Sniper Training For Survivalists: Why Every Prepper Needs Long Range Shooting Training

Sniper Training For Survivalists: Why Every Prepper Needs Long Range Shooting Training


What do you think of when I say the word, “sniper”?

If you're like most people, you get that mental image of a soldier covered in a camouflage “ghillie suit” ready to pull the trigger on an enemy combatant…

…A tactical SWAT marksman ready to end a hostage-taker's stand-off…

…Or a clandestine spy positioned in a window, about to completely disrupt some country's political system with a single bullet.

But while YOU may not be some state-sponsored covert assassin, have you ever thought about why you SHOULD consider becoming a “sniper”?

If that makes you scratch your head a little, then let me share with you…

5 Reasons Why Every Survivalist Needs “Sniper Training” To Be Prepared…

Sniper Training For Survivalists: Why Every Prepper Needs Long Range Shooting Training
Sniper Training For Survivalists: Why Every Prepper Needs Long Range Shooting Training

1. Intelligence Gathering

As they say, “knowledge is power”, right?

Well, sniper tactics are as much about doing reconnaissance to gain valuable intel on an “enemy” as they are about precision shooting.

A sniper can't pull the trigger on just anything that comes into his crosshairs.

90% of the job is being able to detect, identify, and confirm targets, and developing these skills will make you far more aware during times when danger is around you and most people don't even know it.

2. Survival Hunting

In any kind of “collapse”, food shortages will hit within the very first few days.

It's a fact.

That means you're going to have to find food for you and your family – and you're only going to get 1 shot at that deer, rabbit, or squirrel that's 300 ft away in that corn field.

You better make it count… or you'll go hungry like the rest.

3. “Next Level” Marksmanship

At long ranges, every little mistake makes a BIG difference in how close your bullet hits to where you were aiming.
Sight picture… breathing… trigger squeeze… follow-through…

The training required to become “super-accurate” as a sniper can help you fine-tune ALL of your shooting skills – no matter whether it's a shotgun, rifle, or even a pistol!

4. Stealth & Concealment

A sniper's success doesn't just rely on his (or her) accuracy.

You have to be “sneaky”.

You have to be able to creep into an optimal position without being detected… become “invisible” in any surroundings (even urban areas)… and be able to haul ass out of a “hot zone” without leaving a trail.

Hmmmm… sounds like just the kinda skills that could prove helpful for escape & evasion when the sh*t has hit the fan and the “wolves” of our society are prowling around for helpless victims to prey on, eh?

5. SHTF Defense

If worse ever DOES come to worse, you know that your family's defense is going to entirely be up to YOU… and ONLY you!

Being able to hunker down in a safe location – and STAY safe – is going to require you to have someone standing watch 24/7 should some sneaky bastard start looking around for his (or their) next victims.

It's always best to assume that the “enemy” is armed… and in ANY firefight confrontation, distance is your friend.

Being able to engage an enemy (foreign or domestic) from 500-800 yards away will help ensure your own survival… and force them to find their loot elsewhere (if they're lucky enough to leave).

So hopefully this was all you needed to convince you that this type of training really IS useful for survival purposes.

So now, “what's next?”, right?

How To Get Started As A “Survival Sniper”…

1. You're gonna need a weapon. Sniper rifles can get pretty expensive and if you ever go to a gun show, you'll see them all the way up to about $15,000 or so.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure my dog would have my side of the bed on a permanent basis if I ever dropped that much on a rifle.

The sneaky trick used at these gun shows is to make the rifle “look” like a badass military weapon with a lot of inexpensive add-ons. In other words, they're selling the “look” so you feel like you're the next American Sniper.

I recommend (and have) a Remington 700 .308 caliber bolt-action rifle.

These come super accurate and reliable right out of the box and I've used it for hunting as well as long-range shooting.

Another option is an AR platform in .308 because it's a familiar “feel” and deployment as a standard AR-15.

(Note: More on your gun in a few seconds…)

2. Next, you're gonna need a good scope. These can also run you a ton-o-dough, but it's a very critical factor in sniping so the more can spend on it, the better… but don't go overboard.

I recommend a “FIXED variable” scope for long-range shooting.

An “adjustable variable” scope is one where you can adjust the sight picture very tight, which actually changes the power of the scope.

This allows you to get a very fine-tuned sight picture at varying distances, if you want it to.

