wall may stop bullets, but sheetrock walls will not.

Solid furniture may seem solid, but even a two inch thick oak table will not stop a 9mm round.

You must find something substantial if shooting starts.

The engine block and front axle of a car for example may provide enough cover for one person, but the car door, not so much.

Inside a building, there is generally not much cover, so it's better to head for an exit.

5. Carry Essential Gear

Essential gear for an outside event includes a water bottle, a first aid kit that includes a tourniquet, a knife, a multitool, and sunglasses (that also provide eye protection).

For an indoor event, add a small pocket flashlight (a smartphone light will not penetrate smoke and haze.

NEVER go out without essential gear.

It's all you will have on you in an emergency.

6. If It Goes Down, Get OUT

When everything starts happening, you need to leave, no matter what.

  • Pick up and carry children.
  • Have your family members, (spouse, others with you) grab a hold of your belt.
  • Move assertively towards the PRE-SELECTED exit.

Move with the crowd “downstream” but also in a diagonal direction, until can reach a wall inside, or if outside, the edge of the crowd, where you can better control your movement.

Do not be afraid to damage or destroy the fixtures or the building itself to get out, such as breaking open windows or kicking open doors, or breaking locks.

Timidity will not be helpful; your primary concern must be your family.

Once they are safe, you can decide whether to render aid to others.

It is impossible to anticipate every event.

However, most events will precipitate the need to MOVE. MOVEMENT to SAFETY will generally always be your highest priority.

If the event is localized to your immediate vicinity, then safety generally lies elsewhere.

The most important trait here is a BIAS TOWARDS ACTION. Take action to improve your crowd situation.

What Would YOUR Strategy Be If You Encountered A Panicked Mob?

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