Women’s Self-Defense “Folk Hero” Fights Off Rapist, Becomes A Meme

Fight Off A Larger Attacker / Defeat An Ambush

“Not today, motherf—er!”

Those are the words that Kelly Herron screamed as her “battle cry” when she was attacked without warning.

(I first told you about Kelly on our email list a few months back – and I've got an awesome follow-up for you today. First, though, let's talk about how she fought off a much larger attacker and became an inspiration to other women who could be attacked.)

The homeless sex offender who dragged her to the floor of the bathroom beat her bloody as he tried to rape her.

But Kelly Herron wasn't finished — not by a long shot!

And while her attack was horrific, it is also the story of…

How A Woman Fought Off A Bathroom Ambush – And Became A ‘Folk Hero'

Fight Off A Larger Attacker / Defeat An Ambush
Fight Off A Larger Attacker / Defeat An Ambush / Women's Self-Defense

Kelly Herron was standing in a public bathroom off a Seattle running trail when she realized she was in danger.

“As I was drying my hands, I became aware that something was wrong,” she told the news.

That's when Gary Steiner, a 40-year-old registered sex offender, attacked this 36-year-old marathon runner.

Gary Steiner

Steiner had been hiding in a bathroom stall in the ladies' room, just waiting for a victim!

He immediately took her to the floor of the bathroom, wailing away on her with his fists.

Kelly fought like a woman possessed.

At one point, she crawled into a bathroom stall, on her back, and tried to kick the door shut with her foot.

Steiner climbed under the stall door from the next one and began beating her in the face.

Kelly started to feel like she was going to black out.

That was bad, because as soon as she was subdued, Steiner intended to rape her.

That's when Kelly had what she later described as a “moment of clarity.”

She thought to herself,

Kelly Herron“This doesn't have to be a FAIR fight!”

So she started to claw his face.

Fighting her way clear like a demon, Kelly punched him again and again, telling herself never to give up.

Finally, she managed to escape the bathroom.

A passerby, who had a carabiner keychain, used it to lock Steiner in the bathroom until the cops could arrest him.

And just like that, this lone woman had not only defeated a street ambush… but she had managed to get her scumbag attacker CAUGHT!

Better yet, Kelly Herron's story beautifully illustrates three tips you can use to prevent an attack by a bigger, stronger attacker – or, if you can't avoid it, fight it off!

1. Search Your Surroundings For Ambushers

Kelly's “sixth sense” told her something was wrong when she was standing in the bathroom.

The problem with that kind of intuition is that it's usually too little, too late!

What she should have done was check the bathroom when she first entered, to see if she was alone.

A quick glance under the stalls would probably have shown her Steiner's pants and shoes, which would have looked out of place in a ladies' room.

You should get in the habit of checking your surroundings wherever you are, including when you get into your own car (to make sure nobody's hiding in the back seat).

2. If You're Attacked, Fight Like A Rabid Animal

This is the thing Kelly did “most right.”

She fought, and fought, and fought.

In describing the fight on her Instagram account and in interviews after the assault, she spoke several times about the mindset she had.

She refused to give up… refused to let Steiner have his way with her… and refused to become a victim!

When it was over, she posted the picture you see here of her stitched, scarred face.

She wasn't looking for sympathy.

She wanted people to know that you CAN fight back against an attacker… and that mindset of survival and determination is what saved her from rape (and worse).

3. If You Go “Out” Or They Take You Somewhere Else, It's Over

Kelly understood this, and it's why she got the “burst of adrenaline” to finally fight back and escape Steiner's grip.

She knew — and spoke about the fact — that if she blacked out, she was going to be raped (and maybe dead).

That very real fear is what gave her the power to keep on fighting past her “limits”.

And that, honestly, makes her one hell of a woman.

But that's not the whole story.

After Kelly's attack, she “sparked a boom” (according to a Reuters news story) in women's self-defense classes.

Better yet, her cry of, “Not today, motherf—er!” became a meme, inspiring many other women to get trained to defend themselves.

“…After [the] publicity about the attack, women have flocked in unprecedented numbers to the same course that helped Herron, and internet searches for the course have increased tenfold, according to Jordan Giarratano, owner of Fighting Chance Seattle, the karate and kickboxing school that prepared Herron,” wrote Daniel Trotta and Tom James for Reuters.

To me, that's the BEST part of Kelly Herron's story.

Not only did she fight off a bigger, stronger attacker… but she inspired countless women in her area to go take the same class that helped her fight back.

Now, I have to ask…

If you were attacked, from out of nowhere – and by a bigger and stronger person – would YOU know what to do?

Did you know that there's a single move that will work for a much smaller person against a larger attacker, allowing you to practically take their head off?

I know… because I've used it myself, and it worked for me every single time.

If you'd like to learn more, check out this video – but be warned: like Kelly Herron's attack, it's pretty graphic.