However, a “fixed variable” scope has a fixed magnification so the power of the sight picture doesn't change.

That means you don't have to mess around dialing in the precise magnification when you’re trying to engage multiple targets… and for defense and survival purposes, that can mean the difference between getting a shot – or not!

3. Finally, before you go attaching all kinds of whiz-bang gizmos to your rifle, you're gonna want to get in some “super accuracy training”.

Don't worry… there's no need to shell out a few thousand dollars for some “tactical sniper school”.

One of the best training programs out there for dialing in “super accuracy” with a rifle is through “Project Appleseed” (

This is a national non-profit “marksmanship heritage” group of volunteers using a standardized set of special skills for training youth and adults in how to achieve superior accuracy with a rifle – just like the American colonists who out-shot and defeated the British forces back in 1775.

I've attended their courses and put all my sons through it as well, and I can't say enough about the professionalism of this group and all of the volunteer instructors who help keep this patriotic skillset alive and well.

And the best part? The training is free!

Of course they're not going to give you actual “sniper training” because that's not what they're about, but it'll lay a strong foundation for what you need to take things to the next level.

Then There's Your Gun…

A buddy of mine is well-known in the firearms industry for showing patriotic survivalists how to easily build “underground guns”.

You can get his FREE DVD here for just the cost of shipping it to you.

Untraceable guns like this are often called “ghost guns” because they use a little-known “invisibility loophole” that doesn't require them to be registered with the government like other firearms.

Trust me, this is important…

You see, if there ever was ANY kind of crisis that triggered civil unrest on a grand scale, it's a very real threat that the government (federal or local) could impose a mandatory “gun confiscation” program to take peoples' guns.

Yes, I know this might sound like paranoia, but it's already happened during scenarios like Hurricane Katrina.

And I mean, just watch the news…

Personally, I think we're scary close to seeing more and more violent protests in the near future as we become further divided as a nation!

Are you seeing it too?

And with more mass-shootings and more gun-hating politicians taking office, anyone who is serious about their 2nd Amendment rights should be VERY afraid of the possibility of a knock on the door by a uniformed soldier with a clipboard, asking you to hand over your guns for the “greater good of the community” during a violent crisis.

So why take the chance?

Get equipped… get trained… and get prepared while you can.

What Is Your Go-To Long Range Weapon?

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The WORST Advice For Good Preppers & Survivalists

The Worst Advice For Good Preppers & Survivalists

Back in the “old days' of the Internet, they used to tell you NEVER to use your real name for security purposes.

Back then, simple scams were everywhere.

But we've come a long way (mostly) since people were trusting enough to send money online to made-up Nigerian princes… right?


People may be a lot more “Internet savvy” when they use their phones or laptops these days…

…But in the survival/prepping community, a whole LOT Of them are still making a MAJOR mistake.

And that mistake, well… it's the sort of thing that separates the real survivors from the ones who are just pretending – even if they don't realize it!

Doing This Makes People “Fantasy Preppers”

The Worst Advice For Good Preppers & Survivalists
The Worst Advice For Good Preppers & Survivalists

See, I'm old enough to remember the early days of the Internet, when it was kind of a “Wild West” out there in terms of the information available.

You could find just about anything you wanted on Internet bulletin boards…

…and some of it was even true.

But while most of us have gotten a lot smarter about who we trust online, and who we give our information to…

…some of us are STILL falling for a new type of scam.

Instead of taking people's money and not sending them anything, THESE scams are selling false security, giving people information that doesn't work and that the seller doesn't care about.

See, some people in the survival/prepping/self-defense communities are still taking advice from just anybody on the Internet.

They go on YouTube, look up a video, and believe what some tiny channel with no followers (and no clue) tells them.

They find a random post by “MallNinja12345” (I made that up) on Reddit, and they think it must be true because it sounds plausible.

Basically, they treat the Internet like a Ouja Board, asking just any old random person to give them advice on life-and-death matters of survival.

And that, Amigo, is the absolute WORST advice there is.

It treats survival like fantasy – and playing at being a prepper will get you hurt or killed when something real happens.

(You know, like a world-ending, economy-destroying pandemic?)

Now, I know you're not going to stop looking at survival information on the Internet, and I wouldn't want you to.

But if you're going to be able to tell fact from fiction, if you want some clue as to whether a source should be trusted, you have to have a good background in multiple survival topics.

That means you have another problem:

HOW do you study “all of survival and self-defense” overnight?

