Home Invasion Defense: 11. Y.O. With Combat Machete Defeats Home Invader!

“If they come in the door, you let ’em have it!”

Those words from 11 y.o. Braydon Smith’s father had to echo through his head as he sat in the dark – stuffed in a bedroom closet by a gang of home invaders.

Alone… afraid… outsized… outnumbered… and with no police “back-up” on the way…

Braydon took his dad’s words to heart and, in the pitch black darkness of the closet, plotted to grab the closest “weapon” his little hands could find, and…

Here’s How This 11 y.o. Single-Handedly Defeated A Gang Of Low-Life Home Invaders…

Home Invasion Defense - Braydon Smith
Home Invasion Defense – Braydon Smith

It was 11:00 am on a sunny June morning when young Braydon – alone at home – heard a knock on the family’s front door as he was talking with his mother on the phone.

Peering out his front window, he saw a strange woman on the front porch.

Braydon knew something wasn’t quite right, when suddenly…


… he heard his bedroom window shatter behind him!

Jataveon Dashawn Hall

In mere seconds, Braydon found himself staring face-to-chest with Jataveon Dashawn Hall, a hardened gang member who used his partner’s front-door distraction to invade their home and ambush the youngster when he wasn’t looking.

Braydon fought back with everything he had.

But he was no match for the bigger, stronger Jataveon Hall, who grabbed a pellet gun and forced Braydon into the bedroom closet so he and his gang could loot his home without interference.

They seriously underestimated the 11 y.o…

Braydon remembered the weapon that was hidden nearby after a previous burglary…

It wasn’t a pistol… it wasn’t a rifle… it wasn’t a shotgun…

… it was a machete!

Bursting through the closet door, Braydon – a “star baseball player” in his hometown of Mebane, North Carolina – quickly grabbed the machete and started swinging like he was going for a home run, surprising the unaware Hall with a hit to the back of his head.

The fight was on!

Hall turned around and kicked Braydon in the stomach.

The boy came back – swinging the machete again – but missed.

Hall then kicked Braydon in the head, sending him sprawling to the ground – out of the fight – as he continued his looting of the home while his cohorts waited outside.

That’s when he felt it…

… the wet, warm sensation on the back of his neck.

Reaching back, Hall discovered that the boy’s first blow had hit its target and sliced a good sized gash in the back of his head that was bleeding severely.

In a panic, he dropped the electronics and rushed out the door to flee the area with his two other partners in crime, leaving a trail of blood (and DNA evidence!) behind him.

11 y.o. Braydon – 3
Gang Members – 0

When interviewed later, Braydon said he “hesitated a little,” but he was determined to defend his family’s home from this violent invader.

“You shouldn’t have done what you’ve done,” Braydon said of the thug who attacked him.

(Wise words from a little boy, eh?)

Law enforcement praised his quick-thinking in defending himself and defending his family’s home.

But who KNOWS what Jataveon Hall might have done if Braydon hadn’t gotten to that big blade in time, right?

We all know that home invaders prey on those they consider “weak” – children, the elderly, the handicapped, women – and will use violence to gain power over their victims with no regard for human life.

That’s why I’m such a huge advocate of owning a gun for home defense – and there have been numerous stories about young kids who’ve defended their homes with firearms.

But Braydon didn’t HAVE a gun!

And it’s very unlikely that any OTHER weapon (like a baseball bat, or even a knife) would have allowed him to fight off Jataveon Hall.

Hall was bigger, stronger, and more aggressive.

Only a BIG blade like a machete had the power to put him down…

…and Braydon’s story shows just how effective a machete can be for personal defense – EVEN in the hands of an 11-year-old!

And you can imagine why…

The machete is so simple to use at a “basic” level, that even a small boy can use it against a larger, stronger attacker — and win!

And with more “advanced machete fighting tactics”, it’s downright deadly – as a home defense “back-up” to a firearm, or even as a primary weapon if no gun is available.

In fact, its simplicity is just one of the reasons why I say the machete is the “ultimate survival weapon”, whether you’re facing a horde of face-eating zombies (kidding!) or a brutal home invader in your living room with no regard for human life.

Take a few lessons from young Braydon…

Think “beyond the gun” and consider what other weapons you can use around your home if you were forced to defend yourself in a home invasion ambush.

