“Stand Your Ground” Laws: A Dangerous Myth That Puts CCW’ers In JAIL

Her hands shaking, Mary desperately worked the action of the .22 rifle she carried in her trunk.

That’s when the rifle fired into the gas station pavement!

Taking a step forward, Mary’s attacker hit her so hard that she stumbled half a car-length away.

Desperate, her head throbbing from the vicious punch, Mary raised her rifle and put the sights over the maniac’s chest.

As her finger tightened on the trigger, she had no way of knowing just how bad things might get AFTER she fired again!


Stand Your Ground Laws: The Louis Daniel Shooting In Houston

So many people have been stuck at home these last two months, worrying about looters and home invaders, that we need to talk about “stand your ground” now more than ever.

(Yes, I realize “castle doctrine” and “stand your ground” aren’t the same thing, but I’ve gotten several emails from people referring to what they can and cannot do when “standing their ground” while confronting a home invader.)

Mary’s case, which is a great lesson in what not to do, went down in Houston a few years ago.

Mary – not her real name – was just 23 years old at the time.

She had stopped to fill up at a gas station, something you or I do without even thinking about it.

That’s when a creep identified as Louis Daniel started circling her like a shark.

Daniel was sexually harassing and catcalling Mary, trying to get her attention.

He was also, according to the police reports, carrying a knife in his hand.

When he stopped circling Mary and started to close distance with her, she popped her car’s trunk and went to get the .22 rifle she had in there.

She also tried to warn Daniel off, but he didn’t listen.

Mary, realizing he was coming at her with a knife, figured she’d better get ready to shoot.

(The news doesn’t say this in those words, but reading between the lines, I think she fired once into the pavement while trying to chamber a round.)

After Daniel hit her so hard that he knocked her back across the car, she raised the rifle and shot him dead.

Sounds like a great “woman defends herself successfully” story, right?


Only luck – and, possibly, the fact that this happened in Texas and not a state like New York or California – prevented Mary from being charged with manslaughter.

She was, after all, detained by the cops, so they were at least thinking of trying to put her in jail.

See, there was a LOT of debate after the shooting about whether Mary was within her rights under the “stand your ground” law.

And while I don’t think any creep has the right to harass (or attack) a young woman just trying to put gas in her car, the fact is, Mary made a BIG mistake.

Mary’s Potentially Life-Ruining Mistake

Mary bought into the myth that too many gun owners believe about “stand your ground”.

She thought that because she had the right to stand her ground, she didn’t have to try to just… leave!

From what I’ve seen online and in comments, a lot of us who are armed for self-defense think that’s what “stand your ground” is.

But the DA could just as easily argued that if Mary had to “go get” her gun from the trunk, she had plenty of time to avoid the situation completely.

She could have gotten into her car and locked the door.

She could have driven away.

She had enough time, while Daniel was harassing her, to open her trunk, remove the rifle, and chamber it… so she had enough time to avoid the shooting completely.

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised she didn’t get charged.

(I’ve looked and looked, but I can’t find Mary’s real name or any record that she went to trial, so my conclusion is that the DA chose not to go after her.)

She got lucky… but you, amigo, can’t count on luck if you shoot someone claiming “stand your ground” when you could simply have left and avoided the whole thing.

Now, I hope Mary took from this that she should be carrying a gun ON her, rather than carrying it around in her car’s trunk.

But I hope everyone reading her story will also understand that her mistake is just ONE of the lessons you need to learn about the legal realities of self-defense.

If you don’t understand the law, it won’t matter what you thought you were doing.

You could be arrested and put on trial for a shooting if you don’t follow all the legal guidelines for using a gun in self-defense.

In other words, you can’t count on Mary’s luck, which means you could:

Spend months in jail while your trial grinds slowly on…

Go bankrupt paying for your legal defense, even if you get off…

…And even go to prison and lose years of time with your family as your life crumbles around you!

To avoid making these mistakes, you need simple, easy-to-understand guidelines for when you can shoot and when you can’t.

I feel so strongly about this that I put together a free DVD that explains it all.

All you have to do is pay for shipping – and tell me where to send it.

Don’t wait on this, okay?

The information I’m talking about is the difference between doing everything right and going home to your family…

…and making a simple mistake that could cost you everything.

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1 Gunman Defeats 5 Armed Attackers. (BUT. . .)

Jabir Kennedy pulled the trigger as fast as he could…

There wasn’t much time for “aiming”, but the 5 attackers who had him pinned into the corner of a neighbor’s front porch corner – beating his head mercilessly with brass knuckles and the butt of a gun – were close enough that getting “lead into meat”wasn’t too much of a problem.

The 5 men – 4 of them bleeding from bullet wounds – bolted back toward the car they had jumped out of to ambush the 23 y.o. Kennedy.

Unfortunately, though he survived the attack, Kennedy’s troubles were just starting, and…

Here’s How 1 Man Defeated 5 Armed Attackers In Pure Self-Defense… And Went To Jail!…

Jabir Kennedy Was Jailed For Self-Defense Shooting
Jabir Kennedy Faced Multiple Attackers…. And Went To Jail!

It all began just a few days before Christmas after Kennedy had dropped off his 5 y.o. daughter at her mother’s house.

After a heated argument with girl’s mother, he left to go back home and cool off.