Well, I found a deal that provides you with an “instant library” of solid survival and self-defense information.

With just one click, YOU can have this entire library at your disposal… which will help give you the background you need to make informed decisions about the “Internet survival info” you see.

You can learn more about everything contained in the instant library (and get access to them) here.

Just don't put this off until later, okay?

These offers get taken down periodically, so you don't want to miss out.

Watch your backs out there, and online… and don't send any bitcoins or gift cards to imaginary royalty, okay?


What's Your Best “Old School” Survival Tip?

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MCS 312 – 5 “Aha!” Survival Tips From Our Readers

5 "Aha!" Survival Tips From Our Readers
5 "Aha!" Survival Tips From Our Readers
5 “Aha!” Survival Tips From Our Readers

I'm always looking for survival tips from our readers, listeners, and followers.

And fans of Modern Combat & Survival do NOT disappoint.

As we transition away from the MCS brand…

…we're looking for your input now more than ever.

Because these 5 tips changed how I approach my own prepping.

That's right:

As much time as I spend training and learning about survival, these are just 5 of the tips from our readers, listeners, and followers that made a big difference for me.

In this week's podcast episode, I describe these 5 tips and explain how they changed my own approach to these aspects of survival and self-defense.

This is just one of the reasons we're looking for your input as we move forward!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • How to get to the bottom of choosing a “survival bike” for bugging out and hauling gear.
  • A simple accessory to add to your daily driver that could save your life in both survival and escape/evasion scenarios!
  • Why all the guns and ammo in the world are USELESS if you don't stock these dirt-cheap accessories.
  • How to make your friends and family think you are a “survival psychic!”
  • Why turning “secret Santa” could help you in a survival situation…

This episode is near and dear to me, because it shows just how much our readers, listeners, and followers participate in what we do here.

Tune in now and, if you have your own tip, share it on our blog!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Is YOUR Best Survival Or Self-Defense Tip?

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The smallest, lightest survival and SD tool there is. . .

3 Reasons To Carry A Scream Whistle

Three years ago I did a podcast on my top 5 EDC self-defense weapons.

One of those was a product that went out of stock from the manufacturer for a while.

Well, it's finally back… and I realized when I went to buy a few more of them that it's one of the smallest, lightest, and CHEAPEST self-defense and survival tools there is.

But you know what else?

It's not really a WEAPON at all.

That means you can take it literally anywhere.

But that's not the ONLY reason you should carry one…

3 Reasons To Carry A SCREAMER

3 Reasons To Carry A Scream Whistle
3 Reasons To Carry A Scream Whistle

The scream whistle from Survival Frog doesn't look like much.

It's a tiny little piece of plastic.

But I absolutely LOVE it, because it doesn't take much air to make it work…

…and when you blow into it, it's AMAZINGLY LOUD.

It's so small that you can carry it with you every day… put one in your car… and even drop one into each of your survival kits.

You'll forget it's there, but when you need it, there's a LOT it can do for you:

1. It Can Scare Off An Attacker

Now, we've all heard of a “rape whistle.”

Usually, the term is used like a punch line.

That's because blowing on a whistle like you'd carry in gym class isn't going to do much to scare off an attacker.

But the scream whistle is a little different.

It doesn't sound like those old, cheesy rape whistles, or like something your football coach would hang around his neck.

It puts out a piercing wail that draws ATTENTION… and that is something a mugger, a rapist, and most other thugs absolutely don't want.

They count on darkness and anonymity to do their crimes… so you blowing on one of these scream whistles is the LAST thing they want.

Which brings me to…

2. It Can Draw Attention Like Nothing Else

They say you shouldn't shout for help if you're being attacked in public, in a hotel, or some other place like that.

Instead, you're supposed to shout “Fire! Fire!” because people who don't want to get involved in a crime will come running if that's what it takes to save their own skins.

(Pretty sad that we have to think like this, you know?)

Well, the scream whistle gets attention like nothing else… so even if you're NOT being attacked, if you want to draw a crowd of people fast (as in, a crowd of witnesses), blowing on a scream whistle will do that.

The noise doesn't just scare away the bad people, in other words; it also attracts crowds of OTHER people, which might be just what you need.

3. It Can Help You Get Rescued In An Accident

If you were in an accident – say, your car was in a ditch over an embankment, and you couldn't get out on your own – you'd need to call for help.