Not only that, I suggest you even go one step further and actually HIDE “back-up weapons” in strategic locations around your home – like a machete…

And to young Braydon… “Nice job my man!” 🙂

… AND (of course) know how to USE them in a real attack!

What Weapons Do You Use To Defend Your Home?

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Fighting With Shovels? Military-Inspired Survival Weapon Secrets For Close Quarters Combat

The US Military’s top enlisted man said it himself:

“If they choose not surrender, then we will kill them… Whether that be through…dropping bombs on them, shooting them in the face, or beating them to death with our entrenching tools.” [emphasis added]

He was talking about ISIS fighters.

And as brutal as it sounds, Command Sgt. Maj. John Troxell – the military’s top enlisted soldier – was just saying something our military has ALWAYS known when it comes to fighting, and here’s…

The Military’s “No B.S.” Fighting Secret For Close-Quarters Combat

E-tool, Etool, Entrenching Tool: Shovel Combat By Any Name For CQC Battle

“ISIS fighters must surrender or die via shovels,” read the headline when the news covered it.

And you can probably imagine what happened when CSM Troxell posted this comment to Facebook and Twitter…

People freaked!

A lot of people on social media thought Troxell was out of control for saying something so brutal.

The thing is, he wasn’t being “brutal” at all.

He was referring to a secret, something most people don’t know:

In life-or-death combat, the true warrior will use whatever weapon he or she has available to defeat their enemy!

That means the humble “e-tool,” or “entrenching tool” – something every soldier carries – is as much a weapon of war as his rifle.

“That’s ridiculous, Jeff,” you might be thinking. “A shovel, especially a tiny shovel like that, isn’t an effective weapon when every soldier on both sides has a rifle!”

Well, it’s not as far fetched as it sounds.

In fact, the shovel HAS been seen as a weapon in the military for years… and even USED to kill the enemy by some of its biggest heroes.

Ben Wilson, Military Hero
(And Owner of BRASS BALLS)

Ben Wilson

Do you know the story of Ben Wilson?

Wilson earned a Medal of Honor, a Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Service Cross during his time in the military.

He served in WWII and the Korean War, rising to the rank of First Sergeant.

At “Hell Hill” near Hwacheon Dam in Korea, he continued fighting while his men retreated from North Korean counterattack.

Losing his rifle in the fighting, he took out his entrenching tool…

…and killed 4 MEN with the sharpened edge of the shovel!

The military has long recognized just how effective this weapon can be, but not as a shovel by itself.

Instead, in their combatives manuals through the years, they’ve just listed it as one of many objects you an use to fight with the SAME WAY.

In other words, it’s not that the military ever saw the e-tool as a “primary close quarters weapon.”

But they DID understand that guns jam… break… and run out of bullets.

When that happens, you NEED a backup weapon that will keep you alive while destroying the enemy.

The military also understood that soldiers need TRAINING to use weapons.

That could be your “body weapons” (a.k.a. “close-quarters combatives”)… your bayonet knife… or even your frickin’ SHOVEL.

Now, for me, what I always considered a much more formidable backup weapon than ALL of these was…

…my machete!

And just like the military did, I developed a system that works universally with nearly ALL melee weapons, the machete included.

Look familiar (like, you know, that picture from the combatives manual)?

Just like our troops do, though, you need training to wield a machete (or a shovel, or a frigging stick) most effectively.

I feel so strongly about this that I spent 3.5 years training in the legendary “Gatka” sword-fighting system of the legendary Sikh warriors…

…then another 2 years fine-tuning our own “Combat Machete” system, integrating elements of African and Central American machete arts (where real-world machete fighting is extremely common!).

The result?

It’s the ultimate fighting system – that anyone can master in as little as 7 days!

If you’re serious about bladed weapons for self-defense – especially the machete – but if you ALSO want training that you can use with anything you pick up and use as a weapon (like Ben Wilson did) – you might want to check out this “extreme” survival weapons blueprint you can download for free.

I think you’ll be surprised just how much it can help you prepare for any threat.

What Other Ideas Do You Have For Self-Defense If You Don’t Have A Gun?

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Best Tactical Machete Advice For Machete Attacks In The STREETS

The unidentified man tried to retreat… only to be pursued by an entire GANG of thugs.

They were wielding machetes, bats, and even a full-on sword!

