3 Everyday Carry Gear (EDC) “Back-Up Weapons” Every Survivalist Should Carry!

EDC Everyday Carry Weapons For Backup

Like most of you, I’m really big into making sure my everyday carry gear (EDC) matches my tactical lifestyle.

That includes my self-defense weapons.

Besides my Glock 19, I like to carry several “back-up weapons” for when a gun isn’t the right legal response or when I need an alternative to help me gain the space I need to get to my firearm.

Here Are 3 Everyday Carry Gear “Backup Weapons” Every Survivalist Should Carry

EDC Everyday Carry Weapons For Backup

1. Combat Folder Knife

I actually prefer a fixed-blade knife for self-defense…

…Because no matter how much you practice, your chances of getting a folder knife open when you’re ambushed or locked up in a clinch with your attacker is next to zero.

Unfortunately, many states consider fixed-blade knives “illegal”.

For that reason, I carry my Limited-Edition Benchmade folder on me as backup.

2. Mini-Flashlight

Besides my knife, my mini tactical flashlight gets the most usage on a daily basis.

If I’m in a parking lot at night, I always pull it out and shine it around the parking lot as I make my way to my truck.

This alerts anyone who may be lying in wait that I’m paying attention and they’re less likely to target me.

In addition, the LED light is blindingly bright… allows me to focus the beam from wide to tight… and has a strobe feature for disorienting an attacker to allow me time to escape or get to my primary weapon.

3. Tactical Pen

Remember in the movie, The Bourne Identity, when CIA agent Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) was ambushed in an apartment by an assassin?

In the close-quarters combat fight scene – facing a knife – Bourne grabs a simple plastic pen off a desk and repeatedly stabs his attacker.

While any pen “can” be used as a weapon, one that’s made specifically for self-defense will serve as a valuable back-up for your EDC arsenal.

Plus, you can take it on a plane and other places you can’t take a gun – if any of us ever gets on a plane again!

If you don’t have one yourself, you can get a tactical pen here…

Even if you do have one, you should grab another one for your spouse, kids, or others you care about.

What Other EDC Gear Weapons Do You Carry Every Day?

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MCS 277 – 5 Pros Of Balisongs (Butterfly Knives)

Balisong / Butterfly Knife Pros

Call it a balisong.

Call it a butterfly knife.

Whatever you call it, its place in popular culture is clear.

Plus it’s frickin’ cool.

They are largely associated with Filipino martial culture…

…but may or may not have come from somewhere else.

Whatever their history, and no matter how much you see them in TV, movies, and even comic strips…

…these unique knives have a LOT of great qualities.

Should YOU consider the balisong or butterfly knife for everyday carry, utility, and even self-defense?

In this week’s podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival’s Buck Greene lists 5 reasons the balisong makes a great companion for the prepared citizen.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How the unique nature of the balisong makes it simple to deploy.
  • Why the butterfly knife is one of the SAFEST folding knives you’ll ever carry!
  • The martial arts application for the balisong that ISN’T cutting or stabbing.
  • Why a butterfly knife is uniquely concealable for EDC.
  • How to open a butterfly knife WITHOUT fancy tricks!

Some of you may consider the balisong a product of a bygone era.

It is, however, a very realistic choice for your tactical knife… and this podcast explains why.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are Your Three Biggest Takeaways From This Podcast?

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