But if you were hurt, you might not be able to shout very loud.

And if you were lost in the woods, trying to get somebody's attention so they could come find you, shouting would only work for so long before your voice was blown out.

In a survival situation, a scream whistle can bring rescuers to you FAST.

It doesn't take much air to create one HECK of a racket with these, either.

All you have to do is keep blowing on it to make so much noise that anyone nearby will hear you.

That means that this whistle can save your life even if you're all alone.

Of course, like I said, the best thing about these powerful screamers is that they're very inexpensive.

You can afford to buy several for all your loved ones, your survival kits, your pocket, your car… wherever you might want a little insurance.

You'll forget they're there until you need them… and if you ever do, you'll be really grateful to have them.

Get yours here before they sell out again.

What EDC Defense And Survival Gear Do You Carry?

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3 Tips For Staying Safe While Scavenging For Survival!

Survival Scavenging Safety Tips

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

If a society-wide emergency plunges us into chaos, you and your family will be on your own,  with only the supplies that you have stockpiled and the preparations you’ve managed to make before everything went to hell.

One way you can extend your stores, though, is to get what you can find from the world around.

That isn't always easy… and it's often very dangerous.

I spoke with survival expert Jake Sepulveda about how to stay safe when scavening for survival, and here is a summary of what he told me.

3 Tips For Staying Safe While Scavenging For Survival!

Survival Scavenging Safety Tips
Survival Scavenging Safety Tips

Jake Sepulveda
Jake Sepulveda

Why do you need to scavenge?

To put it simply, you just can’t have everything.

It’s impossible to have a place to put it all.

So thinking that you’re prepared for every eventuality, and thinking that you’ve got all the supplies you need, and not having the ability and the foresight to plan for what happens when you don’t — because there will be a time when you don’t — could end up getting you killed.

But scavenging itself could ALSO get you hurt or killed.

It's a dangerous world out there, and in an emergency or survival scenario, it's only going to get worse.

I like to use what I call the “3 Ps” to stay safe.

These are partners, pause, and precaution.

Tip #1: Have Partners

Partners are difficult in survival situations if it’s not somebody you know, because you don’t know how much you can trust them.

Even then, if you do know them, there are certain breaking points people have.

But the benefit of a second set of eyes is almost immeasurable, especially if you’re occupied doing something.

Having that person who can watch over your shoulder and watch your back and listen while you focus on a task is fantastic.

I think it’s a must for pretty much anybody, because they’ll at least sense or see a danger coming, and at least warn you about it.

Tip #2: Pause While Scavenging

Pausing, even if you’re with another partner, is taking a moment every now and then to stand and look around you.

It's taking time to take in your surroundings and really identify what’s happening in your immediate area that is really important.

You can't afford to focus too hard on scavenging itself.

If you get too caught up in your focus on what you’re doing, you’re going to lose sight of everything else that’s happening around you.

Then anything from a human enemy to just a dangerous environmental condition, like a collapsing ceiling in a damaged building, could end up taking you out.

Tip #3: Use Precaution

Precaution is just being careful.

When you’re scavenging you don’t necessarily want to go to a huge department store for your supplies.

Yes, they’ll probably have lots of stuff that you could use in there, but a lot of other people are probably going to be there as well.

If you’re grabbing something that somebody else wants, there isn’t a whole lot that they would hold back to get that thing from you.

So being cautious and being aware of the places that you plan on scavenging, or that you see as an opportunity in the moment, and just taking in the scenery and having that second pair of eyes… these are all-important factors.

The other thing is that if a family member of mine or one of my team didn’t come back, the natural reaction, especially if you’re in a close-knit survival team, is we’ve got to go out and find out what happened, we’ve got to find them.

That’s not a good prospect because then everybody’s kind of roaming around trying to find one another.

So it seems that having a partner with you has a lot of different benefits to it as well.

You also have to watch out for natural hazards, not just people.

When you’re out there you’ve got to be cautious because if it’s a true collapse type of situation, an injury that you would normally go to urgent care to or go to the hospital for could easily kill you.

Risks you would think nothing of taking in a world where you can just call 911 become impossible when you don't have that option.

You've definitely got to keep in mind that if something goes wrong, whether it’s a bee sting that you’re allergic to, a snake bite, or a twisted ankle… these are things that can put you out of action or give you an infection.

Even minor injuries can become life-or-death scenarios when there is no medical care to be had.