But his ex-girlfriend had other plans for him…

Picking up the phone, she called relatives, claiming that Kennedy had physically assaulted her, recruiting them to go after him for “payback”.

Within moments, 5 of the men had piled in a car – armed – and began cruising the neighborhood in search of Kennedy.

Spotting him walking near his home, they pulled up behind him… jumped out… and without warning, all began striking him with their weapons, eventually pushing him up onto the neighbor’s porch as Kennedy tried to fight back.

Unarmed himself, he was somehow able to grab onto one of the handguns being used to strike him and wrestle it away.

And with no time to spare…

Kennedy could hear the shouts of the others in the group, crying, “Shoot him! Shoot him!”

With the gun now in his control, he pulled the trigger – again and again – desperately shooting his way out of the attack as his assailants scrambled to their car.

The men sped off into the night – 3 of them shot… and 1 dying of his wounds just hours later.

While this may sound like a clear-cut case of self-defense, Kennedy was shocked when he discovered that HE was reported as the “attacker”… and later arrested for 1st Degree Murder!

The District Attorney’s argument?

That Kennedy was armed… was “skilled” enough with a gun to shoot 4 out of the 5 attackers… and that shooting 8-10 rounds was too “excessive” to be considered self-defense!

I know… total “b.s.”, right?

Fortunately a jury felt the same way and ended up finding Kennedy “Not Guilty”, but you and I both know it could have had an entirely different ending…

Here Are 3 Shocking Lessons From The Kennedy Case That Every Gun Owner Needs To Know…

As I always say, “It’s best to learn from other people’s mistakes – and their successes.”, right?

Here are a few of the biggest takeaways most armed citizens don’t think about…

1. Pass “The Test”

Kennedy’s argument in court focused not on Stand Your Ground or the Castle Doctrine, but instead on good old-fashioned “self-defense”.

And according to one of our finest firearm instructors in our MCS network, Massad Ayoob, Kennedy’s response was “textbook”.

Ayoob explained that, to pass the “self-defense test,” you need three elements to be present at the same time:

  • Ability (your attackers have the means to hurt or kill you)
  • Opportunity (the danger from your attackers is immediate and unavoidable)
  • Jeopardy (your attackers express – physically or verbally – they mean to cause you harm)

How does Kennedy’s response stack up?

Well, his attackers came lethally armed… looking for a fight… and ambushed him without warning or provocation.

Check… check… and CHECK!

But if any ONE of those “tests” hadn’t been met, Kennedy could still be sitting in a prison cell today.

And one person in particular certainly pulled every dirty trick in the book to try and put him there…

2. Beware Of The District Attorney

The truth is, the DA you’ll face doesn’t always care about whether you’re innocent or not.

The prosecutor’s only job is to make you look as guilty as he possible so he or she can win a conviction against you.


The DA’s “job performance” is based on not losing cases “which wastes the taxpayers’ money” and they’ll try to avoid an expensive trial by scaring you with the possibility of what a “guilty” verdict will mean for you if you go to court.

They’ll try to get you to plea to a lesser charge so the “bad guy” goes away… they get another notch in the “win” column… and they saved the taxpayers some moolah.

That’s why the District Attorney in Kennedy’s case offered him a deal of 17.5-34 years for a “guilty” plea.

But as we say in our “Bulletproof Defense” DVD, if you know that you’re innocent, our advice is: DON’T TAKE THE DEAL!

Kennedy himself explained the reasoning for his decision best…

“I knew I was only guilty of wanting to live. I just felt like, these guys came… they came with guns. And people were yelling, ‘Shoot him!’ and stuff like that. I’m just glad I got out of there with my life.”

Jabir stuck to his guns, knowing that pleading to the lesser charger could still make him “guilty.”

He’d also lose his right ever to own a gun again, and his life would be forever changed as he spent years in prison as a felon.

But that brings me to the fact that…

3. You May Have To Pay Anyway

While this story had a happy ending with Kennedy’s “Not Guilty” verdict, his real-life consequences was far from “happy”…

He spent almost a YEAR AND A HALF behind bars waiting for his trial and fighting to prove his innocence!

How would YOUR life change if you spent 15 months behind bars?

Would your job be waiting for you when you got out?

How many of your kids’ or grandkids’ birthdays would you miss?

Their sports games? Graduations? Weddings?

EVERYTHING about your life can change in 15 months.

And what about the actual monetary cost?

The average expense to defend yourself in court is about $40,000… and that’s even if you’re 100% INNOCENT!

A trial like this could ruin you financially and emotionally.

Look, Kennedy’s tragic story should be a wake-up call for every red-blooded gun-owner reading this right now…

I know it feels great to pop off a few caps down at the local gun range, but hopefully you now realize that your attacker is only ONE fight you have to “survive”.

You must also train for the biggest danger you’ll face AFTER you’re attacked…

… the loss of your FREEDOM and FINANCES!

Take the time (NOW!) to get training in “shoot – don’t shoot” decisions and use-of-force laws.

You can’t afford NOT to know what is “legal” and what is not.

One wrong move and YOU could be the one who ends up in the back of the responding officer’s police cruiser — even if you think you are in the right!

The best place to start is with this DVD we’re giving away for FREE to all responsibly-armed citizens…

The law isn’t always “fair”, and this video could literally save your life… as well as your family’s “way of life”.

If You Were In Jabir Kennedy’s Shoes, What Would YOU Have Done?

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