This wasn’t something out of a post-apocalyptic movie.

It was the streets of south London, and it happened just a few days ago!

The bizarre melee battle was captured by people recording it for Snapchat on their phones.

This chaos is NOT an isolated incident, either.

It’s happening almost every day, and it represents a very dangerous warning for you and me when it comes to self-defense!

Keep reading, because i’m going to explain why…

Machete Battles In The STREETS Give Insight Into “Other Weapons” For Survival…

The recent September 3rd street battle in Croydon — the town in south London that used to be a nice, safe place — has residents screaming about “lawless London.”

As crowds of horrified people gathered to record the battle, some of the DOZEN men involved began swinging metal pipes at each other.

The brawl broke up into separate fights.

Some were machete-on-knife fights.

Some were bat-on-sword fights.

Some were the metal-smashing pipe fights.

Then they started throwing bricks.

By the time the cops arrived, the men involved had already fled the scene. leaving at least one knife behind.

And the people standing there, foolishly watching and endangering their lives?

They keep telling the reporters they can’t believe what’s happened to their peaceful neighborhood.

The sad fact is that in the last few years, violent crime in cities like London has surged to rival levels in big United States cities.

In part, that’s due to gangs moving into the cities, preying on the inner-city populations.

As the violence has increased, people using scooters and bicycles to commit “drive by” attacks have become increasingly common, too.

They use acid, throwing it in people’s face.

They use knives.

They even use illegal guns.

But do you know what the most common weapon used in the streets of London is?

It’s the machete.

According to a recent news report, the police in the UK are dealing with a whopping 15 machete attacks. . . EVERY DAY!

Attacks with every type of knife are off the charts there, but the machete is CLEARLY the weapon of choice.

And that’s my point.

Here’s why that matters to you…

The gangs in the UK have figured that out.

Gangs and street criminals here in the United States have learned it, too.

The notorious MS-13 gang in the United States, for example, can get all the illegal guns it wants…

…but they STILL use machetes when they want to prove how badass they are.

(I believe in the power of the machete so much, in fact, that I designed one myself — but more on that in a minute.)

The machete is a short sword.

It’s inexpensive.

It delivers POWERFUL damage, and does so quickly.

It’s also more maneuverable than a traditional sword (sorry to you samurai out there).

And it’s a LOT less conspicuous than other types of big blades, because it has an “official” outdoor use.

When you buy a gun for everyday carry or home defense, you DON’T buy the cheapest one you can get, do you?

I sure hope not, because you’re going to be relying on that weapon to save your life.

Well, for those times you can’t have a gun with you — or if you live someplace that they’re trampling on your gun rights — you want to stock up on alternative weapons NOW, while you still can.

But just like when buying a gun to defend your life, you DON’T want to trust your family’s safety to a five-dollar Walmart machete.

You want to buy something SOLID.

You want a machete that can smash through doors and even concrete barriers.

You want a machete that can cut through whatever obstacle you face.

And you want a machete that can handle any FIGHT in front of you, one that handles like a real WEAPON.

I’m not going to lie… there are lots of machetes out there that have some of these qualities.

But there’s only ONE that can handle all the abuse you throw at it… and still serve as a fighting weapon you can trust with your life.

If you’d like to watch the torture test video for yourself, click here…

Frankly, there is no equal.

Do You Carry A Knife? What Alternative Weapons Do You Have?

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Best Survival Machete Features (Review & Buyers Guide): Worst 3 “Machete Fails”!

Best Survival Machete Features (Review & Buyer's Guide): Top 3 Machete Fails

He stands in the middle of the dark room, knowing he’s about to face several men in a fight to the death.

He’s calm — so calm that his attackers look at each other, suddenly unsure.

It’s far too late to back out now, however.

They know it…

He knows it…

And when he quotes the bible and draws the machete he carries on his back, there’s about to be blood on the floor.

In furious, almost graceful combat, he slashes, stabs, and otherwise takes down every last one of his enemies.

He’s the last man standing… the lone survivor.

You probably recognize that fight scene from the movie The Book Of Eli starring Denzel Washington.

Movies like this, and television shows like The Walking Dead have made machetes all the rage these days with survival-minded folks — and for good reason.

Machetes aren’t just great weapons; they’re also incredibly powerful survival tools.