It can come back to your pride.

If you are doing something just because you think, “Well, I’ll just brute force through it,” that’s not always a good choice.

If you can drop that machismo and realize that sometimes it’s good to step back and start on a smaller project, you can avoid a lot of serious injury and downtime.

What Is Your Go-To Strategy For Scavenging For Survival?

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5 Urban Survival “Knife/Machete Sharpening” Hacks. . .

Let me ask you a weird question…

Have you ever tried shaving with a razor that’s like waaaaaaaay past the point you SHOULD have replaced it with a fresh one?

Now if you’re one of those tactical dudes who's been sporting a “military contractor beard” since you were 11, then probably not.

But for the REST of us, it brings back painful memories of that common, “ACK!” response and spending the next 37 minutes staring into the bathroom mirror armed with a giant roll of toilet paper, desperately trying to stop that tiny nick's never-ending “blood-fest” in time to get to work.

Bottom line… a blade (ANY blade) is only as effective as it is SHARP, right?

And when it comes to survival tools and weapons (like your knife and machete), keeping it’s edge “mission-ready” can be a real challenge if you’re in an extreme survival scenario where your blade is getting a lot of use, but resources are scarce and there’s no handy-dandy professional sharpening service down the block.

Right? So…

Here Are 5 Knife- And Machete-Sharpening Hacks For Extreme Survival Scenarios…

Machete And Knife Sharpening Tips For Field Use
Machete And Survival Knife Sharpening Hacks

#1 – Use A Car Window

The untreated edge of a car window can do a great job of sharpening the blade of your machete.

The top of the car window isn't coated.

All you need to do is place the blade against the window edge while tilting it to match the window edge angle.

Then make at least three passes along the length of the blade.

(Flip it over and do the other side as well.)

Even if you don't have a car, in an urban survival situation, finding a vehicle to sharpen your machete shouldn't be a problem.

#2 – Use The Bottom Of A Ceramic Coffee Mug

There are knife sharpeners made of ceramic.

Simply turn the ceramic coffee mug over on a firm, flat surface.

Draw the blade across the unfinished edge of the bottom of the mug and sharpen like in the instructions above.

#3 – Use A Smooth Stone

Yep, gonna go all Conan the Barbarian on this one.

(This one is better if you're near a water source such as a river since it works best with a really smooth stone.)

A smooth stone can work just like a sharpening stone.

#4 – Use An Emery Board

Sure, it's not something most guys carry around.

But if you plan ahead, it's light and hardly takes up any space.

Simply place the emery board on a flat, surface and use the technique mentioned above.

It probably works better on a knife, but for a machete it can work in a pinch.

Desperate times, right?

#5 – Use A Knife

Being the prepared survivalist that you are, you'll have another knife handy.

Simply draw the machete blade across the back spine of the knife.

Repeat this on both sides of the machete blade.

But let's face it… you won't always have these sharpening options handy.

I mean, who carries a coffee mug into an urban survival situation anyway, right? (Other than someone with a serious caffeine addiction, that is. 🙂

The Ultimate Way To Keep All Your
Survival Blades Super Sharp…

When it all comes down to it, the words of my old Drill Sergeant rings true…

… you can't polish a turd!

In other words, the main factor in having a sharp blade is to make sure you buy a machete designed for holding an edge.

That's why – when I designed our Guardian “urban survival machete”, I tested out all the popular types of steel to use for the blade.

I hate to brag, but it really is the toughest machete on the planet and all you have to do is watch our “machete torture test” video here, to see for yourself…

When I think about the actual experience I had in desert, jungle, arctic, and urban environments —  including in COMBAT — a knife wouldn't even come CLOSE to doing what I needed it to do.

I think you'll agree, but you should check it out for yourself.

What Is The Most EXTREME Thing You've Asked Of Your Survival Blade?

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MCS 297 – Supply Chain Survival

COVID-19 Coronavirus Supply Chain Survival
COVID-19 Coronavirus Supply Chain Survival
COVID-19 Coronavirus Supply Chain Survival

For the first time in our lives, many of us confronted something we had never expected to see:

Completely empty store shelves.

Yes, for years we've all joked about stores selling out of bread, milk, and even batteries before snow storms.

But this is different.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, everybody is coping with a shortage of some kind.

And it's going to get worse before it gets better.

There is, however, something you can do to help you get through these product shortages.