Just remember that if she can fight off a vicious attacker, so can you.

You just need the tips and tactics to do it if some scumbag ever targets you.

That's why I say, at the end of all my emails,

Prepare. Train. Survive.

Are YOU Worried About Going Up Against A Bigger, Stronger Attacker? What Are Your Go-To Fight Moves For Larger Opponents?

Please Share Your Tips Below Now…

Self Defense For Women: 3 Realities Of The “Armed Woman” Lifestyle

Jeff Anderson

Every one of us has women in our lives — people we want to keep safe.

Or, if you're reading this, maybe you ARE a woman who is thinking of carrying, or already carrying, for self-defense.

The thing is, it can be hard for women to get quality instruction.

A lot of male instructors and gun store yahoos talk down to women.

The fact is, carrying a gun all day, every day is not just a choice.

Concealed carry for the armed woman is a lifestyle.

What does concealed carry mean for women?

Is it different for a man?

Do you just need to put something in your purse?

Well, as it happens, there have been some high-profile incidents involving “purse carry.”

I talked to firearms expert Susan Carrichner-Rexrode about this recently, and here are three tips she gave me.

3 Realities Of The “Armed Woman” Lifestyle

Realities Of Self-Defense For Women As A Lifestyle
Armed Women: Self-Defense Realities For Female Gun Owners
Susan Carrichner-Rexrode

Getting quality firearms information can be very intimidating for both men and women, especially if they don’t know much about guns.

There is this common stereotype of the chest-thumping know-it-all you’ll meet behind the gun counter.

Most of us who have shopped for guns have met people like that.

They intimidate men, but they’re often even more intimidating for women, because there’s so much testosterone in that one location.

And, while I hate to admit it, a lot of male gun owners, gun instructors, and “gun store guys” tend to speak down to women or condescend to them.

Here, though, are three very real pieces of information every armed woman needs to know… and every man needs to impart to his armed lady.

1. “Purse Carry” Could Get You Killed

A woman put her purse down and the gun inside it went off, in one high profile story.

Most likely, something in her purse became wedged inside the trigger guard.

Guns don’t just go off, after all.

A revolver probably wouldn’t have done it, because they have heavy trigger pulls.

But a small automatic, such as a woman might carry in her purse, could easily go off if something got caught and wedged against the trigger.

How you carry is as much about safety as it is about concealment.

You can’t just put a gun in a purse that isn’t designed for carrying a firearm.

But even purses with inserts designed for that purpose can be problematic.

That brings me to…

2. SECURE Your Gun

Your gun must be secure.

Typically for that gun to be secure it has to be in a holster.

For it to be in a holster inside of a purse, you basically have to pull that gun out of the holster in order to get your finger on the trigger.

So tell me how you’re going to be able to shoot through that purse really effectively?

The answer is, you most likely won’t.

So purse carry… let’s put that out of our minds right at the outset.

There was another horrible incident not that long before this writing.

A woman had her gun in her purse and her toddler got hold of it while they were in the grocery store.

The child accidentally shot his own mother and killed her.

Off-body carry in a purse can be very dangerous for that reason.

You have to be able to put your hand on that gun to defend yourself.

You can be separated from your purse.

You could even have your purse stolen.

Now, if you have no other option, keeping your gun nearby is better than not having one.

But if you can be separated from it easily, it isn’t much better than not having a gun at all.

So that brings us to putting a holster on the body.

3. Where To Carry

Women’s bodies are shaped differently than men’s bodies.

Large or small, women have curves.

So a woman has to find something that works for her.

For a lot of smaller women, even a paddle holster will cut into the waist because of the curve of a woman’s hips.

Some manufacturers are starting to catch on and make changes to their designs.

But your choices also make a difference.

Cross drawing across your body in an appendix carry can be a problem, for example.

Even if it’s comfortable, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Not to mention the time that it takes for you to get that gun out of the holster and just point it towards the target.

Small-of-the-back carry is arguably even worse.

If you’re a woman, more than likely you’re going to be thrown down on the ground, so you’re going to fall on your gun.

That’s going to hurt and could injure you badly.

If you’re attacked from behind, your attacker could take that gun away from you, maybe even before you know what’s happening.

Your gun has to be easily accessible and you have to be able to get to it quickly.

Women have a harder time than men concealing a firearm because of the nature and styles of their clothing.

They must therefore devote more time and effort to concealment options because they can’t just throw on a dress and solve the problem.

(I mean, yes, you could, but you would look out of place.)

And drawing attention to yourself is not what you’re trying to accomplish.

Plus, women want to be armed and still go about their days looking like women.

They don’t want to be women wearing guy’s clothing.

They want to be both feminine and functional.

This requires some serious devotion to training, method of carry, and accessories related to it.

Are You An Armed Woman? Do You Know An Armed Lady? What Advice Can You Offer?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences Below…