Machete Fighting: A Reader “Mind Tricks” A ROAD RAGER

Machete Fight Jedi Mind Trick

“All I could think, Jeff,” a reader said to me, “was what if it didn’t work?”

That was the amazing opening line of an email I received not long ago from a reader who has trained in our Combat Machete program.

He lives in a state where he can’t easily get a handgun… so his machete is his go-to defensive tool, and he carries it in his car.

Well, when a road-raging driver followed him into a parking lot, he knew that machete was the only thing that stood between him and getting beaten or even murdered.

But, knowing that a deadly fight might land him in jail, he tried one, desperate “Jedi mind trick” move first…

How To Avoid A Machete Fight… With MIND CONTROL?

How To Avoid A Machete Fight… With MIND CONTROL?

Machete Fight Jedi Mind Trick
Machete Fight Jedi Mind Trick
Now, I’m a big fan of defusing a fight before it happens, if you can.

I mean, that just makes common sense, right?

But my reader, Bill – who has followed MCS for a long time – also believes in being prepared for any threat.

That’s why he had one of our MCS Guardian machetes in his car, and that’s why he’s trained to use it.

But he knows – just like you and I do – that if you do have to use potentially lethal force, you may have to go to court to prove that what you did was justified.

That’s just a fact of our legal system.

So when he was on the highway, driving to his “essential job,” he wasn’t looking for trouble with the driver who was speeding and pacing him.

When that road-raging driver followed Bill off the highway and into a parking lot, Bill knew he was in trouble – and he had forgotten his phone when he left the house, so he couldn’t dial 911.

“I knew I shouldn’t get out of the car,” he wrote to me. “If I did, he might do so too, and then I might need my machete if I thought he was really trying to hurt or kill me. I could see from his shoulders he was a lot bigger than me, a real ‘roided up monster. So I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

Bill tried to leave, only to have the driver cut him off.

That’s when a moment of inspiration struck him:

“I rolled down my window and he rolled down his. He opened his mouth to say something angry… and I shot him a thumbs up and a HUGE grin, and shouted, ‘GREAT RACE!’

Bill said the look on the other guy’s face was priceless.

The rager shouted, “What?” and Bill again, with even more cheerfulness, said, “GREAT RACE!”

“You… you didn’t want to fight?” he said the road-rager asked.

Bill laughed like that was the most absurd thing he had ever heard, shook his head, and told the rager that he was a great driver and his car (a Dodge Charger) was super-hot.

“He actually looked confused,” Bill said, finishing his story. “He drove off without saying anything else… and thank goodness he did, because the whole time, I had my other hand out of sight on the grip of my machete, just in case he came at me.”

I had a really good laugh at Bill’s story, although it’s a pretty serious one.

He understood that in a fight against someone who is genuinely trying to hurt or kill you, when you’ve done everything you can to avoid it, a weapon might be your only option… and there isn’t one much better than a machete if you can’t have a gun.

But he ALSO understood that there might be a way to short-circuit this road-rager’s train of thought… and by some stroke of luck, it totally worked.

And, finally, Bill knew that if it didn’t work, he was going to have to be able to protect himself… which is why he took the time to get trained to use his blade.

He told me, in a follow-up email, that he also has “The Club,” one of those steering wheel lock bars, in his car, and he knew he could use the same techniques to wield that weapon like… well, a club.

That’s exactly why I created my combat machete training DVD.

The next time some rage-fiend is trying to get in your face to hurt you or even kill you, waving your hand and telling him “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” probably ISN’T an option.

When that’s the case, you need these fighting principles – principles of “big blade and club” combat (which anyone can master in just 7 days).

Once you develop them, those skills will ALWAYS be there, ready to defend you with whatever weapon you have in your hands – from a machete, to a tire iron, to a stick… ANYTHING.

Just watch the DVD and you’ll see what I mean.

But, hey, if you CAN use The Force, who am I to say otherwise?

What Weapons Do You Use To Defend Yourself When You’re On The Road… Or At Home?

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Road Rage & Self-Defense: Avoid These Legal Mistakes!

Road Rage & Self-Defense: Avoid These Legal Mistakes
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Hey, maybe this has happened to you, and maybe it hasn’t, but I bet you can relate:

I was driving when another driver cut me off.

I was so mad that I wanted to hit the gas and drive up alongside him, maybe throw him one of those single-finger salutes people tend to use.

But right before I stomped on the gas and went at him with all the fury of a middle-aged dad driving a Mini Cooper

…I realized something very important:

I didn’t want to go to jail!

If that sounds a little dramatic, well, think again – because we all need to…

Stop Making These 3 ROAD RAGE Mistakes

Road Rage & Self-Defense: Avoid These Legal Mistakes
Road Rage & Self-Defense: Avoid These Legal Mistakes

The thing a lot of us forget when we’re behind the wheel is that if we create a situation that gets out of control, we could be held legally responsible.

In other words, if you start sh*t with another driver, and then he comes after you…

…even if you defend yourself because he’s trying to hurt you, a court might think you are the one at fault!

There are 3 BIG mistakes that contribute to a situation getting out of control on the road like that, so let’s run them down one at a time:

1. Assuming It Was Personal Or Intentional

This is the big one, the one that starts most “road rage” incidents.

See, we don’t like to think about this, because most of us believe everything is about us.

When somebody cuts us off, or tailgates us, or honks their horn at us, we figure they’re doing something on purpose to mess with us.

But the fact is, most people aren’t thinking about you.

They just don’t notice, because they, too, are off in their own little world.

When something happens on the road, never just assume it was done to you “on purpose.”

Instead, figure the driver didn’t notice you or just isn’t very skilled… and do NOT get so angry that you go after him.

2.  Forgetting That You’re NOT Indestructible

Every guy who ever got so mad that he got out of his car and walked at another vehicle was forgetting something:

The other guy might be bigger… or better.

I mean, think about it.

If you think of yourself as a fairly tough guy, imagine what would happen to some jerk who pulled over and came looking for a fight.

He’d have picked the wrong guy, right?

Well, no matter how tough you are, sooner or later you’re going to meet somebody tougher.

That means every time you “road rage” at someone, you’re rolling the dice that the other guy isn’t a 6-foot-3 linebacker with anger issues.

3.  Forgetting The Consequences…

This goes back to what I said about being held responsible for any situation you help create.

It’s bad enough if you “rage” at a guy and you don’t have a weapon.

Make him mad and cause an accident, and you could be held liable for causing the crash.

If you flip him the bird, maybe jump out at a stop sign and walk up to poke your finger in his chest, well…

…If he fights back and you have to take him down, you could be seen as the aggressor.

It’s even worse if you do have a legal concealed weapon.

Say you road rage, you pull over, and you get in the other driver’s face.

If he gets physical, and then you have to shoot him?

Well, you guessed it – a court might decide you helped create that whole incident, and now you’re the bad guy.

Look, I know a lot of this doesn’t make sense.

Our courts are less about “justice” than they are about the letter of the law – and if you want to stay out of jail, you’ve GOT to know when you can and can’t use force.

Avoiding situations where you might be the “bad guy” is just a small part of knowing self-defense law.

I have an entire DVD that covers the basics, and it’s completely FREE.

(All I ask is that you pay for shipping.)

You just have to let me know where to send it, okay?

Don’t wait on this, and don’t create a situation that could put you in jail when you finally defend yourself.

Learn how the law works and become a better, smarter armed citizen.

Have You Ever Had A “Road Rage” Incident?

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