In fact, there are FIVE things you can and should be doing.

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene sits in for Jeff Anderson to share 5 tips for getting through supply chain breaks and product shortages… all while providing for your family and yourself.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • How to interpret critical “news clues” for tips to what items you should be buying before you can't get them anymore!
  • A sure-fire strategy for managing your stockpile so you can “ride out” product shortages.
  • How to avoid a critical “OpSec” mistake when using apps like “Nextdoor” to network with neighbors!
  • The one mental change you've GOT to make if you're going to survive this pandemic at an emotional level.
  • Why and how to develop your “virtual crystal ball” for supply planning.

This pandemic has changed all our lives forever… but we ARE going to get through it.

Get the tips and tactics you need to do just that in this week's episode.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

How Are YOU Coping With The Pandemic?

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MCS 291 – Pandemic Prepping Update

Pandemic Prepping Update - Wuhan COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak
Pandemic Prepping Update – Wuhan COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak



The “Wuhan Flu.”

People keep arguing about what it's called.

But it's STILL a global pandemic that is changing our world as we know it.

Right now, people don't realize how serious it is.

We're about to learn some powerful lessons.

I've been talking to some “insider contacts.”

What's coming is going to be serious… but you CAN get ready for it.

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson explains what's going on with COVID-19 right now in the United States… and what you and your family should be doing to prepare and get through it.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The critical mistake most Americans are making right now when it comes to the pandemic.
  • What more states will start doing as infection numbers increase.
  • What “martial law” really means, and what we should expect!
  • Why there is a “global chess match” coming in the world economy… and why our enemies have an advantage in that.
  • The simple steps you and your family should be taking RIGHT NOW to prepare… while you still can!

These are difficult times, but we will get through them.

Get this critical information now so you can prepare while there is time to do it.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

How Are YOU Coping With The Pandemic?

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Supply Chain Collapse: How COVID-19 (And Other Pandemics) Threaten Us All

Doomsday Prepper Survival Training For Bugging Out

I saw a news article today about how people are raging because their Amazon orders for luxury goods and tech gadgets aren't arriving fast enough.

See, the retail giant has prioritized household staples and medical supplies because they're absolutely overwhelmed with orders… and that means delaying shipments of things they don't consider as critical.

Not only has the supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19 been a giant wake-up call to just how fragile our society is…

… but it should also be giving you a whole different appreciation of “truckers”!

You see, “collapse” isn't something that typically happens in one giant THUD that wipes everything out in an instant like a meteor crashing out of the sky, sending us all the way of the dinosaurs.

It's a chain-reaction that can be caused by any triggering event like the 5 no-b.s. collapse threats I talk about in my free guide, “Survival Gear Secrets”.

(If you want me to send you a free copy of my book, just click here and I'll send it to you…)

When any of these very real events (like the COVID-19 global pandemic) are triggered, they cause a domino effect that has a very predictable outcome.

In fact, a report developed for “National Truck Driver Appreciation Week” a couple of years ago was a real shocker, and forces us to ask the question…

“Are We Just One Truck Driver Away From A Doomsday Scenario?”

Doomsday Prepper Survival Training For Bugging Out

Ok, first, you need a “trigger event”, right?

Let's say it's a pandemic disease outbreak – the kind that the Center For Disease Control (CDC) was telling us we were long overdue for prior to the current COVID-19 disaster.

Diseases can spread very quickly across the country through long-distance transportation such as by people using airplanes, trains…

… and even long-distance truck-drivers delivering goods!

Since truckers often stop in the same locations as other truckers for rest, food, re-fueling, and resupply, all it would take is just a few truck-drivers exposed to a medicine-resistant strain of flu or other virus (you know…), to rapidly spread the disease throughout the entire trucking industry.

Now here's where things get really scary…

You see, most people don't realize just how dependent we are on our nation's truck drivers (although they're starting to “get it” now).

Our entire trucking system is part of our nation's critical underlying infrastructure that supplies every single household and business with all the things we take for granted, such as food, water, medicines, fuel, repair parts, etc.