However, DON’T buy a machete until you fully understand these…

3 Big “Machete Fails” Most Preppers Fall Prey To…

3 Big “Machete Fails” Most Preppers Fall Prey To…

Best Survival Machete Features (Review & Buyer's Guide): Top 3 Machete Fails
Best Survival Machete Features (Review & Buyer’s Guide): Top 3 Machete Fails

Look, every knifemaker and manufacturer out there has come out with some kind of machete, right?

They’re all looking to capitalize on the surge of interest.

(In fact, Wal-Mart recently upgraded their “house brand” machete from a clunky piece of junk… to a slightly NICER piece of junk!)

You really need to be careful about what you buy, so here are the 3 biggest “fail” warnings I can share with you for when you go machete shopping…

Fail #1: The “Tacticool” Wasteland Warrior

Too many people buy machetes that “look cool.”

The Book of Eli machete is a good example of this.

One of my buddies bought a replica of that machete. . .

. . . and that’s exactly what it was: a replica!

It’s made for putting on the zombie trophy shelf next to the heads you’ve decapitated.

It’s not made for actual use, and it’s both fragile and horribly balanced.

Remember, just because something looks really cool, or even looks like something you THINK a soldier or “operator” might use, it isn’t necessarily functional.

If it looks like something out of a video game, that’s the ONLY place where you’ll want to be using it.

Fail #2: Putting Form Before Function

This might seem like a stupid question (at first), but…

WHY do you want a machete?!

There are different types, sizes, and shapes of machetes and not all are best for survival purposes.

For example, if you’re just using your machete for clearing branches from trees or chopping up some kindling for a fire, “almost” any old machete you find at Wal-Mart for five bucks will do.

But I (personally) take my life – and my family’s lives – more seriously than to think that this is all I might need a machete for in a REAL life-or-death scenario.

For me, I consider things like:

  • Will I need to hack through wooden beams or concrete fast enough to save a family member trapped under rubble?
  • Will I need to hack off a steel padlock or chain to bypass a gate halting my evacuation? (This scenario just happened and multiple people were burned alive when fleeing a CA wildfire in a convoy of vehicles!)
  • Will I need to use it as a weapon?

Ok, I get it… not everyone is as serious about the equipment they use to protect their family as I am.

But frankly, thinking any other way just doesn’t make sense to me when the people I love the most in this world are depending on me.

I’m thinking you feel the same way, am I right?

Anyway, a real life survival machete requires MORE than just chopping a few limbs – which brings me to. . .

Fail #3: Falling For “Big Brand” Cheap Steel

I carried a machete the entire time I was in the military – including into combat.

I’ve used a machete in deserts… jungles… mountains… arctic conditions… urban cities… you name it.

By far, the most challenging of those was the urban combat.

Now you might not think that a “military-grade” machete is necessary to chop through not just wood – but also concrete and even metal.

In fact, you probably didn’t even know that a machete COULD be strong enough to do something like that, eh?

Well, truth is, not all machetes CAN… and it all comes down to the cheap steel that even the “big name blade makers” out there use for their brands.

Most either use cheap-ass metal with a “tacti-cool” machete… or they try to use the same steel that they use for their knives – which may be good for a pocket folder… but we’re NOT talking about a “knife”.

That’s why, when I designed our Guardian machete, I made sure it was made from top-grade, heat-treated 1095 steel.

I don’t know of anyone else using this high-quality steel, and I understand why: It’s hard to work with… and it’s expensive.

But frankly, the difference in performance is MASSIVE!

This is SO CRITICAL in a survival situation because it allows you to “maximize your strength and power”.

I mean, face it…

You might be tired, even exhausted.

You might need to do the work of multiple people yourself, especially when clearing debris or breaching obstacles.

You might have to fight someone who is bigger and stronger than you. . . or fight a whole LOT of people who outnumber you.

A weaker machete means you’ll tire faster and perhaps not even “finish the job”.

But a strong machete allows you to do more work with less effort, and transforms you into a powerful protector.

In fact, you can see it for yourself with a side-by-side comparison with my old U.S. Army machete in this “torture test” I shot with some of the challenges you might face in a REAL survival scenario.

Bottom line… it brings me real peace of mind knowing I have a tool that can keep my family and I alive when it matters.

You’ll sleep easier when you can say the same.

Happy “machete shopping”! 🙂

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