And according to that report I mentioned, here's what you can expect to see happen without this indispensable lifeline…

Within 24 Hours Of “No Trucking”:

  • Delivery of all medical supplies to affected areas ceases
  • Hospitals will run out of basic supplies
  • Service stations will run out of fuel, skyrocketing prices and creating long lines at the gas pumps
  • Food shortages begin to develop

Within 2-3 Days:

  • Consumer panic over food shortages escalates
  • Supplies of bottled water, powdered milk, and canned meat will disappear
  • ATM’s will run out of cash and banks will close
  • Garbage will pile up in urban and suburban areas
  • Ships and trains will be disrupted from delivery

Within 1 Week:

  • All automobile traffic will cease due to lack of fuel
  • Hospitals will begin to exhaust oxygen supplies

Within 2 Weeks:

  • Clean water supply will begin to run dry (or become contaminated due to non-functional infrastructure)

Within 4 Weeks:

  • The nation’s clean water supply will be completely exhausted.

This is why I'm always saying that “It only takes 3 days to go from calm… to CHAOS!”?

And this is only from a “bad flu” hitting truck drivers – much less COVID-19.

Now, keep in mind… this is all “worst case scenario.”

It isn't that bad yet – and if we're lucky, it's not going to be.

But as hard as it is to hear, this is information we all NEED to know.

There are plenty of other “triggering events” I talk about in my free “Survival Gear Secrets” book I'll send to you (plus, I tell the warning signs to look out for so you have your own “collapse radar” that gives you prior notice before anyone else even knows what's about to hit).

This is why we prep, right folks?

This is why YOU need to be the most prepared person on your block in order to protect yourself and those you love from the dangers that your neighbors don't even realize are out there.

You do.

We're all going to get through this COVID-19 outbreak, but it's going to be hard on us.

Learn from these warning signs so that you can spot this type of thing coming in the future.

Make no mistake: It could happen again, and we would be fools not to learn from the current outbreak.

Fool me once,” as they say… right?

Be safe out there.

We'll continue to bring you important information to keep your family safe during this troubling time.

SHTF / WROL Survival: Could A “Zombie” Outbreak Threaten YOUR Town?

Zombie Outbreak Survival Lessons

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

You’ve seen the television shows like “The Walking Dead” and movies like “World War Z.”

If you're like me, you've wondered: Even though zombies aren't real, plenty of real-life emergencies look a LOT like a zombie outbreak.

Remember the Ebola scare?

Or Coronavirus now?

That got me thinking: just how real is the “zombie threat,” and what can this possibility teach us?

Recently I talked to zombie enthusiast and survival expert Jake Sepulveda about the reality of an outbreak and, even though the “zombie” thing has kind of come and gone among survivalists, I think there are some still some relevant lessons.

Here is what Jake had to tell me.

What Can The “Zombie Threat” Teach Us?

Zombie Outbreak Survival Lessons
Zombie Outbreak Survival Lessons

Jake Sepulveda

There are a lot of myths behind zombies.

People automatically think “undead” like in “World War Z” or something similar, but that’s not the reality.

If you look at virology and the way viruses mutate and move, the way they evolve, you can see…

….that we quite possibly do have something to be very afraid of.

Viruses Are Terrifying

In a real emergency, you won't be facing zombies… but you WILL be facing people who have very real zombie-like symptoms caused by an illness or even a drug.

Turn on your television.

Read the news.

There are zombie-like attacks, such as that rash of “bath salts” attacks not so long ago, that look an awful lot like something you see in a zombie thriller.

Who Are The “Zombies?”

There are different “zombie” types based on what is affecting the people in question.

  • Chemical zombies are people who have been exposed to a toxic chemical, radiation, or a nerve agent.
  • Parasite zombies are people who have been exposed to brain parasites that affect their behavior (there is a real-world fungus called Cordyceps that takes over the active parts of the brain in animals, making them behave strangely).
  • Drug zombies are people who have taken or been given drugs that alter their behavior, like bath salts.
  • Virus zombies are people who are sick, dangerous to your health, and possibly desperate, such as those with H1N1, Ebola, etc.

The Zombie Reality

The fact is, there are very real news stories involving people who attack other human beings and even eat flesh from their bodies.

We don’t know that this is likely to become an epidemic, and we know these people aren’t REALLY “zombies.”

Their behavior, however, makes them dangerous.

We must train to survive these real-life threats that look a lot like something from a horror movie.

THAT is the reality of the “zombie threat” in this, the real world.

What Did You Think Of The Zombie Craze Among Preppers?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences Below…

Survival Gear / Bug Out Bag Mistake: Don’t Let Pride Make You “Burt Gummer!”

Prepping Operational Security: The Survivalist Burt Gummer Mistake

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

“The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's pride f-ing with you. F-k pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps.”

Those were the words of the character Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction.

He's basically telling Bruce Willis' character to throw a boxing match – and his argument is that the punishment for refusing is much, much worse than the pain of losing.

Well, Pulp Fiction is just a movie… but when I rewatched it not long ago, it reminded me of… survival conventions!

“Wait… what!?” you're probably thinking.

Well, I'll explain… because that quote about pride f-ing with you can teach us something really important about your “operational security”.

Operational Security For Preppers: Don't Let Pride Make You Burt Gummer

Prepping Operational Security: The Survivalist Burt Gummer Mistake
Prepping Operational Security: The Survivalist Burt Gummer Mistake

I've been going to survival and prepper conventions for a long time, now.

They're a lot of fun… but I gotta say, it always amuses me to be surrounded by “Burt Gummers.”

Burt Gummer, if you don't know, is a character from the Tremors movie franchise.

(Man, I'm practically Blockbuster Video today… which is still a thing, right? Right??)

He's kind of a running gag because everything about him is impossibly tactical.

Prepping Operational Security: The Survivalist Burt Gummer Mistake
Prepping Operational Security: The Survivalist Burt Gummer Mistake

Everything he does, says, and wears is all about paramilitary jargon and gear.

He talks like he's on a military operation no matter what he's doing.

He dresses like a 5.11 catalog exploded in his bedroom.

And of course, he's armed all day long, and loves to talk about guns.

As much as I love to meet and talk with my fellow preppers and survivalists, a LOT of them are so proud of their dedication to prepping that they walk and talk just like this… completely blowing their “operational security”!

In other words, you can spot them coming from a mile away.

It's like they can't turn it off… and I guarantee that everybody they know is completely aware that they're all about being prepared.

“Why's that bad, Jeff?” you might be asking.

Well, like I've said before, the last thing you want to do is let the people around you know that you're prepared.

In an emergency – especially a collapse or survival situation that lasts for a long time – these people are going to show up at your door, begging for you to help them.

They'll ask at first.

Then they'll beg.

Finally, they'll demand… and they won't take “no” for an answer!

Now, if you're thinking that this isn't a problem for you, because you don't dress or act that way, that's good.

But I have to ask… is your Bug-out Bag (your BOB) going to give you away?

Even discreet folks will buy what they think is the best BOB for their survival kits – and often, that's a military-style bag covered in tactical accessories that is a dead giveaway to anyone looking.

In other words, the pride you have in that tactical bag could punish you much, much worse than sucking up your pride and going with a less “tactical” looking option!

In an emergency or collapse, if you're bugging out with one of those bags over your shoulder, people are going to spot you – and they'll know that you have things they desperately need.

As proud as we all are of who we are and what we do, the “you'll pry my gun out of my cold dead fingers” approach will end just like that.

“You'll pry my MREs out of my cold dead fingers” will have the same result!

Predators, your desperate neighbors, gangs looking to supply up… even the authorities will be happy to oblige you if the alternative to robbing YOU is watching their families starve.

See, your BOB, and the supplies in it, aren't just going to keep you and your family alive at home… they're also the ONLY thing that will keep you alive if you're forced to evacuate.

Understanding ideas like this – and preparing the smart, covert way (rather than the Burt Gummer way) is just the beginning of truly preparing to keep your family safe in an emergency.

This is a tip like the ones you'll find in my survival gear secrets report, which you can see right here…

Don't let pride make you a “Burt Gummer” (and therefore a target).

Get the tips and tricks that can keep you and your family safe… while you stay prepared.

What “Dead Giveaways” Do You Look For When You're Out In Public?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences Below…

MCS 5 In 5 No. 5 – Buck Greene (Guns, Survival)

5 In 5 Q&A With Buck Greene On Guns, Survival

We get so many questions at MCS Magazine that it's hard to answer them all.

From survival to self-defense to guns and gear, and everything in between…

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Each one of our 5 in 5 series presents five of your questions to one of our subject matter experts.

But here's the thing:

They haven't seen the questions before.

This is your chance to get a “hot take” on five questions for the most honest answers possible.

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It's also fun!

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene answers 5 firearms and survival questions, with 60 seconds to address each one.

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  • The BEST type of knife to carry when SHTF!
  • How to know what gear is “quality” and what is not.

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